Investing In Blockchain Technology

Hey, friends. Kris Krohn here and today on
Limitless wealth TV. We’re talking about how to invest in blockchain technology
so hang tight, it’s all coming your way right now. People everywhere want to know how do
you actually get in on this brand-new blockchain technology because when new
technology comes around, the early adopters are the ones that end up making
bank, they make a lot of money, right? I mean, same thing happened was when cell
phones came about, what made that possible was a tower and if you had a
tower in your backyard, you could have been making millions of dollars and so
when cell phones before you know, things got crazy crazy cheap, they were super
super expensive. When technology is brand-new off the gate, it affords some
of the biggest financial opportunities. That is true with what is happening in
the blockchain world today. I just got back from Thailand speaking to thousands
of people on this technology and they were asking this question, how do we make
money with it? So I’m going to share with you exactly how you do that. Before I do,
I want you to understand something. When we say blockchain, that’s plural for
blockchains because any company can launch a specific service through a
custom blockchain that they built and so right now there’s over 2,000 blockchains
and there’s a good chance of this videos a year old there could be. How do you
want to guess how many block chains are going to be but you can make money with
these block chains. Now by the way, the bigger each individual blockchain is and
the more adopted it is, the more money that it has to pay out. Let’s use as an
example today Bitcoin. Okay, Bitcoin gave us blockchain technology and so since
people have used that blockchain for so many other things, Bitcoin which started
off at just a couple of pennies, look at what it’s turned into today, it’s turned
into a technology where Bitcoin in and of itself is being traded at 7,000 8,000
10,000, it’s penetized $22,000 so you’ve got this huge opportunity with
investing in that and it’s like, well, how would I make money with the Bitcoin
blockchain? Well it’s simple. The blockchain works by people all around
the world plugging in their computers and there are three things that you need
if you wanted to make money with that blockchain or frankly any blockchain.
Number one, you need to have the right equipment. Now a lot of that equipments
being sold for five, six thousand dollars, and there are some people like myself
that have the suppliers that you can get the top line technology
for as little as two or three or four thousand dollars, okay. The second thing
that you’re going to need is cheap power. When you plug in in your home, if you’re
paying 12 cents a kilowatt or 30 cents a kilowatt, it’s going to be really expensive
to draw power under your machine to have it work for you but we’ve secured power
for two or three or four pennies and I can show you how to get your hands on
some of that yourself. The third thing that you’re going to need is you’re
going to need what’s called a mining pool, this is a network that you want a
big enough network so the blockchain will in its lottery system default and
use you so that it can use your entire mining network to actually produce these
these computations, okay. Those are the three things that you basically need, the
right equipment, the right cost of power and you need the right mining network.
When I got introduced this technology, it was through a man that month made ten
million dollars with having sucked these massive data farms because he started by
having just a handful of equipment and because it was paying him every single
day, that ROI ended up being over a hundred percent a year on his money, it
was one of the best investments he ever made so he just started buying more and
then reinvesting him buy more and reinvesting buy more so now he’s now
making millions of dollars a month, well something similar happened to me. I’ve
done all sorts of investing in the world, I love real estate investing, lots
of different types of investment but I haven’t really touched anything that
stabili produces this kind of ROI’s consistently as this technology does and
so I started off by buying my first 50 pieces of equipment than hundreds and
hundreds and today it’s making a really exciting income for me so I hope when
you’re going out there and saying well, how do I make this happen? If you want to
invest in this technology, first of all, you got to pick the right blockchain, you
got to pick something you believe in and something you believe is going to be
adapted by a lot of people all over the world because if you’re playing in that
kind of blockchain that’s going to have a growing number of transactions, you’re
going to do well. Bitcoin for example it has consistently produced between two and
three hundred dollars a month up to twelve hundred dollars a month if you’ve
had a cheap cost of power and really good equipment and if you think about
that, that’s a really phenomenal investment so you got to pick the right
blockchain and once you do, you just remember, you need the right equipment
you need the right cost of power and you got to have the right network plugged in
if you can line those three things up then you are golden. On one of my
business travels, I was fortunate enough to meet a man that got me
totally plugged into this. Ironically, I was at this convention meeting people
from all over the world and yet he lives right in my backyard so I started going
to his office every single day and started learning everything I could have
gotten this technology and he was kind enough to get me started in the trade
and what’s neat is they’ve negotiated hundreds of megawatts, it’s like massive
amounts of power between two three or four pennies,
they’ve also secured the equipment and to get it straight from the manufacturer,
it’s like some of the highest quality with with 14 to 16 Terra hash of
computing power and then at the same time, they’ve got this massive network
second largest network on all of Bitcoin for example and he basically plugged me
in and I’m making the best money that you can make in mining right now and
they’re expanding their operation so if you need to get your hands on some
equipment, if you want to get into the right money pool and if you want to get
access to the cheap power I can give you that hookup, just head over to my website
and let me show you how it works.

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  1. You just made me like watching your channel THAT much more. I had no idea you liked crypto! Awesome! You’re right, so much potential in this technology.

  2. Kris, one of the main reasons I chose against mining was electricity costs, so instead I’m focusing on investing/trading coin. (C’mon EOS). However, It seems you have some good info on how to reduce that cost. Recently someone from your team reached out to me (about real estate), but I was on the fence on whether I should go the crypto or real estate route so I didn’t follow through with him. If I were to reply to that message, would I be able to communicate on this subject? Also, why did the video get taken down a couple weeks ago? I saw about 2 minutes of Steve talking and then it was gone.

  3. I am really interested in investing in blockchain. Where can I go to find out how to actually do it? Where can I buy the software? I’m from Australia

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