Introducing XRP to US in NYtimes Article – Here’s Some Cryptocurrency. Now Please Use It

hello hey yo how's it going welcome back to another moment for us to discuss the possible opportunities and bales of cryptocurrency that's right cryptocurrency here's some crypto now please use it this is an article that came out in the New York Times yesterday and it was sent to me by my boy mr. Miyagi he's hot he's emotional upstream that's right and I'm gonna give you give you a little run-through on this article it really kind of summarizes what we discussed this morning in our live stream talking about the focus of the of the general public really not even seeing the potential of crypto yet now if we could just use it we might see a faster adoption here we are looking at the here's some crypto now please use it roll the intro [Applause] well we got to do the other thing too this thing I'm not a financial adviser I'm not fiduciary and I'm not offering financial advice look at information we're reviewing it with you all so before we get started go ahead and click that subscribe button and hit that like button to share support to our channel put that cell to get notifications for whatever I post videos next boom that's right I know it's like 2 videos you have to watch back-to-back it's rough looking at this article I think it's important we have already covered the Ashton Kutcher giveaway on Ellen DeGeneres and we can see how ripple labs does a lot with their PR they know how to work the PR if you know what I'm saying but in reality what does this mean what's happening with crypto currencies in general XRP and what can we see from this New York Times article if we read between the lines let's take a look so January 1st it came out yesterday San Francisco you may have seen the actor and part time tech investor Ashton Kutcher present 4 million worth of digital coins called XRP Ellen DeGeneres's favorite charity on her talk show or maybe you saw Stephen Colbert announced twenty nine million dollar donation of XRP to school teachers on his late-night show we did cover the Ellen giveaway but we did not really see the stupid Stephen Colbert announcement 29 million donation of XRP to school teachers Ripple a San Francisco company that's rolling in money thanks to the last year's run-up in crypto was behind the giveaways so potentially people are you know I talked to the guy this morning if you watch my live stream you know I'm talking about he said I hate XRP because ripple labs hold 60% of them well if they didn't hold a chunk of XRP they wouldn't be able to give them away are they be giving away their personal holdings I think this is a smart in a sense for them to keep this store of XRP in escrow to kind of temper the markets give some type of possible fund for them to pull from for PR and then also looking at the reality of that also being paradoxically why people are saying XRP could be a security as ripple labs is continually promoting them so uh yeah I don't really know I don't know how to call that other just wait for the big boys to make the decision again you know me I don't think X our piece of security I know Susie always says Susie says I know Susie always says no it is and we're just waiting to find out it was quietly become one of the most valuable startups in the last decade thanks to the value of the XRP token the digital token its founders created six years ago now comes the hard part persuading people to use XRP for something other than speculative trading now it's a this is the reality this is where we are basically right now this is the market the in a nutshell it's an issue facing most of the still young cryptocurrency industry digital tokens like Bitcoin and its many imitators they call XRP an imitator we're designed to make electronic transactions of all sorts easier but today almost no transactions are happening other than on virtual currency exchanges where people bet on their price despite a dramatic drop in the value of Kryptos this year Ripple still owns 30 billion worth of XRP and the company wants to get some of these digital tokens into the hands of potential users now in addition to doing the on-air gifts and the private concert by the rapper Snoopy dog the current for the currencies fans wait I wasn't there I'm a fan Ripple created a 300 million dollar fund that will pay companies to begin using XRP for its intended purpose easing the transfer of money across international borders ripple recently announced another program called X spring that will pay developers to build XRP focused software it's really really really early days but we are seeing the vision come to life said our rush Birla the head of the products at ripple I need to make sure it's in the hands of the right folks but few cryptocurrency projects have evolved to the point where anyone's using the tokens for anything other than a speculative investment vehicle now one industry investor Spencer Bogart coined a term for these businesses cash flush business light many people who bought the digital tokens created by the project's did so in the belief they will one day be useful for real transactions of some sort if the project wants to keep those investors from selling the projects had to convince them the tokens will have some long-term value a company known as block one for example raised four billion dollars from investors before it even had functioning software now it's using some of the billions it's raised to create investment funds that will encourage developers to work on making its cryptocurrency Eos useful but no project is sitting on more money than Ripple because of the unusual structure of the XRP cryptocurrency Bitcoin and most other well-known crypto currencies are slowly created over time and given away to computers on the network with no company or authority in charge in contrast most XRP tokens about 60% are held by Ripple in January the value of an XRP token briefly rose above $3 making the co-founder the company Chris Larson wealthier than Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for a short period of time and ripple worth more than most banks in the world since then the value of XRP has dropped about 80% but investors have kept the price around $0.50 and the value of the company's holdings of XRP around 30 billion more than the valuation of wework or spacex that's big that's really big actually so here they show Chris Larson the co-founder and chief executive of ripple he was the CEO of ripple until he handed that position over to Brad Garlin house in January the value of the token of XRP created by his firm briefly rose above $3 making mr. Larson wealthier than Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg since then the