IRAQ CABINET HOLD UP – Maliki & Sons Bribery | JP Morgan Launches Cryptocurrency 2019

many foreign currency investors got involved in investing in currency because of a rate and a date you all know what I'm talking about still some individuals keep asking for a rate on a daily basis without asking show me proof of these screens and yet you still keep asking gurus on a day-to-day basis on a scale of one to ten ten being probable do you think it's gonna happen this weekend you know who I'm talking about people it's not about the date and rate you should all know that by now hey welcome to GCI youtube channel thanks for being here today happy Valentine's Day everybody much love going out to all of you thank you so much for pushing me over the eight thousand mark subscribers that really says a lot to me that there's people that have trusted me enjoy and get some value out of these videos when one way or another I can't please everybody but it just shows me that there's people out there that want to take in this information so I thank you and I feel obligated to keep bringing you great content and I hope I can continue to do that in the near future so if you're new to this channel for the first time you have not yet subscribed and you like to after this video please I encourage you to do so right here at this red button and then click on this Bell to get notifications of my future uploads first I like to drink some green tea with a little honey good let's start this off headline breaking news JPMorgan offering first crypto currency backed by US Bank this is pretty breaking news in the crypto currency space and if that doesn't tell you anything about crypto currency and where things are headed then you might want to start just kind of in you know investing in yourself about this and gain more knowledge in this space even if it's just read an article here or there or you know setting up a a crypto currency exchange wallet like coin base and I have a link down in the description below how you can get started and doing that and how you can receive ten dollars a free Bitcoin it's all down there below my referral link but this is big news JP Morgan will offer this first u.s. bank back crypto currency dubbed the JP em coin to help facilitate its large global transaction as part as a wholesale payments business with more than six trillion the bank moves around the world the coin will help settle payments between clients instantaneously trials are starting to begin in a few months you know what this this is great news is it's really good news I know Dow future is higher Congress scrambles to avoid shutdown and then the next is JPMorgan rolls out cryptocurrency so again it's part of the the top headlines of today here is New York Times or New York slime JPMorgan has its own cryptocurrency the new digital coin will enter testing in a few months this is one this will be one of the world's first real world crypto applications for banking this biggest move in the sector yet by American lender on this channel I like to just briefly talk about 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my referral link is down below if you want to check it out you can get signed up for free today I went with the premium because allows me to sync to other laptops in my home and download the app onto my mobile device because it's a mobile world and I hate being stuck out on the town I don't have access to my bank account because I don't remember my password iraq delay in finalizing cabinet is harming Iraqis head of the UN mission to Iraq ginge inane briefs the Security Council in New York on February 13 2009 she's saying this is a great concern in this damaging the Iraqi people and I would have to agree I think most of you would agree comment below what you think there's a letter that I'm gonna kind of briefly summarize here in a second she is just throwing it out that things need to get done and here we have Iraq Parliament has taken a recess until the middle of March we know that for a fact they're not anything done there's four cabinet seats open she says this is a sign that after the military defeat of Isis Iraq is not priority now so let me move over to the letter that she wrote so here's the briefing from Janine plash shirt if that's how you pronounce her name sorry if it's wrong was delivered and you could download this I'll put this link down in the descriptions below mr. president the government of Iraq remains incomplete for ministerial positions are still vacant with three of them interior defense and justice being subject to fierce disagreements between political parties and among political bloc's within this context multiple parliamentary sessions have been adjourned interrupted or boycotted and as a result the implementation of this government program has made little headway as we speak to Iraqi parliament is in one month recess it will only can reconvene early March of this month long government formation processes are not new nor unique to Iraq however in their Iraq context there is a real urgency to complete the process without delay to focus on rebuild in the country after years of conflict therefore I'd like to call upon the political actors once again to overcome political infighting and to demonstrate that political compromise can prevail in a greater interest of Iraqi people and in doing so I would also like to remind them that there are excellent and experienced Iraqi women well qualified to perform the job she does mention about equality about women's rights down below I thought this was a really articulate letter to the Parliament and to the president ultimately the people are Iraq are bearing the brunt of the political stalemate when I was reading this paragraph he reminded me of what's going on with the u.s. shutdown it's almost like they're modeling what them u.s. does as if it was cool as if they are at that level and they're not what's important is that they don't go into recess and go on vacation when they have an of government that's unseated and she goes and she talks about in this letter of what's not completed yet like the reconstruction and and different programs that need help within the budget at this time when the Iraqi city lie on strong democratic governments in the viable state institutions so yes it is high time for Iraqi leaders to shift focus from factional politics and to invest efforts in addressing the immediate needs of the Iraqi citizens as further delays could give space to significant repercussions on the stability of the country she talks about the welcoming the steps into the government to address corruption within the last month Prime Minister chair spoke about corruption and aims to unifying efforts to combat corruption so she gives