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– Investing for beginners. What are some of the most
profitable investments that you can make? I get asked this question a lot so today, on the way, we’re actually
going to a dealership to pick up a new car for
my executive director, my right hand man, Desmond Soon. You might have seen him on Facebook, so today he’s going to
pick up a new car, his SQ5. So I want you to join with me and kind of come along for the ride. (upbeat music) Now, to answer your question, what are some of the most
profitable investments that you can make? Now, people ask me that question usually because they don’t
know what to invest in, there’s so much noise in
the marketplace, right? People are talking about Bitcoin, I call that butt-coin, cryptocurrency, or is it the stock
market, is it mutual fund, is it index fund, is it real estate, is it gold, oil, like
what do you invest in? First of all, before we talk about the different types of
investments out there, let me just share with you that the type of investment
that rich people invest in versus the poor and the middle class, are very, very different,
very, very different. When you are, in your income, when you make a certain amount of money, when you become a trade
investor and a credit investor, when you make a certain level of income, there, the investment
world opens up to you. They have many more choices
and many more vehicles. Now sometimes, people might
say that’s very risky, a lot of investments you
have never even heard of, that suddenly, now you can invest in. So, when it comes to investments, before you choose what type of investments you want to invest in, you first have to determine
what kind of investor you are. It is like, it’s like you’re asking me, “What kind of car should I buy?” Well, it depends. Is it used for leisure? Are you using it for business? Are you using it to
drive your family around? If that’s the case, maybe SUV makes sense. If it’s for, like you
like to drive a fast car, maybe a sport car, that makes sense, like a Porsche or a you know, a Ferrari, Lamborghini, whatever it is, little bit more risky, cost more money. Or are you the type of
investor that your age, are you between 30 to 40 years old? Are you between 40 to 50? Because it also depends, as you get older, that you might want investments that more protect the capital. When you are younger, you can go a little bit more aggressive, and say I want growth, right? Growth versus security. That also makes a difference. So, all that take into consideration, that’s why I don’t like
the question where, “Okay, Dan, what should I invest in?” Or “What do you invest in?” Well, what makes sense for me
might not make sense for you. You may not be there yet, or the capital that you have, you may not be ready for
that type of investment, or what I like, okay, I like SUV, doesn’t mean you should drive SUV. I like a sport car, doesn’t mean you should drive a sport car. Even within sport cars, there’s
so many different brands. I like certain type of color
or certain type of engine, I like certain type of interior, does that makes sense? So it all depends. It all actually depends. The problem is, people ask that type of question, they’re looking for an easy answer because most of the time, you haven’t done your due diligence, you haven’t done your research. You don’t know what you should do. You don’t know what you’re interested in. So anything that sounds good, someone on Facebook talking
about cryptocurrency, “Oh, that sounds good, I should do that.” Your friend gives you
a hot tip on the stock, let’s jump into that, right? It’s like you don’t have
a clarity as an investor. So first, you gotta know what
type of investor you are. Are you more for growth? Are you more for capital gain? Are you more for security,
you want dividends? All of that makes a difference. So, I don’t like stocks personally, so I’m not a stock guy,
I’m a real estate guy, but some people, my friends, they do very well for
stocks, good for them. It’s not something I like, I don’t have control over it, I don’t like the fact
that I put in the money, I can’t call the CEO and say, “Hey, I don’t like the way you’re spending this kind of expense.” I can’t control that. But for most people, that’s good, I like control when it comes to investing. I like control in terms of the finance, I like control in terms of
decision, I like businesses, I put money in businesses,
because I have a say. I can dictate, I can have some form of control of where the business could go. I like real estate ’cause
I have control over tax, I have control over the cash flow, I have control over the appreciation, a lot of different things. I can look at these things. It’s slower, it is more stable, it’s always up to, there’s
so many other factors. The second thing you got to consider is are you a capital gain investor or are you a cash flow investor? So I’m a cash flow investor. Capital gain investor, meaning
that you buy something, you are expecting, you buy something at a
certain amount and it goes up, there’s an appreciation, you are making money on
the upside in the spread. That’s perfectly fine. So that’s a capital gain investor. Cash flow investor, on the other hand, we invest in something,
we are looking for that consistent cash flow that
it’ll produce for us. I’m a cash flow investor. So I don’t look at something
