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ahead and check that out now the first piece of news let’s go over some bullish
news first so number one Jack Ma talking about Bitcoin and the blockchain now
Jack Ma obviously founder of Alibaba he basically started Alibaba when he
couldn’t get a job anywhere else is basically I believe that is the story of
Jack Ma now he’s been tied with a few cryptocurrency be tied with the whole
market for some time now simply because he is a forward-thinking person he
expresses interest and I think a lot of a lot of Billy and there’s a lot of
entrepreneurs a lot of you know guys who created their own wealth self-made a lot
of these guys are good at looking at the future and are good good at finding
finding opportunities that are going to lead to a lot of success in the future
they’re going to take over the world obviously with
ecommerce this has been done by a lot of talk a lot of entrepreneurs we saw
happen with just technology overall just some big areas that these guys are
usually good at so I’m not surprised that they’re looking at big Bitcoin
they’re looking at the blockchain for this type of opportunity as well now he
did mention that he is looking into Bitcoin more he’s trying to get to know
what exactly the value is and how it can bring value to the society but when he’s
interested most in which I think a lot of actual entrepreneurs it’s today
because obviously cryptocurrency as an investment is one thing but then how the
blockchain can be integrated into a company to make everything more
efficient that’s another thing so he’s saying the behind Bitcoin the technology
itself is really very powerful so I’m gonna be able to see how exactly he’s
gonna continue being tied to them to the market I’m pretty much a hundred percent
certain he will continue to be tied and he will you know establish himself in
the market as well whatever way he sees fit you there’s an investment or as
adoption of the blockchain some more good news this one specifically for –
but cryptocurrency in general – actually has been getting a lot of
adoption they’ve had over three they have over three thousand businesses
reportedly now accepting – as a payment and someone actually bought a car with –
fully bought a car with – no it was not a Lamborghini if you guys see it right
here it seems like it was a Volkswagen now
that’s I just get that because of this little logo right here either way
someone bought a car with – so really cool to see – be used again – he is
meant to be digital cash that’s what – is supposed to mean now adoption for –
adoption for cryptocurrency positive to see that and I don’t know why you’d buy
a car with the markets down this much but I guess it was meant to be used as
cash so in that sense it does make sense now Dubai is actually going to launch em
cash which is a government backed cryptocurrency for everyday payments
government backed cryptocurrency I know people are going to have mixed opinions
on this they’re going to one they’re gonna think that it’s going to there are
there other crypto currencies better for this is it gonna be government backed is
it gonna be government controlled obviously we’re gonna have to wait and
see how but it plays out but Dubai obviously a
very forward-thinking place as well a lot of advancement happens there very
very rich very very rich City um or very very rich place I mean and overall just
a lot of money involved when it comes to it I’m not surprised that they are
taking a look at cryptocurrency and try to do what they can with it now em
credit has teamed up with the but with a blockchain payment provider Pandya X and
its partners as well so again 20x pretty pretty popular cryptocurrency there as
well honestly I’m gonna say this is pretty good news in terms of adoption
pretty good news in terms of just good news for cryptocurrency coming out again
we’re gonna have to wait and see how everything actually plays out if it is
truly a decentralized cryptocurrency then that would be great but again there
are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there meant for everyday payments so we’ll see
how everything plays out now speaking about Roger ver versus Charlie leave the
debate that they had this wasn’t any you know type of battle rivalry this was
more of an educational piece that I wanted to share with you guys but first
you guys know I’m not invested in Bitcoin cash I’m not a fan of Bitcoin
cash do I understand what they’re trying to do yes do I think they went about it
the wrong way 100% as well but either way Roger ver
who is one of the big backers of who was one of the big backers of Bitcoin cash a
Bitcoin cash advocate we can call him he’s considering launching his own
exchange and the reason this ties in so perfectly is because the reason I think
Bitcoin the play the where I think Bitcoin cash goes wrong is exactly what
this is which is Roger ver is he calls himself an economist you can call him an
entrepreneur you can call whatever it is that you want to call some people it’s
call him an asshole it could be it as well right but I get the business side
of it and how launching an exchange is very very profitable if it works out
correctly finance is just outrageously profitable tons and tons of money you
know the CEO by Nancy Z living comfortably live living very very
comfortably worth a lot of money and I think that’s an opportunity that a lot
of people are seeing and a lot of people therefore just like I see owes a lot of
companies wanted to launch a nice CEO even if they didn’t necessarily need one
I think definitely something we’re seeing here
as well where a lot of people are large there
exchange is now everyone everyone wants to launch a stable coin everyone’s just
kind of trying to fool a fine where they can maximize their profit anyways I do
recommend you guys going ahead and check out this debate because it was very
interesting to watch it is relatively long they do have snippets of it but I’m
not gonna comment on personalities other than the fact that you know when I while
I was watching this I’m convinced Charlie leave my deaf but might might be
or definitely might that’s contradictory either way he might be Satoshi Nakamoto
just from the way he’s talking and how he thinks about cryptocurrency and how
he doesn’t think of it in a selfish way how he thinks of it in a community sense
and how how I believe a lot of people want to think about it but don’t
actually think about it I think Charlie leaves one that actually thinks about it
that way I know that didn’t make any sense but either way go ahead and check
check this out the Roger for debates charlie Lee it is on Bitcoin comms
official YouTube channel let me know what you guys think if you do get a
