18 thoughts on “Introduction to Blockchain – I (Basics)”

  1. I have completed many courses in Coursera and usually the transcript of the lecture is available and I found it to be very useful for review. Some course also provide slides (Here I am creating my own slides by takings screenshots. If slides are provided, it will save lots of toime

  2. Sir, could you improve the quality of lecture to 1080p or at least 720p? This resolution is a little blurry

  3. Thanks for basic concepts, useful and quality knowledge of the blockchain technology. #Week1 #Lecture1

  4. Looking forward to complete this course and to gain knowledge and skills related to blockchain technology. A big thanks for making this course available.

  5. And one request is that do include subtitles if possible, it's not necessary but it'll be handy for us to understand things in much better manner.

  6. It would be really helpful if you can add timestamps for all the topics, in the description. Would make it a lot easier to navigate around.

  7. It would be great if a sequential playlist could be created by channel admin containing all the videos specific to the course for quick and easy access.

  8. Sir, in this playlist,kindly change PRIVATE videos to PUBLIC videos,else, we will NOT be able to see all videos. PLZ HELP IMMEDIATELY

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