Is $25k BTC Still Possible? Blockchain Voting Doesn’t Work? Crypto on Shark Tank ?

sending money in spice can take literally largest cross planets payments in intimate and graph interlacing Einstein's theory of relativity before astronauts or anyone else traveling in space space the next place to be what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so hope everyone had a great weekend it's Monday back on the grind if we have a look at what's going on we're seeing some red across the board nothing too major we're only at 209 billion overall market cap we do have tether up though tether 99 cents we're almost back to a dollar if we have a look at the biggest gainers of the day we have Raven coin up another impressive 50% on the day which makes it up almost 200% just in the past week my crypto comm they had some news that came out we'll get to that veritasium not too sure based attention there's been a lot of speculation about coinbase plus people are starting to get excited about different ways to advertise online Nexo as well doing very well wax pontiac salt made safe aetherium classic and Tasos all up as well now as far as raven coin you can see right here it's up 200% in just the week alone 300% in this month obviously CZ announced it some people hadn't heard about it we actually covered raven coin on the channel back in april actually recommended it on a top on a top by list but at the time I was more focused on the fact that it was a you know ASIC resistant fare you know we were kind of more focused on the mining aspects of it because remember it didn't have an ICO but now it seems like a lot of people are getting super excited about it but the one thing that is pretty interesting is it says right here that Raven coin is nothing new but a Bitcoin fork created in January which aims to revolutionize the way assets are exchanged according to the Raven coin white paper the coin is asic resistance and the platform will create a full asset aware protocol level system allowing users to issue assets similar to aetherium ERC 20 tokens it says while the idea is not new the Raven coin team seems to have a new approach towards the token based blockchain according to their white paper assets created on the Raven protocol have several manages they are easier to use tightly integrated with a native coin and secured with fair proof-of-work mining and open-source code not run by a centralized organization so what seems a combination of both that plus the by Nance listing has a lot of people excited today but of course we're most excited clearly for Bitcoin air guys come on Bitcoin air the lightweight transparent extremely fast this is air so if you want to get some Bitcoin air or X ap you're gonna need to either hold Bitcoin or hold peercoin because it looks like Bitcoin air is going to be a merged fork between peercoin and bitcoins so get you a Bitcoin or your Bitcoin air anyway just I'm half kidding but seriously I mean if you're holding Bitcoin it's a free air drop you know what I mean so anyway if we look at what's going on we find ourselves in the same little wedge that we've been in nothing too exciting on the charts going on now let's talk about Tom Lee so we had spoke about Heidi from crypto tips she did the interview with Tom Lee from fun strat last week it was a really good interview like I said I was interested in his comparison between speculation and traditional markets versus speculation in crypto and even though crypto tends to kind of get a bad rap for being overly speculative space it actually turns out that more people are using crypto you know for daily transactions versus speculation then people using gold for example right like people aren't actually using gold they're just kind of speculating on it so okay anyway so he says that he still thinks that we could have a $25,000 Bitcoin again because he says that people are simply too bearish he says what happens is people get bearish because it makes sense you know the market conditions have been terrible and we are under our 200-day moving average however he says that they just published a report that pointed out to their clients that when Bitcoin is under the 200-day it only goes up 50% of the time in the next six months but when it's above the 200-day it is up 80% of the time in the next six months so the trend implied by the 20-day is obviously very important so I just wanted to kind of bring that up now he also points out right here that according to research by the end of the year the break-even cost of mining one Bitcoin will rise to between 8,000 and 9,000 it's a little lower right now so he says while this could be grounds for Bitcoin to rise slightly the new york-based analyst added that Bitcoin often trades at over two times its break-even hence his bullish prediction of 20,000 plus for Bitcoin now getting off of price predictions did you guys see shark tank last night my dad literally called me because he you know anytime they talk about crypto or he hears about like fidelity or backed or something he always like text me and gives me a call like I just see they're talking about crypto you know like that's how we like bond and stuff so anyway he texted me last night and he's you know texting me frantically to check this out so I go there and I'm washing and so it's this guy and he's doing this thing bundle essentially bundle was like it's like keep the change like what they have for Bank of America so you swipe your card if you pay for something at six dollars and fifty cents they rounded up to seven dollars and then they invest that 50 cents into the crypto of your choice he ended up basically taking a deal for $100,000 for 50% of the company mr. wonderful got in on that deal but a lot of the other sharks they ended up passing on it actually Laurie said I'm still on the fence on the crypto fence so I'm out right and you have you have digital lauren saying wait actually somebody down here made a good point to hardware wallets cuz they were talking about you can't sell crypto on QVC but you could sell hardware wallets but anyway the point being is that yeah okay so you might still be on the fence about it but here's something to take note right so you have eight hundred and eighty eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight eath roughly 183 million dollars was transferred to an