Is Atatiana Jefferson’s Family Getting Greedy?

Hey Star report Sunday evening welcome
aboard okay I’m gonna do some type of a Sunday
service if you will notes are scattered about I do not have
a lot of notes tonight but I do want to address a this man’s name marquise
Jefferson I’m the father of a tectona however you say her name I should know
Jefferson the young woman killed in Fort Worth Texas yes the father he has cut
the short shit short if not the speed the funeral was supposed to be yesterday
I was supposed to be yesterday he went and got some type of court order let me
see if I can just remember this a court order and a restraining order his name
whether he’s the biological father or not is on her birth certificate we now
see a different story for those of you who are up to speed he has stepped in
and said there’s no need for a GoFundMe page he’s got insurance to pay for the
funeral of his daughter huh let’s put some respect on that man’s name tonight
and I also want to find out how much the GoFundMe page is actually up to now last
I checked it was over $250,000 is this the family come up and is Lea Merritt
the lawyer is he involved what’s the GoFundMe page for the father has
intervened and said no let’s let’s stop all this you know our foolishness they
were supposed to have my homie Reverend Al Sharpton he was supposed to speak
yesterday your father has stepped up and and brought everything to a halt so
tomorrow which is Monday they go before the judge to determine what will be the
outcome of the actual funeral because he wants to be involved huh put some
respect on his name tonight Marquis Jefferson okay also um I have a
subtitle just bear with me it’s you know Sunday I want to relax not necessarily
do a show but I saw that crazy video I saw that crazy video ten people sent
me this video of Cuba Gooding jr. and we have to be careful of the YouTube
algorithm the audio algorithm but in this video Cuba Gooding jr. is on stage
at some club somewhere he looks like he’s turned up at his mind and he said
somebody sucked that baby’s DI ck and he said it twice he said it twice so that
kind of put me in a like you know just the mindset of yo get up on the
microphone boss nigga and get down for your crown so we’ll be talking about
that also the subtitle what is a black freedom fighter um let me see if I can
lay this out because earlier thank you to the young lady she sent me a story
I’ll get her name shortly and Cincinnati Ohio are you up to speed
a young man 18 years of age Devante Allen dumped in the steel making this
SIG squirt allegedly saying I don’t like white people shooting into cars would he
be considered a freedom fighter now when I spoke to Ronnie Ronnie said well hold
on a second you know there’s different reports now he’s saying he was shooting
back had some people that were shooting at him but there is a witness and he has
a four hundred and eighty thousand dollar bond Cincinnati Ohio huh
the home of Bootsy Collins for those who don’t know so I don’t want to put this
on him to shit I don’t want to put his name in the title but my subtitle what
is a black freedom fighter that conversation is gonna be a little
layered give me some time because um years ago when I was on hot 97 some of
you may or may not remember the the DC snipers
I don’t have a crystal ball I do have a third eye and for some for some strange
reason I just said on the microphone and those of you who remember you know you
can confirm this I said those are probably no I said that’s probably a
Jamaican yari a yari sniper and sure enough
powder turned out to be a Jamaican shooter so
would he not have been a considered or the to John Malvo and Afghan theater
whose name would they not what they have been considered freedom fighters now
this is gonna be a little complex because freedom fighters traditionally
and if we go back to Islam and martyrdom radical Islamist departme freedom
fighters are there to create fear it doesn’t matter how many people they kill
they are there to enforce fear so we’ll talk about that tonight what is a black
freedom fighter okay also I’m hold on a second I got some
other notes here some things we’ll just touch on Oprah Winfrey somebody tried to
clown Oprah after she donated another 13 million dollars to 12 million dollars at
one of those HBCUs something to do with free iPhones one of the college kids got
up on instant bought me Twitter and said Oprah tried to play him over a cracked
phone well the cigar said this wall right all right bullshit Ronnie’s gonna
be a short least give me a minute Sunday night I was relaxing you know I
had a pretty good day earlier I was skyping with my girlfriend she’s out in
California oh she looked hot huh she had on why don’t say what she had on it was
early out there but uh just in the morning
young girl you know of age of age and put me in a good place and then I got a
phone call about a family member that was just really just a downer I’ll just
say that all right phone calls give me a second I’m coming to you and I’m I see a
cash app from deal on hang on Deon I got you and who is this somebody sent in a
super chair already that kid ko give me a sec I’m coming to you as well all
right so I’ve got two notes I’m gonna talk about again the father of a this
young woman he’s dead now Marquis Jefferson let me highlight his name hold
on a second this man has stepped up and said now hold on all that’ll go fund me
you know stuff we don’t need that all right
and um oh I want to talk about taking a trip to Durham North Carolina at some
point this evening okay let me get Bostick laying the line early Ronnie are
you there boss chick Ronnie area code seven three two good evening
hey how are you hey how are you good good you know I watched that video
another two times after you and I just spoke a while ago you watched it a few
times earlier yes Cuba Gooding jr. oh my gosh that was the most cringe-worthy
thing I’ve seen in a very long time now is that we need contact
yeah we need contact is that a saying now in the clubs somebody sucked that
baby’s DI ck what the fuck was he talking about I I think that was just a
Cuba Gooding jr. thing I have never heard anyone else say something like
that out loud I it certainly begs the question of who he’s referring to what
baby you know it’s not like that’s something you do to a man so why are we
talking about babies right right unless it’s a new terminology in the
clubs you know it’s a little weird but folks it’s a video in case you have not
seen it Cuba Gooding jr. and I don’t know if this is going to add to the
accusations with regards to you know 14 women that have now come forward and
said he sexually assaulted them I don’t know what do you think I think he needs
a book a ticket to Bali and just get out of here while he still can because was
14 women you know where there’s smoke there’s fire right now we have the
footage of you saying suck that baby’s you know yes on camera on a microphone
he was on some good shit you know it’s some kind of substance for sure yeah
allegedly we don’t know all right so we can come back to him
the father Marquis Jefferson and and what’s the correct pronunciation I
thought at Tiana but it’s something different a
Tatiana attack Tatiana okay deceased now our IP we went through the whole history
as much as we knew up until the funeral that was supposed to happen yesterday
Reverend Al Sharpton was scheduled to speak the father stepped in shut it down
got the court order on Friday how much is the GoFundMe up to do you know well
the last I checked this afternoon it’s up to they met their goal which was two
hundred and fifty thousand dollars it was at 250 and 310 dollars with more
than eight thousand eight thousand donors okay
so Lee Merritt is registered as the organizer of the fun fundraiser and I
was curious about what the money was supposed to be used for so when you look
at the description it says funds collected will go directly to funeral
costs funeral costs and other expenses associated to this tragedy so Lee merit
might be down with the alleged scam yeah he’s got his name on it as the organizer
he’s organizing this and as an attorney and as a representative for the family
he should know you know the optics on this GoFundMe are bad number one you
have the father who has already said that he can you know pay for the funeral
on top of that and Lee Merritt had he’s got insurance whatever type of work he
did in the past he’s got insurance his name is on her birth certificate so he’s
the legal heir right that’s correct and so we Lee merit had previously also
said that two professional athletes had reached out to him wanting to pay for
the funeral so it begs the question whether at this two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars is a play for cash if all of these people can pay including
the father including these two athletes you know who want to pay why are you
raising two hundred and fifty thousand dollars from the public especially when
you already stand to make millions suing the department in the city it’s a
trifling niggers trying to get some C classes and
take trips down to the Canary Islands allegedly you know star I believe they
have already divvied up that money in their head and as a family and and spent
it in their head already so it’s just a matter of time you know before they cash
it out yeah so tomorrow they go back in front of the judge with regards to and
if I’m saying this right the restraining order and the motion because the father
wants to be involved with the funeral I think that his family’s name is car and
he’s even if he wasn’t you know in her life you know for a couple of months a
number of years you know there is a period that I know with regards to
families where sometimes you just don’t speak to each other doesn’t mean you
don’t like them you just you have to give other people room to fucking grow
grow up or just you know come to an understanding you know so it doesn’t
mean that he was a low-life or you know a piece of shit but he’s now saying no
we don’t need to pay for the funeral his insurance covers that okay anything else mmm-hmm well you know the the mother’s
side of the family is basically trying to pull a Power Move and exclude the
father you know from the proceedings from participating from even being there
