Is $3,000 Bitcoin Unavoidable At This Point…? ICOs Might NOT Be Securities?!? $BTC Adoption Up ?

guts tell Peter shut up Tiffany my coins are gonna moon you don't know about blockchain model game for life Ripple's gonna put jr. through college and I would have three Lambos bitch what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so today is Thursday Thirsty Thursday for some of you but don't get ahead of yourself now okay I know there's a lot of Reds in the markets but that's not the answer I'm current now moving on having a look at the markets yes we are seeing another hit guys this is just the reality of the situation that we are in right now we're at a 118 billion dollar market cap now interestingly enough Bitcoin dominance has gone up which means this could explain some of the losses from the altcoins but the interesting thing I wanted to point out was the eerie similarity between the loss of Bitcoin cash and the gain of Bitcoin sv as you can see right here Bitcoin cash is down fifteen point eight three percent while Bitcoin sv is up fifteen point three eight percent so does that mean that people are moving their money from Bitcoin cash into Bitcoin sv possible right but we're also noticing that some people are clearly moving it into Bitcoin as well so obviously if we have a look at the biggest gainers of the day number one being Bitcoin SV followed by mobile go made safe coin and then we basically just go into this you know the stable coins and there's a few other guys quark chain link e but for the most part it's pretty much read across the board having a look here guys you know we've tried testing this multiple times currently we came all the way down to around three thousand six hundred came back up had a little bit of a sideways pattern and now we're coming back down again so the question in everyone's mind is is a three thousand dollar Bitcoin unavoidable at this point okay that is the main question I mean is it just going to happen no matter what we do if we have a look over here you have prominent cryptocurrency analyst Swilley wound now we've spoken about him on the channel before and he says that Bitcoin will likely not reach a bottom until the end the second quarter of 2019 so that's quite some time guys you know that's another six months over here so putting together the blockchain view he says I suspect the timing for a bottom maybe around q2 2019 after that we will start the true accumulation ban only after that do we start a long grind upwards so based on the intensity of the downturn of Bitcoin throughout the past two weeks a drop to a new yearly low in the range of three thousand and three thousand four hundred seems unavoidable especially if the volume of Bitcoin is considered now you also have Don alt and he also does analysis and he says that the support level of Bitcoin is not strong enough and if it continues to fall below the support level a drop below the three thousand dollar mark could be possible in fact he went on to say that you know it closed below support not looking too pretty Bitcoin needs to reclaim support quickly otherwise I expect it to go for the previous lows if those don't hold I'm looking at a two thousand nine hundred dollar Bitcoin there are no supports left on the daily so currently momentum oscillators are demonstrating oversold conditions of Bitcoin at around three thousand seven hundred in the short term the crypto market could experience a minor recovery from its low price range which actually we did have that little minor repair guys could see that we had that little minor recovery right here and then you know it says you know it could go a little lower so we could be seeing that $3,000 Bitcoin guys I'm just saying just be ready is it gonna happen it might not but it could so you know if you feel that you need to you know assess your risks you know do what you got to do guys just throwing that out there but it's not all doom and gloom all the time you know I want to talk about the fact that people are actually using this stuff and that's what's important to me is the fundamentals of it okay so according to a recent humans net survey 38 percent of the eleven hundred eleven hundred people surveyed all freelancers living and working in the US periodically or regularly used crypto currencies so they went on to say that international payments and lack of intermediaries or a direct payment well you know is the advantages of two currencies in their views and you can see over here you know what are the main advantages of crypto and 13% international payments nine percent transparency twelve percent no middleman 11 percent security low Commission etc so that is something positive out there and also wanted to talk about what's been happening with Germany so according to a recent survey over there one third of big business in Germany considers blockchain technology as revolutionary as the Internet so in addition to things like artificial intelligence and Internet of Things blockchain technology is one of the current three areas of development with tremendous potential in fact 15% of German companies think that blockchain will change society and the economy as much as the internet did larger companies with 500 or more employees actually go on to say that they are twice as likely to hold that opinion at the same time around 46% of them unfortunately think that Germany is a late comer to the game which is strange because we're here calling ourselves early adopters and these guys are feeling that they missed the boat so this just shows you the interest from different countries and different institutions and different enterprises as well now off that topic we already know the power of what crypto can do worldwide to these unbanked underdeveloped countries right people that don't have access to the same tools that we do so Bill Gates went on and he still supports it and says that digital currencies are gonna help the poor you know he talks about the under Bank and he suggests that the world's poor may not have financial tools to go about their lives but that their labor labor and intellect shouldn't be underestimated and inefficient cash economy risks dragging them further into poverty so he maintains that the transformation of underlying economics behind the status quo through the digitalization of money and related financial systems has the potential to directly help those currently living in poverty it can also help develop essential areas such as health and agriculture as it is already doing in some parts of Africa for example with like Sun exchange right through there Sun X rewards tokens we've seen what it's done in Venezuela right we've seen them using nano and – even having the – with the SMS text okay so these are all things as well these are all positive things you know despite the doom and gloom there is that stuff happening in the background and speaking on you know regulations and all the stuff that's been going on with the sec and i cos you know i want to point out this guy over here this is Republican congressman Warren Davidson now we haven't really