Introducing Kadena: Scalable Blockchain & Smarter Contracts

I’m Will Martino, co-founder of Kadena. We’re doing this to help the world reinvent and transform itself. From the start our approach has been different. Our experience helping JP Morgan navigate the
world of blockchain showed us the limitations of the technology that was
out there. They aren’t ready for real business use. When I was lead engineer for a group at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Stewart hired me at JP Morgan. We built their first internal blockchain together. We learned what’s needed for blockchain to truly deliver, and that’s why we left JP to found
Kadena. From the very beginning we
plan for the key challenges faced in real use cases. Speed, Scalability, and Security we developed working technology, as in working right this minute to fuel the ideas and developers and
organizations. We’re not just a white paper and an idea. We’ve been deployed in Fortune 100
companies for over a year. Our contract
language Pact, is two years old and most of the Kadena platform is already open
source and ready for experimentation. Focusing on private blockchain first gave us discipline. We designed our tech to solve real business needs and demands, and now we’re democratizing these innovations in public blockchain. Our architecture Chainweb delivers a truly
usable blockchain. Picture interconnected chains supporting
each other to work on behalf of the whole. This architecture let’s Chainweb
handle rapid growth with incredible throughput confirmation times and
scalability. There’s no congestion, it’s incredibly
secure it easily integrates with other business systems and most importantly
it’s not owned by the richest stakeholders. We’re using proof of work to braid chains together. Chainweb starts with the proven security of the
powers Bitcoin and Ethereum but multiplies it with the security of many
chains. Whether that’s a hundred a thousand or ten thousand chains. We’re powerful enough for Fortune 100 companies. We started with their needs
because their stakes are so high but that’s not how we think we’re going to
change the world. We’re bringing this technology to everyone especially small teams without many resources. The development community is crucial to a
blockchain project so we’ve made it really easy to develop on Kadena. The thing that people don’t get is that
smart contracts are why blockchain is going to be adopted. We saw their
potential at JP Morgan but knew that there was still serious work to be done.
So we develop Pact, the first human readable smart contract language. People
can use it to write directly on to a blockchain. It’s this huge obvious step
forward for safe automated contracts. There’s more to smart contracts than
just money transactions. Pact was designed to handle the most
sophisticated complex working enterprises while still being easy to
learn and fun to code. We wanted to provide tools so that the computer can
find bugs for you. We wanted you to be able to use someone else’s code and be in control of what happens when they change it. Do you take upgrades right
away or phase them in, even in your own code you can say how you want to upgrade. You can just do it or let your community decide democratically whether to sign off on the upgrade. Pact is going to enable entirely new business models on
the blockchain. For example renting an apartment: Today
getting verified is slow and expensive with the cost eventually being passed
along to the consumer. Soon we’ll have on chain services that will verify you
instantly. Companies and developers are going to take blockchain and Kadena and directions we can’t imagine. Innovations that initially seem bizarre will become
part of our daily lives. Picture a digital check where money flows two ways there’s automated intelligence and decision making but you’re always in
control. With our clients were highly collaborative which lets us find new
ways to use Kadena. If you’re with a company or organization get in touch
with us. We are already partnering with organizations in finance, manufacturing,
health care and education to help them to reimagine their industries and that’s
because what you can build on Kadena is virtually limitless. This is such an exciting time we get to work with some of the best engineers in the world
solving fascinating problems. The space is by definition global which is why we
work around the world. We are writing a new chapter in the history books and
every day we’re shaping what gets written. We’re laying the groundwork for
something that is going to dramatically expand blockchain adoption
and enable the transformation of how we
live and work.

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