Interview with FutureNet CEO Stephan Morgenstern & USA Bitcoin Leaders

okay good okay everyone very special morning today I've got my friend Randy Wilson in from California Pierre he's one of my us team builders and future Nets and very active in the crypto courtesy of industry and then also Stefan with us as well CEO of future net thank you for being with us today Stefan oh thank you Ryan thank you for inviting me to this call here and yeah let's have fun all the best for you all the best for everybody who is watching the video we are very excited about the success the small success now in the USA and I know we will be huge in the USA and let's speak about this steps for that yes for sure so I didn't now at future net for about seven and a half months and studied incentive by social media for two years and there's no question about it that we have the platform here and I just we've seen the progress taking place to seeing people getting paid with this and we're just excited where the future of future net goes from here social media as we've noticed recently there's been a what I and this is kind of why I really want to put this call together is where does social media evolve from today where does it go you know in the mainstream audience where does it evolve to what are the people looking for and what I'm seeing with you know all the politics stuff taking place right now out there the people are really the it's coming down to censorship and it's coming down to an encryption and people feeling safe online and we've seen a lot of YouTube accounts manipulated we've seen Twitter accounts video Facebook and stuff I'm curious though how do you feel about what's taking place in the social media arena okay look it's it's it's a huge market yeah this is a first more than three billion people now already using social media and there is a space for 1 for 1 billion more yeah that means we have about a huge market all over the world for about four billion people but these 3 billion people they already using social media many of them are pissed off about the politics of the big player many of them are pissed of the CIA the NSA the FBI everybody they have early all your informations yeah everything what is in your computer they have the access to that that is totally crazy you must be so careful when you use the big ones yeah and the main question is how much money Facebook sent to you how much money the other big shots sent to you nothing yeah and they are cool of course they are so fantastic companies but to build much more sense make it when you you when you make the same and you make a combination to make money with that yeah and it starts in the social media and it starts for really poor people with $10 one time or from the pocket or if you want to build a bigger business if you want to make more money of course then you have huge opportunities in future net we are now since more than two years on the market and we are now so stable we have really every day we have new stuff today I told you that before we had a three three hour meetings about our all our tasks or our projects everything is so so running so fantastic we make right now every day about five hundred payouts every day and some of them woman called me two days somebody is paying out $23 in this day and yesterday yesterday they pay out and I'm sure tomorrow they will have another one it's so amazing what what happened now here yeah we have a group in in South Korea they are so crazy and then you see what happened when you really duplicate not only a future probe when you duplicate a matrix with one with royal positions this is amazing they take a look to their to D what they the leader what what they post they make three four or five thousand only from the matrix and they and this after in this short period yeah so what can I say we are yes the company we know we are a baby company today yeah yeah but woman and me we have to heart on the right place we have a good brain we have fantastic people in our team and we were growing up and growing up and growing up and everybody who is involved now in future net will get his rewards because what everybody see in future net now is just the beginning we plan next year the next record and when you have this is the idea behind future net yeah you have an existing team I know ramen is called rahman is calling give you a second it's interesting because it looks like what he is explaining you have a social media platform and maybe Steven you can you can answer this speak to this a little bit but you know a lot of people who are watching this right now don't really quite understand what future net is and I know you know Ryan and I are big on social media obviously you are big on social media but a lot of people out there even though you use a term like three billion people still not everybody understands a platform like future net could be now are you maybe you can confirm this for me Steven but are you telling me that we as social media participants can now participate on the future net platform and do the same things that we are used to doing on all social media we share we divulge well we put all this information out there but you're saying that there is monetary rewards for participating on future net versus the other social media big guys that we're talking about here right exactly exactly there wasn't there was a in the Forbes magazine was an article about that that's unfair that Facebook and the other successful companies that they don't share this success with the wisdom with their users yeah and this is what we do from there from the first day others billions of dollars at least acting like yes Megan Megan Decca billions of dollars yes did you see how much money is on that planet and when you when you have stocks of that and you bought it on the right at the right time of course yeah but for the normal users they all bringing