IronBelly: Mobile Wallet for Grin

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto! I’m your host, Chronos, and today I’m excited
to talk about the launch of a new mobile wallet for Grin. Grin is a relatively new cryptocurrency — it
came out in the beginning of 2019, and I really like it for a couple reasons. The biggest is probably its scalable privacy,
built directly to the blockchain’s protocol. Anyway, the new wallet is called IronBelly,
and it is just now released for iOS, with an Android launch coming just around the corner
as well. So what’s so cool about this new wallet? In a word, security. The official Grin wallet for desktop is written
in a programming language called Rust, which is great for building secure, bug-free code. Now, IronBelly is the first mobile wallet
that actually runs that same wallet code inside it. That’s right: Grin’s official Rust code is
actually compiled and run natively on the mobile device! That’s pretty cool. Another nice thing about this open source
wallet is that it’s financially backed by Binance Labs, a venture arm of the massive
cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. They posted a great interview with its author
that you might want to check out — I’ve put a link in the video description. But enough talk! Go check out the wallet for yourself. It’s available today on the iOS app store,
and coming soon for Android. I’m Chronos. Thanks for watching!

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  2. Check out the Binance Labs interview with IronBelly founder Ivan Sorokin:

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