Instant #Cryptocurrency Transactions

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, the transaction time of some coins can range from 10 minutes to 15 hours. In Atomic Wallet, we implemented instant transactions with the ability to send unconfirmed inputs. The recipient immediately gets the notification,
sees the transaction in the History and correct coin balance in the list of assets. You can broadcast a new transaction immediately and both of them will be confirmed in one block. It works the same way for all of the coins. Atomic is a decentralized wallet
that supports over 300 coins and tokens, Instant Exchange and “Buy Crypto” feature. Download the latest version of the App at and manage all of your cryptocurrency assets
in one secure interface!

4 thoughts on “Instant #Cryptocurrency Transactions”

  1. nem tudom használni ezt az Atomic wallet miért, nem látom a pénzem, kérek valaki hozzáértőtől segítséget. Atomic elérhetetlen irtam emailt is, kérem sos segítséget a jelszóval bemegyek az atomic walletbe és utána semmi, nem látom a pénzem már 3 hete

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