Iran Is Launching Its Own #Cryptocurrency To Bust US Sanctions

while we cash crisis worse smiles than us with a once again hey there hope all is well back after today with some more arty news updates and as you tell them today title we're gonna be talking about the recent development of Iran's cryptocurrency which is underway due to the fact that the US continues to impose their will on that country with sanctions so like always whatever country is under pressure by the United States government the next best thing to do is to bypass the dollar altogether aka what's called the D dollarization process or getting rid of Federal Reserve notes out of your economy period by coming up with your own means of doing business which ideally and in this timeframe will lead to a lot of countries choosing to use a blockchain technology ie with the development of their own cryptocurrency so before I dive into today's articles as always you know RTD won't encourage you to click the subscribe button along with the notification tab to be informed of future updates as well as live streams also join me on Twitter where I share post throughout the day on various subject matters dealing with our monetary system as well as whatever is happening in the news that I can't get to via video make sure you click the button down below to be notified when things are posted so as a mission day I have a few articles dealing with recent events between the Iran and the US more importantly with Trump and the general of Iran talking about possible war and the response if we were to go to war and so talks like that really impact the economy of Iran significantly especially the fact that their currency is already suffering over half as valued lost within the last year which has led to the idea of them developing their own cryptocurrency based asset to do business with other nations without having used a Federal Reserve Note because they've been blocked by the Swift as well as all the other financial institutions that make it very difficult for Iran to do business outside it only leads to more citizens within the country suffer financially as inflation continues to spikes because the currency is worth less and less as days go by so before I get in today's articles it's always you can scroll down below to find out more information for yourself also one encourage you to take the time and join our TV on Facebook where I share articles throughout the day which gives you a chance to find out more news as they unfold as I post them throughout the day on the rethinking a dollar Facebook page so click link down there to join us there so to give you a better idea what I'm referring to when it comes to the whole back and forth between Iran and the u.s. here's an article from CNN it came out on Wednesday to Trump's tweet may trap us in another war so if you take the time to read that you'll get more of an idea as to what's happening with lack of diplomacy in the Middle Eastern region and then as a response to that we have a report here from Al Jazeera where the iran general threatens trump he says if you begin war we will end it and what's most notable about this here says he's quoted as saying we will destroy all that you possess and so whatever that means which let me know that it might be something very dangerous I eat some type of nuclear situation here but don't know but if you interested feel free to read more for yourself but I want to get on is the idea that here's another report of al jazeera from last week and it says iran currency haves in less than a year so here's a two-minute video here worthy of your time here which gives you an idea as to what's happening within the economy there and it starts off with comparisons the idea of purchasing electronics from today as opposed to last year using the iPhone and other smartphone technologies and sister Rhea has lost half its purchasing power it makes acquiring electronics that much more expensive for those that are in the country of Iran and so give an idea what that looks like in regards to the exchange rate to the dollar here we have as of today one dollar will get you 43,000 reals so we see here how over the last ten years the real has dropped in value significantly to the dollar which makes life and Iran very difficult because the cost of living goes up and like always wages never keeps up with the real rate of inflation which leads to the idea that now Iran is it's deciding take matters into their own hands with the development of a crypto currency so here in the report from Sisi and it says Iran inches closer to national crypto currency and plan to evade US sanctions and I'll give you a little idea what's going on here says Iran is preparing a largest own indigenous state cryptocurrency that authorities and vision will help the country circumvent the latest economic sanctions and forth by US President Donald Trump it says according to Iran state-affiliated news outlet Press TV domestic authorities have already initiated quote a plan to create an indigenous cryptocurrency that will function both as a domestic currency and an international token for global trade and commerce while evading Western financial sanctions says noteworthy announcement was made by ala Reza Dulari the deputy for the management and investment affairs at iran's directorate for scientific and technology affairs of the presidential office in one sentence Dulari notably revealed that the initiative is being developed in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iran the effort will see the cryptocurrency fundamentally pegged to Iran's natural currency in the rial in the form of a digital token the cryptocurrency will also be used to set up interbank settlements and the financial transaction between banks domestically alongside its intended use for cross-border transactions without any reliance on the Swift led global financial system so here we have the idea that they're no longer going to use this will they're no longer going to be needed with Federal Reserve notes as a reserve in their own country there which means that limits the role the dollar even more so with this country not to mention all the other countries under sanctioned by the United States government which means that some less demand for dollars overall because more nations will begin utilizing their own currencies or spin-offs of their own currency using the blockchain technology so more information there if you can't really read for yourself but on another note here's an article here from Z crypto calm says Iranian Bitcoin holders assets confiscated by the US government so this is as of this week as well and it talks about the idea the US government confiscated from Iranian Bitcoin holder assets 500 Bitcoin were seized and all amount which amounts to about 5.7 million dollars so the Bitcoin belongs to Iranian Bitcoin asset holders the confiscation according to the leader of the Iranian blockchain Association started last year as reported by abena he stated that quote some people believe that this confiscation is because of circumventing US sanctions by bit coin holders unquote retrieving the confiscated assets from the US government had been very difficult due to the official ban of Bitcoin in Iran this has made getting an attorney very difficult for the blockchain Association however Saphir Mohammed II and the blockchain Association has been taking steps to engage expert attorneys that understand the Iranians capital market and also the financial action task force so here we have the idea that more people are becoming aware of the importance of getting outside of their national currency and Iran but the Unites States government has decided to confiscate bitcoins according to this source here based upon an idea that some of those people are probably hiding net worth individuals and have assets all around the world and so it's interesting to see how this will play out in the days ahead with the development of the crypto currency out of Iran it's good to say since Venezuela has a crypto currency now we'll be working on theirs Russia has one it's good to say that North Korea was not too far behind those are four nations that are all under sanctions by the United States government and so it's going to be interesting to see how those countries continue to develop that technology there well blockchain they choose to use whether they start from scratch or use one of the current blockchain which is already on the market which would then possibly drive up the price of that particular blockchain they use if it's something that's already mainstreamed and so we'll see what the response will be from the United States government and according to that very first article there are the possibilities of war I wouldn't doubt if this really speeds up the race for our government here to really begin applying more pressure on Iran in some effort to thwart this plan of going crypto development even further which will only put more pressure on the dollar as more nations decided to remove themselves away from the Federal Reserve no altogether so it's in hearing your thoughts on this matter and leave a comment down below I think this story here is very telling of where we're heading in regards to the usage of a dollar outside of our country here at the end of the day whatever the Federal Reserve Note is no longer in demand or needed for trade amongst other nations that should lead you to wonder what will happen to all those Federal Reserve notes it's out there there's no longer being used they'll be heading home so other than that loving your thoughts leave a comment and look forward to bringing more news updates enjoy your day

