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so I’m Jonas Lempa I’m from Berlin
co-founder and creative director of the digital agency Taikonauten which is
focused on creating digital products and yeah create those things which other
people make money with and yeah this since almost more than ten years here oh sure sure so we are at more or less
around 50 passionate people passionate engineers passionate designers which are
more or less structured and 50% of let’s say the creative part or the strategy
part and also a lot of validation and user research because a user centric
approach is very important for us and the other half is a group of
unbelievable passionate engineers helping us helping the whole team to
create outstanding digital product and this is fueled empowered by our
operators project managers and product owners – yeah to make it to make it spin
and to really create amazing amazing products for big companies as well as
berlin-based or international startups I think the the the city is a good hotspot
for for creating amazing digital products here the most common project is actually when
there is a business unit within a bigger company like eBay or like Lufthansa euro
wings which have a great great first idea so mostly often created within the
business department or product department or a little bit the same
situation with well funded startups within the blockchain scene for example
and they have an idea and they need the right partner to to create this idea to
actually validate this idea if this is if this idea makes sense if there is a
business purpose so we help them to identify together with with user
research methods with a very lean approach very lean with the lean product
development approach to identify is this idea a thing
do we need to maybe steer it a little bit into a different direction and then
prove it and then yeah try to identify with the very user centric approach if
this idea has has some business potential and with that we bring bring
products yeah online very fast in an iterative process yes so this is kind of
very it’s a very very nice sweet spot to be
very early in the end of innovative process of products and not just like
creating and an idea or campaign at the moment when there’s already nothing to
move anymore this is the
see in the whole industry of blockchain and I guess everybody had some kind of
connection to that in the last couple of years and month especially when you’re
in the digital in the digital business or in digital branch has an unbelievable
potential and I think this we think we are we work together with many different
very successful blockchain startups and even founded our own
accelerator in this business it shows that there’s that there’s there’s a high
potential and great ideas and lots of lots of new possibilities but at the
same time all these very unbelievable bright minds and and this great great
technology they somehow forgot what happened in the last ten years of the
other side of the digital business which means great UI great products great your
eggs solving problems by by using by using by using them in in very very easy
moments very short more of very short moments very accessible and approachable
and that’s what we are doing we are doing that helping helping those
blockchain startups not only doing a promise and become fraud or scam or
something like that but really identifying what is a brand value what
is what could be their product ecosystem and and yeah with that with that we make
or we try to help those startups to make one very important thing possible and
that’s trying to be mass market adoptable because this is one of the
sides of a few technical things and use case things this is one of the biggest
biggest barriers at the moment for this for this industry but we are very
confident that there are lots of good and positive things coming up because
the decentralization of the digital world is one of the biggest chances for
all of us I think I can I
connected to the things I said I said before because with with with
decentralization and the technology of blockchain which we are working already
since a couple of unit I think there’s a completely way of of rethinking
processes it’s not only a technology or buzzword or a way of making money or
losing money with tokens or or kryptos or coins it’s about a different way of
of thinking of not being just not just creating one product which is done by
one company in a very centralized way to solve problems but the way of thinking
it’s kind of kind of being being a facilitator as a group as as as
everybody who who works on it rethinking businesses business purposes in a
centralized a decentralized way where everybody has a part of it this begins
with the way of having decentralized due diligence until the up to the way where
where everybody in in this industry holds a part or has a piece of
her company and yeah this this new way of thinking is unbelievably interesting
and pushes the digital world to new limits and it’s definitely worth even if
if there was some Big Bang and unregulated markets now the natural
selection starts and or as we are mill in the middle of the natural selection
and it’s definitely worth to take a look into it I can highly recommend that I mean we are here at the 10th version
of the conference of the awards conference and I think it’s unbelievable
but what the whole team and the founders of awards created and did back then when
I was like kind of 6 or 7 years ago a funny little community voting for a few
few websites now it’s big now it becames now it became the biggest and most
important community driven to do what and in the industry and it’s it’s it’s
great to be part of it to kind of the first thing I do every day when I when I
when I sit on my place I go to the to the jury vote votes look what what’s
happening I’m looking what what great new ideas came up getting inspired
getting also motivated to see ok what what what are these unbelievable
talented people all over the world are doing and and when I when I come
here and look around I always feel like being part of the family so thank you
very much Awwwards I think that’s a that’s a really really
good point because we all work often remotely and and we often work together
on on solutions all over the world but I mean it’s it’s very important to have to
have an exchange and to have the possibility not only to look to each
other in Google Hangouts but also a Google meet but also creating something
which I like to call the spark the spark to get to great ideas and not only talk
about them but also being in a situation where there’s a reincarnation of those
ideas possible and I think this is possible when there’s some
getting together some also some traction and another way of friction and
having creative exchange and this is I think very very
important and very also very helpful to get to new ideas or to maybe get as
excited as I am about the topics of decentralization for example what I’m
talking about because there there are great things and and this dialogue
is very important not just to look into the display but also have get it getting
new ideas and getting attracted yeah oh yes that’s a good question
I think I think it’s an unbelievable great honor to win of win of one of
those awards because it’s a community-driven thing it’s not like
five or ten very like five or ten dedicated people sitting in some of
those very fancy rooms and decide like Caesar a couple of hundred years ago of
thousands years ago who is good or who is not good and maybe are driven by
subjective subjective reasons and I think what this is completely the
opposite of it having those different layers of verification but and and so
from this point of view I think this is the most most the best way to get an
award and it makes it is very very opens opens up a heart when you when you know
okay it’s a community-driven thing and not like just by five five industry
experts so from this point of view it’s a great motivation and it’s a great
thing to submit one of the projects getting honored getting
awarded and we we cross those those awards every day at our wall which is
also hanging in the office which is also a great motivation so it’s it’s
definitely important thing shouldn’t be shouldn’t be not the only driver because
we are all the all we should always think in in the users as a centric point
of of of getting motivated and getting challenged solved but it’s an
unbelievable honor and always a good good helps to hold it helps to get the
spark even bigger

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