what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’re gonna talk about iota I’m gonna
give you guys my price prediction on iota we’re gonna talk about the news
articles that came out a lot of news has been circling out I oughta actually
recently so I want to cover this I don’t think I’ve covered this coin on this
channel before if I have it was very briefly so we’re gonna talk about that
today also guys I want to let you know in the description we have a link to buy
Nance finances where I pick up all of my alt coins pretty much all majority
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uploads so we’d love to have you as part of the team anyways what we were talking
about today iota currently ranked number 11th it has
taken a little bit of a dip there were times where i ootah was doing
significantly better than it is doing right now it’s currently at a six
billion dollar market cap you know everything with cryptocurrency so far
has been going down um you know we’re seeing another bunch of red day’s I
don’t know for how much longer we’re going to be seeing this type of movement
before we start seeing things pick up I am obviously this is very short term you
guys have to think about in the long pay and then in the long run you don’t want
to just see if you’re good oh by the end of January our coins going to go back up
that’s not the thought the thought is in the future by the end of 2018 by the end
of 2020 where are we gonna be and that’s where I’m really really bullish on it
and that’s where I think we’re gonna see a lot of progress with cryptocurrency so
keep in mind this is only very very short-term but if you look at a lot of
the charts you guys can see even in the last seven days the price graph for the
last seven days all the coins pretty much every coin is down from its
all-time high so if you guys are interested in picking up coins you know
your favorite coins now would be a great great time we have videos out on my
favorite coins you guys know which coins I’m mostly looking at you know I have
Bitcoin it’s eleven thousand it’s recently touched you know nineteen
twenty thousand it’s probably gonna test all
time hi again um we have Cardinal Cardinal is also significantly down from
its all-time high we have I oh no we’re gonna talk about
today we got Tron which is down from its all-time I a lot of coins are just down
from its all-time high so if you guys are interested in picking up coins now
would honestly be one of the best times to look at it but we’re not gonna talk
about that too much we’re gonna talk about iota today currently at 2 dollars
and 38 cents 10 all-time high of almost $5 $5 over five dollars five dollars and
15 cents like I said six billion dollar market
caps so at its peak iota was at a 1213 billion dollar market cap the reason I’m
looking at iota as a as a big front-runner going to the future is it
doesn’t have any fees that’s huge a lot of you guys know I know Bitcoin solves
the whole Slyke decentralized issue we have you know banks you have to go
through banks they’re centralized that’s where how you have you have to exchange
your money you have to pay fees if it’s international you know the big debate
raising cryptocurrency why everyone why all crypto investors like cryptocurrency
it’s decentralized you don’t have to worry about banks but even with Bitcoin
we’re starting to see some pretty high fees depending on where you’re sending
to and from what exchange at what time of the day it is to be fair it honestly
depends but there are some pretty high fees at certain times you guys know look
at coinbase coinbase if you buy on there it’s super easy but the fees are a
little bit higher which a lot of people don’t like now if we look at the iota
website they are scalable great good good good decentralized good good good
modular okay and no fees great right decentralize is great no fees is
fantastic everyone loves no fees now where are we going to see IO to go in
the near future like I said everything is that right no surprise this is not
supposed to scare you this is simply supposed to be a great entry point for
you if you are interested in picking up iota if this coin at the end of this
video is a coin you are interested in picking up no turbine ants transfer some
Bitcoin on there and start purchasing I hope you know obviously everything I say
totally my opinion not financial advice you guys should do
your own research all that good stuff I’m just saying if I were to want to buy
iota right now I would see it’s at a dip I would purchase it because there’s no
reason why we can’t see this hit a fifty billion dollar market cap going forward
right there’s no fees if there’s no fees the circulating supply is its maximum
supply the volumes looking pretty steady um could be a little higher but oh well
but there’s no reason we can’t reach like fifty billion dollar market cap
right think about it if we just go over here that would put us in line with
Ripple right or a you know half of aetherium or basically 1/4 of Bitcoin
one like eat the Bitcoin at its all-time high right there’s if the cryptocurrency
mark I say is there a video if the cryptocurrency market keeps getting
bigger and keeps growing which we expect it to or at least I expect it to there’s
no reason these coins aren’t all going to reach all-time highs now what I’m
doing in my portfolio right now I’m honestly keeping it so simple I am
buying my favorite coins and I’m holding them and every time there’s a dip I buy
more of my favorite coins or some new coins that are then my favorite coins
and I hold them that’s honestly all I’m doing I do want to start getting more
into you know trading of maybe like weekly monthly trading I don’t have time
to day trade but weekly and monthly trading I would love to start getting
more involved in that but currently I’m honestly just holding like I’m just
growing my Bitcoin portfolio I’m growing my io2 portfolio my atheria my card I’m
just growing everything and it’s honestly one of the best things you can
do because cryptocurrency is so new if you just hold on to the best coins
they’re going to go up in value that’s pretty much again now let’s talk about
the two articles I know we talked a little bit too much before about rambled
about the markets it’s important to know where the markets are every day though
let’s look at the two articles so the first article we’re looking at is the