and you know however they feel about him the fact is he’s on a birth certificate
they had the same last name that is her father so that’s why this restraining
order was granted because you can’t just exclude a father from participating in
his daughter’s funeral is every right to be there right hang on a second why let
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that all right Ronnie before we bring in phone calls um second topic what is a
black freedom fighter the young man that I spoke to you about earlier
Devante let me get his information here according to Cincinnati comm 18 years of
age accused of shooting at for people in Kennedy Heights and according to the
police he was saying I don’t like white people in my hood before firing I was
about to jump out the window and say he could be a freedom fighter you said hold
on because there are now conflicting stories that say what
where his attorney is alleging that he never made those statements that he was
actually being fired at and he was only returning fire and also it was one of
the things what I what I can say is that if those were her feet that’s not the
hill he wants to die on okay now I don’t mean to throw you out there but when I
first said to you or when I first mentioned start snitching when I first
mentioned this story to you do you want to say what your initial reaction was or
do we call Ronnie pay attention okay all right all right so if it’s not true
let’s not put this on him about you know just dumping this deal into a car full
of white people now nobody was shot correct he just was shooting into the
car and there are reports that he was two vehicles were hit yes but nobody was
hit in the car he just shot the vehicles right right that’s correct
thank you know people just to vehicle okay his name is Devante Allen if you
guys want to google this Devante allen 18 years of age cincinnati
calm i was about to jump out the window and say hey we got a new freedom fighter
here but maybe not so fast but you know i do want to at least explore tonight
what is a black freedom fighter any thoughts before we take some calls in
your opinion um well I mean if you look up the definition of freedom fighter
it’s defined as a person who takes part in a violent struggle to achieve a
political goal especially with regards to potentially overthrowing their
government now so when you look at the term freedom fighter is defined by those
terms you can’t truly make that claim about any of the so-called leaders or
politicians you know of today there is no modern-day Matt Turner there is no
Denmark Vesey there is no militant figure calling for violence Malcolm X
said 50-plus years ago it’s come to the ballot or the bullet and you know eight
months later they got him out of here and you’ve never heard the proposition
of violence from a more prominent figure ever since well hang on a second now
because I’ve always pointed to Colin Ferguson on the Long Island Rail Road
I’ve always asked people and from time to time when I guess I’m doing a little
bit too much I have called him a freedom fighter so would you not consider him to
be one not that I’m condoning and killing let me just say that but you
know under the umbrella of wanting to create fear for change would you not say
Colin Ferguson was one the reason I can’t say that he’s one is you know if
you recall that trial he questioned all of the witnesses and I think it was like
twenty or thirty something people and he was questioning them as if he didn’t do
it he would say so who shot you and they say you shot me and he’d say how do you
know it was me that shot you you know it was basically a circus the entire you
know what is this case go back 20 years but it was a circus he wasn’t standing
tall and proud and saying I shot all you people and what you know I did it to
effect change he actually took it to trial arguing that he didn’t do it so a
freedom fighter is one who takes you know responsibility for their words and
actions okay and what about the other DC snipers any thoughts on that before we
bring other people okay so yeah you mentioned Lee Boyd Boyd Malvo he’s
actually getting ready to have his case in front of the Supreme Court they’re
looking to change his sentence since he was a juvenile when this occurred and
John Allen Muhammad that was the other one
so John Allen Muhammad was a sociopath and you know he wasn’t making demands
she was sending silly letters you know through the mail he wasn’t saying I want
this I want that so I would characterize him as not a freedom fighter either you
did have people very shook to death don’t get it wrong you know he people
were shook denounced that black man’s power he had power if I
can just say this you know for however many days that was you know you had
people pumping gas like this no they were scared at the gas pumps and they
were you know trying to dock yeah yeah people died so it it was from February
2002 until October 2002 so eight months okay okay hang on a second Dion sends in
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let’s talk behind the scenes I don’t want to say too many things you know on
the on the show here you know there’s all sorts of ways that YouTube is is
hanging people today right let’s go to area code 909 oh wait we’re talking
about a few things tonight what is a black freedom fighter and the family
drama now over at Tiana’s funeral are you there not a week yeah yeah I wanted
to address the family situation um it’s unfortunate what’s going on you know
father even though he hasn’t been in the daughter’s life I don’t know the exact
timing but it’s kind of unfortunate because you definitely in a situation
like this you want you definitely want there to be family unity so even with
the Trayvon situation his parents were technically divorced
right note the lab tracks they could check me a bit more cuz I know to be
like I’m not a Creole whatever but it was technically the board but they work
together at the whole time in the courtroom because they said you have to
make sure the jury sees that so this family’s dilemma that’s going on
definitely not gonna be helpful later what they actually have to go to court
or whatever the case is for their daughter who just passed away I do
believe I mean III guess where the father’s coming from but I definitely
don’t see the issue with the GoFundMe account to be very hard to do I don’t
see the issue of raising more money yeah I’m sure insurance cover it but I don’t
I thought the issue with that are you a father yourself you know I’m not okay
I’m not but thing but think about he he hasn’t been in his daughter’s life for
years so who is he he has no say and if whatever the mother
for whatever the father’s her family but earth or whatever so I want to want to
do it whatever like he has no say who is he to show up out of nowhere saying oh
I’m time for this fuck re or whatever you want to call it
like yeah yeah no say yeah so you’ve come in feel and if I understand you
correctly already siding with the auntie and the other people that were up on
that press conference denouncing the father’s role his name according to
Associated Press is on the the birth certificate and even if he hadn’t spoken
to her in years you know sometimes you have to let children grow up sometimes
you can’t smother them sometimes they have to get out there and learn what the
fuck it’s all about but you’re saying he has no say yes absolutely not he was in
the obviously it’s deeper than what it is from whatever is going on behind the
scenes it’s probably way deeper than what it is and Lolita life dictate
wasn’t really going on within that family are all I know is if you haven’t
been yourself life for a good amount of time you really have no say how they
handle funeral arrangements especially if he has his own family and its own
kids don’t you you know oh yeah do you Ronnie any comments on what Theo was no
say Ronnie yeah I think it’s really said that you know the CEOs position on this
that the father doesn’t have a right to be involved you
no this trying to exclude the father ties back to this ideology that mothers
have more rights to children and fathers it’s sort of an unwritten rule that the
maternal side of the family extends or exerts more ownership in terms of the
family dynamic and structure so you know like what does that mean it means that
you probably had a closer relationship with your mother’s mother’s and your
father’s mother for example science calls it the matrilineal advantage but
you know that’s a long drawn-out discussion but we all we all know that
this advantage in this the problem is that when this unwritten rule is used to
deprive the other parents of their rights or access to the child and that’s
exactly what the mother started the family is trying to do here and that’s
why the funeral was canceled because you can’t do that did you see the press
conference with the family and the auntie and a lemur especially when the
auntie came out just you know cutting the father off you know from this start
did you see that the press conference I thought that press coverage that’s why
I’m trying to explain to you there’s something else I think there’s something
else going on okay something deep that’s going on because there must be a series
of family dilemma and and I get what Ronnie is saying but we don’t really
know the full details of why you know the I end up and the father are
currently before trying to defend would you tell them good yeah I appreciate
your perspective we don’t have to agree I’m but I’m putting respect on not just
that father tonight but other fathers who are you know shunned and and and and
disrespected by an auntie is like the one that is now you know more than
likely she’s gonna get someone else cruller
and should be woodgrain grip and you know damn near 300k fucking go fund me
feel the other question tonight what is a black freedom fighter would you care
to chime in on that beyond the view I’m not really sure
that’s why I didn’t go with that topic you know I don’t want to come in there
saying I know what a freedom fighter isn’t thank you
inaccurate information is there such a thing as a black freedom fighter
seonyu how old again you in your 30s yes early 30s yeah okay I mean I mean yes