the money they're all giving them did informations what is the worth of the company they don't need to get nothing and we do that from the first day we had a lot of leaders from all over the world they coming to our office we show them the proof that we really get money from advertising that we really get money from from games that we really get money now from all our new shopping platform and this is just the beginning of much much much more yeah so and of course this social media bonus what would we share it with the people this is not to became rich yes but this is for example in the Ukraine or in in Asia or an African country ten dollars is a lot of money there yeah but in the in the US or investor Europe but this is the this is the first step yeah and then when you wake up and say wow and this in combination with what you say before cryptocurrencies this in combination with online shopping this in combination with gaming this will be huge debt for sure because we are one one set because we are not on the market since one week and we promise we promise what we what we want to do we are four years existing we are two years more than two years online and we know what we do that and you brought up the inclusion of cryptocurrency with the future net platform again a lot of people still do this day don't understand the power they don't understand the revolution of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but you guys are on the forefront of that you're you're really still in the early adopter phase of including cryptocurrency as a form of compensation and gold and gold did I just hear gold as well I mean why are we using these these mediums to compensate people what's the reasoning behind it all with that gold for example aw kid gold cryptocurrency these are alternative currencies would yes we have an alternative social media platform paying out of currencies what why are we choosing to go that route yes yes exactly that's a good question look I I was I hear a here the first time about Bitcoin about four years ago and a friend of mine told me today I make so much money at least don't listen to them and I say ah what is that yeah and I'm sure millions of people have the same experience I don't know that and I don't trust them but today when somebody say I don't trust bitcoind and then he is stupid not not somebody else yeah and of course they are now more than three thousand maybe more cryptocurrencies on the market and of course maybe one or two or three they will have the potential to be the new Bitcoin but definitely not this platforms the the using MLM for that definitely not this platform so but to the goal this is the next very very good point because next next Tuesday I fly to Frankfurt and you know Frankfurt is the the city in Europe for for money yeah and I have an appointment with them and is I Drive there only for signing the contract because we everything is fixed on the on the phone and then really everybody can can pay out in gold and get that physical at at his home and that in the most countries in the world yeah with future net that there will be a small small gold bar bars with a future net logo card and in this included is the goal of yeah so so we're talking about gold by the like the gram kind of like some people are familiar with gold by the gram is that's how we're you're planning on said yes that was surprised surprised 0.1 gram is possible in this company okay alright so it's really cool yeah then we solved enough in some gold right I hope that nothing nothing happens in the world yeah but if something happened and you have small small gold currencies fantastic you always have money when you have gold you have money so Steven I gotta tell you how how attractive participating with future net is because like we said you're not just saying hey our social media over the other ones you're not just going you're not just competing for social media platforms future net actually makes almost a political statement too right I mean it almost it's almost like Apple versus versus uh versus PC where you know people who participated future net it's a good example yes you have all of these alternative agendas going on you know wait you know this all a good agenda for the people that's the thing is that this is what every person deserves and needs is this privacy thing I mean I seven I was I was a victim of I was hacked this week in six thousand dollars a Bitcoin stolen and it was actually Sloan Facebook because I was taking a picture real fast anyways and it's I had six thousand dollars stolen in these case had hacked into my Facebook account now I know that yeah we are very encrypted we've got to we often if education on a future as well but yes six thousand dollars sold for me this week from Facebook right through Facebook they're so good not good but I said this six thousand to me so what is the what is the future of future net you know right now we see that you have a pretty robust platform it's very fun to use it's very easy to use it's interesting to go onto the future net platform and immediately become aware that you can take advantage of these reward the reward system whether you're in the matrix whether you're taking advantage of some of the products and services or if you're just or just you know socializing it's all wrapped up and and you can be compensated for this can you can you just kind of talk about that a little bit what are some of the benefits to users that future net has you spoke about right now all about the future now and in the future how about that okay okay look it's it's situations that right now we are cool yeah and we are good but we are far away from from to be perfect but this is the time for the early birds now yeah you know everything is everything works fantastic but of course we must growing up in this in this in this in this in this we had today I told you before