Introduction to the minerstat dashboard

In this video, I will show you how to register
an account on minerstat and introduce the major sections
of minerstat dashboard. First, you will have to create a new account,
which you can do from Enter your email address and after you have read the terms and privacy,
go ahead and check the agreement box. Now click [Create account] button to complete
the registration and login to the minerstat dashboard. We’ll send you an email, so you can confirm
your newly created account. The email will also include your unique access key,
which you shouldn’t share with anyone as you will be using it to identify your account
across all minerstat products. Once you are logged in, you will be welcomed
by an introduction screen and a quick walk-through to adding a new worker. I will skip it for now and show you what else
you can find on the dashboard. In the top right corner, you can find your
access key and email, which are hidden until you hover over the header. This will prevent you from accidentally showing
your access key when sharing a screenshot. By clicking on this area, a menu will open
with the links to the user-related settings, which I will introduce in the following videos. On the top left side, you can find a short
account summary with the number of available workers and plan expiration date. You don’t have to upgrade just yet, but some parts of the dashboard
won’t be available in the free plan. Below the plan summary, you can find a menu,
which is divided into six groups with different tools. Under general, there is a dashboard which
will display your mining and market summary. Under management, there is everything you will need for managing and monitoring of your mining operation. Workers list with all the details. Control room to organize your workers. Address editor to save your
pools and wallets addresses. ClockTune for overclocking. And worker config and templates
for mining configuration. Under analytics, there are diagnostic, 24h
logs, and different statistics, which will help you with more detailed monitoring. Under automation, there are profit switch,
benchmark, alerts, triggers, and scheduler. Under finance, you can set up balance monitoring
on some of the pools you are mining to, exchanges, and wallets. You can also explore the mining calculator,
market cap, and a list of hundreds of mineable coins. Other advanced features such as custom clients
and AMD Memory Tweak can be found under tools. At the bottom of the page, you can find different
minerstat related links, including the links to the changelog and service status. So this was a quick overview of the major
sections of minerstat dashboard. Don’t forget to check the confirmation email
and confirm your account so you will be able to explore the dashboard
in more detail.

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