Invest in Bitcoin ONLY? – Or Diversify? – My Thoughts

sometimes I think I could be considered contrarian in my opinions sometimes I could consider myself is mainstream opinion maker sometimes well most of the time I just talk out of my ass at least I'm honest guys what's up crypto nation is beta weight too centralized TV where we read stuff together and I give you my emerging thought process as I come out of my butt oh this one's from news bTW see you guys coming out of my butt executive locks room executive says diversification may have thoroughly wrecked your crypto portfolio you a contrarian idea most people say that diversification is key I for one believe that diversification has to be not has to be diversification is the best way to secure your crypto portfolio but you can't just do that you also have to have two things that I preach to the crypto nation in our discord and our patrons on patreon account less pub the two things that I constantly preach is well diversification is obvious but the first is you have to dollar cost average don't be throwing money all around to ask a me I SEOs dollar cost average in and number two as you guys well know you guys can attest to discipline disciplined investing not FOMO investing not emotional investing and so I believe in diversification though this guy has a contrarian view says diversification may have thoroughly wrecked your crypto portfolio I'm interested never keep your eggs in one basket might be the statement you hear from time and time again from the capital market traders analysts and advisers alike while this investment thesis may be applicable of traditional markets some believe that it's that first suffocation tactic it's not applicable in crypto markets no you guys know some of you guys have seen in the past that more than 90% of my hauntings are in Bitcoin so I'm not necessarily diversified but I think it's important to diversify to learn about the market and diversify with dollar cost averaging and discipline guys as reported by news BTC Roger Vere recently made an appearance on CNBC's fast money 7 to discuss his outlook on the market while much of this was his time on air was filled with Bitcoin cash related discussion go figure CNBC viewers likely focused on his comment regarding diversification which as follows I hold more beet coin cash than anything else but I have some either some Z casts of Z coin – manera and still hold BTC as well so a little bit of everything is a good idea including a bit of ripple ripple nipple and stellar diversified diversified diversify is the name of the game hmm well although a diversified diversify diversify may sound like a no-brainer for any seasoned investor Sampson Mao that chief strategy officer at block stream begs to differ now who has often critical of ears belief and statements brought up his talk he made about about at South Korea's black Festa conference to rebut the Bitcoin cash proponent sentiment on diversification diversify diversify diversify that's the worst advice possible because crypto currencies are highly correlated correlated to what correlated to each other you have to give us context here because in my experience in the cryptocurrency community cryptocurrencies are probably one of the biggest non-correlated assets in the world meaning they don't follow the natural order of things they don't follow the stock market they don't follow the ups and downs of political nonsense I don't know if I agree with you mr. Mao and my first block fest a talk I showed how diversified portfolios perform over a year if you just bought BTC you'd be up forty percent fifty four percent but losses increase as you diversify I mean I get that and I've talked about that I've preached that before that Bitcoin really is your golden standard I mean guys for those of you guys who've been around with me for a long time you guys know what's the golden ticket what's the golden ticket what's your what's your spaceship Space Shuttle tuck the ticket it's one BTC got to get that the block stream executive first noted that diversified diversified diversify is the worst advice possible noting the price action of martin majority of crypto currencies is highly correlated when i explicitly stated now is essentially leaving the fact that bitcoin which has historically been at the forefront of crypto should be the sole focus of any portfolio i would agree with that backing this claim the beat corn proponent pointed out if you bought only BTC one year ago you'd be up fifty four percent but if you diversified in the top 16 crypto assets you would be down by 21 percent well as a firm mentioned Chris hila the short-term scenario one year he also added the focus on beat coin may be beneficial in the long run as well I would completely agree with that cha-ching cha-ching now noted that if you bought anything other than BTC and LTC to hold back in 2013 you'd be thoroughly wrecked a majority of 2013's top 20 crypto assets have all but faded out of existence with newer projects like a TDM manera in the eos housing name point peercoin and feathercoin which have all used all used to be the cream of the crop back in their heyday not only are these little-known projects faded from public memory but some have totally been abandoned where their token value is dropping off the face of the earth now seems to be convinced that this time a current be convinced that this same occurrence will happen in today's market speculative that a majority of all coins are posed to see hefty losses over the long term I can agree however some were not convinced by Mao's arguments with skeptics pointing out his allegiance to Bitcoin Maximus thought process which was evidently skewed is opinion the long-term prospects of all coins others noted that his investment method may work in a bear market but in a bull market diversification may actually be key as a market Rand in 2017 Bitcoin dominance fell below 80% for the first time ever lean all coin Maximus to believe that bitcoins time is a crypto marnik and fully elapsed yeah you don't hear that too much anymore do you guys the FOMO is real the foot is real regardless there did seem to be a common thread of agreement between those on both sides which was that of taking CNBC fast ponies crypto advice to heart maybe the fastest way to lose money that's right whenever CNBC tells you something you should probably do the opposite seems like this article was a little wishy-washy and what I mean by that is while I agree or at least there's some sentiment to agree that bitcoin is the mothership which you should primarily be invested in there's seasonality there's seasons there's ups and downs there's bull markets there's bear markets and you can fare well in the altcoins and either one if you play it smart so I would agree that bitcoin is your should be your primary huddling but that doesn't mean that all coins are worthless old coins in my opinion and many you guys already know this all coins for me is an opportunity to see the advancements of nascent technology new innovations new ideas and should never take a truly Bitcoin maximalist stance I think it's ignorant I think it's ignorant if you guys watched my inner with tone vase if you watch my interview with Tony vase you would see my opinion very clearly stated to him he's a Bitcoin Maximus he think as all all coins are shite coins I completely disagree I think all coins are a perfect perfect proving ground for innovation and new ways of checking out figuring out how cryptocurrency should play and how cryptocurrency should work I think all coins have certainly in their place maybe not in the money-making game but in the innovation game let me know your thoughts in the Bitcoin dot pub diversify diversify diversify or should you just be huddling that beat coin