unknown by Nance wallet now I'm not here for the conspiracy I'm actually here to point out that 183 million dollars was moved with a fee of roughly six cents roughly six cents to move 183 million dollars so where can you do that anywhere else in the world and I also wanted to say hey you know why trust nerd money versus central bank money nerds brought you the internet banks brought you the great depression thank you Andreas thank you now one of the other things I wanted to point out was there are becoming a lot of alternative to what we've been using traditionally you know we're seeing a lot of people get sick of Facebook a lot of people get sick of these centralized databases hacking your stuff or you know getting hacked people are taking your information they're selling your information for money so look at all these different alternatives that we have just here just to give you a few examples I mean yeah people really aren't using them yet but they're they're you know we just have to get that Network adoption you know you have D two bit Tube flick so Twitter you have PIPA for Facebook you have mines what's actually I'm actually wanted to hit the guys up at mines and do a little bit of an interview with them because I am interested in these alternatives to social platforms you also have pre search instead of Google brave browser instead of Chrome steam instead of medium for twitch we have D live Cora musing Skype expert II okay so like here's the list you just go down here what's app status okay Google Play yeah but ever a PD instead of Wikipedia so there's all those options as well now here's something I wanted to move on really strange though this is a little bit of a segue so you know I'm like really big on blockchain voting that's something that I think is a great thing for blockchain right voting on the blockchain it's immutable it's whatever so now they're saying that they're not too sure so you have these three researchers from the initiative for cryptocurrencies and contracts or you just call it the IC three they're questioning whether as some proponents claim that blockchain tech will be able to change the internet voting sector for the better so in an article published by Business Insider they argue that while blockchain technology might serve to revolutionize other industries internet voting might be a sector that doesn't benefit from the technology at all and could potentially even be harmed by it now these are not my words I'm just reading an article I actually I've been a proponent for blockchain voting I mean horizon state and all these other guys right poll clear poll but this is what they say while voting for a smartphone from a smartphone seems like a logical technological development many cybersecurity experts have pointed out that it's much more complicated than one might believe while the convenience of online voting might lead to more participation many in the cyber space would come to the same conclusion Ron Rivest a professor at MIT and board member of verified voting so he said voting is too important to put online blockchain technology is known to be extremely secure but the researchers point out that this doesn't mean that most hardware and software are not themselves vulnerable this is a good point this is a side kind of a situation that I had with the Oracles as well kind of like with what chain link is doing you know what happens if the data coming in is corrupted right I mean the blockchain is gonna be like well this is what we received right stamp it on send it off in the block right but what if that data is corrupt that's something to think about so they say the fact that blockchain is so secure might actually work against it while it might sound counterintuitive consider this just because the blockchain is secure that certainly doesn't mean that the computing device used to vote in the election is hack proof it is a phone if a phone is infected with malware that switches your vote at the last minute the blockchain will record the vote safely but it will obviously not be the right vote as a result the entire election could be compromised in this manner so there's also the possibility of vote-buying but I mean that's kind of pushing it I mean you could buy votes in the real world too I mean you know they say right here some people have been persuaded to buy votes for less than a cup of coffee because some people just don't really care and they'll just do whatever so interesting article let me know I'll drop this in the description please let me know how you feel about this I I see where they're coming from and I think this is where it's gonna become that trusted hardware solution I think that hardware is going to be very important in crypto that's why I'm a proponent of these guys like high-performance blockchain or even what they're doing with Pontiacs and having their own you know point of sale I mean if they can get their devices secure I mean that's one of the reasons why people could dishonor and whatever listen the thing is is the reason why Apple products tend to work so seamlessly is because you have the hardware and the software both working together in unison you know whereas when you know with Windows you basically are just download you know downloading it onto a hardware device you know and there's always those little issues together so let me know about that definitely caught my attention now let's get on to coin news cuz we got places to be it's Monday so Manero fees have fallen to almost zero after the bulletproof upgrades so according to data published by bit info charts average Manero fees fell from roughly 54 cents to about 2 cents per transaction so that's a 96% drop and then it says alongside bullet proves the hard floor contain other features intended to improve privacy on the platform as well as new code to deter manufacturers from building specialized mining hardware for Manero now here is the news that we had from crypto calm why I think that you know MC au visa card came out so that's probably why that they were up today so basically these came out in Singapore everyone's getting really excited about it essentially you can buy sell store send and track crypto and it allows users to spend fiat currency that's converted from cryptocurrency without currency exchange fees so essentially you're really just