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Namaskar Friends, Welcome to the 10th episode of the Dhruv Rathee Show Here we will talk about good and bad news of the last few weeks that has not been highlighted or has been deliberately suppressed by the mainstream media Friends, truth is indeed bitter. If you aren’t used to listen to bitter truths then I would advise you to skip to this section of the video. because after that point I will say good news. or else I would recommend you to watch the entire video. First news is friends about the Kisan Kranti Padyatra, I feel it has not received the enough coverage in the media as much it should get. More than 30,000 of our farmer brothers had started a peace march from Haridwar to Delhi to raise their voice for their rights. They had some problems, they were keeping some points before the government and asking for the help. This protest March started on 25th October from Haridwar and reached Delhi on 2nd October. and at Delhi our central government controlled Delhi police welcomed them with water canons and tear gas . Barricades were put at the Delhi’s border and they weren’t allowed to enter Delhi. They had some demands like to give a reasonable minimum support price, reduce the fuel prices, to give pensions to farmers over 60 years of age. to waive off their loan and government should implement things written in the Swami Nathan reports. Now in our country everyone has the right to raise a question on Government, everyone has the right to put forth their demands before the Government in our country. It was disappointing and shocking to see how the Government treated them here. Water canons, tear gas and even at some places it was reported that even plastic bullets were used on them. A non violent protest took a violent turn on 2nd October. and the Irony is that it’s Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October in our country which is about International day of Non Violence and peace. 2nd October is also the birth anniversary of our former Prime MInister, Lal Bahadur, shastriji, Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan! You can see how much respect has been given to this slogan by our Government in 2018 It has somewhere become a kind of trend in this era Friends, to give the tag of Anti national or Urban naxals to whoever raises questions, or raises their voice for their rights and it has become very common now. and the same things was witnessed even in this Farmer’s protest by the supporters of Government see the top comment on times of India. How disappointing it is that some people in our country believes that whoever is protesting against the Government then he is a Naxalite or anti National. use force against them, hit them! On the night of 2nd October finally the barricades were removed and Farmers were atlast given the chance to meet the Government and talk. Government accepted some of their demands and some didn’t. But the protest was called off! All India Kishan Sangarsh coordination committee is an organisation related to farmers where more than 200 Farmer organisations all over the country are connected with. They said that they will again lead a demonstration/ protest for farmers in November end. A much more terrible and violent new is from Islampur city of West Bengal where two students died in a protest. It’s alleged that police fired on students when they were protesting against the appointment of an Urdu teacher. They were saying that they don’t need urdu teacher, they need History, geography and math teachers. It’s been alleged that Police has fired, but police says that they haven’t. after this incident, West Bengal’s BJP state unit announced Bengal Bandh to protest against it. But a BJP leader has been arrested because he was saying people to attack police. On 26th September on account of Bengal Bandh a children’s bus was even attacked. at this TMC, which is the ruling party there of Mamta Banerjee says that BJP supporters and Bengal bandh supporters have attacked the bus. and BJP is blaming TMC here. after this a video went viral on 2nd October where TMC party workers are beating up a BJP party worker, where you can see in the video how and old woman was beaten up. and there’s even a bomb blast that occurred on 2nd October at Bengal where a 8 years old child lost his life. A Bengal minister said that this blast is just like the other RSS blasts somewhere indirectly blaming RSS here. So you can many incidences of violence are coming up here where in some BJP is being blamed whereas in some TMC and obviously both the parties are blaming each other. Friends you might be already seeing how our Indian rupee is drastically going down these days! Here you can see how it has come down so rapidly in the last few months. and now today 1$ is equal to 74 rupees. But what you might have not seen is what our politicians and the people sitting in the government says about it. In this regards Our railway minister Piyush Goyalji is saying friends, that this is the best period of Indian rupees, Indian rupee is on a golden run. I’m not joking. Piyush Goyalji actually believes that this is the best performance of Indian rupees in these years. On asked for the reasons he says that because Indian rupees has depreciated only 7% in the last 5 years. Now the truth is that friends, he comparing with the peak time of 2013 when Indian rupee has reached 69rupees per dollar. But in real we should compare with the time when the Government has changed. At the time when Government had changed that time Indian rupee was 58 rupees. and In today’s time slowly it has increased to 74 so this depreciation is not of any 7% Piyush Goyal ji it is a depreciation of 25% and if you believe that it’s Indian rupees best performance then I think none of our viewers is going to believe you. Moving to the next news friends, on 25th July 2018 our Statistics and program implementation ministry had issued a new report This report shows the Congress Government’s time of GDP according to Modi government’s new formula of calculating GDP growth If you might be knowing that when BJP government has come into the power they have changed the formula of calculating GDP growth which I’ve told you earlier. According to that formula what should be the GDP rate during Congress time? This was explained in that report. and It came to be known that during the time of Congress government India has achieved its highest GDP growth rate. Now the problem happened here is just few days after the