value of XRP has dropped about 80% now the company's business model has drawn in big-name investors including mr. Kutcher's venture capital firms sound Ventures which helps explain his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show even the michael meadow total Michi weekend oh my god he got off plus though he'd probably bought a lot at $3 and he knows PR is big so he's tapenade on Ellen DeGeneres maybe he bought it 30 cents maybe he bought it 2 cents I don't know I'm just I'm just kind of ruffle your feathers don't worry Ripple's enormous Holdings come with significant risk the biggest legal concern facing mini cryptocurrency projects is regulators in the United States categorizing their tokens as investment contracts or securities if projects like x RP and e OS get the security label they will be subject to restrictions on trading and movement making it less likely that people use the tokens for their intended purposes so I know people always like Suzy says um and I like Suzy she takes a good amount of time to put a lot of information out there but I think she's wrong about this 1xrp being a security would not be good for it I know she says it would but it wouldn't if and credit investor wants to buy it right now they could still buy it right now as an unlicensed security because that's their right as an accredited investor so I'm not supporting that plan XRP does not need to be a security to do anything top official with the Security and Exchange Commission said in a speech this month that one of the biggest factors in determining whether a token is security is the role a central organizer plays in promoting the coin and increasing its value especially if the central organizer holds significant amounts of the tokens so here we can see this is where it gets into dangerous waters into muddy waters now Ripple's executives has said they are confident XRP is not a security because XRP could still be used even if the company disappeared the company hired Mary Jo white who was actually the chairman of the SEC from 2013 to 2017 to defend against the lawsuits from disgruntled XRP investors who claimed the company misled them the situation is something of a catch-22 for ripple its efforts to promote XRP could demonstrate how reliant XRP is on ripple centralized control of a cryptocurrency is the central element to the SCC's test of whether these tokens are securities said lawson baker a lawyer and venture capitalist and cryptocurrency industry any time you're putting XRP to work to defend it or buy goodwill you're going to hurt your case that you aren't a security if regulators don't label XRP of security the focus will return to what kind of traction the cryptocurrency can get in the real world ripple has advertised the success it had with software called X Current which helps banks move money between international accounts more quickly than existing alternatives but X current doesn't rely on XRP so who would take a risk on using xrp mr. Birla Ripple's head of product is betting the companies to use X RP will be remittance and money transfer companies that have to pay banks to move money for them x RP comes with few of the fees that banks charge and while banks systems closed on nights and weekends the digital tokens on the extra feed ledger can be accessed at any time ripple announced this year that several big money transfer companies including Western Union and MoneyGram were doing pilot programs with XRP the chief executive of Western Union said last month that its first few transactions with XRP had not shown any noticeable benefits over the company's existing system but the company would continue trying it out currencies Direct is among a handful of smaller companies who also try to XRP the british outfit moved money between the united states and mexico and found XRP on par or slightly cheaper than its existing method the company chief Prout officer said currencies direct isn't planning to integrate XRP into its business right now because ripple does not yet serve most of the countries where his company works there aren't any markets where we need them to be yet said mr. Harris it's a wait-and-see game as to how much they're gonna build out that Network alright so we've come to the end of this article that's it there's nothing else in the article but what's between the lines what did we not read what do we not see we didn't see them mention a single other cryptocurrency other than X R P so we basically have a New York Times article basically doing a breakdown of X R P who reads the New York Times you know what audience reads the New York Times what are they aiming for here we have a New York Times article called here's some cryptocurrency now please use it the entire article is about x RP the entire article is about x RP and where it is right now in this terminal to a international marketplace of possible regulations and possible use cases i made a tweet yesterday in response to some people on twitter that are big and XRP and they I think they shout out ban me i think they block me from the conversation and which means that they don't take me seriously made up comment that said you know most everyone bases their value of x RP on x rapid most everyone bases their value on x rapid what about microtransactions possible in coil what out the utility of XRP ledger with koteas this whole article read between the lines it's a little XRP breakdown in the New York Times talking about well what if this and this and you can see that a lot of people you know iOS pull a four billion dollar ICO before they even had software so you can understand why companies like Apollo thought like should we do it to like shoot why not right go for it cos probably had left had nothing built out equally to Apollo but Apollo just it looks kami they didn't have their team set up they didn't have a transparency set up it looks scammy it became scammy now it's a scam gos pretty much the same thing except for they were public transparent and they actually are trying to pay people the money they made to make this project work interestingly though them talking about x RP or a OS being called a security what that would mean for taking it away from the positions of its use in the bank network they go back and forth the idea that x RP is not a security that is a security they kind of play with this ideas they talk about how i talk about that the weighing factors you know like what is the the where the weighing factors of if or it's not a security or not the security label the fact that x ripple labs holds sixty percent of the tokens there's a lot of possibilities for what could happen here x RP could continually give away these tokens and just say like look we're not giving