we had today a meeting we have more than 30 projects 30 tasks which we need to fix and the plan is to fix everything to the to the next event it will be in March next year and then we make a mark then we make really milestones for that but the future of future that this is what the people must understand yeah that first of all the idea behind future it was you build one time one more time a team ok we understand exactly my do most people have bad experience or that was the idea what we had 4 years ago that all the time it is that are coming new things new ideas new programs whatever but what about the platform value but one time a team and then some comes some cool idea and we launched it in future that if you have already 10,000 50,000 other thousand or maybe maybe just 500 people yeah yes and today at you are the first get this information we will start with a platform where we will be open for new ideas from all over the world from the people mmm we will reward the best of them because we invest money in them and because we our idea is to launch about every year one more one more opportunity for making money on the future net platform well and we have some cool ideas but we are only we are only a handful people we are more than 30 but the handful people are the brains yeah but there are millions of people outside they have good idea yes you have not let's not see millions they have good ideas yeah but they have no it not a platform to lounge that idea but we have it and the question is very simple when somebody gives me the answer what in three years everybody in Internet had ever has and it's not existing today this guy can be a millionaire a billionaire whatever may be sorted for example with Napster I know there was a nap chat snapchat there four years four years ago created and now twenty five billion dollar is the worth of the company this is crazy so we have clients we will start with the future net cafes yeah if somebody has stocks from from Starbucks sell them because future net is coming that's the same we are not so stupid and say we want to be bigger than Starbucks or yes stupid yeah organs won't be bigger than Facebook is stupid when we have one premiere of Facebook then you're good to go billionaire millionaire millionaire me 1/4 million your market is so huge we will start with that cafes we will launch next year it's there for sure one one more program yeah we will have our next event and you I know events from huge companies especially from the US of course they are huge but this is huge companies they are existing 10 years whatever and we are we are very new and we will have on the next event minimum one car maybe two cars for one guy on the event will drive home business owned car and this for online company we say Ron and we and and all the other guys in our our company Oh who lets the dogs out and our goal is to make more and more and more physical around the online the online platform because every physical things makes it more cool and every physical things makes it more easy for you to spawns on your people when you say physical you mean after yes clay Taylor in the house hello nice to meet you so I'm a little bit leisurely I'm at home now because he here it's now seven o'clock in the evening for us in the morning yeah you are really at 10 o'clock in the morning I know west coast in the Pacific Northwest okay yes yeah so I hope you understand a little bit about our power about our ideas what we have I can't tell you any too much details now but there's this is maybe the last set for my side on to this point future net now is what people see in future net now maybe as 10% of did–what coming in the next years right right and you know I think it's important to like you you mentioned that you know there will be something new released every year well immediately that the the word that comes into my mind is longevity so so we're gonna be around for a little while with future net it's not like a flash in the pan sort of a flavor of the month kind of thing this is a long term slow release okay that we can into the future and actually construct the future of social media cryptocurrency different compensation platforms whether it's cryptocurrency or Gold's commodities I mean you know that the Internet itself is still such a new platform and yet with future net we're almost constructing what the what the future of the Internet is gonna be here because social media plays such a big role in that exactly that the whole internet is a baby yeah yes yes five or thirty years yeah yeah for the mainstream let's say 20 years or whatever but this is right and of course let's say for example the idea of rev-share was brilliant and it really was a milestone yeah the three of network marketing it was small changes then comes somebody was the first binary that was a was a milestone and scum somebody was another idea patty T rev-share idea was great but really maybe tomorrow maybe next week maybe in one year comes somebody with the next brilliant idea and imagine at this time you have a team of ten thousand fifty thousand hundred thousand whatever people and you don't need to change the company and start with zero you have your existing team and we will launch that in future and it did is the idea behind the company that's and the next idea everybody paid just once from the own pocket right right like in the old style networks every months they must pay and India they go out faster than they are coming now because they weren't Aman want to make money and don't want to spend money but you must have residual income too and this is exactly what what we create here in what we create yet but really now we may be a 10% of this what future that can can bring in the next next years it's it's really interesting I was talking to Troy Julie recently are here and I we had the Eric where you been going on the GoPro and the discussion was