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and we are live good morning crypto warriors and welcome back to the Geminid crypto episode 331 today is Monday January 28th and I'm King and I'm bitcoins day and we're here to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency in the community Monday through Friday at tennis at right-back we're actually uh so is the Tanners day we're actually trying to get going gonna Instagram live but we're having some issues with that so that's gonna be canceled out for today more than likely but until then do we have any cryptic coin winners from last week none from last week but in another congratulations to Ryan Cooper and ablenet tech for winning the cryptic coin lottery so shut up absolutely out out to both of you and thanks for participating this is going to be done another day cuz now working alright on the news today line news day good day we're gonna be talking about Iran hoping just circumvent US sanctions again chain analysis they've had a new report come out with some of the hacking groups out there or lack thereof we'll be talking about of course by NASA's BitTorrent token seal it looks like I had a really good token sale recently over the last few days New York Stock Exchange is back in the news as a partner we blocked stream we'll also be talking about social media platform kick and how they hope to challenge the government and last but not least we'll have a very special Twitter moment as well as more Bitcoin history has been made absolutely once we actually have like a real show other producers it'll be like cutaways saying it's a music dude and now your top story of the day Oh weatherman and everything right Iran soon some Vale cryptocurrency would aim to skirt us and Swift oh yeah well I'm not gonna clap to I don't want the boys knocking in that door right now I don't like I said I'm gonna do what I ran that's their enemies Iran could in Vail is state back cryptocurrency has electronic banking and payment systems conference in Tehran this week local english-language news outlet Al Jazeera reported on January 27th Iran which faced fresh sanctions from the US since November had previously planned to use blockchain based financial tools as a way of sidestepping restrictions on his economic growth so look like they're planning on moving forward with this oh yeah and we've already discussed CBBC's central back digital currencies and we've I mean we we've already discussed what's gonna happen we've seen in Venezuela was going on we've seen now and Iran that if you if you sanction the country they're gonna do it they have to do this is becoming more and more of a reality and this has more implications than just the crypto market the world stage is watching right now if there is any any you know possibility of war or something going on it's gonna have a little bit to do with cryptocurrency or CBD sees at least a little bit so that's why we bring this up with Iran it says here from a quote Rashidi added even as CVD sees may never find widespread everyday use among the general public they may be able to offer some new features to startups and developers they had to work with central centralized bank api's before them so like we've always said even if crypto doesn't change the world completely it'll at least change the financial institution so Iran you know they got to do what they got to do they're supposedly enemy of the US I don't know anybody from Iran having problems with him but for its far I'm a crypto standpoint terrorism yeah but terrorism so you know how that goes you're living in case it's all about money I know everybody isn't but yeah yeah it's all about money it's all about the dollar yes so this Instagram thing isn't working is boom all right that's good it's gonna get a sideways picture FBI all right I wanna give some quick shoutouts to gain my peep good morning Shannon owl and Antonio Tony nollie Tommy brown Dylan Kevin Leroy KH crypto blood what's going on the bus in the building what's going on crypto Q yes it's pretty interesting to see this again we've been talking about this a lot it's not just with Iran we're gonna see it happen as well with Russia they're trying Spain's we've already seen it with Venezuela and a few other folks say they'll see BDC central bank digital currencies they're going to appear these countries aren't just playing around with them for nothing experimenting with them friend for nothing and again we keep talking about you know you can't tell someone they can't have money yeah I do understand that you know you can't restrict a person's find access to finances so what do you expect right but of course the government knows that they're they aren't stupid but now it's just one of those things well hey different countries and different organizations have a way to fight back whether right or wrong and I'm sure we all see the outcome of that here soon I mean I can assume as soon as they start using CBBC and as soon as a couple other countries get it begin using it sanctions I mean not sanctions Tommy bomb there's gonna be a bombings left and right I mean look at the agreement those between the chain the chain point block chain agreement is between Iran Russia and Armenia and they're all looking to replace Swift now I don't know who runs Swift exactly however I do know they are in cahoots with us nice an American company so for that guy though in somewhere some sort of shell company behind it so you know if they hey the US lawmakers say they will change in any form with the crypto rial