23 thoughts on “Invest in BITCOIN, Samsung to Add CRYPTO Payments, Bank Launches Ripple Transfers – Crypto News”

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  3. Is it safe to buy BTC on Robinhood?? Im new to investing and wanna get some BTC. If not can someone help me out on what to do and what not to do??

  4. HOWDOO is going to be the main hub of all social media platforms. It's going to be awesome giving us the users total control of our data and monetize our content so that WE actually make the money we should.

  5. How can one not like what M.N. says. He gives us our "Hopeium" fix!!! Which, by the way, is well-deserved today.

  6. Gold does not depend on a developer team with Asbergers nor electricity and internet. Moreover you can't wear it.

  7. Hi, can you make a video on safety? Where are we going to keep out btc when it is worth 100k or more? Now banks take care of the security. Are we going to have safes and vaults at home? If you memorize your seed somebody could simply torture you until you reveal it?

  8. Most undervalued Coin AGI !
    – Only AI marketplace with no competitors
    – AI's can network with each other via the platform.
    – 17 trillion market by 2030
    – AGI developers rank among the best AI developers in the world
    – Developer of Hanson Robotics and 200 other team members
    – Project already founded in 2008
    – Over 20 partnerships among others with Pingan (largest insurer in the world)
    – Promotion of AI startups via SingularityNET (similar to Binance Labs)
    – Hiring AI Developers via the Platform
    – Running Beta
    – Listed by Binance for free (without community voting)
    – Github No. 14 of the Cryptocurrencies with the most progress and publications

  9. In my honest opinion samsung will add cryptocurrency payment to its Pay app , Once everyone is in and Ripple enters negotiations and makes deals with who they see fit, well the rest will be history. It's funny when people compare XRP to a penny stock because USUALLY penny stocks are just smoke and mirrors. Well, when is comes to Ripple/XRP, there are live videos of the CEO of Ripple actually going to events and promoting XRP with IMF chairmen, etc.Thanks mainly to the good time, my initial investment was multiplied by 50. In two months. After getting in touch with WALTER AARAV, an expert in cryptography, who showed me how to use his program to make transactions and got 12btc in 2 months of operations with him, if you are looking for a way to increase your portfolio or investment, he reaches WALTER Via Email / hangouts in WALTERTRADIN10 @yahoo. COM * and thanks to me later**

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