there is such a thing as the black freedom fighter I just couldn’t tell you
I couldn’t define it for you how does they want to take a wild guess but I’ve
heard if we don’t fighters before but I couldn’t even tell you exactly what they
do for a living what did he be a freedom fighter what about Kevin gates what
about who I don’t know the rapper desiigner I mean what do you consider to
be freedom fighters decline is so I’m asking you what do you consider to be a
freedom fighter you’re a younger man than I am I have to look to the younger
generation from time to time what do you consider to be a freedom fighter what’s
the criteria can we give me that well you know I’m
gonna just go out settle in to say there’s the criteria to be a freedom
fighter is basically just you know being part of eight a dogs okay all right
Thank You Theo have a good night sir okay do you want to check in I’m a serious is colon cancer here you
know this young man I think I’m on Ronnie said to me since it hold off
not so fast well you you do know his bail or his bond $480,000 yes yes very
high one other thing I forgot to mention with regard to Devante is that he
reportedly was saying I don’t want white people in my hood I don’t want white
people in my neighborhood the there are several people from the neighborhood who
gave interviews and said they don’t even recognize him from that neighborhood so
that’s another reason why I think you know maybe they’re doing a smear
campaign on is amazing he truly was defending himself maybe he came from a
nice area and he just went to the hood to stick up for other black people you
know maybe he’s really really about that yeah anyway hold hold on the side yeah
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sketchy it’s amazing because it’s almost like either his social media presence
was scrubbed from the net it seemed like the accounts that were recovered what
seemed to be new accounts could have been fake accounts there was you know
never a clear picture set out about this man you know it was said that he served
in the military but you know like I said I think the information that we got was
heavily manipulated about this man yeah he was probably a CIA operative sent in
there to do to do a job and cause hysteria when in reality you know he was
working for the government if you ask me if we’re gonna get weird and spooky
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donation so the area code – zero – good evening – OH – talk
few things tonight what is a black freedom fighter – OH – hi I’m on the
line hey good evening hi how you doing yeah I wanted to talk about well let me
ask you your first question the black freedom fighter is coming out here in
modern-day politics and and fighting for the policies and the issue that you
believe in me personally I’m for reparations and I’m also locally in
Washington DC we have a form of reparations that we call it the DC
Recovery Act that we’re trying to get on the ballot for 2020 so that is my
definition of a freedom fighter that irrespective shoots a discussion to the
moon fight for what you believe in okay you said the DC Recovery Act I’m
going to google that yes yeah DC – John Chee John cheeks he just ran for US
Senate he lost against Eleanor Holmes Norton this past election but he’s the
proposer of the ACT and we’re actually trying to get it approved as a special
question on the DC ballot very similar – they got very similar to the way that
they got marijuana approved in the District of Columbia and also very
similar to the way that they got gay marriage approved in the District of
Columbia because we’re not a state so certain things that we have to do we can
do about what they call referendum and special question so everybody got the
Facebook page right here DC Recovery Act if that’s when you’re talking about yes
that’s one that’s the unofficial one but yeah you can get a lot of information on
that we’re on and popping down here in form of reparations but we’re we’re
pushing it in a different type of way we have actually written legislation and
the way that we propose it is that it is is not at the taxpayer expense we go
after the corporations and the different people who actually participate in
slavery in unpaid labor for people who are who were enslaved here in America
okay so do you want to join in on one of the other topics tonight can we just yes
I do back you straight so that really was in my honor that I kind of got into
another thing because you kind of pushed a button you see a freedom fighter
that’s thing there but my initial initial phone
call was about this Jefferson family first of all I think it’s just it’s
disheartening and I think it’s a little bit shameful because I always feel like
it’s just always some some BS when it comes to you know the way that we deal
with one another as a family and when the interjection of this Fiat dollar
this money in that bag Pass or whatever you want to call it met modern day but
let me just tell you what really stuck out at me I saw the press conference the
press conference I automatically got this flight filled because auntie
straight up like also read write she started going straight into like just
GoFundMe page that I he had very little knowledge about it you trying to come up
up on her knees let’s keep it real I mean awesome I mean straight out the
gate and first of all that was our you know I almost like being red flag
suspicious right and so and then I said to myself body hell is she talking about
a go fund me versus expressing sympathy for ip-ah ip-ah right what is your
motive yeah and she cut the father down up also within that press conference she
said he has not been in her life he’s not her biological father and if he
would like to reach out to us we will address his concerns and nobody was even
thinking about her not only that we were thinking about ice hockey on day so
that’s why she was wrong and so man had come all this riffraff like five days
later or less and so here’s my two things on it number one I the father I
have mad respect for him it’s unclear you see biological is he not biological
first of all his name is on the fucking birth certificate that son
number two back in the day I don’t really know what the age you could could
you to put any guy put your name on a birth December yet you can’t do that no
more right back in the day with whoever the mother wanted to put on a birthday
me and that was gay a fuck irrespective the do had
respect to go ahead and raise her and take her through her transition and
stages in life I even found or I even heard a one report they she went to the
Louisiana State or something University or some University in Louisiana yeah he
had property there he in her college during her college years she’s pre-med
student he allowed her to stay at the apartment you know the property go to
meet after the fog she may have got all some bullshit and she didn’t stick more
like you know mess with him because of his new wife you know I’m saying but I
agree with what you’re saying he stepped up to the plate
hang on a sec runny are you back on the line cuz runnings phone dropped out
what’s Bostick morning yeah okay okay okay in another important point so
that’s why I got the father I if you if we doing point system who are you for
I’m against I’m for the far other region I’m against the RT now let’s talk about
this month now now the people okay there was some sausage I think they just
wanted to be honest about where the money is going and I think that’s very
honorable because you don’t want people doing something for rent one reason and
it’s a freak another reason okay I understand that but but I hang on a
second we’re talking Fort Worth Texas the funeral might cost 6 grand at the
most but they’ve got now 250 K I mean what were they trying to do with a
trying to pay for a bad boy reunion call it can you hold on a second cool stay
right there Ronnie would you say yeah that’s exactly what they were trying to
do because they had booked teeny Jakes to come they booked
al Sharpton to come and once a few oh yeah yeah caller can you hold on a sec I
want Ronnie to give me some details stay right there it’s Joe good no going away
okay Ronnie okay yeah so ironically enough once the funeral was cancelled
out Sharpton didn’t even he appeared via phone call the can you
turn that down the background please we got some echo coming through got Ronnie
he was saying but that doesn’t surprise me about this guy because he doesn’t
show up unless there’s a bag involved you know and as far as I’m concerned
he’s a raised pimp he’s obtained property or anytime there’s a situation
where he stands to make press or money he’s there you know but what does he
actually do that has produced meaningful change
you know photo op photo ops and fundraisers that doesn’t cut it he’s
lined his pockets for decades and why are you taking shots at my friend rather
now that’s what you do or money good listen I mean listen this guy is been
lining his pockets for decades he’s the original social justice warrior he’s
also a rat we all know that that you know on the record that’s not alleged
I’ve heard the tape Ronnie talkin reckless pay attention you
have to be mindful of anyone who’s always eager to show up whenever there’s
a problem but they you know never have anything to do with the solution so
right it might take it’s okay to show up but show up for the right reason be
something be sincere about why you’re showing up and really showing up for the
people or if you showing up for the back okay and that’s how you that’s how you
know and that’s how you can cut the muscle or what side of the fence you’re
on but back to this money I want everybody and this is another thing and
I’m glad I had a chance the call I had been thinking about that money all right
I really really wish it like I said I’m disheartened and I wish the families
could have worked it out before you know we always got drawn on out here and
there on just one we all bought half right I really really wish when it comes
to that money I am thinking about her nephew that little boy who witnessed
that killing beginning of his auntie and it was why he said that she was so fond
of that little boy then we got to think when it comes to that GoFundMe I would
try to say get auntie out the bag and make sure that money get to that boy
