11 thoughts on “Is Ark The Best Cryptocurrency To Hold Long Term? Ark Smartbridge Technology & Ark Delegates”

  1. @Crypto Mining – Great Video! Can you give me an example where ARK is used? What will run on it? How will the coin be HOLD and keep value? In a nutshell how can a business implement this for there own use?

  2. Wondered why I did not got any ark from jarunik since 11/2018.
    Now I know.
    Also I saw the huge amount of transactions from him.

    I think he should make it 50/50 or ask for funding it.

    I did not know how to split the votings, how is that possible?
    Maybe with the new wallet? I saw mine was 1.x and now 2.x is out.
    Haha 2017 is Long ago.

  3. Ark doesn't have the resources to compete with the bigger coins. Especially when they have the "All in one" concept that will end up giving the core team too much work. This is all talk right now.

    Cardano, Ether, ICON and even EOS will outdo smallcap coins like Ark in the longterm.

  4. On the other hand – it is a bit interesting you have 6k subs but like 1000 views max on videos. How many of those subs are bought? 😀

  5. What do you think about ark? Do you guys think it is better to get a 100% of the profits or contribute to the ark community which benefits ark itself and therefore all ark holders? Let me know in the video description! ➤ Don’t forget to like & subscribe ❤ Read the description more info

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