and then buy something and invest in something hopefully, okay, I buy it in X, hopefully in six months, a year, two years, five
years, it’ll go up to Y, and I sell that, that’s good, but that’s to me, speculation. Nobody can predict, nobody can be sure and guarantee that’s going to be the upside. So I like cash flow investing
where I invest in something, I know the cash flow, let’s say, ten percent return, okay cool. Ten percent, I know every year, I’m getting ten percent return back, so if it’s ten percent, no changes, it’ll take me ten years
to get all my money back. However, if there are
things that I could do, in terms of the investment,
where I could add value to it, such as a piece of real
estate where you buy, you fix it up, you add
value, put a better tenant, because a commercial real estate, that can increase the value
of the property, of the asset, that makes sense to me. So that’s just my personal preference. Again, this is just me, doesn’t mean that’s what
you should do either. So capital gain versus
cash flow investing. Third thing and the
most important thing is, depends on where the stage you are at, I think, and this is just my opinion, if you are making less
than $250,000 a year, income-wise, the best investment that
you can make is in yourself. Invest in upgrading your skills, invest in upgrading your knowledge, your skillset so your
earning ability is improved. Your earning ability is improved. So let’s say you are a consultant, you are making $250,000 a year, yeah, you can invest in this and that, but to me, you need to make more money so you have more extra cash to invest. So let’s say you’re
making $250,000 a year, and you take program. You learn how to be
able to run a workshop, so now you can serve more people, not just working with
client on one-on-one, but you can work in small groups. And you take that workshop, it costs you $10,000, and you learn that, and now you can offer a workshop, and from the workshop, you
make $50,000 hypothetically. So that $10,000 investment
that you invest in yourself, now produces a return of $50,000. Now, that’s a 500% return. Now my question to you is where can you get that kind of return? In any investments, you cannot. So when in doubt, when
your income is not there, instead of trying to throw
money at something where, “hopefully I’ll get rich through that,” or whatever it is, and
you jump on the bandwagon, and why not invest in yourself, upgrading your skills because that $10,000 you
invest, you made $50,000. That’s okay because that
skill stays with you. You can do that over
again and again and again and you can make money
for the rest of your life. You can’t go wrong when
you invest in yourself. So when it comes to investing
in my own education, like going to workshop,
attending programs, hiring people, hiring consultants, learning from advisors,
I’m never, never cheap. I’m very generous, I’m willing to invest in
that, and I always invest. And you keep investing, and that’s the difference. So the most profitable investment I believe that you can make at any age, invest in yourself. Once you have done that
your income has increased, then invest in your business, invest in your marketing, acquire those customers. If you spend, on Facebook, if I spend, every dollar I spend
if I get three dollars and five dollars back into a customer, every dollar I put in I make two, three, five dollars back, again, that’s hundred percent of return. You cannot get that from an investment, from a passive investment, but you could get that from your business, stuff that you can control. So I think you should get to that point where you are making
yourself a lot of money, let’s say, 250, six-figure. Your business is making
you a lot of money, so pays for your overhead, your expense, plus you have extra
cash flow, extra profit, now you take that money, now you invest in some type of investment. That’s what I believe in. So there you go, may not be the answer you’re looking for, but really do your research. Only invest in something you understand. Don’t let greed control you,
don’t let greed take over. Don’t feel like you’re missing out, you’re not missing out on anything ’cause there’s always another deal, there’s always another investment. So plenty of opportunities. Invest in something you understand, invest in yourself, you
can’t go wrong with that. – Oh wow – Wow – Holy smokes (laughing) Holy smokes, this is
like a space facility. Like NASA or something. – And here is your new car – Thank you, thank you (laughing) – Here’s the key – Thank you very much you’re kidding, holy shit. – You work hard, that’s for Desmond who’s been with me almost three years now, right? – Yes
– My right hand guy he’s been through a lot, and one of the dreams he told me was to get a new car for your dad – My dad – And he’s worked very, very hard, and this, he deserves
this, truly deserved it. – Thank you (laughing) – I love it, I love it, it’s
white, and the red brakes. – Oh – Oh look at the light, this is awesome Oh, god. Oh, wow wow (laughing) Yes! This is very sexy, it’s
very sporty, very sexy. Thank you so much, man,
thank you very much. When Dan makes a promise, he
keeps it, thank you very much. (starting car engine) Yeah, listen to that engine. (laughing) – One of the first things I want to do, like this weekend I’m going
to stay at my parents’ house. And I’ll let him go for a drive. – That’s nice, very nice – Touch it, feel it, smell it (chill music)

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