Volkswagen chief a digital officer joins blockchain nonprofit board so the iota
foundation a non-profit blockchain foundation for the Internet of Things
has announced that the CEO of Volkswagen Jo Johan I don’t know our house last
name well join the Supervisory Board effective immediately
so what is this saying we’re just starting to see more big names just hop
onto cryptocurrency a lot of people were you know bashed it at first and a lot of
people have changed their minds some of the billionaires in the world first said
bad things about Bitcoin now they’re on board and you see that like a great
example Mark Cuban is just I don’t know if it’s effective immediately or what’s
going on but I have heard rumors and news articles that he is planning on
accepting Bitcoin when it comes to paying for dallas mavericks tickets
right the basketball team the NBA team that he owns that’s huge and I don’t if
I’m not mistaken Mark Cuban wasn’t a big fan of Bitcoin when the whole thing
started when it started being talked about it’s you know things change and
we’re seeing that more and more we’re seeing more big names come into Bitcoin
and the more big names we see come into cryptocurrency in general obviously not
just Bitcoin this is with iota but the more big names we see the more trust
people the you know society gets with cryptocurrency and the more it’s going
to start getting more and more accepted in today’s world so the fact that we
have you know one this is a huge car company one of the biggest car companies
out there the fact that they’re chief digital officer is you know getting into
iota this isn’t a small position either right the CEO is in a small position um
it’s not as famous as the CEO it’s not as big as that but it’s certainly not a
small position and he is then going into a blockchain into a cryptocurrency that
is very big for an iota especially long run very big for iota now this is one of
the good news that was involved with Iowa one of the bad news we’ve recently
had is the iota wallet hackers made off with four million dollars now before you
get you know started thinking about this before you start bashing iota there’s
some important things you guys have to keep in mind the first thing is there
wasn’t really an actual hack right from what I understood there was no actual
hack so we’re gonna take a little you know look over this
a little bit and kind of at the end I have my conclusion but I want you guys
to have your conclusion on the topic as well so just weeks after the digital
wallet provides mr. stellar lumens was hacked another all coin wallet has been
hit it was iota estimated four million
dollar tokens were stolen right so the most important part of article is right
here some inexperienced user went to a website users went to a website that was
listed in Google Ads to generate a password as a consequence they
essentially gave their passwords to the website I iota technology has not been
affected at all so basically as long as people are gonna give I heard a hard
time always he they’re gonna say oh I owe does not secure but if you start
doing more research there wasn’t actually anything to do with the
security of iota it was more of you know inexperienced users got tricked into
adding into putting in their password or tricked on a website to generate a
password pretty much giving that website full access to their information so
that’s very unfortunate but that is something we see a lot in the world of
cryptocurrency being at that it is so new it’s not you know I want to say it’s
not the inexperienced users fault but it kind of is their fault at the same time
if it was you I’m honestly so sorry that this happened
use this though as a learning experience everyone makes mistakes in their lives
use this as a learning experience don’t let it happen again for the future I
guarantee you you are going to be more conscious of this type of thing that’s
how I learned at least in school if I get something wrong in a test chances
are I won’t get it wrong a second time but yes so I’m not gonna bash Toyota for
its security obviously I still think it’s very secure it was just an
unfortunate situation that caused so iil wasn’t hacked certain wallets weren’t
even hacked they had their password given away so you can’t really say that
they were hacked but yeah guys I I like I own up I like the no fees currently
ranked number 11 far away from its all-time high like half of its all-time
high lost 50 percent so this might be a great entry point for you guys looking
to get into iota if you want to buy it click the link in the description to
finance you guys can head on over and get your coins no fees like I said
that’s one of the the things that strikes me the most I’m
very very excited about that and all this fun has caused the price to go down
obviously this isn’t gonna help their price but if you do some research you
understand that it wasn’t really their technologies fault so that should mean
that technology will bounce back there was no real reason for the price to fall
and at the end of the video obviously we want to I was gonna do this in the
beginning but I know a lot of people were here just for iota so if you stuck
around to the end of the video you guys are awesome we’re gonna buy some more
hash rate because I haven’t been doing this on camera we’re trying to grow to
$1,000,000 we need to sign back in one second alright guys so we are back in to
our hash flare we’re going to reinvest because that is what we’re doing on the
road to $1,000,000 how much did we spend we got basically $14 so roughly $7 will
use 6.6 it’s going to have to be reinvested in order for us to keep
growing our portfolio let’s go select payment method pay from balance
confirm confirm and just like that we should have our money
right a successfully purchased 10.6 a tear hash slowly growing but guys really
it adds up this is you’re looking at this in the day-to-day don’t forget once
we look back in like six months and we look back we’re gonna be at a lot more
tear hash and we’re gonna be laughing at this day when we’re just like man this
is going so slowly so keep that in mind it good luck with all of you guys
investing in hash flow let me know down below how you worried when you guys
started what you guys are at now if you’re reinvesting let me know your
stories down below guys thank you so much for watching this video
I’ll see you tomorrow for another video