converting you're not really actually p2p using it but hey it's a step you know now I know we're just excited for the rest of us you know I'm sure the EU is excited and I finally doubt the US will ever see the damn card but if it ever does I'm pumped for it as well although I'm sure if the US does they probably won't allow it in New York because New York just I don't know what it is with New York but anyway if you're in New York you feel the pain you feel the crypto pain now let's also talk about particle they had an update 0.1 7.0 0.2 I'm not gonna go into it long story short it fixes issues with your ledger on Mac OS Mac OS so you know long story short if you had issues you're not gonna have them anymore we also have web 3 foundation and chain link announcing a partnership into polkadots technology roadmap and it recommends that the team in the web 3.0 ecosystem will leverage chain links oracle system for smart contracts so for its part chain link plans to create an implementation for the polka dot project making a large amount of off chain data feeds various api's and traditional payment services available to all contracts on the polka dot network so i actually was just talking about Oracle's related to data you know blockchain voting but here is this something from them they say Oracle's are article component of the web 3.0 ecosystem so this is the director from w3f he says enabling a new wave of exciting decentralized applications that require access to real world data on the blockchain chain-linked is building open standards and solutions for Oracle's and we are excited to align our roadmaps to make it easy to leverage Oracle's on the polka-dot network over the long term we intend to drive the development of an Oracle Pera chain together with the chain link team and the one thing that I actually like that chain link is doing is I was very concerned about the data they were gonna be receiving from these Oracle's but it looks like they're gonna be pulling it from multiple data sources so that way if one of the sources has like you know corrupt data you know they don't have just this one kind of bottleneck sale point right so they're sort of gonna like take all the data aggregated put it together and then be able to come up with you know the data that they're gonna send through the Oracles so yeah have a look at chain link if you guys don't know what it is it's definitely pretty cool project moving on let's talk about neo it's been a while I mean we don't talk actually we do talk about neo we used to talk about neo a lot more but I'm pretty excited I know most people are excited about this one of the biggest things that people constantly complain about is neo being too centralized so now they say that one of the largest telecom service providers in the Netherlands kpn has have been officially voted in as a neo lean net consensus node so there you go just one more step on the road to decentralization from the neo smart economy speaking of economies let's talk about the new economy movement nem so they have recently signed an MoU with the UAE Ministry of Community Development or MOC D so the cooperation pact enables nem to offer consultation services to the MOC D on their future blockchain projects the agreement also allows them to share valuable information on its blockchain research and develop on various applications that could be integrated into UAE s information technology systems the UAE aims to be fully digital government by 2019 so in a couple months anyway so mem foundation is also launching new blockchain hubs in Melbourne and Vietnam to expand its research and development operations the foundation has also reached an agreement with a Las Vegas Strip called kind heaven to become their blockchain partner very very interesting not and yeah they're up 10% on the day so there you go but let's talk about some adoption and get on out of here so we have the largest port in Europe the port of rotterdam has partnered with major dutch bank ABN AMRO and the IT subsidiary of samsung to test blockchain for shipping so according to Samsung SDS the IT and tech division created by Samsung the trial will focus on shipping containers from an unnamed Factory in Asia to the Port of Rotterdam so as per the Port of Rotterdam Authority CFO Paul Schmitt the logistics and shipping from China to Rotterdam with current infrastructure involves at least 28 parties the members of blockchain trial expect that the technology could help reduce time spent on shipment and simply of simplify financial transactions the transportation monitoring and financing of freight and services should be just as easy as ordering a book online so there you go guys that is more adoption and honestly on the bright side hey you know I don't even know how to segue into this honestly but yeah I mean look at this person right here so they just spent three thousand two hundred dollars on Mega Millions which is basically everything that they had in their bank account so I don't really even know why I'm bringing this up I just think it's crazy I actually bought some tickets myself I ended up winning twenty dollars so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon but it kind of just made me laugh because like yeah people say like you know you invest in crypto and it's speculative and you're throwing your money away but like you're almost like guaranteed not to basically win the lotto so I don't know anyway if that didn't make you happy guys check it out I found a doge coin race car of some sort so yeah there you go anyway that being said guys I want to say thank you so much for coming back to my channel it's Monday we're still here we're back on the grind we're doing our thing you guys are awesome thank you so much for everybody that keeps liking subscribing commenting supporting you guys are really freaking awesome it's just an honor and a pleasure to be here with you every single day that being said my name's k-dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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  2. The election organisation could send to each address a confirmation e-mail to confirm the reception of the vote and to which party it went. It could ask for you to confirm this vote by replying to the e-mail. If there was a scam, you would know right away and deal with the situation.