he’s 18 years old other part
years old eight years yeah eight years oh and from what we found out she just
adored him she adored him and then you also got to remember mommy is sick mommy
is still in a hospital auntie that might be her own the only
sigelei sibling so she know if anything goes down what they call rights of
survivorship if she’s sickly and if mommy goes down in the hospital remember
that’s why she was in it yeah taking care of if she goes down guess what with
a money gold here auntie auntie came out to get the gate about to go from me and
that’s just like my scenario on it I really really think I really hope that
they can I really hope that they can take that money and get in a cow for it
so everybody can feel like they’re not getting robbed or you know okay listen
Cole I hate to cut you short any thoughts on what is a black freedom
fighter before let you go and can you name right now John cheeks the proposer
of the DC Recovery Act okay active legislation getting reparations
right here today and today and then we got a we definitely respect the past
Marcus Garvey achieve one of my favorite but we gotta have to talk about three to
five fighters today it’s time to fight today forget about yesterday today right
now because the war is Divya and then the war is now in the war is two
thousand the 1969 thing now you do know the Marcus Garvey never went to Africa
yes you called him a freedom fighter but he’s you know that whole thing ten again
he never went there he was selling tickets on a big-ass rusty boat he never
been to Africa baby no niggas been scamming since back in the day
hey I gotta take my own clothes thank you so much thank you
yeah running you up to speed on Marcus Garvey never being Africa and he was
selling tickets on the four big gas rusty boat well at least he you know he
had a solution it’s the problem is when you are championing a cause and you
don’t have a real solution okay alright hang on a second we got some on some
super jazz Farid piece thank you for your support he says mister terrain I
agree and with Ronnie al Sharpton charges our walk through
like a rapper IG model Ronnie hollaback Toms River New Jersey area hey okay man
salute for Reid okay blade on the checking he says my man Saint Makai
Johnson was a black freedom fighter using the pigs as clay pigeons okay we
going there tonight Julius Lex leaving sir sends in a super
jet hold on Ronnie in the US a freedom fighter should be
fighting for constitutional protections one who fights for the American
experiment regardless of race and he’s on five one six hold on a second see if
I can get him in here is that Julius Lex good evening sir Julius what’s going on
hey how’re you meant what’s going on the land yeah I call them from whip it some
time okay can you turn that down in the background
because that that algorithm is really really sensitive it picks up our
elevation stuff like that it I’ll get a fucking notification you turn that down
I got you I got you okay apologies about that what’s going on in
so yeah that’s essentially my my view my point and you know the people in my
circles like a freedom fighter I know you said a black freedom fighter and to
me the way I take it is well in America that’s a freedom fighter who happens to
be black okay right unless we’re talking about Africa or someplace like this and
I heard Ronnie I think she she read the denotation of it like you know violence
and this that and the other you know you got a bus to garner crashing one in the
head I understand that you know that’s what
they say about terrorism to whatever but here in the West and in America if
you’re fighting for the protections of everyone in this experiment they call
the American experiment that makes you a freedom fighter okay and I think that’s
regardless of and unless and when we say freedom because no one can change here
right but there’s a lot of things that are wrong like the how many people get
and glow we have people in mental chains now that is where I was going because
that’s why I you know talking to you freedom is a license reading lights and
your freedom is being license back to you there’s really nothing you can do
without some sort of permission from the government at a cost you know whether
it’s through taxation we taxes sales tax regarded war if you want to go fishing
you need a license for that if even if you own a home if you’re not paying your
property taxes guess what you won’t own that home the government is going to
take your home they can also take your home through eminent domain there’s you
know if you want to make improvements to your property you need the permission
from your local government you know you want to hold your kitchen you want to
change your bathroom you need permission for that so when you say we’re free yeah
we are to a certain extent and it’s at a certain cost it’s being right back to it
you cannot have a civilization or society unless you have some type of
order well everything yeah we need a way to
pay for the roads right well we certainly do right you don’t want to be
in a horse and buggy on a dirt road do you they’re here already
we got the roads they’re here already because someone’s coin was taken long
before you and I were born right back when the taxes were a whole lot higher
that’s why they’re here that’s why you didn’t pay for school books that’s why
we have that’s why when you call 911 once someone comes you know so all I’m
trying to say is this you know getting into the weeds if you just look at
everything that was mentioning you look at the talking points like just look at
what we had here we were talking about largely property right taxes but it’s
taxes for that property for this these are not threats to your freedom when we
start talking threats to your freedom someone who will
sit you down in a birdcage for a couple of decades or a couple of days or
whatever or shoot you because there’s no one around looking and they got a badge
now these are if I can jump in now hang on now respectfully taxes are a threat
to your freedom because there have been many people if we’re gonna get technical
that have sued the US government over the years and and there’s no real
written law to my knowledge well there was a little bit now where you had to
pay the IRS you familiar with that yes I mean that’s the history of this country
yeah when you look at the great coats calling themselves see daggers
teabaggers right they’re talking about a Boston incident hundreds of years ago I
thought they hated the fucking north-northeast right now I paid my
taxes but I’m just saying if we’re gonna be technical as Ronnie was talking about
you know you know paying taxes and losing your fucking home that’s bullshit
because sometimes that the property value can be raised because of schools
because of other things that you don’t necessarily cosign if you don’t have if
you don’t have kids while they’re fucking might pay more goddamn school
tax you know but yeah I think that’s what that relates to a word that we
heard a lot over the past two years collusion right and the collusion what
that is that’s the collusion between the banks and the powers that be in local
government right the banks when we I’ve heard you speak of years ago redlining
you wouldn’t expect that in urban circles I heard you educating you know
babble is to this that they don’t pay rental mortgages but their parents do
and there they were stuck in redlining like when banks did that no that was
like even further than that really goes back to and started you talk about
Jekyll Island all the time there’s a book The Creature from you know dr.
Jekyll’s Island and it talks about really this is something that goes back
to the year of 1913 when you talked about traction and you know the Federal
Reserve this that’s really a really long drawn-out discussion but it doesn’t have
anything to do with fighting at each axe we’re talking about our own government
imposing you know these restrictions upon us you see when you have runaway
where you know you ever noticed when they owned
say lower regulations lower restrictions it never has to do with anyone in yes
socio-economic class it’s only someone like you know who’s got millions of
dollars falling out of their ears you know some babbler downtown Manhattan
chomping on a brown you know on a cigar it always applies to them when they
deregulated industry free up this that the other the Koch brothers had billions
of dollars they heard it fat obese diabetic people in bands and buses and
Buster to be seen tell them to fight against their own interests to have
health care we can get into the weasel all types of things I don’t want to you
know they start shutting me down but what else I appreciate you know you
doing a deep dive I appreciate that but I want to get pull it back into the
either the family the family the drama you know over the the funeral that was
if I want the supposed to happen yesterday oh you know what it’s a black
peanut butter can you can you finish up yeah so basically just recap to me in
America if your freedom fight it and the person is a black freedom Friday they
just happen to be black as a freedom fighter period and he should be plating
for the Constitution protections of everyone okay
full stop whether that you know now with the situation with this I don’t know how
to say this man but with that family and with the art I agree on all points and
both your points and Ronnie’s points and some of your calls but for me personally
I say yet again yet again thirty not last year in the third decade on earth
next year before constantly it is non-stop embarrassment and you see this
type of stuff I’m try not to curse okay right now clearly didn’t quite but
internal yeah man like I’m kicking this you know because it’s that type there’s
too many idiots and for far too long all of my life I’m born in nineteen eighty
all of my life they’ve always said yeah they are all babblers day as and we know
who they mainly mean black Americans but also you know here in New York City they
meant all of us are Latino heritage Italians they’re all of New York they
they always point to some scumbag spending on his fucking head
battlin person and they say that’s everybody whatever the family is going