is how come people you know they fall from these product based companies to all the time and I've been pointing out now for two years and clay also is notice this and you know do by Salas background secret background you know these product base sales and they're like you know how we prevent this from happening from people jumping from company and company I mean we all know that network marketing has the greatest products out there but there has to be a way to monetize the people first through social media there's always some there's two things that need to changes the the money that we do business with so we create immediate deflation so people have more buying power you know using things like Bitcoin and stuff like that then also that we own the social media platform that we do business on because this truly is the union of the people you know how like construction workers and teachers they belong to a union right somebody goes bad they've got a little bit of money come out to help the mountain tough times that's how I see future and social media is the union of the people where you got that base money coming in that we can then further inject into the online MLM economy into these great products that we believe in so much when you keep your genealogy in a social media and network and then you have people in different marketing plans there's no issue right right right issue with Emma lenses I came I said yes voluntarily I pay you voluntary to be a distributor at your company and I pay you monthly and you want me to greet my network for people to you and then I have no control over that but when I want to go be passionate about cryptocurrency or health and wellness or whatever itself I like write what I believe in you guys want to cancel has that experience and is it not funny come in the club yeah yeah my own social we've all we've all had our incomes cut because we are passionate about multiple streams of income passive income stream passive income streams because we appreciate the entire multi-level marketing world not just one company or just one product we appreciate them all and yeah we different MLM company products oh well I could I could show you my – yeah because I I'm a customer in different different companies – well additional MLM world we're kind of enemies of the state in that were in that regard because traditional MLM companies don't like you to cross repeatedly to cross promote or yes yes so with something like future net you're talking about really the bottom line up formation the bottom line foundation which is just people getting again are getting peer to peer peer to peer people getting together and from there we can choose and we have the freedom to to exchange and share ideas and information and products or opportunities yeah so so becoming part of future net doesn't conflict with with the you know we are every MLM guy is crazy when he don't start a start in future net because he can make quick he maybe he don't want to be a active in future net but he can present his products he can present his MLM internet yeah he can he can actually introduce ten by five to ten it's a MLM companies whatever platform without conflict of his of his future net income you know yes yes and this is this is the point Gaby we are really moderated and I have so much experience 26 years I'm in that industry and I had a really good teacher and sponsors and especially from the US because you you guys you are the best in that business yeah and now comes future net now comes to comes the power from Europe yeah so what was your first email and company Steven my MLM company I'm from East Germany and the world the world falls down and I was in the restaurant business and it was really cool in East Germany because you can make a lot of money and a lot of fun and nice people was in that industry but when the world falls down I realized very quickly because I am clever oh my god I have the wrong job for this new country yeah really three weeks later I said the first time on an seminar and it was for a life insurance company but multi-level and I fall I fall in love in the first seconds when this is you and you sir you search other people you can make money on them you can multiply or your own power I love the idea from the first seconds but then I had this normal story I was up and down like the sports men say yeah in when you lose the game you learn more more in this time then when you win the game until losing it is part of the game yeah stand on us again if somebody watch that video is stand up and next next next and yes this is what we want to be for the people we want to be really a whole why the people change always the companies because they are not feeling really like home yeah and when we have debt for many many many people of course somebody will come and go this is this is normal but more and more people realize that their heart of the company it's not not only money yeah one of my best friends from Holland he was in a huge company with cryptocurrencies maybe you know what I mean which which I mean they say they have only dollars and guys nothing no heart nothing more only dollars and or he see he don't feel good in this company he makes so much money there but he don't feel good and he know that it's not for the future and these all points what we spoke in the last 10 to 20 minutes these all together makes future and it's so unique yeah and nobody can copy that because this is this is not the yeah you can't copy that yes you can't copy a culture right you can yeah you can copy a you know a logo you can do all you can to try to look and emulate what you're you know what somebody you want to copy but there's a culture with future net that ain't nobody got to copy that you know what I mean so yes man you when you will see that then we are very happy because then we are proud that when this is the your meaning about our