away to benefit us we're giving away a benefit mankind the humanistic qualities of x RP and the humanistic qualities of crypto so they could easily also maybe gift the 60 billion x RP to a new world bank a new central bank in a sense and that could be like their stores that they get that could be a gift to the world to integrate the phoenix as we call it in the if you watch the video from yesterday the one-world currency take over again this idea isn't necessarily that XR p would become the one even though that's the idea that video it's really more looking at like XR p becoming a global standard or a global standard for crypto or a global standard for money and what that would mean for other projects that could come with it and interact with their block chain with the ILP the interglacial protocol so honestly you know what they're talking about where they're saying like cryptocurrency is not being used by the time it hits some of the price points we want it to hit it'll be used by everyone but they won't even know it you know like you're sending someone money on PayPal you don't even know it's running over the inter ledger protocol rail the International payment rail that they've set up so when you know like here's some cryptocurrency now use it it's kind of it's it's a great article title and it's real because we're looking at who's gonna use these systems who's gonna build out like that next killer app that's what I was talking about the guy this morning there's no killer apps there's no killer programs there's nothing really pulling in consumers to interact and play with applications on top of a ledger there's an opportunity to drive a lot of velocity a lot of demand and a lot of volume across XRP you we are just at the starting line I also said you know look I think we've taken the first few steps of a marathon but what I can also say is we've crossed the starting line of that marathon and really no other companies in this space have so when is that happen what are we looking for there and the fact that New York Times spent all this time literally just breaking down XRP means that I can kind of say I think I know who they're backing I can say I think I know who New York Times is taking a long position on and it seems like XRP you know weighing into the possibilities of this article that they literally just go through XRP the whole article and talk about its potential moving forward and look at the executives saying it's not a security and potentially they're still not letting people say it's not security they're not clarifying that so there's a little bit of a gray area I think they're milking the gray area they're milking the gray area which means that they know there's a little bit of confusion here they know potentially some people won't get in long as that gray area stays there and so they're milking it to the point of maybe even waiting until after the g20 summit to find out what does this mean for the world where is that allocation of power going to go who gets to run it this is exciting stuff honestly and mr. miyagi Senate's article we chatted about it for a minute just the fact that this article years from cryptocurrency is on new york times is big but also just the entire feature it's like a subtle push for XRP a subtle promotion of XRP you got XRP being supported by ashton kutcher with his venture capital fund sound investments basically kind of giving the people the bread crumbs or the trail they need to arrive at the ha what is XRP what is the potential of me investing in it i think that's a no mistake i don't think they did that on accident i think that was purposely done new york times dropping in some information on July 1st that's right beginning of halfway through the years they're kind of letting people start to grasp XRP and what that means to comparison to Bitcoin so again there for a moment here they call the hard part persuading people to use XRP for something other than speculative trading we see the killer app coming out for it could we see potential like koteas or coil the smart contracts the cody smart contracts and coil micro transactions what if we launched the next world of warcraft on top of micro transaction payment rails for XRP I mean this is a lot of stuff that's potentially just possibilities of the future possibilities of these tokens and looking at look at this article reading between the lines oh just a whole article about XRP wholly easing them in they're not trying to like blast I'm not trying to yell XRP on their faces because people people shy away from that sometimes it's like two months like whoa whoa so giving them the potential giving people the potential to think oh I'm gonna put this information together myself huh oh investment venture capitalists are looking at these as investments hmm is it a security I might watch it I might watch this and see what happens so big exciting things reading between the lines for the New York Times article that just legally talks about XRP the whole time introducing it it's this is a narrative that we need to introduce to the public and it takes takes time it takes takes patience and looking at the giveaways they're doing and what will happen with it being declared a security or not I can't imagine it being declared a security long-term even if the United States government tried to declare it a security that would only be inside the states that would be detrimental to the States because XRP would just be like well okay we're gonna go to China and like we'll figure it out you guys have fun in like the Dark Age Dark Ages or whatever so I could see that there be it there's a negotiation process here possibly that we'll end up with a new central bank being gifted billions of XRP I don't take my word for it I'm just looking at information and trying to pull it all together there's a lot of straws loose straws there's a lot of loose strands and and individual strings to pull on so grab a string and start pulling and let me know what you find as always you can send stuff to me through my Twitter or through my subreddit forward slash kung-fu nerd and let me know what you guys think I'm excited about this this article in The New York Times and it's pretty big news pretty big things for crypto in general crypto currencies here is some now can you use it thanks for tuning in and watching this video I appreciate you guys for checking it out if you haven't ready to click that subscribe button click that like button give me a thumbs up show you support and I will see you guys tomorrow a.m. and 11:00 11:00 a.m. Standard Central Time also check out the co e is how to build launch codes alright thanks Cheers farewell have a great day I'll see you next time [Applause]