  1. IOwhat? Lol, jk, sorta… Go XVG, XRP, TRX, and BCN!!! 2020, at least!!! Can you do a video about the Lightning Network hubub for Bitcoin and your thoughts if it will be a yay or a nay? Thanks for all you doooooo!

  2. Iota is ok, but what about his Chinese competitor INT. Only knows in the east and available on OKEx. I bought a ton of it, this has the potential of a true goldmine 2.0

  3. How many more years do you estimate before all BTC is mined? Started with 1TH on BTC and 10 MH on ETH and slowly building up.

  4. I found this YouTube video about Hashflare and it has an excel calculator that takes into account also the expired contracts after 365 days and the changing in mining difficulty and more. The input parameters in the calculator are out of date (Dec 11, 2017). It seems very useful, but when I update to current values it seems impossible to get a good return of the initial investment.

    Could you maybe take a look at it and try updating the values to better show the expected revenue over multiple years?

    The parameters I updated from original values:
    Cost Per TH/s 220
    $ Invested $500
    Today's BTC price $12,000.00 (wishful thinking at this point)
    BTC $ Increase 5% (I think it's over 14 days)
    Current BTC/TH/s 0.000112
    Minimum Reinvest 2.2

    Calculator: (Google Drive – Will instantly download)

  5. Got a question. Have SH256 with hashflare, and gonna create a wallet. Is it safer and more secure to create a wallet on their website, or can I get it outside of Hashflare?

  6. Hey jo Pat.

    Hot IOTA price prediction! I hope ur right, but i see it more around 4-5$.
    There so any Coins wanne do same, or allready does.

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