What up… …pimp nation. It’s your boy E.K. from H3, and it’s been three years since my last hit… but guess what; I’m still slamming. In fact, some would say I’m doing very well. Listen, I got a new toy I think you’re all going to enjoy. Walk with me. Vape Naysh! *Orchestral music*
What if there was one vape… …to rule them all… …and in the fat cloud bind them. Is man… …worthy… …of the gods… …vape? I don’t know. I must… …try it… …if I can. 148 batteries, 64 lbs. Yes. I’m ready. Let the vape take you. Become… your destiny. “The purpose of using E-Cigarettes or what is commonly called ‘vaping’ is recognised by some as a nearly harmless alternative to smoking.” “Right now, there is no regulatory framework for vaping.” “Vaping is not tobacco…” Sponsored by… Jigsaw: in theatres October 27th. First, I hit up Hollywood Boulevard to share my love of vaping with the locals. Let them know it’s good and healthy to go green. My Grandma, she suffers from arthritis, I had her hit this vape… …she fucking died on the spot man, but it was cool man, she went out in glory. God bless you, nana. Love ya…vape naysh. God bless you, nana. Love ya…vape naysh. After freaking out the loc’s down on Hollywood, I casually stroll to my favourite diner where I like to put my feet up and blow a couple clouds… …but first, I like to stop and say “What up?” to my peeps. Hey, guys… – You good?
– Amazing! -How you doing, bud?
– I never thought I’d meet you in real life! Hey man, d’you wanna hit this? Yeah, can I take a hit? Hit it hard as you can…hard as you can, dude! “Hard as you can, dude!” *soul sucked from body* “Hard as you can, dude!” – Vape naysh… – Oh, man! – Alright, see you later… …I have herpes, by the way, check to see your doctor. Going green means telling your partner when you have an STD. – Hello. – Hi… – Just…one please? – Okay, what about a vaping sesh? Can I vape in here? Oh, okay… …it’s 2017, I mean…vapours are humans too, so… …civil rights was a thing. “I have a dream!” After fuelling up at my favourite diner, I like to head down to my local vape store and peep the competition. – I’m looking for, for an upgrade. – You guys have anything that has like, a hundred fifty batteries plus? – Nothing of that sort, no. – How many batteries does that have? – This has just one. – That’s a little embarrassing. – This is the biggest you’ve ever seen? – Aight. “That boy can vape… vape god!” With my vape tank on full, I like to end my day with a beautiful sunset. Seeing the sunset while vaping is like seeing color for the first time. – Oh my god, are you guys seeing this? – Oh my god… – It’s like seeing color for the first time! – Oh my god! – You guys ever seen a sunset on vape before? – How’s that look now? – *inaudible* – Unbelievable… unbelievable! – You wanna watch? It’s Kelsey Grammer falling off stage. – It’s really funny. Here, wanna hit this? – No. – You wanna watch it again? It’s on-
it’s on repeat. – Hey guys, what up? Oh, this is uh, like a entry level vape. – Oh?
– It’s like a starter kit, like… …like, if you wanted to get into vaping, you – I would recommend to start with this. – “This is crack…” “…rock cocaine.” – “It isn’t glamorous, or cool…” – This is a Pee-Wee Herman PSA about crack. Would you like to watch it? Pee-Wee Herman has a PSA about crack cocaine. – So, this is vaping. It’s organic, it’s green… – …unlike cuh-rack cocaine, that, you know… nobody knows how much… so every time you use it, you risk dying. *copying PSA*
– It isn’t worth it. – Look, everybody wants to be cool but doing it with crack is just wrong… – …it could be dead wrong. *heart throbbing* – “This is crack.” – “…crack.” – So, that’s why I vape and that’s why I think you guys should also vape, alright? – Take care, god bless ya. Go green. That’s one life saved today. And sometimes, it really feels good knowing you made a difference. That’s why I’m… …a proud member… …of the vape nation. “…crack.” Got to thank my boy Jigsaw. Jigsaw apparently loves h3h3, and I got to tell you I don’t know how I feel about that, ’cause I know what happens when Jigsaw loves people. – “Hello Ethan and Hila. Do you want to play a game?” But I’m already vape or die, so if this ends up killing me, that’s fine. Jigsaw *choking* about this weekend just in time for Halloween, it’s gonna be so spooky, bro… …bring a diaper. Jigsaw is giving away a thousand free tickets for h3 fans of the United States. Click the link in the description and use the code “h3h3” for a free spook! Thank you so much to Jigsaw for sponsoring us, guys… …please, if you wanna support the spooks, and the goofs, and the laughs, and the gaffs, go to the theatres this weekend, and enjoy Jigsaw. In fact I got – just got a letter that says that if I don’t smoke this… …every 10 seconds of the whole day my mom dies… …but frankly, I was gonna do that anyway so… …I don’t really get this whole Jigsaw challenge. Anyway, vape naysh y’all. Stay green.

100 thoughts on “Insane VAPE MOD w/ 150 BATTERIES!”

  1. If that was really weed you wouldn't have got around to uploading this video. So what are you huffing

  2. Me: goes to school with this
    Friend:goes with juul and hides it in class
    Me: struggling to shove it in muh locker

  3. It would be nice if whoever built this got some sort of credit. That's a very easy thing to fuck up and if it fucked up it would be catastrophic. Since it did not fuck up I must say job well done. If only I knew who to dap

  4. Are you kidding!!! You are not cool at all!!! Having other people try your crap box. ??????????????????????????????????????? btw I reported this twice

  5. Months after watching this video, I was inspired enough to go around the school and show Kelsey Grammar falling off stage to everyone I saw.

  6. i am literally in such a deep depression, my life is a mess. But still this video makes me happy. Thank you h3h3

  7. mine runs on liquid coal spinning mini jet turbines generating 1.21 gigawatts!!! it will take you back to the future!!!

  8. We need to give credits to two heroic organs that helped in the making of this video:

    His lungs

    And his backbone

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