them props about that and the fight against corruption will not be easy one she says she talks about the relationship between Baghdad and Irbil and how there's be speedy implementation and agreements to both sides about the completion of the 2019 budget salaries that are going to the Kurdistan region and also to overcome their differences she says mr. president's security remains a concern although terrorist activities activities have decreased during the past month attacks have been carried out against both civilians and the Iraqi security forces despite military defeat with Isis continues to pose a security threat to Iraq and regions another concern relates to armed groups operating outside the state control and also expanding their control of economic and social control and Iraqi daily life regardless of their affiliation the government needs to take quick measures to reform its security sector and acts act resolutely against these groups and their activities so we have security issues since the quoit international conference for reconstruction of Iraq almost a year ago Iraq recovery and resilience program has been rolled out the program is national in its coverage and it has two year budget of 1 billion dollars resources mobilization efforts are ongoing with over 300 million pledged so far for these projects and would like to encourage other donors to contribute so I don't know if she's saying hey where we going with this we still you still need to be promoting this project and getting more donors involved because you're not doing it right now and then she turns her attention to missing Kuwaiti property including the National Archives she says even though that thank you very much you guys were able to find some Kuwaiti property and return it back to the Kuwaiti s there's still some investigation in some other missing Arctic facts that belongs to Kuwait so get on top of that and get that back to them I encouraged Iraqi governments to continue to search for the still missing National Archives in conclusion I would like to underline the atmosphere and despair during the period of Isis occupation has given some way to hope optimism for the future of Iraq however one cannot shy away from the fact that the road to well-deserved long-term stability in Iraq will be far from easy so Janine here has a wonderful letter to the president saying there's still a lot of work to be done and you guys are off taking recess and your Parliament isn't even seated so you don't have a full functioning government yet okay here's an article about Maliki and his son and son walls have dealt with a company that played a role in bribes to win u.s. security contracts so they bribed to win security-conscious contracts according to the investigation reported published Thursday February 14 the US Justice Department is investigating the US military contracting firm say Laporte Global Services to make sure that it has played a role it has played a role in bribing Iraqi officials in return for winning extraordinary contracts but the even FBI officials may not really understand the depth of corruption expected it's just a shady article III really don't think we understand depths of this corruption within Iraq I really think more is to come I do believe that Iraq man they're on the right path things are shaping up is progressing I just think that as an investor you have to have some ground to stand on you have to be grounded understand that a date and a rate isn't what's gonna make this I do believe in the dinar investment personally I do believe I just think when it comes time what is actually their international you can see arrayed on the Forex that is when I will begin to play the game to the exchange it's not win or if it's it's what's gonna happen when the exchange does take place honestly I think that's gonna be the aha moment it wasn't the build-up and everything before it was actually during the exchange process and if we get treated fairly that's what I'm more concerned about that's why I always say invest in yourself you know by reading books listen to audio tapes learning about how to be wealthy getting planes like your Security Act – laying in place for online security or other ways to invest safe ways to invest your money in understanding getting an IRA set up an Roth IRA if you don't already have one understand that stuff now so you're smarter when this does take place you'll know kind of how to do the basics to take care of yourself you know and you'll have your experts and the wealth managers that can handle those other things for you but be knowledgeable as goes what's gonna really take you further through this investment process so that's what I encourage all of my viewers to do last statement here says the US government has given Maliki money to help him build a real shadow no doubt about it us put him there this is what happened got to own up to it now we got to clean up some the mess thanks everyone for subscribing being on this video today I hope it wasn't too long I'll try to keep him short next time please stay tuned for the next video but until then invest in yourself and happiness is the best ROI hey I would like to share something with you and if you've been following my youtube channel you know that I like to recommend other products 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  1. Iโ€™d love to see these guys pay for their crimes. May the face a firing squad or the hangman.

  2. RV is just what it is BS crap people who seems to have very good economic knowledge have been so wrong about the direction iraq is going just when every body thinks their going right they go left. I have so much currency so rats can make nest iraq moves by their own ajenda two months vacation and we will reconvene when ever we dont have a set date just when ever

  3. I had crypto coin and it was stolen from me. I put big money into it. People stold it and disappeared. No one could give me any answers about it either.

  4. This will be based on the economy of Iraq. Several delete the zeros articles have stated such. So when Iraq feels an increase is needed to jump start the economy or the economy can support the value of an increase then and only then the CBI will do something with the dinar. This has nothing to do with the Dong, Zim, or any other currencies. No such thing as a GCR. This about Iraq and Iraq only. How long have you been told the rates are on a back screen. Or how about the 1800#s. Or the lowers notes are in the ATM machines. None of it came to past. Time to stop listening to guru BS.

  5. 15:30 let's hope it happens within our lifetimes.
    Cant explore Europe or Japan till after rv. So I continue to wait. ๐Ÿ™

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