50 thoughts on “Invest in Bitcoin ONLY? – Or Diversify? – My Thoughts”

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  3. Make sure you understand the technical fundamentals of how Bitcoin works. Do you agree with the BTC roadmap? Do you know about the mempool and the blocksize debate?

    The problem I see is that it's like we are all debating about the best shoe for hiking when none of us has ever stepped on land. You can make good / scientific arguments for bare-feet / high-heels / slippers / boots / running shoes being the best for hiking – but once you start hiking, you will know the best shoe immediately without needing to be convinced. We are at the argument stage. With crypto usage being so low in the world, ANY coin can currently handle the load and function. But once usage goes up, the number of viable coins drastically drops and all the scientific explanations will do little good. I personally believe that BTC's roadmap of focusing on off-chain scaling is fundamentally flawed, specially because the Lightning offering is so impossibly difficult and technical to use for your average user. I definitely would invest in BTC and please do get that 1 BTC – but I think coins with a different roadmap will win the future.

  4. Bitcoin is the real estate on the island. Alt coins are the buildings, and structures being built on said island. Do you own one of those 21 million lots? On your private wallet, you may want to buy another lot, or see about some of those buildings. Each of those buildings are being built on lots, but not every contractor, and builder are the same. Caveat emptor, buyer beware!

  5. I'm diversified. Bitcoin, a paid off house, 401k, pension, vehicles paid off, and a big ammo box full of silver.

  6. In my opinion if you are a day trader in cryptocurrency then it's a market for playing and gambling. As a Hodler I'm investing in cryptocurrency that is currently the only business utility which is XRP. This cryptocurrency is backed by Ripple and other big businesses. Therefore, currently I am not diversifying. How can you invest in Bitcoin where almost 80% of the miners are in China? Its price will always be volatile from forks. Mined coins are not scalable and expensive for micro transactions. XRP will be # 1 others may follow.

  7. Here is the thing, Ethereum used to be $1200 and is now $106. BTC was 20k max and is $3800 now. Ethereum is easily going to be 12x more in the future if the price only gets where it was. BTC 6x if it gets to where it was. ETH might be a good safety basket.

  8. Simply holding Bitcoin is diversification, if you've been holding Bitcoin since last year you'd have BCH, BSV, BTG, BCD, BTCP, and all forks going into the future.

  9. I was just hodling the bitcoin and it auto diversified.? I don't even know how many shitcoins I have anymore.
    Automatic for the people. ???‍?

  10. Buy alt coins that are under $1. When the market rallies you can easily have hundreds and thousands. Bat, xrp are a couple that should make big gains along with bitcoin

  11. They're taking about cryptocurrency correlated to Bitcoin. When Bitcoin drop, the price of the other cryptocurrency drop as well.

  12. Anyone who thinks you can't make money out of altcoins is crazy. Many have and many will again. When BTC runs they will run and likely in higher multiples.

  13. BTC is already past most middle class Americans' budget at $4,212.59. So the only way to get the "Bitcoin effect" is to go into much less expensive altcoins: LTC @ $34.55, DGB @ $0.013320, XMR @ $60.05, etc and wait for the next bull run.

  14. MC increase, BTC increase, alt coins increase crazy. MC decrease, BTC decrease, alt coins decrease crazy. MC sideways, BTC and alts see-saw. Alts have correlation with BTC.

  15. Of course you should buy different colored tulips, even though they will all collapse. Hodl and live in your parents basement.

  16. Diversity is best after doing your due diligence on researching crytos that have a use case. Imo stick with the ones with the largest market cap. There are reasons why the are on top.

  17. I Hodl only the best, the one and only EOS! Then BCH and BSV last on the list the ultimate crap coin everyone loves so much BTC.

  18. Your funny. These guys got this idea from Warren Buffet or someone like this i saw it recently in an article… I forget. But these guys(billionaires) have access to
    inside information obviously (which they can afford) the regular joe doesnt have. Arent mutual funds and indexes a form of diversification ? But i would like you to talk more about dollar cost averaging. Keep the jokes coming :/ By the way Im the one that coined "pimpple" look it up.

  19. Altcoins are also a really good way of increasing your bitcoin holdings, because you can always sell them back into BTC ?

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