through that’s for the family to go through listen I hate to cut you short
my take more calls in I appreciate the deep right I appreciate it thank you
thank you all right Ronnie hold on a second we’ve got some other cash apps I
want to address here a blade on the check-in ok I read that one poor me hang
on a second Bush kid says star you miss my super
chats last week fam Bush kid are you just not joining this show I read one of
your super chats earlier about DJ academics I said send me a link
academics is my dime and don’t get it fucked up you know I hope the show is
doing well man it’s not my business man you also said something about Obama
Justin Trudeau I read that one a couple of days to go hang on a second man you
spending scroller I’ll go back for you you sent me something about Kate Bush
Kate Bush kid you sent me two about Obama I read those scandal disrespecting
black people shaking my damn head Trump 2020 make America great again I
read that one you said something about P star Governor Andrew Andrew Cuomo and
n-word okay thank you for your support man when we go to uh who was that
surgery DAP a Dunlap on the check-in via cash ad he says what the fuck is he
playing on the saxophone sexual chocolate hashtag get the fuck out of
here hey also a droopy 21’s don’t forget to send me an email that’s 12
behind-the-scenes drew P 21 aka Andrew okay I’m holding a second Ronnie Bosh
earpiece again he says the Cosmo guy shot cops in Baton Rouge Ronnie what’s
he talking about the Cosmo guy shot cops in Baton Rouge I’m real confused there
give to speed I’m not familiar with that now look into it okay
okay paintbrush here thank you for the support man yeah okay bye she is calling
in from four four let’s see if we can get them online Ronnie maybe he can
through it up pains pains pains by sheer is that you sir yes sir
star what’s going on peace man thank you for your support can you break down who
you were talking about in Baton Rouge please yes yes okay remember that the
Alton Alton sterling shooting about it but it but a cop right okay okay the guy
his name was Gavin long but he’s a ka Cosmo no he was out there online doing
saying and he can remember all know if you remember he went down there and shot
them cops down there we’re not the ones that did it but he
shot them uh he’s got like six cops down the Baton Rouge he’s a freedom fighter
because he was he was on he was also saying like I’m tired of y’all talking
don’t meet ozone sent me we don’t set it off we’re gonna set it off and you know
that’s what he did but see when I climb it was was real bad back in 2016 you
know everybody was all man steel blacklivesmatter you know it was it was
a mess down there you know so but yeah man so that’s just a pretty end up man
but I you know oh hang on a second stay with me I
appreciate the support did you see one of these guys and I want
to be respectful he had on would appear to be a black bulletproof vest
at the Fort Worth town hall meeting and he had a scarf on to match his t-shirt
he was talking at me all gangster shit oh he probably had on slides to match
his fucking vest you know I’m talking about but you know but you know so it’s
a real thing right now I mean it came out a few years ago when uh with Jeff
Sessions was the Attorney General you know black it kind of ties into it
but you know when you if you speak up about black any type of black issues
your label right now i didn’ti extremists right and that’s
that’s like psycho domestic terrorism and they can come at you and it’s a real
thing right now you know so you know a lot of guys online
talking that talk you know going on Instagram and it’s throwing up the red
black and green and all this you know whitey yeah okay you can do all that but
yeah they come in they come in are you familiar with Dante Allen 18 years of
age out of a college Hill out there near Cincinnati I’m not back on July the 25th
back in July allegedly he just started dumping this
deal into a couple of cars talking about I hate white people allegedly random let’s not call him crazy because again
at the top of the show I mentioned martyrdom martyrs in according to
radical Islam I’m gonna say radical you know but but the hadith the hadith right
not the Quran the hadith talks about you know what to do
for those who you know who are Muslims but they don’t know it you know I’m
saying how to bring them into into full scope so I don’t know if he’s crazy but
yeah back in July the 25th he’s he was letting the blame a fly
davontea clear a clear target and the clear objective you’re doing it for the
sake of Allah that’s one thing but you know just to just be out here you know
if you like you got cops mode you had a clear objective you’re hitting the cops
the cops you won that you know you know the cops the one that got the grievances
you got the grievance to get so you’re hitting them so I mean well hang on a
second stay with me now you see that that’s that’s a little tricky because
you see we have become so programmed to think that you know whoa the black
people didn’t have a plan you know it so it really didn’t make any sense but now
you got those those young teenage boys over there in French and and all they
all they’re thinking about is just how to burn some shit down and turn the fuck
up and and flip flip cars over if you go back to the 17th century in
Russia they didn’t have no goddamn plan the whole thing was revolution we’ll
figure this shit out later so again I’m not I’m not condoning it this young
black man shooting into a car but I’m saying let’s not be so hard on like you
know black men in America who say you know what we’ve been oppressed for
hundred years fuck it I understand the frustration I understand because I love
one of them at one time but but you got to have you know you should get older
you learn patience you learn some different way that’s a post thing and
get things done so but I appreciate y’all map thank you mama
you know always deportment yeah hold on guys
running any comments on black freedom fighters versus European freedom
fighters who did not have a plan if we’re looking at you know Ireland and
other places you know their whole thing was you know listen let’s blow some shit
up if we’re talking about the IRA and we’ll figure it out bet we’ll sit down
at the table after we blow up you know a couple of buildings and some churches
then we’ll figure out any comments or thoughts on it I mean even if you want
to bring it to today’s turn you look at the situation that just happened with El
Chapo son that’s freedom fighting for real let’s go running you know so
basically the United States government has indicted the son and they asked for
Mexico to pick him up they went and pick him up and the cartel just tore an
entire city to shreds Mexico had to back down and hand him back over they
released him you know Ronnie keep it real you a hide off of this story you a
height yeah I was I was I you know listen they’re criminals
I understand that but I like the show of force if you ask me they’re running that
country anytime you have the president of a country saying you know we have to
let them go after his buddies have sworn in city
describe Ronnie I don’t want to get to snitchin but you are real people
you were real hyped on this story yeah I sincerely respect them for that okay any
funds like that anything else you want to mention about that story El Chapo’s
team they they back the police down because he was arrested by those Mexican
police they then had to let him go as you just said yeah yes and actually in
the midst of all of the chaos when they were firing on the jail about 40
prisoners managed to escape some of their military people were executed and
the cartel told them listen we’re going to start kidnapping the families of the
of these agents and that’s when the president finally caved and said okay
we’re going to release him to you yeah yeah so did you say shit is lit when we
spoke earlier I’m Adam I put words in your mouth you you’re like really hyped
he was zooming off the stuff what were some of the words you were using because
I said you want to go into this tonight you say yeah almost in the words you
were using Ronnie come on uh I don’t know do you want I don’t know I I’m I’m
sure I probably did say that it was what but it was lit up it was like you know
firecrackers over there because if you a lot of the people over there posted
videos and it’s just rapid fire for several minutes at a time and that’s
basically what this cartel was doing they were just they were firing on the
people who live there officers you know setting buildings on fire vehicles on
fire they went to the police department cut him loose I am a bangle died hey by
Goom doc couldn’t write come loose hang on a second Ronnie uh John ski two one
six okay hang on a second John ski I got you
Bush kid sends in a super chair he says peace
Ronny is on point tonight the black freedom fighter never wears Nikes or
slave shoes well so I don’t know about that you know you got a lot of these
young cats out here man that you know they might be dressed in some real fly
shit and and just really just going ten toes down with regards to what they
believe in who gives a fuck what they’re wearing I mean unless they’re wearing
slides I don’t see you know I don’t see a revolutionary wearing slides that’s
the only thing with me you know Gucci slides pullman slides but thank you for
your donation all right okay I got Bush kids other super chat okay let’s bring
in area code two one six is this John ski hole in a second John ski are you
there every good borough hey Matt how are you yo what’s going on sir Hey thank
you for your super chat man let’s get to it yes sir thank you sir hey I listen to
your show all the time then hate it I just want to say I told the homey man
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the photos easy easy sir can we not take shots at Ronnie she’s helping me out
okay respective females on the shuttle it’s rule number one no no what much
respect no I thought we got to the only a me to know what the topic what’s the
problem the topic is how much blow have you
snorted in the last five years oh hey star you know what I just started
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75 okay hang on respectfully respectfully how told you and how much
