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welcome everyone to the July 31st edition of what's happening in crypto with crypto LARC broadcasting to you from New Zealand and bringing you all of the latest from the crypto world and beyond today's top stories investment capital firms are making a killing with crypto currencies and Kim Kardashian mentions Bitcoin and the world goes crazy Bitcoin 8155 dollars only down 0.09 percent in the last 24 hours nice to see it maintaining at the moment first big story of the day pantera capital celebrates five years and 10,000 percent return holy cow that's pretty good now obviously investing in cryptocurrencies back five years ago was prescient without a doubt investing in crypto currencies now though it's still a pretty good idea especially considering the market downturn we've seen just a little taste of where the crypto markets can go we are still so small in the grand scale of things and yeah I think it's really encouraging to look at these big investment firms and realize what they're doing because the venture capital firms haven't stopped investing in cryptocurrency try to put your mindset a little bit on par with the big boys because they look at crypto they're still dumping money in like like there's no tomorrow they're all in on crypto and pantera is just the tip of the iceberg in the VC capital funding arena of crypto currencies now pantera capital invests of course in Bitcoin but also in auger bit paisa very interesting o me sago and poly chain capital that poly chain capitals recently made headlines as the CEO Olaf Carlson turned four million dollars into 1 billion dollars now that's pretty great obviously not everyone has four million dollars sitting on hand to turn into a billion dollars nevertheless though that does show the amazing potential of the cryptocurrency markets and obviously Olaf has a bit of a skill when it comes to turning money into more money but everybody can repeat that own their own kind of success maybe on a smaller scale Al biet but nevertheless that does show the amazing potential of the market Mike Novogratz is Galaxy digital losing a hundred thirty-four million dollars in the first quarter a lot of that is simply in unrealized potential profit from cryptocurrencies in the down market but nevertheless that has not stopped Mike Novogratz from coming out and continuing to get out there every day if you think your hotting has hurt just look at that that is a painful hollow right there without a doubt van eck responds to the SE C's Bitcoin ETF concerns in a new letter now fanuc is one of the few Bitcoin ETFs that are still on the table they go through quite a few different ideas here in terms of what has been brought up by the SEC as being some of their biggest concerns liquidity custody arbitrage potential manipulation a quote from the letter reads well one cannot rule out manipulation in the underlying spot market we believe that dudes who they diversified ownership and volume of trading the market does not have major structural vulnerabilities therefore the Commission's increased enforcement and regulatory actions can reduce the number of bad actors in a basically sound market that is what they've come out and said now obviously we need the SEC to get on board with that vision having a look here obviously the winklevosses etf has been recently denied we see solid X is being delayed until a bit later bit wise recently putting theirs in and van eck is the one that everyone is looking at and that decision is looking to be made sometime in August the 10th is the current date that's put out so we'll see how that goes but I know a lot of people's hopes for the Bitcoin ETF are riding on that well Bitcoin ETF is an interesting part of the picture mass adoption is what we really need to be going for but the Bitcoin ETF can certainly have a big flood like effect on the market Kim Kardashian yes we're actually mentioning Kim Kardashian today apparently she was playing a charity poker match and actually put a physical Bitcoin on the table putting out on her Instagram we moved on to Bitcoin to bitcoins laying on the table now look Kim Kardashian is a lady who has made her fortunes by being really good at marketing her but fair play to her but you have to realize she has a hundred and fourteen million Instagram followers so whatever your opinion of her is that's a different story the reality is she's just introduced hundreds of thousands potentially millions of her followers to Bitcoin that otherwise might not have known about Bitcoin and that's a good thing because it came out in a positive enough light it's not like she said I just got scammed by Bitcoin it's the worst thing ever she said a little bit coin check it out and that's gonna intrigue people and there will be a certain amount of people who will just look at that and then move on with their lives but there will be also a certain amount of people who look at that and then go what's this Bitcoin thing Kim's messaging about I think Kanye mentioned something about that I should look into it and so that's where it starts to become important and it's a strange Ally to have Kim Kardashian in the fight for mainstream adoption but there she is you know it got me to thinking though if she's become so popular by being able to put her butt on the Internet well maybe I should go and put my butt out on the internet too let's see if I'll have the same success that Kim Kardashian does well maybe not but hey at least I have invested in Bitcoin after invest in capital firms are anything to judge the future potential add-on I'm gonna be doing okay even if my putting pictures of my butt on the Internet does not take off as a major career Canadian Bitcoin mining firm installing an 85 megawatt substation to power massive expansion plans the Bitcoin mining game is getting huge we just covered a story the other day of a 900 megawatt wind farm going in Morocco this is an 85 megawatt one here hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring in and again these companies would not be spending this kind of money if they didn't look at this and go wow look at the potential for profits here very interesting note to point out and in adoption news Gibraltar United to become the first football club to pay players in crypto currency Gibraltar of course has been very friendly towards crypto currencies as of late to see them paying their players in cryptocurrency fascinating turn of events Thailand's movie theater major Cineplex will start accepting Bitcoin this is one of the biggest cinema chains in Thailand and again it gets it out there people see when they go in and there will be a sign there it says we accept Bitcoin at this cinema it builds the movement without a doubt and an other adoption news the largest cannabis community market in Israel will also be accepting Bitcoin payments and these are some bigger news stories of bigger organizations that are accepting Bitcoin but I see little stories every single day carpenter over here an electrician over there a cafe over here more and more people are looking at Bitcoin as something that your business should be involved in and more and more people that own businesses are making that decision all the time thanks for watching today's episode let me know what you think about any of today's news stories down below in the comment section thumbs up the video share these videos around the Internet to help our community grow join the conversation over on Twitter assure further insights into the crypto space long live the blockchain em peace out the next time

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  2. Mr Lark why am i waking up most mornings with a feeling someone was kicking me in my man bits OUCH. All this red again i don't get it – love this space but Crypto Land please be nice to old people.
    Please people leave your money in go take a break let this place settle down & it will reward & look after YOU. Keep pulling cash out every time ya make $5 you will never make money in any market.
    From the DogHouse & wise old dog ( so mum said ) she's 80 and not with-it i know but i take what i can get.

  3. Painful HODL indeed. Good thing they're professional investors. I hear you but… Why does it have to be her and a physical bitcoin at that. oy vey! lol…

  4. Thank you for your video. What do you think about perspective ico projects? I think the best ico of this year is

  5. I kept watching your news and decided today you are my favorite source, putting Crypt0, Boxmining and Crypto Daily to the second place.

  6. Hey guys,
    I would like to know more about MoneroV.
    Can someone review this and explain me the difference?
    Thank you

  7. She’s late in the game along with smashing her was into mi system. But as they say, “ sex cells”. I’m glade I put some coins in her piggy bank. Lmao .

  8. She’s late in the game along with smashing her was into mi system. But as they say, “ sex cells”. I’m glade I put some coins in her piggy bank. Lmao .

  9. Me thinks Bitcoin down to $7600 then up to $9k in September. Not finance advice just stuck a needle in my eye then thru a dart & landed on 9 double = 9th Sept

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