spoken about him on the channel but it turns out that he is actually pretty excited for Bitcoin and blockchain as well and he plans to introduce federal legislation that will regulate icos and crypto currencies the bill would create an asset class for tokens which would prevent them from being classified as securities but would also allow the federal government to regulate icos more effectively now he also had spoken about this in the past actually back in August and he had invited 32 cryptocurrency companies to Capitol Hall for a summit to discuss ICO regulation and he underscored the importance of avoiding avert lira stricted laws that would impede innovation okay he's very concerned about this he doesn't want to bring the hammer down so hard that we just completely stifle the innovation of this you know revolutionary technology now I also want to talk about a lot of wheels in motion as well over at Washington DC geared towards promoting mainstream adoption let's not forget back in September you had Republic Congressman Tom enter introducing three bills that were going to help support the development of crypto and blockchain so the first was resolution supporting digital currencies and blockchain technology second being blockchain regulatory certainty Act and the third being safe harbor for taxpayers with forked assets Act so this guy's the chairman of the Congressional blockchain caucus and he said that the United States should prioritize the development of blockchain and create an environment that will enable the private sector to lead on innovation now while we're on the topic of taxes guys I know this is not something we want to talk about you know on the channel you know we won't talk about taxes you know screw the bank screw the system screw the IRS right well it's coming guys especially if you live in the US and you're gonna need to have to figure out what you're doing moving forward so you do have node 40 which is a developer of Bitcoin tax reporting software now they're expecting the IRS to receive a record number of crip currency related tax return claims this year as it predicts that many investors will decide to declare their losses maybe this is something you've been considering maybe you're like hey you know it's a loss right so I'm gonna declare it now guys I'm not saying don't report okay that's not where we're going here I just want you to be aware that cryptocurrency traders have been hit with you know some pretty heavy losses so in an effort to offset these they're probably gonna get reported however note 40 does want to warn that doing so could have long-term consequences for investors for example if an individual reports particularly high losses they may be questioned about where the money came from in the first place so I just want you guys to be aware of this I'll drop this below it's not really a big read but you know I think we're gonna be talking about that a little more on the channel because people are gonna definitely start asking about crypto taxes so it's definitely something you guys need to know you know how to take care of so moving on to some coin news today I got a whole bunch of coin news but I'm not gonna hold you up for too long I know you guys got places to be so obviously Z cash is currently available on coinbase alright it was on coin based Pro now we can get it on the mobile app and we can get it on the desktop website however not if you live in New York but I digress moving on somebody on reddit says that Craig writes meta net is a copy-paste of the block net created in 2014 now the block net I like this project a lot it's very complicated it's very technical okay so I obviously cannot validate this however people are having a go at that you know they're all laughing somebody said hey I think I found Craig Wright's keyboard so it's a possibility and maybe somebody out there a developer can tell me and do a comparison between the block net and the meta net I mean you know maybe somebody out there knows more than I do so also let's talk about Tasos ZK snarks so it looks like they are going to be introducing zero knowledge proof now if you don't really know what this is we've spoken about this on the channel a few times guys in fact I actually had a conversation with PT YX talking about this on komodo that's actually coming out later tonight but for now in a nutshell the goal of shielding the transaction is to provide a verifiable proof that the transaction took place without divulging any information about the transaction such as associate accounts you know etc so ZK snarks allow one party the prover to prove to another the verifier that a statement is true without revealing any information beyond the validity of the statement itself however I am gonna say that the one the one issue with ZK snarks is it really does need that Network effect because if only a handful of people are using it and everybody else is using the transparent right and there and only a handful are using shielded you're pretty much gonna be able to guess who's sending money you know you to each other so it really comes with the network effect that the ZK snarks you know protocol really will have its best use case also moving forward I want to talk about XRP okay so enterprise blockchain software firm r3 has announced that rival x RP token will be the first crypto supported on its new Universal payment settlement platform fin extra so this is dubbed Corte settler it's the new open source quota base decentralized application reportedly that allows payment obligations raised on the court of blockchain to be settled via any parallel payment rail that supports cryptocurrencies or assets or they actually have any traditional payment rails as well so you know there you guys go interestingly enough you know they go on to say that the development of Korda settler and its support for X RP as the first settlement mechanism is an important step in showing how the powerful ecosystem is cultivated by two of the world's most influential crypto a blockchain communities can work together so you know there you guys go more News we also have bye Nance that listed Republic protocol at the same time we also have the update for the dark node rollout and as you can see with a 39 percent increase people are certainly excited about this now do you guys remember if you saw the episode the other day where we had the sheep that were on you could feed well check this one out look at this look how quick this guy pays in nano boombots sent and received so this is just another example of using nano now in this case they used it to get beer out of a tap okay but it's just another good use case to show you you know how fast some of these crypto currencies are you know nano extremely fast so that's just a great example of that right there now guys you know I love ERC standards all these different things collectibles on the blockchain well this one's a little different so this actually comes out of Khyber Network and this is ERC 1257 so without going and going into crazy amounts of detail they say that one of the biggest problems