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got down to 220 okay 20 with skinny is okay now are you are you in the gym
because you can’t just shoot that beats well you gotta be in the gym
you know I’m gonna do yeah how often are you injecting so I will teach you I was
the one that told you well twice a week star was the one I asked you about the
good the gym the gym vitamins you know me okay okay
well right now I’m off of the sussed 300 for a couple weeks I’m just well I’m
trying to finance it I’m still trying to finance it I can’t discuss that on the
show right here right no no just shoot me an email and we’ll talk we’ll talk
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sorry I don’t mean I don’t mean the cuz you’re
I’m I’m Puerto Rican by the way I just you know say I kick how often are you in
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oh my sex I was already great thing I’m gonna do with that existed gym like the
gym life is fun loss I appreciate the donation man anything you want to chime
in now with commits to it the family drama or the black freedom fighter know
a star star I like I know honestly you want her son like straight up on
medieval Road – okay I was gonna come come in the chatting light say a bunch
of hours but the live chat is where you go listen listening the live chat which
is right there I never even look in that thing once in a blue moon go in there
and that’s where you talk crazy okay that’s your talk crazy no I know buddy
ain’t nobody paying attention to that though you know they pay attention to
each other in their eye we don’t regulate them but I got to go man thank
you thank you Thank You Harbor ice thank you man all
right yeah he’s uma right now if that b12 hold on a second Ronnie
okay Bush kid I read that one to one six beats
okay beach ball says star I forgot to thank you for the the constant content
it cheers me up when I see a live notification and I can chat hate on the
callers Ronnie is a smart person okay thank you beach balls Thank You Man
thank you hanger Ronnie Ronnie you got more time
to hang out you got a run what’s going on with you yeah sure okay okay I did
want to sue many thing tomorrow March II says Tyreke nice sheet is a freedom
fighter Thank You Tamar for your super chat I’ve never met Tyreke nYSCI we’ve
spoke on the phone you know I support him good man good man it does great
research and even though even if we don’t you know share the same ideologies
and or philosophy I support him out there doing the damn thing you know
getting it in but thank you so much all right it’s go to area code two to five
good evening two to five a few topics on the floor tonight what is a black
freedom fighter two to five are you there yeah how you doing Sarge man super
spring can get dangerous let’s slow down let’s slow down what’s that hey I wanted
wanted to see I’m doing good man how are you man good listen don’t mention that
person with regards to rape and all that stuff let’s not go there because that’s
all I wanted I want I wanted to say that you know the word the end you know the
word that we’re not supposed to say about black people that in our DD er
word it’s actually in the Bible is actually um when you look at the Roman
influence you have pressures pressures Nigel I ain’t gonna say the other word
you actually have a Roman influence with that last name so the word that word has
been around for more than 2,000 years even if you really like an accidental
go fine with it what that word was used when they were describing black people
yeah there’s a lot of things that we have mentioned from time
I’m not you know so much hung up on that word per se we discussed it and how
people feel about it but you you are a person who has if I understand you
correctly you’ve studied religion or I saw one of your older videos you were
talking about the Quran yes yes yes um I was talking about the Quran that’s right
and I was talking about um the actual color of Prophet Mohammed um I do
believe that he would have been at more of a darker skin but there’s actual
records to show that uh they claim he was a white man but I do believe on that
he would have would have been more of a darker skin and I just discussed the the
basis of how long everybody stands there before Mohammed got the Quran everybody
was paying worshippers that’s not true you actually read if you read us the
word called henna feet that means that they were actually people that were
serving the Bible or reading the Bible in Arabic who were who were serving the
same God as Abraham before Mohammed got the Quran if you read Babylon to
Timbuktu it tells you that – that they were actually uh people who had the
Bible in Mecca or Saudi Arabia an Arabic version and they were not all they were
separate mm-hmm okay hang on a second Ronnie kid dangerous is on the line any
thoughts any comments for free kidding just one you once called him kid
harmless Ronnie didn’t you hang on hold on that running speed that money speed
please yeah so what’s what’s up with your battle we haven’t heard anything I
mean every time we talk to you the next time actually um I actually emailed
stars about I sent in the text messages and I showed him I just did a better
recently on Noah podcast I did battle Jesse reaching yeah
you actually can look it up on North Park ed and I got a nice behind hanging
out so I spoke to norms last week so now you’re saying if I call norms he will
but him about for you yes and architected to a female yes so he was
it’s on his podcast you going to it’ll say keys and diversity Jesse reaching
that was my first battle send me the link via Twitter DM okay
okay yes sir oh oh one more thing Oh what are you asking about the freedom
fighters Oh miss boys no no hang on a second I want to have a conversation
with you so okay so you spoke Prophet Mohammed whether he was a
lighter or darker complexion yes yeah okay now listen I’m just a dumb high
school dropout I went to some good private schools in Jersey back in the
70s when I was growing up but now something that a lot of people don’t
make reference to with regards to the the earth and the different shades of
people thousands of years ago or even hundreds of years ago you know based
upon the Earth’s rotation once upon a time do you know if the earth spun
faster or slower once upon a time with regards to the Sun you know I think they
said it it actually it actually it’s been it’s been faster and they also
stated the earth was actually they believe it’s plate that’s what they also
believed to got there if it’s not actually wrong it’s in the apocryphal
books too and they talked about the way the earth spins and the actual shape of
the earth people believe that it was played this like own a lot of people if
you’re mommy fell out well hang on a second now if you asked me the earth is
a sphere and that can be proven by right by way of the convection zone I’ve
spoken about that before but with regards to how the earth spun and what
faster or slower that would have if you ask me I could be wrong that would have
some impact on the different the Sun the radiation and the rays and people’s
complexion would you agree on that or no yes I I do agree I do agree yes sir I do
okay also when you when what a wonderful so when you look at it the Quran also
said that Muhammad was with beautiful arm you also see that we say that we
claim that mention wear makeup but the Egyptians will make up to when you begin
to study the history you’ll find that they are they wore makeup as well so
they are a lot of times it was to keep the Sun keep the Sun I guess time and
the ward off spirits and they they arm they say that the makeup helps fight off
the Sun as far as you know because sunburns and things like that that’s
what I was reading about you know only I went to that direction is because it
wouldn’t have been possible if you ask me for Jesus to be white and I’m just a
fucking drop up anyways hey so do you want to chime in what is a black freedom
fighter before we go that’s one of their topics tonight yeah yeah oh I feel like
I’m a black freedom fighter I guess somebody who fight for the ideology that
pertains to the black people own more like Afrocentric believers people who
believe that on that on the black is the most dominant race um that’s why people
push this notion about these being black that’s the same thing like him being the
black man ruling the earth four thousand years in Revelation so I do think I
think it has to dis pertain to those beliefs believing that the blacks should
have equal rights and just be more on the dominant species on the areas if you
ask me okay that’s why these are that’s not riots happen yes okay Ronnie any
questions for kid danger’s before we go no I’ll be checking in to see at this
first ever battle that it hang on kid dangerous before I let you go before I
let you go I pulled you look I pulled your police record you you’re kind of
tall you’re told that slow down slow down you’re at what are you six four I
forget you’re tall yeah like big boy yeah if you had a string of charges I’m
not gonna talk about your charges but you about that life you about that life
for real for real niggas no snitching he’s a freedom fighter but you know you
you’re a tall guy has some charges on you man are your last word a stars one
more thing Fargo okay a man yeah but I’m a good-looking kid all right I’m
good-looking right I don’t know about that joke you man talk to you thank you man
all right kid danger zone the checking yeah yeah
starter feds uh hold on Ronnie Elvis the chef Rosenberg good evening sir he sends
in a cash at the folks if you can’t get thrown the phone line you want to join
the conversation there’s a link right up under the video has the PayPal
information which comes right to me the cash app that comes right to me and I
read your comments suggestions or questions all right Elvis the chef
Rosenberg says I am a black freedom fighter you better recognize okay thank
you sir for your donation Ronnie can we go back for a second Cuba
Gooding jr. at this point 14 women said that he was committed some type of
sexual misconduct I don’t list their sole sexual
misconduct yes yes and you know it went from 3 to 5 to 14 you know what is the