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  2. الف رحمه ونور تنزل على روحك الطاهره سيدي الخميني…. اللهم انصر واحفظ الجمهوريه الاسلاميه الشيعيه الايرانيه واحفظ السيد القائد علي الخامنائي والجنرال قاسم سليماني… بحق محمد وال محمد

  3. Trumps plan is to destroy the federal reserve note.. Notice everything he is doing does not strengthen the fed note.. He is going to eventually introduce a note that is controlled by the government and not the central banks.. All of our problems are a result of central banks period.

  4. It’s not America that wants wars in the Middle East, it’s Israel, and the Zionist Jews, because Israel wants to be the worlds new superpower, after America’s decline, it’s just a fact.

  5. ??? Trump may be receiving more than 10Billion in bribes from imposing sanctions on Iran. ???
    After receiving a small retainer bribe from King Salman in May 2017; "We think President Trump's cabinet does understand the Saudi challenges and does understand the challenges the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] faces. The kingdom would like to see more decisive statements, actions and sanctions on the Iranian regime" ✔
    Saudi Arabia said it will help meet world oil demand if U.S. sanctions on Iran create shortfalls, but analysts say it will only do so in conjunction with Russia.

    ⚠ Is this the real reason Trump visited Russia, to ask for more bribes?
    ⚠ How many Tens of Billions in cryptocurrency has Trump obtained to impose sanctions on Iran?

    So much Bribes to Trump!!

  6. These other nations no longer bow down to the U.S., nut are now flexing their own muscles against American bullying tactics.

  7. I can hear trump now ….Illegitimate fake internet money used by criminals…
    All the bad guys are trying to get around the good laws that protect our beautiful American people with fake money…well we'll keep the media informed as to what the bad guys with cripto are all about…I'll protect your children & make sure the cripto monsters don't get them…there beautiful children & we will stand united as Americans against the threat to our great banking system & its Loyal managers that work very hard….to protect your Liberty….the Iran people won't defeat our children with evil…well go in by force to liberate them of the nasty dirty oil & sanction them until they put people in charge that work for us…I mean work for good,..well do this together as real Americans…for our country…& justice….

  8. What happens when these countries form their own way to sanction the U.S.??? Wait… Thats already happening. The isolation will get real pretty soon.

  9. Usa will and has been falling behind, the old farts in washington think its still the 60s and the world will listen to them, every country is moving forward and no one wants to ve told what to do and when to fart. Iran will succeed with this..

  10. I am looking forward to trump talking about how strong the economy is then telling other countries that a strong dollar is not what the u.s. needs.
    It's a trap and trump can't do anything about it. Dow-30k, DXY-106.00,10YR-3.10, 30YR-3.25. REALLY SOLID PREZ!

  11. Venezuela is to start their petro crypto on Aug.20th
    Looks like they are doing it to get away from the dollar but as china opens up will back it with gold.

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