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  1. I'm deep into XRP since last year. I know it isn't a security (like how an iphone isn't an Apple security), but just the thought of the SEC making an idiotic decision even has me a tad bit worried.

  2. I encourage you to research how evil the concept of a "One World Government" is. You are pumping a coin that wealthy elitists are trying to fool the masses with. Don't you realize that XRP is CENTRALIZED? Do you really want your every purchase to be identifiable on a One World Centralized payment system? What if you have a belief or opinion (especially political, or religious), that the Centralized World Currency controllers don't like?? They can make your life miserable and cut off the ability for you to purchase even basic living needs. Don't sell your your freedom just to become a millionaire. There are tons of cheap cryptocurrencies that are DECENTRALIZED, good projects that will just as easily make you a millionaire. Support and pump those. Hollywood is full of pedophiles. When Hollywood begins to promote something, I run the other way.

  3. It's still unclear whether xRapid is "live" or not. I think it's slowing being phased in. I believe 1-3 remittance companies are using xRapid for settlements.
    • Mercury FX (Pilot Complete: Entering Production)
    • Cuallix (Pilot Complete: Entering Production) 
    • Viamericas (Pilot Complete: Entering Production) 

    We got a positive feedback from Mercury FX. With more positive feedback, I would expect more remittance cos to come online using xRapid.

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  5. XRP wasn"t donated/gifted, please correct yourself. It was USD to RWF using the Santander FX Pay app(Xrapid). Was a demonstration. Thanks, keep up the good work.

  6. WU only did a 10 transaction "test" which is statistically insignificant (invalid <0.05) compared to the millions of transactions they do each day.

  7. Not January 1st (at 2:02)….but July 1st (just saying). I had to double check on the published date of this vid for a second….

  8. Noboby has more of a vested interest in the price of XRP rising than Ripple.

    I trust it because of their partnerships and because of the amount of XRP they hold. We're all in this together.

  9. i like your perspective, but your editing is very distracting (bad timing, unfitting/inappropriate) and undermines the information you're attempting to communicate, imo.

  10. I think Susie is making it clear that her opinion is based purely on financial rules.

    Xrp won't be a security, but they'll pull and bend those rules to make it so.

  11. APOLLO is not a scam They have seven confirmed exchanges they have two telegram groups with the most users in crypto They have a partnership before the launch on exchanges July 6

  12. keep up the good work mate. In 3 – 5 years you Will Give lectures about succes of XRPhoenix and I Will be there! (Y)

  13. Why don't you take a break and regroup your self . You losing the point Kong fu nerd. Most of the cryptocurrency have used case. And some already been in use on practice.

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