number gonna be next week and folks if you have not seen it please Ronnie sent
me a link or I forget wagon swing from things Ronnie and um
Cuba Gooding jr. is on stage somewhere hosting a party he’s got the microphone
and he says somebody sucked that baby’s TI ck and he said it twice he looked
crazy any information money on where that videos from or is that just you
know what is that just resurfaced yeah look it’s an older video but it doesn’t
matter if it’s 10 years yesterday today there’s never any
context to ever make a statement like that that was just what is this guy on
it begs the question yeah Club full of people appoint me I’d even mention that
a bunch of people in the club Mahim he said it twice yeah
to play it back because I said I know he didn’t say this yeah you said that
yeah hang on a second someone also sent me an email about Killa cam camera
killer yes my guy now why did they have Cameron says he didn’t take X back
because he saw her with Safari that was part of a freestyle you know
did you see the Freestyle Ryan do you like camera I don’t know I figured yeah
like I like came on you forget I had two diplomats number one oh right right okay
at number one all-time group of what I forget yes uh-huh
okay okay yeah so that was a freestyle and um he was riding in the car
and why are they now making this headlines as if he said this and it’s
some some fucking statement it was a freestyle I said yeah the Freestyle but
you know some people will you know pull it anything for a story and it was a
clever bar I liked it I thought it was cute he also did something like a couple
months ago where he was in a house and it was like an old school setting and he
was doing it to like you know like a really old song and he you know he was
talking about her basically the entire time you remember that when he said you
know I paid you I got your teeth done your breasts done with a sign your that
done remember some well somewhat sorta but you know just whenever I hear a guy
talking about like you know investing in a woman that’s when I kind of like this
I turn off what isn’t that pence behavior I don’t know I guess if it was
if she was making money off of what she ultimately ended up looking like well
that’s a fine line between between pimp behavior and investing you know taking
your money to invest you know I mean if you’re gonna take your money then you
had there has to be some ROI return on investment now I’m not saying he should
have but you know if you’re gonna spend money
help her get a breast job if that’s she got a nose job but that’s what she got I
don’t know then he should have wiped her you know
you ask me and I say that respectfully yeah I would have liked to have seen
them together I did like them together but you know I guess you know sometimes
in relationships reach the point of no return so and I think they’re there and
you know it is what it is but I’m definitely here for the petty you know a
little subliminal shot well if I can also add this to the conversation now
let’s not clown Safari because you know I’ve said on record and I’m gonna say it
again I respect safaris pimping Safari flooded
Nicki Minaj out flooded about she even said he stole my credit cards or
something cheatin yada yada yada you know he came up off a Nicki Minaj
slut her out you know stole her shit she treat her like shit so you know I I
can’t you know cosign cam hating on Safari
because what’s her name juju her name yeah yeah I can’t hate on on Safari
because Jude you chose a pen any thoughts on that yeah but she never she
was never really claiming safari like that you know if anything safari was
sort of trying to get at her but they were never really an official item and I
don’t think it’s really that he’s hating on safari I think that Safari is the guy
that any rapper can take a shot at and you know that like when you see Safari
it’s not like he’s gonna press you about it it’s like he’s gonna would you say
you know he’s not that guy so he’s somebody anybody will take a shot at
well a pimp doesn’t have to be a killer or a thug pentas has to know how to
finesse a bitch and IIIi don’t know what happened between Safari and juju but you
know clearly it was something that you know it’s fuckin with Killa cam I will
say that otherwise he wouldn’t mention it that could be true could be true okay
hang on a second Ronnie did a Bush kid sends in another donation thank you sir
he said star when finest mega Evers was a freedom
fighter I would agree sir I would agree thank
you so much for your super chat what times okay okay we’re doing good here
good it’s being a few more calls in area code 717 good evening 778 talking about
the family drama over at Tatiana’s funeral that was pushed back are you
there 770 what’s going on here there excuse me
yes what’s up man how are you sowon sowon just a guy I want to speak to
Jason what is a black freedom fighter from a Caucasian perspective Oh Martin
Martin Luther King will be mocking my opinion Freeman geez greatly respected
James somebody who respects to let me finish it her and no no no stop stop the
bullshit stop what is it are you serious or you just saying that because you
think it’s the right thing to say um I’m being honest I just what all my
life I think I’m more than Luther King when you say that the guy in Dallas I
think you went to extremists that’s my honest thoughts nothing behind that
moderate box okay now I would never dump on Martin Luther King jr. but you know a
freedom fighter or was he you know a preacher who you know did what he
thought was right under the umbrella of religion and under Gandhi’s philosophy
you know people can send him a freedom fighter that’s also true which he said
but it’s what I think of but at the same time theater I’m very uneducated as a
white person I have no problem admitting that especially in the culture how old
you Jason I forget holy you 25 okay did you go to college yes sir okay do you
know the history of Gandhi do you know that Jews don’t F what Gandhi on any
level because of what he said about Palestine and what the Jews should
accept front from the Muslims once upon a time not aware exactly what he said on
Palestine I’m Gandia I just know he was a peaceful
guy who went on a hunger strike that’s my only opinion I haven’t studied
up too much on the test to be fair Gandhi was talking reckless about what
the Jews shouldn’t you should not do I’m just gonna say that under the knife but
you’re calling Martin Luther King jr. a freedom fighter yes her fight for
fighting for the right for the freedom of African Americans that’s just my view
okay okay Ronny any comments any thoughts on what Jason is saying her
you’re not interested well I think it’s you know typical of Jason to refer to
you know what many people call it a magical Negro you know Martin Luther
King as a freedom fighter you know we’ve already established that a freedom
fighter is one who is you know willing to use violence to achieve political
goals so Martin Luther King was the opposite and violent so he wouldn’t even
qualify as a freedom fighter Jason would you consider Timothy Timothy McVeigh a
freedom fighter wasn’t you failure if I’m not wrong wasn’t a cake
Jason you said you went to college didn’t you eat you you Clint you’re
claiming to be white Timothy McVeigh was your freedom fuck fucking around man we
invited not up to form on let me take military hater I’ll be on it what about
Emma Goldman was she a freedom fighter absolutely not aware of her as well I
have asked you Jason to fuck up out of here claiming to be white yet and still
you don’t know who Timothy McVeigh his or was part of me or Emma Gomes
we got him out of here money not tonight Jason play that game would you hold on a
second let me uh check on superjet the Thunder sound says Gandhi was who
perverted slept naked with the okay I’ll just leave it that very racist against
blacks your enemies will always promote a pacifist as your heroes
I’m coming for Gandhi’s neck Ronnie any knowledge any knowledge on Gandhi yeah I
mean that guy was trash there are a lot of people who are trash that people
still continue to make reference to because they simply haven’t done their
research on you know those people and that super shot that you just received
was exactly right that’s why Jason you know referred back to Martin Luther King
he was a man of non-violence now I’m not going to tear him down but a lot of
people disagree with his message and even he himself said you know I think I
brought my people into a burning house he questioned question whether or not
integration was correct so you know it’s very funny you just called Gandhi’s
trash yes yeah he was trying fresh the show was over good night I mean I could
be here all day breaking down you know everything you know the sordid history
with him and you know especially his comments about people of color and you
know but but that you know if you know you know if you don’t you really haven’t
researched the people that were propped up and you know sold to you as some sort
of freedom fighter okay hardcore Ronny letting that thing slide tonight so the
area code for for three good evening murder it hey hey hey who’s this Amen
all right barbecue cement in Baltimore right now okay beam on the check and how
are you sir good evening yeah just got off and we will join the conversation
yeah yeah yeah yeah which one you want me to pick man I got a few what is a
black freedom fighter let let’s start with that person we can come back to the
family you know the funeral okay okay cool yes I mean I mean real simply it’s
just a someone who is fighting for freedom I mean it’s just there
simple and your Blake they was a call a couple of a couple of calls ago they’re
really like defined it well you know you the same simple way but I just want to
take it a little further it’s a nice I think you have if you’re if you’re a
black freedom fighter you just should be fighting for your people you can fight
for everybody else if you want to put I don’t think that’s necessary from for
you to be called a black freedom fighters you know what I mean so yeah I
mean that but but on the word freedom a Condor I think it’s overused like the
term because um it feels it feels like it feels like a market in terms of you
like you any any group of arrows can get together and go out fighting some big