company huh and I was in London two days ago on a big meeting and it was the same the people I I have so so bad experience – yeah I was going to meetings and 50% laughter but other 50% sit there and say uh this is not working and blah blah blah and everybody laughs future net yeah this this is so fantastic that if to get the feedback from the people yeah last weekend Austria two weeks ago last weekend in Slovenia and all these countries are coming but the most crazy guys are from Asia are they they are absolutely crazy and much faster than anybody else in the world yeah and ok anyway from the u.s. most companies are going from the US all over the world and this is no no you were we are really a long time yes 700,000 people now and and this is for MLM company on not so bad in two years yeah but it were for the social media and for the Internet is is a drop in the ocean yes yes yes we have surface yeah yes and you know the good people they take a serious look they did the good people most time not in the first one two three years in the companies they did the coming really when they see wow the company makes her homework they have a heart they are everything because it's too hard to answer all the questions in the beginning yes yes yes but now you're getting into a proof-of-concept you know a stability obviously you have a very attractive model you know they're almost a million people on the platform now people are getting paid out little money and people are getting paid out big money so there's no pie in the sky here it's a real based on your activity yeah it's basically yes exactly so that's that's beautiful it's beautiful yes but this is a good point yet it be opened for really poor countries to be is the ten dollar business yeah because in the end currency too so even you know if you're paying in cryptocurrency even in the poor countries that you're opening the door you're opening the door to to give access to goods and services to people who would otherwise not have it if they were dependent on the traditional monetary system so paying out in gold and paying out and cryptocurrency gives the third world countries you know I hate to use the term poor countries but you know what I mean the third world countries it gives them access to the same goods and services of the first world countries because you're using digital cash you know cryptocurrency Bitcoin as opposed to making them dependent on some banking system to pay them then that doesn't matter they can't even you could pay them a million dollars but if they have to depend on the traditional banking system the third-world countries will won't be able to to gain access to goods and services for that you know yes so that's that's that's amazing you will create now open now in Brazil the company is very close that it is a nightmare with all that documents yeah but we are very close to to have it and then we have a special system for for Brazil everybody is paying was that nobody using bank accounts whatever and then people have very very easy access to that yeah yes yes that's beautiful that's beautifully you know time with things are going down in India you know they cancel out the money and stuff and these see a lot of Indian people rushing into cryptocurrency same with China same with Africa same Italy yeah anytime that there's a crypto you know and this is of course maybe going into another level but any any country that's having troubles with their fiat currency they really should be looking at future net to participate with because you have a secure social media platform that obviously Foster's relationships and connections but also the compensation aspect of it you are paying people in a format which they can bypass the troubles that they're having in their established monetary system yeah I know that's the one out there but that's what you're doing I don't know if that's was your intention but that's what's happening here yes and took not no no we really we handle millions and we we was not an explosion company if he was happy about it because the customer support and the team us growing step by step yeah but now now we are ready for really really really fast growing up because we have everything what we need and we can handle that and we are so so happy that that most people now using Bitcoin now because it is so fantastic so you think 2017 is the year for future net then you think that's where we'll see the I mean I'm feeling it my checks went from matrix native like I know I know just for their just for the listeners that really good to coincide with what the cryptocurrency industry does in general also as Bitcoin spikes up to you know a thousand fifteen hundred dollars more people are looking for things that pay in Bitcoin so I definitely feel that 2017 is the year for this but I mean I saw it in my paychecks this just the other day my matrix pay went from like $100 $150 a day to five hundred yesterday and I was just like wow I mean working on it yeah we've been working it lady's been ever you know we've been working very very hard so you can count on us us leaders for getting the word out there about to really appreciate you taking a time step and to talk to us today about this yes really excited one more time thank you for inviting me to that I think we are on a good way I love to work together with you and guys when you watch this video together with wine we have an idea we can't speak about that now like Chanel very very very much because take more crazy Germans and into the game yeah we inform you very very quickly of course it was a pleasure to to to beat you here all the best for you Thank You Steven we really appreciate you spending this time and it's been a very a pleasure to speak with you and really get the inside nuggets on what's going on with future net so fantastic have a great day guys bye

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