  3. I really hate that he put on that list. It is impossible for new users to sign up to because it produces an error message that there is no way to get around. Somebody needs to come up with a new Facebook replacement, so we can have a list of decentralized replacements that makes sense again.

  4. The shark tank episode is old—- they have an app that invests your spare change.. (Crumbs App) it’s amazing AF

  5. If concern with voting is mainly with hardware being malicious last second before the vote and after that the vote is immutable on blockchain, one of the ways may be to decentralize the vote meaning that let's say a person has a voting window of 5 days where he has to vote for the same person all five times and therefore if malicious actor is involved and at least 1 point of 5 fails then vote is not blockchained. Just a quick thought. Many ways to leverage the tech for sure

  6. i understand you , "BUT" the normal "PEOPLE" who just want to invest in
    something that is easy, and you don't need a lot of money too do so,,,
    if you can come up with a simple programed that could get the avenge
    persons involved …. there are a lot of people that can not open a bank
    account, too buy cryptocurrency.(that's in the USA). how in the hell is
    this any different from a bank, when i still need a bank account to
    buy BITCOIN!??????????????????? HOW can i take my cash or my gold and
    buy bitcoin ?

  7. Instagram alternative I’ve been using is Belacam. Made some money on it and with mobile apps coming soon, I can see more and more people joining. Plus the main investor is founder of Forex – more reasons to get excited 🙂

  8. Great news regarding and cards shipping to Singapore. The platform and it's features and the MCO token utility is full of value. Don't worry the cards will get to the USA !

  9. K Dub nice video, I must admit i find myself trolling a bit, but i cant see mass adoption really taking hold until we stop talking about private keys, hardware wallets, verification systems etc.. thats what the average person is intimidated and sceptical of. I'm sure it's being worked on, it needs to be as easy as paywave or swipe and go, the first case of this technology im all in. good job bud

  10. lol blockchain voting is terrible for the powers that be , its harder to corrupt , than DIEBOLT VOTING MACHINES , WHICH TAKE LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR TO HACK .

  11. Cryptozombie it's Cruz. Verus is your jewel.
    Solved Nothing @ Stake problem–yeah that's correct…

  12. Blockchain voting is a great concept. If the current system was all fine then this idea would never have come to fruition. There can be plenty of manipulation using the current systems that's why blockchain is a great answer.

  13. Kdub.. voting on the blockchain can absolutely be secure. Elastos protects software and hardware from any kind of malicious activity. If something like this was developed and used the elastos run time it would work

  14. I read the article criticizing blockchain voting and really wasn't convinced. Buying votes is as easy "online" as offline, and hardware hacks, while also possible offline with voting machines, are sort of a moot point given the audibility of blockchain. The argument that even that auditability is prone to hack is moot as you can always go to a secure website to check the status of your vote. Basically, there are somewhat easy workarounds to their criticisms. The argument seems to be based more on latent technophobia than actual logic or reason.

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