is difficulty in tracking payments made by smart contracts which unfortunately hinders the adoption of decentralized token payments so for an e rc 1257 they are proposing a proof of payment standard to record payments made by both humans and smart contracts the first implementation recently went live on the main net if you guys want to read more of the technicals you can obviously scroll down here but the cool thing is they have a widget that you can use and their widget will interact with the payment contract so whenever an entity makes a payment via the widget an event log is emitted by the payment contract which can then be used to track the payment hence companies who have integrated the widget should find it much easier to monitor and process payments now moving on I wanted to talk about this exchange so L X DX I've been keeping my eye on this one and this was actually co-founded by former SpaceX engineer Joshua Greenwald so they say that it's going to become the first exchange to issue stock through a security token offering allowing investors to purchase cryptocurrency tokens that represent ownership so in LX DX's case the tokens will represent direct ownership of the exchange also you'll have rights to a dividend so they're gonna issue 5 million tokens which will collectively represent 10% sharing ownership and you know you will be given you know the dividends of these changes quarterly adjusted gross revenue so there you guys go so this is just bringing crypto even closer to the real world you know now let's talk about exchanges guys so a recent study has found that pump and dump schemes account for about seven million dollars worth of trading volume per month yeah it's crypto does anybody surprised about this news I mean yeah anyway moving on so we have coin base they have a 17 person team that's currently exploring decentralized AI solutions now we have a lot of these solutions currently right now I'm not really like jumping for joy over this but I will monitor this and now I'll be interested to see how this rolls out over the course of the next year so that's just something to kind of take away but here's some pretty cool news so there was this company that actually came out in 2014 and they were called hungry DK and they used to offer Bitcoin payments but due to the really slow Network and ohai fees for that forget about those those crazy fees that we had when Bitcoin was super super sluggish back at the you know when we were having the all-time high with volume so they decided to discontinue it but essentially they've rolled it back out again so now people in Hungary can now order at over 1,500 different restaurants using bitcoins so that's pretty freakin awesome guys and some other good news Australia's first and fully accredited blockchain course is officially here developed by Australian Institute blockchain collective and titled the Advanced Diploma of applied blockchain the course comes with eight modules including six core modules and two electives but nobody cares about the space right it's totally dead just throw in the towel right anyway I just had to be a little sarcastic there because what I think is kind of funny is looking at these news articles now I like to pull ones just from like traditional news outlets just for fun and here's an example of Wells Fargo says a computer glitch is partly to blame for an error affecting an estimated 545 customers who lost their homes the giant Bank filed papers with the SEC last month revealing it incorrectly denied 870 loan modifications about 60% of those homeowners went into foreclosure and this is a centralized system guys and this is this is exactly why you know you just I feel like you talked to you're blue in the face but this is why we need to change the way that the current system is run but I digress guys you know what let's just talk about more price predictions because they're fun so mark Jesco believes that crypto currencies will 20x in the next decade and if that doesn't make you guys happy we now have – ducks so yes guys this you've seen a lot of these pop up apparently you can feed sheep you can feed goats you can feed ducks so apparently you send them some – and then the Ducks get fed you can also send them twitch bits as well since this is on tich a twitch duck is really close to the camera right now okay alright anyway guys so that being said that's it for the day I also want to let you guys know that um in case you weren't aware the second issue of the blockchain brief has come out now this is the second issue of the rebranded blockchain brief the blockchain brief has been around for quite some time but this is like the revamped we've kind of made it more of a fun magazine you know it used to be more of like you know Paul like looking at you know research and stuff like that so now it's just more of like a fun place guys also we're doing a giveaway for a cold long Pro wallet I think they're like six hundred and sixty bucks a pop so if you guys want we're giving away two of those in this issue's magazine and also if you guys are like unsure about it you know it's $5 a month but like I get it guys you know I get it so we do giveaway the first half of well it's like the first third of the magazine totally free if you guys want to just read through kind of see how you feel about it this is my article right here actually on trading and volume volume supply and stuff so if you guys want you can come down here and yeah basically guys for those of you who don't know it's really just a fun magazine it's not like designed to like chill or push any really thing of any sort it's actually quite good for beginners you know we go into fundamentals of the space there's some basic TA in there and stuff these are the founders obviously these are the guys that do the research you know crypto LARC myself crypto candor has shoushi crypto 99 crit captain crypto from altcoin buzz Kevin from Bitcoin for beginners alex saunders jesse cause he's he's a writer and also michael from the crypto basic podcast as well and we also feature random people every so often so that being said guys if you guys want that is available but you don't have to do anything you don't have to purchase a freaking newsletter you just have to stop by say hello that's enough from me guys obviously I love you everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting you guys mean the world to me seriously you're freaking awesome you rock thank you so much again and yeah that being said I hope you guys enjoy um this last day until the weekend and I will be seeing you very shortly also tonight I have a video coming out with PT YX we're talking about the Komodo ecosystem we're talking about the sapling update also crypto conditions and some other pretty exciting stuff as well if you guys are you know comodo or fans are into Komodo you might be pretty interested in that update so that's it guys that's it for me I'm out my name is K dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto have a freaking awesome day and peace out

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