Iran drops gold-backed cryptocurrency the Peyman – TomoNews

Iran drops gold-backed cryptocurrency if you're on the lookout for a new crypto to dump your life savings into look no further than Iran a gold-backed crypto currency called the Peyman has been launched in the Islamic Republic of Iran according to Iranian English paper financial Tribune the Guvnors company and for banks teamed up to offer the digital currency over-the-counter exchange Iran fariborz is also expected to offer the payment which is the Persian word for a covenant according to a GOG knows director Peyman will be used to tokenize bank's assets and excess properties cognos has indicated 1 billion tokens will be available in the initial coin offering according to Al Jazeera the launch of the paymon comes less than a week after Iran's central bank issued draft cryptocurrency regulations Iran's central bank also gave the nod to initial coin offerings crypto currency exchanges Bitcoin wallets and cryptocurrency mining

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