you know country's gonna fight back so this could be the beginning of what we you know see the world changing into cvd SeaWorld CBBC's chain alysus this is something we've actually alluded to many times when we talk about the mock tide was a billion dollar billion dollar plus hacking industry now just for cryptocurrencies so I also say multi-billion dollar hacking industry across all industries but for cryptocurrency itself is definitely a billion plus billion dollar industry one things we kept saying was there's not that many different hacking groups out there capable of doing some of these so we kind of figured it wasn't a lot of course that was just our perception of it looking at something that you know our own due diligence but looks like chain alice's actually came out as you see the title of this story to probably still active groups account for 1 billion dollars in crypto hacks so a report outlined by blockchain and atlantic analytics company chain alice's has revealed that too high groups have reportedly stolen 1 billion dollars in cryptocurrency The Wall Street Journal reports On January 28th according to the new report shared with The Wall Street Journal the two entities which chain alice's calls alpha and beta have received the majority of the money lost in cryptocurrency scams furthermore the Wall Street Journal cites Phillip gravel the chief economist at Chen Alice's as saying that the two organizations are probably still active now the thing I will say is you never know what the hacking groups it literally could be a group of smart nerds in there just hacking you know don't want to cause any real physical damage or so they perceive is it or it could be you know as you know a United States group of Russian group of North Korean group but my point is for chain analysis you know first I want to credit them for calling out these groups but I understand why they call them alpha and beta and I will almost be hesitant to tell them not to even mention these groups or where they're from by name because if this is an actual criminal organization with the billion dollars in hacks in their bill they will not be playing those games of calling names alright so I don't know oh you know it's pretty interesting that they're calling them out again they're not calling them by their name but there are pointing them out they're saying two groups are doing at least a billion dollars and again we don't know how big these groups are I could be a group again as the u.s. try to say Russia and they're hacking groups with the United States elections it could be a you know intelligence officers from actual countries military you know you have 50 plus 100 plus people over again it could be two groups of ten people who knows yeah and I mean the report they actually described each group alpha is described as a giant tightly control organization at least partly driven by non-monetary goals sounds like China and while beta is smaller and less organized heavily sanction organization heavily focused on the money sounds like Russia so I'm pretty sure the two groups that would be you know come up in these talks but we said before that these hacks could not be done by you know there's not thousands of people that know how to do this obviously looking at how they get this money how this money has been transferred I said has always been a couple small groups or one small group doing all the damage because is you have to be extremely smart to steal some of this crypto the way they've done between social engineering between you know fish and links and all the other aetherium scams that have gone around so it's very very very similar to the box that we see from Russia and China so I wouldn't be surprised but very hard to track right and you know another one actually when they talk about alpha even though it's a large group or a giant tightly control organization I almost thought of anonymous as will because this is you know it's kind of what I would say judge it depends on what they would they mean by giant – mmm giant could be again – it could be twenty people that's a giant giant it is a giant hacking group you get 20 hackers on the same page other countries right different times so especially when they said you know they weren't or this one say at least partly driven by non monetary goals and that's me that sounded like something like anonymous visitors like we just come here to tear stuff up improve points yeah and I mean the reason I said China is cuz they kind of want the money but they were more concerned with getting rid of us that was true as well and they only on cold days stick together for real so the report also notes that alpha converts about 75 percent of the funds within one month on average while beta cashes out 50 percent in just days after their self-imposed waiting period so again I kind of tells you about the hacking groups clearly the beta group I would say probably is not a part of a government or organization because they're cashing out so quick is clearly people who want their money okay I want my paper and ions the only reason they're probably only cashing out fifty percent in just days is because a lot of these hackers actually believe in crypto they don't want to cash it out they want to keep it in crypto so so I get you you say China because you know there 75% of funds take a month or so then you write they don't need the money they can sit on it yeah but yeah it's pretty interesting to see I mean hey let's not forget about another big group that could it might be some US