IOTA Not With Microsoft, Bitcoin Cash Debit Card And Bank Of America Crypto Exchange – 175

hello everybody welcome back for another video I hope everyone is doing well and having a great day so first up the team behind iota has come forward to clarify that they do not in fact have a partnership with Microsoft they say that their quote on their official blog was simply misinterpreted this comes from an email interview with co-founder of iota his name is Dominic Sheena China it depends on how you want to do the ie or the e I who tried to defend the company and exactly what the quote should have meant and I do quote we have never mentioned that any of the companies which are participating in the marketplace are our partners we call them participants and quote so they were asked to pretty much be very specific about exactly what was said on the blog and a rep from Microsoft said that iota is a customer of the Microsoft Azure and that iota will be using Azure in future tests so after this news a number of people have kind of lashed back a bit at i/o de for not clarifying their position earlier and at the moment iota is currently down over 12% in value after this news so Bitcoin comm I know many people don't exactly care for the website but I think this was very interesting as this will actually help crypto adoption Roger ver tweeted earlier that Bitcoin comm will be releasing their own Bitcoin cash Visa debit card in the very near future they noted that this will actually help Bitcoin cash to become more spendable if you will in everyday life and they made sure to take a few shots at the original bitcoins high fees and slow transaction times in the past and this was also noted about the card as well I think the easiest way for adoption is with cards and familiar payment methods so let's see exactly how this pans out it has worked before with 10x I know other people who are not even into crypto have told me about 10x because they think it's interesting to be able to spend their coins that way so last up the you pto the US Patent and Trademark Office has approved Bank of America for their own cryptocurrency exchanged patent the patent will allow them to actually have their own crypto exchange where people can apparently open three different types of accounts where users and businesses will be able to buy and sell and hold crypto currencies so the first account will be based around basic crypto storage while the second and third will be named float accounts which will allow crypto swaps using something similar to shape-shift so I know that they're a bank and I think that this is definitely a step forward this helps the adoption has helps more people know about crypto currencies but I personally do not see these types of accounts lasting too long and not even because of regulations banks and larger corporations getting into cryptocurrencies are mainly 900% they're just for profit they don't actually care about the technology behind it and even more so they they I have no idea that there are other things coming many of them who are getting into cryptocurrencies also have no idea that decentralized autonomous crypto exchanges are actually on the way very soon which will make banks trying to hold your crypto all but useless already guys that's definitely going to do it for this video hope you guys enjoy it hope you guys are having a great day wherever you are wherever you might be and yeah I'll talk to y'all soon see you

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  1. When GDAX added Bitcoin Cash the transfer confirmation times on BCH were 70-90 MINUTES (to clarify, I was transferring from Poloniex to a BCH wallet). Yeah, that sort of lag time will really work in a vendor card-based payment environment…. On high volume days, BCH would be completely unusable unless waiting an hour for that cup of coffee payment to go through is your thing.

  2. do not pay any attention to those whose hands are kneaded with bitcoins. a high iq tells you:

  3. please tell me which trading platform you are using for cryptocurrency trading?
    I've been searching for a good , easy, less commission but so far couldn't find
    any suggestions?

  4. Microsoft is participating in IOTA's Data Marketplace pilot. IOTA had a meetup today at Microsoft in Paris. Microsoft mentioned IOTA in a blog post last year. Clearly MSFT is interested in IOTA, it's just not a strategic partnership. IOTA never said anything deceptive about the relationship.


  6. Old news. Already hit $3 the other day before. I see it as correction. .80 to $5 in less than a month, inevitable.

  7. @The Modern Investor – please consider a future video with your thoughts on crypto bots (ex. Gunbot). Thank you

  8. IOTA security vulnerability found with hashing algo back in sept, then with another vulnerability found with their curl function (retrieving info from servers) the developer defended that by saying it was a booby trap so people copying their code would have a vulnerability. Others have blasted them for using trinary bit (all machines are binary). They are showing bad judgement one after another. This is starting to look like when David Hotz was saying he can make a self driving car quicker than Tesla.

  9. I kind of disagree on banks not being able to get people to open crypto accounts. Banks WILL NOT allow assets to leave their bank's eco-systems under ANY circumstances. This means the operational savings from blockchain/crypto that the banks will realize will be turned into NO FEE checking/savings accounts, as in NO LATE FEES except in rare circumstances. Crypto, if not the savings from blockchain itself, will allow banks to guarantee no fees as a way to keep money and assets within their ecosystem. This also means offering "Crypto accounts" to keep our money in their ecosystems. When Bank of America starts offering FREE Ripple accounts with a any new GUARANTEED NO FEE core checking account of $500 or more, the banks will have survived. At least round 1, anyway.

  10. Has anyone been experiencing login errors with Kraken? I haven't been able to log in. It gives me a 520 Error notification. Does anybody have a clue what that means and are there others experiencing the same? Are there any news on kraken that I've missed? Thanks in advance.

  11. Happened something similar with fake rumors of a Neo – Microsoft collaboration a few months ago, it's a well tested pump and dump scheme.

  12. IOTA is full and total bullshit. The technology DOES NOT WORK! I'm a developer and have read the whitepapers. They are doing nothing special.

  13. I what about Bankera ICO. They are claiming to be an online bank for Crypto offering loans, investments etc etc. currently at 0.017 cents a coin I believe.

  14. Lol i found your channel back in January you made a comment in a Dr. Boyce Watkins video i subbed when you had maybe 1k subs now you got over 30k congrats bro.

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