49 thoughts on “Investing in Bitcoin Wisely with Cedric Dahl”

  1. There are other coins that can actually serve as currency, bitcoin is currently just a volatile store of value, not the best use

  2. I didn’t expect this channel to dive into cryptocurrencies, but I like it. I think that your fans will appreciate these types of videos.

  3. Sorry for the poor resolution on the interview guys, had some issues with Skype but hope you find the content still valuable. Let me know your thoughts on Bitcoin and other crypto currency below!

  4. My mind just exploded. What if a band wants to sell an album using WuCoin. Each track is 1 WuCoin. That means you own that Album. It can be copied to mp3 but it’s not the same as owning the official album. What if you can only get in a concert by proving you have a WuCoin. OMG. This could boost record sales.

  5. Epic to see you start doing some Crypto content Ben! My biggest concern as a Tesla lover & Bitcoin lover is the energy consumption/pollution that these cryptocurrencies are causing (especially Bitcoin Core). This needs to be addressed and soon if we want to Cryptoassets to be sustainable on a mass market scale. Am hopeful the crypto-community will figure it out … but still something to watch very closely IMO

  6. At this point in the game, unless you got thousands to put into bitcoin, it’s not worth it. Putting $100 into bitcoin is not going to do anything for example. I have a stake in bitcoin because I believe in the cause and cause I think it will go up in value. Ripple (XRP) is a serious one to look at, in the low dollar range. Lots of great partnerships with Japanese banks for Spring 2018. Loads of utility for Ripple. Tron (TRX) is super interesting, check out the website and white paper, CEO seems awesome, Jack Ma protege.

    Avoid Bitcoin Cash like the plague. It’s a scam and a fraud and Roger Ver is full of s***

  7. I suspect a lot of your Tesla followers may not like this video, but as a subscriber to both of your channels, I loved it. Thanks guys!

  8. awesome video and Cedric really explained it well! would love more of the video's! keep it up and best wishes for 2018+

  9. I think the cryptocurrency community need to solve these main issues before it becomes a utility for the masses.

    1) Energy required to run the mining network
    2) Transaction Fee is too high
    3) Transaction throughput is too low
    4) Easy of use to spend. Tap and Go style.

  10. I still don’t understand what is to prevent someone or something, from developing competing protocols. It seems like once there are multiple protocols, there would then be competition between them and and if you continue to add more protocols, the value would adjust accordingly .

  11. Good public service message. Get a little of the future…
    Also Tesla and Bitcoin are a match made in heaven. I hope they find each other…

  12. Hey I know this is totally unrelated to the vid but I had this burning question without definite answer but
    If I were to lease a Tesla after the 3 year buyout I can also pay out the remaining over a period of time(right???) but I really want to know how long; is it definite or can I elongate or shorten that time

  13. I am currently mining litecoin. I'm thinking of mining litecoin for now but, if bitcoin continues to grow I may trade my litecoin for bitcoin. But, I'll probably stick with litecoin as it easier to earn one litecoin.

  14. I like Cedric. I'm into Bitcoin because I do not trust the government with my money at all. I'm actually more pro government from the people I've met, but I don't trust them at all with money. They have failed us a few times in the past, how can I trust them later? Like a boyfriend. He can cheat on you and still be a nice guy after, but if he cheats on you a second time, well you shouldn't have trusted him after the first.

  15. On messenger chatting with my Greek friends 3 days ago, we live all over the world since the crisis … and i was like we kinda need to put 500 euros in bitcoin just because many many reasons and after talking a wile with a banker friend i end up owning over a thousand cardanos ( ADA ). You need to make an interview with Charles Hoskinson from IOHK ^^
    P.S. the next day i bought etherium and my wife still thinks i am nuts … but it came to a point where i needed to be involved in this i would love to see this experiment fly just as Tesla , spaceX etc
    I mean this freaking "crisis" destroyed our generation, let's do something about it !

  16. Got some serious sea sickness trying to watch this (++ movement independent on both halves of the screens). I'm one of those people who really doesn't get this concept of Bitcoin, etc, but I suspect if I had any residual finances I would like to invest in them anyway … but right now I am considering cancelling my Model 3 reservation as the current exchange rate won't allow me to afford the vehicle. "Sad."

  17. That was a very interesting video. I think Bitcoin has a lot of psychological hurdles to overcome where people are concerned. Most people I know are only interested in Bitcoin because of the potential growth in value and not for using it as a means of exchange. When they talk about Bitcoin they always talk about it relative to the Dollar or Pound. I think it is difficult for something that can fluctuate 40% in a day to be used like traditional money is now used. Anyway I have no idea what will happen but either way it will be interesting to watch.

  18. I really appreciate hearing from the standpoint of someone whose family survived the holocaust in knowing the danger of government being able to cease wealth from its citizens

  19. Informative, but I think you two are missing the big picture. Bitcoin was blockchain's first killer app. Blockchain technology can and will revolutionize everything. Three specific instances come to mind: Cyber Security and IOT. We are in a world moving towards efficiency/automation. Blockchain integrated into a technology stack for a product and/or network could be a game changer from a cyber security perspective. A self-contained system that policies itself with numerous verification checks for actions it performs i.e. blockchains. This could be scaled into products and networks such as cities leveraging autonomous cars. We are just seeing the breakthrough now in financial services. Decentralized currency that is not depending on geopolitical swings, cartels, or government oversight. I’m not sure where it will end up, but the foundation (blockchain) is here to stay.

  20. Confused about your financial disclaimer. Thought Crypto Currencies fall outside any Regulatory framework. Certainly outwith here in the UK. So how can Authorities prosecute? Surely really like people down the pub talking/expressing an opinion anyway. Only with technology discussion/pub – global. Is it not only financial advice if people pay you directly for deemed ( not dammed ) advice acted upon . You are not being paid. So no financial advice? What are your or fellow subscribers thoughts?

  21. This video was frickin’ awesome. Cedric Dahl is really inspiring and in my opinion, the way he speaks makes him seem like an absolute genius. And Ben and I might be related due to our last names xD Great video. Very solid questions.

  22. Bitcoin has lost more than half its value since this was published on December 28, 2017… falling below $8,000 on Friday, January 26, 2018.

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