hackers in there you know who knows but it goes deep what we do know is – two groups are responsible for a billion dollars of hacks and they don't retire right now this is personal yeah they're really trying to take take down the industry right get rid of people but yeah 1 billion take your chips get out the casino then you've got the crap out all right got way too much different your chip once you start going for like 10 Billy here's what's gonna start encrypting Sargent Christmas since a bunch of thirteen six year old kids near mom's basement well not anymore as a bunch of thirteen sixteen year old kids owning half of Miami at this point big getting that much money true I was going on came our K March – oh we saw that there's recently the Bank of England just stopped Benes whele from getting their own goal oh yeah we saw that happen it's pretty crazy but again all they're actually doing is providing another use case for them to have their own crypto oh yeah even though we know a sham with me is one of those things where again you can't stop people's access to money but apparently you can I'm gonna be honest I'm scared to death baby they just told him no it was right it was like not but but you take it out again that's the crazy thing like whether you grew it Madero nod or whatever like where does that line I stopped that doesn't want to take out their goat or their money go tell them no – mm-hmm this goes back to something we point out cysts are show starting when we talk about rather the store your money and Fiat gold and silver or crypto one of the things we always say about gold is for people who are diehard store your money in code or do that if something really bad happens you won't get that money back at all unless you have a small militia to go with that go you're buying because no one's going to give it back to you in times of emergency is not going down mmm so it's pretty interesting to see people still wholeheartedly believe with silver and gold again I believe in the concept of silver and go if you literally own your own coins but you know have a few hundred thousand and go store it somewhere if you got will Bharata Chris oh wait they really did d-boy what goals do have a wheelbarrow like you said what go you get the wheelbarrow or whatever we can will bear out see you next to her neighborhood shotgun I think why I need some of that you're just collecting it for the person with a big gun what gold silver looks like a bit option cuz but doing it I get that money I'm sorry all right next up by NASA's BitTorrent token sale sells out in minutes emit technical issues looks like it was a public sale of fifty nine point eight billion BitTorrent tokens worth seven point two million dollars so down in a matter of minutes owned by NASA's launch pad earlier today despite technical difficulties that frustrated some unit users what's going on with a story in that BitTorrent token oh yeah well they have to token sail on by Nets the BTT token which honestly I still don't even know why you really need it I still don't understand what BitTorrent is so big to people when we already have sharing sites I mean everywhere but it is a popular name and Tron CEO just a son is a very good marketer so of course he's in the news people talking about people to buy it but honestly I mean they sold out in minutes but seven million is kind of week I mean that's that's not really nothing to get started and overall this project we'll see what it does but to me it's a lot of hype and people are buying it for speculation reasons and to use it people are saying it'll be web 4.0 one day a maybe in twenty thirty or something but we're just now Krugman with I don't know at least another ten or fifteen technical standpoint technology just doesn't happen if web 2.0 is still being worked right so as I said we now even we have you really get all the way in at any point oh yeah so I mean they have their they have big dreams they have you know good marketing and they sold their they sold all their tokens in thirteen minutes so you know it's pretty pretty good for them as far as getting their name out there but as far as the actual product I don't see anybody really using BitTorrent and trying to access it really especially you got Kemp Kate item coming I mean you got a lot of social sites that are coming that would be better I think so and it's also one of those things uh you know where they were talking about web form point if you do believe in the project and you don't think the competition will come is stifle some of their projects moving for then it might be a 20-year investment for you but just know this is a long-term investment as far as the overall project of the token is so we see what happens with tokens hey all it takes is a good news story a fake partnership and next thing you know you're rolling some dough so you never know that in but as you said their lofty goal is a web 4.0 don't expect that to happen like literally anytime soon that's that's for your kids that kind of invest in so oh yeah let's go and shout out to everyone joining us on Instagram we're definitely gonna try to work on this we'll see what happens we've tried it before but yeah what's who happen yeah shout out to Kevin Jarvis if you have any money on the liqui exchange I just saw too much with it right before we got on their exchanges actually shutting down due to liquidity so you have some coins on there get them all fast or you know if you can't sorry but lik we exchanged face that cans hilarious they call the liquid exchange