11 thoughts on “Interview with MIT Bitcoin Club President – MIT Vault Crypto – Diplomas on Bitcoin Blockchain & More”

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  2. I think it is so funny that there is this shadow that is over alternative coins. I am interested in hearing the point of view from Bitcoin maximalist on how supply chain or Internet of things will run on bitcoin? I'll just one have a gaming token like ENJ? Bitcoin was literally the beta test for web 3.0. Alternative coins like cardano EOS and iota will have far bigger games than Bitcoin. That's not an opinion that's going off of Statistics in network projection. There will be no Bitcoin eating the rest of the market

  3. Sounds Like when a Blockbuster executive said Netflix?! What is that? Small Potatoes… in regards to XRP LOL

  4. Thank for the interview. He has been around this space since 2012 and doesn't know what XRP does? I think he know exactly what XRP does. He probably knows your bullish on XRP but BTC guys has hangups on XRP.

  5. He doesn't understand the use case for XRP, lol. Like other bitcoin maximalists, he seems to be mentally slow.

  6. Thanks Tony. It is fantastic these young minds see the potential of this new technology and education is paramount for this space to grow Congratulations to William on his achievements amy his education carry him way into the future.

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