chance it does teach you a lot I think it is a fun way to learn some of the
fundamentals and what goes on behind what bitcoin is trying to do I think
it’s a great way to learn about that and overall like I said my problem with
Bitcoin cash is I do believe part of the marketing plan was to try and use
bitcoins name to gain popularity and then try and take over since they had
bitcoins name which something you’re not allowed to do I can’t call a company
Apple nowadays if I come out with that and I try brand myself as Apple Apple’s
gonna come after me and sue me but in the decentralized network you can call
yourself Bitcoin cash there’s like coin cash there’s a theory in classic all
which are kind of using you know the bigger crypto currencies named Bitcoin
like corn in a theory I’m using their name as a form of a way to gain a little
bit of popular and I think there is definitely something to be said there
either way let me know what your guys thoughts are down below I know a lot of
people who watch this also are not Bitcoin cash fans but maybe you are
again everyone can have their opinion that’s the great part about
cryptocurrency but I do recommend checking this debate out if your are
interested in just hearing to people in the space talking again let me know what
you guys think about Charlie being Satoshi Nakamoto it could it could be
true guys just from the way he talks anyways a CNBC analyst predicts Bitcoin
is about to explode this was I talking about
this was what I was talking about in title actually went ahead and bought his
parents some Bitcoin it’s too obvious that it’s about to explode in this was
on October 7 select two or two to two days ago it is it tonight yep
two days ago I went ahead and posted that on Twitter he said last year around
this time BTC went from six thousand six hundred ninety one dollars in November
11th to 20 thousand are almost twenty thousand on December 17th in five weeks
this on the back of the expectation and launch of a cash settlement BTC futures
contract and need ETF is way bigger deal is a way bigger deal and requires actual
purchase of BTC so to looming as you see decision deadlines ahead I don’t think
either those are gonna get accepted I think a lot of us agree that we are
waiting till 2019 for that to get accepted but again I wouldn’t mind
having a bull run in the start of 2019 either sounds pretty good to me one
thing to keep in mind is he did predict that Bitcoin was gonna finish the year
at the 2018 at 50k now though there is still time given that we went from you
know six thousand six hundred to twenty thousand five weeks we have more than
five weeks ago who knows we could end the year 50k is starting to look less
and less likely I think the main catalyst people are looking at right now
to end the year a little better than we are right now is back to which don’t get
me wrong is huge but if we are looking at the ETF
that’s gonna have to be at the start of 2019 and we talked about Yale of Yale’s
endowment coming in and investing in cryptocurrency funds this actually was
talked about in April 2018 where our re Paul who was the former portfolio
manager of the University of Chicago talked about endowments inevitably
coming in pension funds and university endowments how they began researching
cryptocurrency in 2015 and how where should we should be seeing more and more
triggers being pulled to come into this and join the cryptocurrency space
because even if they don’t fully believe in it not all of them are going to
they’re smart enough to recognize the opportunity to make money and endowment
literally is meant for the co for the institution for the university to invest
so not a bad investment in my opinion especially at the present right now so
maybe we’ll be seeing a lot more of this maybe this will be part of the catalyst
as well again people putting a lot of money coming into the market
I believe is definitely a good thing now Yale invested in a crypto fund so we’re
gonna not directly invest it in any particular cryptocurrency we’re gonna
wait and see how things play out I do think there’s a lot of room for
investments to come in anyways we saw a little bit of market action now like I
said yesterday apparently that was because or part of the reason might have
been because of bit mix big mixes technical difficulties we’ve seen this
happen before where Bitcoin had a huge jump over over bit mechs going down now
the market again doesn’t look like too much fun looks like it might be
correcting a little bit to come back to where we were before again waiting for a
good entry price to announce a trade in the trade alert group we’re 218 billion
dollar market gap haven’t changed much at all with Bitcoin dominance at 52.4%
again stagnant in the red today because we had that huge spike up not you that
huge in terms of this week’s movement but not necessarily that big it was like
$50 right or like maybe 60 $70 whatever either way
correcting a little bit back down a lot of coins in the red today we see some in
the green some like nebulous or in the green golems in the green silica see a
good 25 in the green and then the rest are obviously in the red so definitely a
red day overall in the market by Quint taking a massive hit and the reason for
that guys the reason for that is because by Nantz has delisted for assets in
order to prioritize user protection these for work
triggers by coin economy and chat coin now now trig went down by 36% ICN drop
by 6% chat-los 22% but obviously the more the biggest name on there which was
in the top and now it’s rank their idea was obviously higher before with a $400
with a 404 million dollar market cap now it’s down to 329 as job 20% the last 24
hours look at that hitting a low at one point of zero point zero zero one seven
one eight so you know bounce up a little bit we’ll see how things happen now like
I said it got delisted it got the buuut from finance and that is why it is
down a hat actually had some people reach out to me and asked why all of a
sudden one coin just seemed to have that type of movement something that looks
like a reverse pump-and-dump right maybe it’s a dump and pump a new thing now I
don’t know how that would work but you know maybe some people were thinking it
was a dump in pump where first you dump everything but then you have to buy it
in order to dump it wouldn’t work out very well for thousands just fine st
listing it but guys that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did
enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below
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see you guys tomorrow for another video


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