and they'd have no liquidity nice there we go New York New York NY SC operator partners with New York Stock Exchange I don't know why I couldn't think of it I say it twice new york stock exchange operator partners with block stream to launch crypto tracking tool for investors oh yeah Wow interesting partnership here tell us more about it oh yeah well block stream has proven that if you want data they are the best way to data from the Bitcoin market this is the best way they have satellites already launched they've launched I believe five satellites so far and the stream of information that comes from their satellites when people with notes from people who make transactions and as well as the price these their operation is the best NY IC could probably find in the Bitcoin community to get a very good you know volume of way to price market overview when they calculate accumulated volume all those things you do when you trade those are things that will be implemented on their website they already have it for a traditional market before the Bitcoin mark I think block stream is the best way to go so shout out to them it's not huge news but it is good it's bringing legitimacy to it it's basically saying yes we need this cryptocurrency data feed because it's not going anywhere I have not seen any data feeds added to NY I see that have been taken away at some point so that just goes to show you how a long-term they're thinking so shout out to the NYC hopefully back to come sometime something they take in favor so and you know it just clarify – because the tile psychic honestly is actually the IntercontinentalExchange I was partnered with them and of course the New York Stock Exchange is one of the markets that under one of the exchanges that operates under them so that it likes it has big news to bring mainstream into the phone when it comes to cryptocurrency yeah something we often talk about and again block stream is rolled I know some people have their thoughts about it whether they're with the government or you know against them whatever I mean you got a satellite in the sky you have done some government partnerships clearly but you know at this point we're finding I mean the mark is finding that middle ground where it meets the government where it meets the institutions and the traditional market and then where it meets the new markets and you have some of these new people Auto cryptocurrency coming into it so it's pretty cool to see oh yeah I wanna with social media platform kick promises to challenge proposed SEC enforcement against his ICO shout out the kid try hey hope Hey fight the power so tokenized social media startup kick has warned oh okay as more the United States regulators that they will fight back against proposed enforcement action against the company The Wall Street Journal report on January 20 said would you look at that I just want to shout out the Wall Street Journal right now for doing more cryptocurrency news than CCN calm yeah what happens yeah I'm calling on news networks today I thought your name was cryptocurrency news I have missing a lot of crypto news lately I see a lot of stuff about Trump I see Howard Schultz Dow futures whisk well I have not seen a lot of crouppen stories from CCN but washing Journal says no worries we're CCN is trying to pivot to the traditional market we will take the lead and refit it to the crypto market oh we love it I don't know what they want to do right but a canadian-based kick is facing a perspective enforcement action over an alleged securities infraction after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission judge is 2017 I co2 involved itself unregistered securities all right I am with kick on this this kind of goes back to the whole cracking thing work can with subpoena about 386 times last year just from the United States themselves we don't and again we know if you remember we played that clip from I think it was like the ABC or Nightline interview with Sammy the bull Gravano the the mafia hitman guy who basically said how the Mafia uses unions to stifle competition or just to completely get rid of me basically is like you just keep synonym things you keep the synonym you know there's regulatory checks paperwork and we saw the same thing happen when cracking well to me this is along the same lines um we know we face this type of issue where they're going back two or three years ago literally where there are no rules in the game and now saying will in 2017 your IC o—- is actually a security and what they're really telling kick is you guys made a hundred million you know the start reportedly raised about but the starter reportedly raised about a hundred million dollars in Ken tokens and what this infraction they're saying what it really saying is like we want your money you get you made 100 million we didn't see none of that you guys don't got no guns in the armory so now we're gonna need a little we're gonna need a load that's really what this is about and you know it shout out to kick CEO and founder Ted limousine who said no we're going to fight back this happened in 2017 there weren't any rules you guys weren't even looking at the ICL marking Ted about I would say by almost no about August October November of 2017 once they really realized the price of bitcoins exploded so I mean I wouldn't yeah and I mean anybody who challenged the sec from a regulatory standpoint good for you because as much pressure they put on companies they should put the pressure back on them to say hey right y'all have y'all's