44 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin (BTC) About to KABOOM?! – Crypto Trading Price Analysis & Cryptocurrency News”

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  2. i have my highest order at 5877 and scaled down to 1100dollars is a 9.9 purchase , and scaled up waiting caught a wick for bch at 622$ the other day trying to figure out if this 51% attack that is very public is going to be a problem and if I should sell my Bcash at a gain on this pump i think they will pump it for a few days just do to fuutures opening again on july2nd and 5th and then they can drive it down , and the volume needs to be a few 100 billion or a trillion to see real moves I would rather hodl up and then as seen they are clearing the miners value out most miners shut down their rigs after falling below 6200 so this may just be a way to dump mined coins which in turn would allow a bigger dump , they are manipulating still by clearing out the miners coins is where the wall would have been and their were multiple days , remmeber the 6th of the month is the highs and the lows , whether its random or superstition , THIS IS BULL TRAP TO CLEAR OUT COUPLE DAYS OF MINED COINS BUILDING A WALL < NOW BULLISH FUTURES AND EASIER DUMP < MAKES ME GLAD I WONT SELL OUT TO EACH THEIR OWN BUT I WILL NOT ADD EITHER AND PICK UP AT 4800 to 5300 and then scaled all the way down to 1100$ SKYCOIN WILL BE THE BIGGEST GAINER OF YEAR < THEY CAN DO UNIVERSAL WALLET (ETHOS) WALTONCGHAINS FINCTIONS , substratum and tron but way better a ground up design of the internet , then the same abilities as steem with their messaging app , and they got such a good product the lead developer which most developers worked on ethereum and also bitcoin , but a chinease marketing team was caught insider trading only reason fell from the 40s to where it is , they have been in buisness for years and they also have hit every objective on their roadmap , they are the next real decentralised net , when net neutrality is truly seen the wrath of , most people and some companies will move to skynet , lol better name then skywire

  3. I think you got it spot on Kirby, Executives all over are pumping their companies shares and selling high before the unstoppable crash is happening and the sell is on, and so is the crash.

  4. LEDU COIN? I heard in their telegram groupchat that they will have burning of tokens this July..Will I buy?

  5. Why would FB not shill crypto?! Didn’t zuck steal the idea from the Bitcoin twins. Zuck will do it. It’s called penis ego.

  6. Did you know 51% of all market you see in charts Bitcoin and etherum are Manipulation Bots and their tasks is bring down prices…these BOTS have very sophisticated AI (Artificial intelligence)…so we have a huge problems on Cryptocurrency

  7. in my opinion, the current price results from the drop in speculation, and it is maintained by people who hodle, not creating volumes, but this is the lower limit of inheritance. Now there will be a slow increase until the next explosion.

  8. Binance just opened Uganda branch, only 11% of population have bank accounts, that is a good thing for crypto, i dont how but it is

  9. Kirby, thanks for all of your no bs analysis. And I got to say I love when you are making fun of the permabulls. That voice is hilarious. Keep up the good work my man

  10. Bitcoin has bounced up from 5k to 11500 and low 6's to almost 10k.. Why wouldn't it do something similar this time?

  11. Hmmmm. You can't take into account what happen way back 2014 comparing to this year 2018. Lots of people have heard bitcoin news than any other years combined. There won't be side ways of 10 months. Lot's of people here are just waiting.

  12. LOL @crptokirby
    Every youtube posts are bear. xD. I'm hoping you are wrong this time hahaha! This is James from the Water Cooler! 🙂

  13. Kirby, what u just said about the Facebook acquisition of coinbase can't be further from the truth. Every acquisition in the crypto currency space by a traditional Wall Street company has been with the expectation of growing value for the shareholders. If FB aquired coinbase it would be to grow CB revenues. The only way to do that is through the trading of crypto. Wether it's to retail investors or institutions.

  14. That’s right. There’s dumb people on Facebook. Also both companies have notoriously bad customer service.

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