For a time now we’ve all heard about Cryptocurrencies and the good investment opportunity they are. But at the moment of thruth we all ask ourselves the same: Is investing in Cryptocurrency safe? Stay tunned and I’ll tell you about the risks of investing in Cryptocurrency. First things first, we have to make something clear, either investing in the Stock Market, FOREX or Cryptocurrency, nobody can guarantee your investment. There’s no such thing as a risk free investment. First we have to aknowledge that Cryotocurrency platforms have no surveilance from any authority, which it can lead to failures that can make the investors lose their investments. It also happens that in a lot of countries they don’t know how Cryotocurrencies are regulated, or ig they’re regulated at all, which it can lead to a lot of investors, without knowing it, committing financial fraud crimes. And for the same, since they don’t have any statal backup, nobody will be able to explain to you why did you lose the money , either being a fraud, lost of its own value or by human error… nobody will be able to tell you why. Besides, you have to look very carefully to do not fall for the pyramid scams, since its happening a lot in the Cryptocurrency field. To avoid this kind of faud you have to know that the Cryptocurrency doesn’t work on a multilevel kind of way, since it’s based on an offer and demand open market. My advice is that, if you’re thinking to invest in Cryptocurrency, do it in a way that you’re the owner of the currency, that you can buy it or sell it whenever you want. That’s why you shouldn’t let yourself go by promises of ensured rentability; if you hear something like “5% of guaranteed yield risk free” you’re in front of a fraud. That’s because no real or digital asset has a guaranteed yield. Search and compare similar investments and if you see that the difference among them is huge, mistrust. Oh! And if you hear the keyword “recruit”, you’re in front of a pyramid scam. And furthermore, do not let yourself seduce with paraphernalia: conferences in luxurious hotels, famous guests, multi millionaire investors… all of that are marketing strategies to convince the unconvinced. Yeah, the Cryptocurrency world is a world of opportunity. Because of that we have to know how to identify the opportunists and avoid them. And that’s all for today folks! If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can email me at my address on the screen. My name is Adrià Muñoz, and that’s the Entrepreneur’s Vlog.

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