stuff together don't blend with our nuts whatever y'all come up with later cuz I mean the government is back and running for a couple weeks so I guess and you know they may be able to address this however you know long term if people keep fighting back going back is it like look man you're not gonna just take my ico money and tell me it's a security a couple years later good fight back I don't care if it's trash I mean they actually have a pretty good product but even if it's trash just for the sake of keeping it you know on the up-and-up because they can do that they can go back and do anything they can go back and take away transactions and take back money it's slippery slopes the barrier the transaction thing I mean perfect example yeah um what happens to people who sent more than $5,000 worth of crypto three years ago are those I mean are we gonna go as need be taxed at a 60% rate all of a sudden all this back money you owe is a slippery slope and I mean and not only that one thing we always talk about when it comes to this market is what happened to kicks ICO filled yeah what would happen if they in those little security for that and they launched the ICO they pay for the lawyers they pay for the technology to developers the marketing team you know let's say they put ten million dollars into it cuz it mean honest if you raises a hundred million dollars in the ICO it's a good chance they might have put about two to three million dollars at least into it so what happens they put two to three to four million dollars into this ICO and it was a failure not only did that fail but it it's solely kicks overall name in general and then that business bill what happens is all that dues the government give you money a bailout like you would the bank messed up reputation funds oh you're a startup who just failed goodbye and good luck right but because you may actually were successful you did well you did your job you made money you're trying to give back to those who invested or whatever you want to call it you know you're trying to do the right thing by as you say in your white paper now all of a sudden two years later oh well we didn't realize you made a hundred million dollars we're gonna need some of that money and what you did was actually an illegal practice and we're calling it a security now even though that hasn't officially been ruined in United States yet let's not forget this the sec is trying to assert his power this still hasn't been said that sec has you know car block when it comes to criminal because right now the CFTC keeps saying they have it yeah the NFA the National Futures Association keep saying they have it because they were telling people about a year and a half ago that you can still have retail investors those mom-and-pop investors basically has an ETF who else we have we got we heard about two or three different alphabet agencies in last couple been rough man so so many it's hard to keep just right there we have four competing United States agencies saying they hold the keys if you will to the cryptocurrency Kingdom here United States but we decided yet so again this is literally extortion yeah it's extortion yeah shout out to all the people that went to Davos to argue against some of these people because who was that thing Richard Middleton had a had a debate da Vinci had a debate I believe it was one one more they had a Bitcoin where's gold a Bitcoin first you know are you for or against the debate so these are ways that you can basically look these people in the face that run these organizations and say hey we're not going anywhere so if you're gonna try and regulate it you don't have to do something different because you can't really backtrack and take away what's already happening so right you got to fight back people like we said 2018 is it's time to choose sides 2019 is where you you know you basically go with what you did in 2018 stick with it well for those who saw our video lasha to our livestream where we got CI double-a and in Charlotte North Carolina what's the job fair they're you know speaking of some of the people in college at the time who might be interested in becoming developers not like a simple crypto company first-ever crypto company by the way yes we were interested in working with blockchain companies we were trying to introduce that there but while we had our booth though we had a booth and everything we saw a thing with FINRA right mmm we saw a couple of the FINRA regulators we didn't put them on camera but you could hear him we went live over there and we were basically asking them their opinion of why they think they should regulate cryptocurrency and literally the FINRA regulator who was talking to us all about regulating crypto had no idea what crypto was why they sure regulated who's making these I mean they literally didn't have any answers all they knew was it has something doing money and we should be able to regulate it that is literally all they knew about it here we go yeah now's a year ago so yeah it's 2018 that was a year again kick launches I see on 2017 so you understand these regulators don't even know they're talking about this is literally an extortion scheme because they can so oh yeah Gerald beloved she says when were you in Charlotte yeah that was last March for CIA double-a now we actually went to high school in Charlotte I'm from Charlotte we mean it King both went to high school there so yeah it means Charlotte's the town right there it's a big banking industry but you show up with crypto a lot of people