Introducing the GBX ecosystem – The Crypto Harbour

touken sales have boomed raising over 3.7 billion US dollars in 2017 alone however regulatory uncertainty is left room for exploitation resulting in a storm of global warnings and bans now picture a platform capable of safeguarding the authenticity of listed tokens boosting confidence and stability for all participants these are the ideals of the Gibraltar blockchain exchange gbx the crypto Harbor and we are on a mission to launch the world's first institutional great oak and sail platform and cryptocurrency exchange as a subsidiary of the EU regulated Gibraltar Stock Exchange GSX gbx can draw on GS X's capital markets experience and exemplify best practices for token launches and listings for the first time a cryptocurrency exchange will seek to adopt the governance of a regulated stock exchange and operate under regulatory framework provided by the Gibraltar Government's distributed ledger technology regulations bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology beginning with a gbx governance model to drive thought leadership and community consensus for a rules-based system gbx intends to unite the crypto community's best through the gbx alliance at its core would reside the alliance council an elected committee that recommends codes of conduct for token listing and criteria for sponsor firms proven experts integral to the listing process using first in-class principles of GSX gbx will implement a similar protocol to uphold the quality and integrity of its token sale market token issuers must be sponsor firm endorse possessing quality white papers and clear due diligence to pass muster for gb x's approval before listing lister tokens will then be traded on the gbx exchange sponsor firms will continually ensure all token issuers adherence to the high standard set through a staking mechanism that ensures vested interest in their clients performance this rigorous listing process provides stability and transparency for all participants this is just the beginning of the GSX gbx financial ecosystem with a projected launch in 2018 GS seems to be the world's first tokenized securities exchange where stocks shares and bonds could be issued on to the block 10 gbx aims to complement these platforms through a suite of professional services and we envision becoming a full-fledged ecosystem that serves crypto businesses from ignition to expansion providing an unprecedented pathway from token to public listing we're committed to blockchain technology and the crypto revolution your key to joining this revolution is the rock token the utility token that will power the gvx ecosystem so join us at GB xgi as we usher in a new era of blockchain powered finance

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