government or institution or something and they just call themselves freedom
fight right no but I feel like you don’t want all freedom like I don’t want a
serious in the Roman the countries that I’m murdering people free necessarily
you know I want that person to have some restraints on them you know so the thing
was freedom that people don’t seem to consider a lot of that it can be a
double-edged sword to get for the family do you know what I need to go to Texas
more maybe because it shows what everybody that comes out of there that
black yo is like this I’m up with them and I’ve known personally knowing people
from Texas like black people in Texas it just they seem a lot more Republican
somehow you know I don’t know what it is man but yeah what I mean with family it
hurt me yeah it’s certainly good shit to me it’s just that’s what it is
hooked up spilling out into the public forum you know what I mean but that does
not mean of course we’re not a second probably of course this all right super
right wing people that want to vilify black people all the time of course they
go to jump on there right but that’s not the whole idea about whether or not you
should be shot that’s not like it is a you’re a citizen is your right to not
get your ass shot up in your home at other now
if I can just jump in because I don’t think that we have thus far tonight
spoken about the black man and or women that were freedom fighters here in
America and who were killed before they were able to really achieve certain
things such as Fred Hampton Huey P Newton and other people’s here so in no
way shape or form do I want to like you know act like you know black people
haven’t been doing things to uh advance people have code in this country but but
they have been killed at an early age in many many instances okay you were saying
um let people have not only advanced themselves they have actually also
advanced other races by proxy because other races use these tactics that we
developed in the sixties and even in the Jim Crow era you know I will break it
bit me really the sixties they use a lot of detect it’s especially LGBT you know
so yeah I totally agree with all of that you know I’m all I’m saying with the
freedom fighter thing is that um depending on how the news thinks about
you do you the freedom fighter a rebel or terrorists not you you know so it’s
really like it’s freedom itself feels like I feel like I so much it needs to
better to find freedom but we could start allowing it they can’t how to
pasteurize okay so I thank you for your call thank you for your support thank
you thank you man yes sir take you okay all right hold on
a second boss chick Ronnie uh cash shot coming in and folks you can join the
conversation via cash capo super chat again the link is up under the video
right there and those donations come right to me right here okay that’s where
my focus is the live chat is right there if you’re not about that live chat life
don’t look in it okay ivory sends in a cash at stop snitching star lol thank
you sir I stay snitching sir snitch that’s my company we
get niggas to fuck up out of here you should know that Jay will 5:01 says that girl that pushed
that old white person off of the bus in Vegas was a freedom fighter oh shit
oh Jesus Ronnie do you remember that two years ago yeah last year I think it was
like a year ago or so and he broke his hip I think it was in the hospital
didn’t he die but it wasn’t it like weeks later or months later that he died
and they tried to connect it back to that incident well I would say this year
she had something to do with him dying you know no what do you think you know
at the time what I won what I recall when I looked at the article was that I
think it was some sort of inspection that he got as a result of of you know a
muscle breaking I I’m not really too certain but they had a story to connect
it I don’t really think that it’s connected this was a very old man but
certainly if they charged her with murder I’m you know I wouldn’t fight for
her to you know okay because folks Ronnie’s a business owner so she’s she’s
not gonna say things to affect you know what is it she does and I respect that I
understand that you know but behind the scenes all she gets greasy don’t you
Ronnie are you greasy Ron I’m thinking of all
of the things you could possibly say right now I’m not gonna snitch don’t
worry I’m not gonna snitch Sherm sticks sends in a superjet fu Ronnie don’t you
ever talk reckless about Gandhi next time I see you I’m gonna give you a
dirty look on God hashtag sucker shit Wow okay some sticks you want to respond
Ronnie I know somebody go ahead somebody who hasn’t done their research but it’s
okay you know he graduated before he
graduated before they came up with the No Child Left Behind Act so this is what
happened let’s go Ronnie okay okay I read the Thunder sound I got you let me
just make sure to miss any super chest before we wrap this up tonight okay a
moment of clarity says Marie Joseph Angelique was a black freedom fighter
she was hanged for arson trying to escape slavery okay thank you so much
moment of clarity okay I want to check in hold a second okay I got some sticks
Bush kid beats boss I get blade yeah I got bleed okay for Reed okay I
understand guys a few more coals yeah it’s gonna area code two five three hey
2 pi/3 there good evening 2 5 3 hello yes no maybe okay I tried to get you on
the line every kill 2 5 3 I think this is an overseas call hello good evening
are you there hello overseas hello hello testing testing one two testing hey
hello good evening yes sir good evening hear me I can hear you sir were you
calling from oh come on will you come for him so can you turn the laptop or
computer down in the background and and come to the phone
yeah I’m calling from Toronto overall was good enough hey what’s that man how
are you chillin man chillin okay so what’s the topic talking with a black
freedom fighter black freedom fighter is not I’ll come back with ma’am no we’re
talking about you and your boyfriend doing coke what are you doing over there
why does it take you so long to respond our man what is he it’s not showing me a
phone number I pick up all calls man but there’s no number here you’re calling
him from the six listen listen I don’t charge
people but I do show preferential treatment when people send in cash apps
or super chats I make sure I get them on first you feel me mmm yeah okay okay
what I thought you were hot 97 then you good morning come on when you get a call
that back-in-the-day should how old you 50 I don’t want to talk to anybody in
your thirties come on we’ll talk him out then now I’m 40 man I’m pointing them
okay I’m a young ass nigger man okay I haven’t I left hot 97 in 2003
they want to give me nigger pennies and I got the fuck out of there so so come I
never mind haha what’s going on with you now put
your boyfriend on the phone I hear him in the background
come on boyfriend oh fuck yo we take me eyes met do you actually
yes I do yes what’s that so I don’t represent the streets I represent myself
the fuck you talking about okay I’ll put a gun charge and you what will say today
Sunday you fuck around up with a gun charging you by Friday you hear me Oh
keep your nose clean bitch boy keep your nose clean I gotta go man
thank you thank you know how to get him out of here man all right Ronnie I think
we’re done here tonight I’m just gonna finish up on a few other topics anything
else what I mention Ronnie since you’ve trashed Gandhi tonight
you went ten toes down anything Ronnie 100 you call al Sharpton my friend a rat
Ronnie you went there yeah you haven’t heard the tape yeah the
tapes are out there you can google them yeah she’s a rat that’s confirmed you
know so okay yeah okay okay it running all right I get your
banner coming up first for those who keep asking what
does money look like your penance coming up for as Lonnie thank you so much for
being available tonight and for encouraging me earlier to do a show
because I was kind of like not sure I had that a family thing going on but
thank you for motivating me earlier thank you okay
you have a great night and I’m going to head to Google and see if we have person
number 15 as far as Cuba Gooding jr. shoot me a
text if you find anything please don’t shoot me a text
absolutely will do you have a great night okay
take you know but right hardcore Ronny what did we call Ronny earlier there’s
another name let me shut this down fuck guys in the live chat what else do we
call Ronnie tonight hardcore Ronnie o’greazy Ronnie breezier
I wouldn’t snitch on Ronnie Bo but behind the scenes whoo she gives height
when she’s sipping her coffee hey also let me just say thank you to those of
you who you follow me on instagram my instagram page is troy terrain it’s TR o
i matter why i t o raim i put up a video earlier this morning and it was you know
the I’m looking at it right now the 2 by 6 that’s at my front door here and you
know where I live I’ve been moving like that ever since the police kicked in my
door back in the early 80s I’m not gonna get into that now but yes the other 2×6
is real and salute to those of you who you know you already know if the police
are coming through your door they’re cut it doesn’t matter how thick the fucking
door is it doesn’t matter if it’s oak or fucking
graphite or if you’ve got a steel fucking uh what he called agate the
whole purpose of having the barricade I use it to buy six some people use a 2×4
they stack them and put screws in them is so that you can just here whoever
coming through whether they be police blacks Hispanics ages whoever I just
want to hear you so that I can get up and grab that thing thing and I can get
those dum-dum slugs ready for you not the hollow points you know a lot of
people who only knows your hollow points no I got those dum-dum slugs for you and
I just want to hear you coming alright so that’s it I’ll see you guys tomorrow
at some point enjoy your evening thank you for your support
and please keep me up to speed or anything else with regards to Cuba
Gooding jr. of your email okay his Ronnie’s banner in case you want to see
who Ronnie is and where you can find it okay take care have a good night you

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