interested they just were like we just never heard of it it got me so that's it that's how it goes yeah and for everybody you know who does listen uh you know one of the ways that you can fight this it's the withdrawal from system this is why we have crypto right now like whip draw from the system and they can't hold these you know these random hearings are these random extortion schemes above your head we're gonna go ahead and finish up because someone's out there singing that national anthem right now oh you're hearing in the background below on the leaf right and last but not least looks like history has been made what's going on here Bitcoin say oh yeah well if you've ever heard of Jack Mahler's who invented the zapper wallet for lightning Network his mother aka Bitcoin mom on Twitter she owns a dispensary in Colorado I believe and she has one of the first cannabis and Bitcoin transactions you can actually see it on her page Bitcoin mom is the name also crypto Rick has it posted on there a very popular guy but it is pretty good to see that you can buy cannabis with crypto in certain places I personally want to visit to do it this is just the beginning we've talked to a lot of dispensaries here by accepting crypto actually got one single budtender to accept crypto for tips shout out to her as the delivery serves I heard it does now – yeah exactly so that's what say I got one person to take it for tips but you know one of the best parts about this industry is once they infuse there's really nothing that could stop it because the the biggest part about cannabis was the money aspect and then you know with Bitcoin being able to use it or being able to use Bitcoin that goes out the window so you can help each other shout out to Bitcoin mom been around for a long time the her husband works for Chicago he helped gets the future started seeing me and CBOE just son Jack Mahler's invented the zap zap wallet for Lightning Network so this is a Bitcoin family right here so if you if you were one of those people that whole family's doing it so shout out to them very inspirational video for those of you who are looking at and if you see she doesn't have any high tech stuff she has a piece of paper with a QR code on it that's all you literally need to make that pass your POS server service how much money are you already saving by not working with somebody's coming it's a white sheet of paper what's crazy about the dispensaries in crypto tube you like crypto and marijuana dispensaries make the most sense since they have to be a cash on the biz right I say we probably talk about 10 or 15-year mm-hmm everyone is scared to do it because they said the government won't allow the government three years going allow you to sell marijuana yes like what are you just did it are you gonna wait or innovate that's what I want to know when it comes like it's crazy to me how literally shook people are to live life at this point because of what Daddy government's gonna do you they can't stop us all exactly I mean have you ever to care group of kids I think I said this before if it's 20 kids in there and they listen to you what if it won't play just say no we're not gonna there's nothing you can do you can yell you can scream stomp you can start you know throwing kids across the room don't matters too many of them so yeah that's literally what the population is versus the regulators and you know what honestly is one a creep of Q great point they'll cry money laundering real quick they will and it's one of those things where a bunch of Mitch's I know it's one of us again as we always say you just said we you gotta take a stand alright you gotta take a stand it's one of those things where if you worry then hey play the sidelines but for the people who become the billionaires again you have to remember Airbnb was illegal people that was illegal you could go to jail for renting out your apartment has a hotel yeah uber was illegal you could go to jail for using your car to drive you but I mean these are you bow these are the most recent examples the right these examples are six years old dispensaries three years ago we're illegal people so if you want to keep waiting for a bunch of people my god I mean really I go bang Al Capone went away two or three more years you've been a multi trillionaire just fine yeah so as well those things if you want to keep waiting for a bunch people to extort you then go ahead however some of us would rather take the more interesting route and like and see what happens but it used to be illegal for us to go sit in some restaurants – hey anyway you hurry the judges read up just how you know that Isis that other guys rock when you just like oh man y'all out here reading you know reading used to be illegal play so it's a lot of things that we're if you just do it and you're not scared like I said that's like the basis of this industry is not being scared right we are but hey your family white picket fence right other than that make sure you subscribe smash that like and share button people thanks for watching or listening to the podcast as always today we're gonna Instagram live we'll see how long that goes we'll try to keep it going other than that remember it used to be illegal to read and for some people used to be illegal to sit in certain places to say oh yeah think about that as you think about being in there Flanders at the same time oh yeah have a great Monday and hope your week is off to a good start absolutely chairs chairs

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