Institutions Will Be Investing in THESE Cryptocurrencies

one phrase that I've used a lot on this channel especially over the past few months is that of blue chip cryptocurrencies by that I mean a certain set of cryptocurrencies particularly them kind of top 10 in market capitalization which could be considered blue chip in the sense that they're seen as very very large and relatively safe by many cryptocurrency investors out there kind of like with the big blue chip companies that you have in the stock market with the likes of I don't know Apple Facebook coca-cola Johnson Johnson anything kind of like that right and so a line or a point or an argument that I've been trying to make plenty over the past few months is how I believe these blue chip companies will benefit the most from the meme of institutional investment which has been talked about over the past few months as well especially as we head into the future and just as I say that over the past couple days we've had this news come out and a hard line that I'm going to read out to you here Switzerland green lights the world's first crypto ETF to be listed next week and this is where the world's first crypto exchange-traded project ETP which is going to start trading next week on Europe's fourth biggest exchange six Swiss exchange with a market capitalization of 1.6 trillion dollars almost really useful and insightful for us as cryptocurrency investors it's to see which particular crypto currencies this fund is choosing to allocate this money towards and it's got a little pie chart that I'll demo up here really really interesting cuz it shares directly which cryptocurrencies and what amounts and as you can see here there's basically a list of five crypto currencies and those are Bitcoin aetherium Ripple Bitcoin cash and litecoin and you can see from this that they have it looks like from what I can tell almost about half of that money invested just in Bitcoin which i think is something that most people would have predicted most people would presume the second largest holding looks like ripple or XRP it's quite interesting to list this as Ripple compared to XRP when this whole SCC security discussion is taking place with us by-the-by you then have a theorem and then you have fairly smell ative lis small proportion then allocated to a combination of light coin and Bitcoin cash so if this is how this very large funders decided to invest its money in terms of particular allocations currencies and amounts this could give us a very very good insight into how other funds might operate in the future on which kind of cryptocurrencies they might choose and what I expect to happen what I expect to witness over the coming months and years if this whole institution investment really does take place is that there's going to be a set of cryptocurrencies which most institutions will agree upon to include in their funds and it looks like right now if this is anything to go by and in line with my own personal intuitions about which cryptocurrencies this will probably be I really really do think that it's probably gonna consist mainly of again Bitcoin ripple etherium and then a little bit of Bitcoin cash and a little bit of like coin I think that's the way that most funds will probably choose to invest their money I'm not saying I would necessarily agree with that if I was a fund handling trillions of dollars myself I probably wouldn't invest very much money in XRP at all for instance that's not my personal preference I'd be more heavily weighted towards Bitcoin and aetherium for the most part but it's not about necessarily what I want or what I would do with my money it's just a seeing and predicting what other institutions will do and which cryptocurrencies will benefit from that investment and so although not to be construed as financial advice if you do think institutional investment will play a role over the coming months and years then it makes sense to potentially you know allocate your own money accordingly based on which ones you think will benefit the most from all these billions and trillions of dollars being invested in the space and so that's why personally for myself I do have very good exposure to Bitcoin aetherium I still hold my Bitcoin cash on the fork even though I haven't bought so I'm in a position where I want to benefit be a beneficiary from that institution investment and that's why I also think that heading into the next bull run it might be a risk to try and play there small market cap alkaline game when much of the investment will stem from these institutions and they won't want to play around and play this whole small market cap game they're gonna very much want to stick to the big dawgs the top dogs the blue chips if you will and so I just think that's with something really really important to consider let me know your thoughts on this article in this video whether you think like that these particular cryptocurrencies the likes of Bitcoin aetherium like coin bit coin cash ripple will be the greatest beneficiaries of institutional investment go into the future or do you disagree do you think there will be other cryptocurrencies out there which would benefit from investment instead or do you think the institution investment isn't going to take place at all and this has just been a way to keep people huddling in the midst of a horrendous bear market whatever you thinking please let me know down below and I'll be back more videos very soon Cheers

44 thoughts on “Institutions Will Be Investing in THESE Cryptocurrencies”

  1. Math for Proof of Work does not work out as the price gets higher. Too much $ goes to the miners. They sell and the price goes down. I can't believe that people do not see that.

  2. I think you're underestimating XRP. Look how it has held up during the recent pullback of the overall cryptocurrency market.
    And don't forget it's the fastest AND least expensive to use. Just ONE of those things would put it near the top.
    That's just my opinion, but you asked for it.

  3. There are no institutions (seem to be a trendy word with crypto now lol) that will be allowed to invest in something without an underlying value. An institution can't just invest in anything. There is no usecase for bitcoin which means no value holding it.

  4. Money will gravitate towards the projects that are hitting milestones, making meaningful partnerships with enterprise etc. whether that be blue chip projects or smaller cap I don’t think matters so much.

  5. All the xrp bag holders crying in the comments are such a freak show. Glad to see focus is going towards mineable, decentralised true cryptocurrencies.

  6. Louis – is like your perspective on BSV. Looks like a takeover in cryptos to me. They are getting things lined out legally with patents, pure code and backing of many miners are loving this coin. SV should bring confidence to the market, stability to the code and miners. Would appreciate your view. Plus they have declared they will remove ABC. They have also said BTC will self destruct because of the addition of segwit.
    Thank you

  7. Investing in Bitcoin has always been a frustration to me, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through.On several occasions, Bitcoin Ben and some majority of the videos uploaded on Alton Buzz channel made references about a Pro Miner-“crypto crow ” who has an affordable Software to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to mine their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his gmail ,been making huge profits using crows miner and I have been able to increase my little 19.5Btc to 32BTC, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story.

  8. Bitcoin Cash literally doesn't exist anymore, after all the clowns behind that shit show forked off and split the chain. LMFAO

  9. To be honest I think all PoW coins will not have a bright future. I think crypto's like xrp, eos, etc. will do better on the long run

  10. It’s funny how people say they don’t like XRP but they don’t give reasons . You are in Crypto for the money . If you think that XRP won’t give any return proves that you don’t really know what XRP is .
    But yes Ripple are working with Banks and Banks are evil ! Now please tell me where you are gonna cashout ?

  11. So why do you not like XRP….I am still havng a hard time understanding the negative sentiment around xrp in the crypto space when it quite literally is the closest to real-world use

  12. 'If i was a fund handling trillions of dollars ', i would short the shit out of crypto's as soon as CME Futures became available. Oh, we already did that. LMFAO

  13. Institutional investors are not what adoption is about. All this trading and betting is BS. We want people to start using BTC!

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