15 thoughts on “Investing Strategies, Silver, Crypto, Goals & More!”

  1. Crypto is scary.

  2. Trade skills and revenue generating tools and equipment. Think of money in 3 S's, spendable (cash), stackable (Ag) and speculative (crypto)

  3. Crypto has always seemed to be a scam to make people think the cashless future seem "cool". I personally see it as a scam….that doesnt mean that normal people like you or I havent made their fortunes by riding the waves.

    Dont believe the hype, rhetoric and just plain hot air about the star trek utopia and technology solving all our problems.

    That doesnt mean that you cant make money off the suckers who buy in when it peaks

  4. "They" will crash all the Bitcoins before they Implement their own. Don't like the competition. Stack High, stack hard. Thanks for the video and your opinion and enjoy your day.

  5. It is all up in the air! no one knows! Either Trump will kill the FED and the deep state or they will kill him I think stacking PMs is the only low risk option for early 2019

  6. I am a pm stacker as well. But we all have to play the fiat game. Use their system to put hard assets in your hands. I roll all profits into gold and silver. I let my company fund my 401k. I don’t contribute because my company puts in good % weekly. I invest half my investment budget in pm. Other half in crypto’s. All profits go towards pm. I play the game to put hard assets in my hands.

  7. Thank you Brother, Very informative,, Have different eggs,! Crypto etc,,Gold/Silver is Nice, But they come with derivatives,!, Not in China, keep stacking 3pc,,

  8. I got out of the market last November. Drawing down my IRA & 401k. Focusing on getting debt free and liquid.

  9. Never forget that when Gold and Silver surge higher the world will be a place that we won't want to see happen. Rental Property is in the same boat as other investments. You need to buy it when it's on sale such as at 30% of it's current value in the right neighborhood where if those neighboring properties go into disrepair in a slowing economy you'll still be able to rent it out competitively.

  10. By saying money has to be backed with something physical such as land or precious metals means you do not understand Bitcoin. I highly recommend you read The Bitcoin Standard.

  11. Since there is NO CLEAR TREND and FUNDAMENTALS NO LONGER MATTER the last thing you want to do is have money in the stock market. There will be a time to get back in but that time is not now. The best investment strategy you could have in this market wait and see. Likewise there is no clear trend in crypto currencies either right now. Plus, like the stock market there are no fundamentals cryptos. History has shown without mistake that there is a time to buy property just like other markets. That time is when Bankruptcies are at their peak because nobody can afford property even after the price has fallen substantially during that time. The only way now to buy real-estate now is when you can buy it for 30% of it's current value. Many properties now on sale for low prices are in the wrong neighborhood. The Physical PMs in your possession may be the only relatively safe investment at this time.

  12. Switched 20% of my 401k to mining stocks a while ago. Looking good so far. Still stacking au and ag. Keep emergency cash on hand as well

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