public of this report, our Government took off this report from their website. First they took off that report and later put it in a separate section of drafts. when they were asked about it they said that this report is a draft and it’s not an official estimate. we are still working on it and hence we have put it under drafts section. So you can see here friends that whenever there’s some data which makes government uncomfortable then that data is tried to be hidden. That data is twisted and shown in a very different perspective. whether it’s about the Indian rupee or this GDP growth or it’s about the petrol graph Few days ago they have released a graph where they were trying to show that the increasing rate of petrol is actually not increasing instead it’s decreasing. Don’t know what kind of math or logic were they using to show this that the graph of the petrol prices is going down. People didn’t get fooled by this which is a good thing and they continued pressurising Government due to which maybe Government has reduced some petrol prices. It’s not a very much decrease in the price but atleast for the beginning it’s good. In the next news friends, a very well known environmentalist and water conservationist Rajendra Singh who is also known as “water man of India” has started a very big Ganga Yatra. To raise awareness for the cleanliness of Ganges. 5000 KM of this tour which will last for 105 days and will end on 14 January 2019. 20 different scientists, activists and environmentalists are also with him. I feel it’s our duty to support people like Rajendra Singh Talking about the good news friends then on 7th October 2018, World’s first Thermal Battery Plant was inaugurated at Andhra Pradesh by chief minister Naidu. This is a very big achievement friends. Thermal batteries are an alternative way for battery storage. Lithium Ion batteries are used in our smart phones, laptops which has a lot of disadvantages and can’t be used on a bigger scale for longer term. so this thermal battery which is a new technology, provides a lot of advantages in comparison to the lithium ion batteries. The very promising feature of this battery is that it can even be used in the electric cars, also to store the energy from solar energy during the night time these thermal batteries can be used. In the same field of energy there’s also a very big achievement from our center government. It is been said that in the next 5 years, the electric car’s share will be 15% in our country. that means out of all the vehicles in our country out of them 15% will be the electric cars in the next 5 years. They have got the blue print ready for this. However how much work has been accomplished here I don’t know but getting the blue print ready is itself an achievement for me. because other promises of our government is even without the blue print like we will do this that by 2022, it’s more of a jumla. since here there is a blur print and Nitin Gadkariji is saying so this can be trusted more. On 27th August 2018, our country’s first bio fuel powered flight was tested between Dehradun to Delhi by Spice jet. This is a very big achievement friends because the fuel used in aeroplanes is a very source of air pollution and carbon emissions. if that fuel is replaced by bio fuel made by agricultural residues or wastes then pollution will be reduced, carbon emissions will be reduced. It is predicted that using bio fuel will lead to a reduction of 50-60% of carbon emissions in planes. so this an historic event has very few countries have tested bio fuel airplanes across the world. 2007 was the first time when the first Bio fueled flight was taken off. Another big achievement friends is from Andhra Pradesh which has received rank number 1 for Ease of Living index in the country. that means its a number one state in the whole country to live in the quality of life. This ranking has been done by Urban affairs ministry and Odisha and Madhya Pradesh is at Rank 2 and 3 respectively. and today’s last good news friends is that the Cochin International Airport of our Kerala and our Prime Minister Modiji has received champion of the Earth award from United nations. This is an environmental related award and Cochin International airport has received it as it’s world’s first airport to be fully powered by Solar power. and our Prime Minster has received this award because he has made many policies in favour of renewable energy. Now here if I explain you openly then personally I feel that our Prime Minister do not deserve this award. I will tell you the reasons for this, if we look at the website of UN to know why he has been given this award then it says…. One thing I accept that the very big achievement of our Moi Government is their renewable energy polices. where he pushed solar energy and other renewable energy. But further it’s written in the UN website….. Now here the issue is “Modi’s pledge” “2022” so basically a major reason for UN’s award is a prime minster’s promise. which he will fulfill on 2022 and you very well know our Prime Minister’s track record of promises. How good days he has fulfilled. here UN doesn’t know about Jumlas I guess. one reason is this that this promise can turn to a jumla and the second reason is that environment related laws which are been made which I’ve told in the forest policy video, air pollution video, India’s ranking is going down in these things. 177/180 countries in the world is our rank in the Environmental protection index. which was 141 in 2016. In the Top 10 ranking of world’s polluted city has all the Indian cities now. So I feel UN should have also kept all these things in its factors that nationally what are the policies of our Government towards environment, air pollution and for all these things. On the basis of all these things I feel he doesn’t deserve this award somewhere. Today’s entrepreneur of the week friends is Mrs. Prerna. Prerna has made a water resistant wooden dining board which she sells on amazon and flipkart. This wooden dining board is very useful on your bed or in the car while you are travelling. You can keep your laptop on this, your food on your bed, you can keep your drinks. It is very eco friendly in comparison to plastic, normally people use plastic mats on their beds to keep their things this wooden dining board is a very good alternative to plastic because it is more stable as it’s made up of wood and it’s also very multipurpose. It’s dimensions are 17X15 inches and it’s thickness is 5.5mm so it’s also very light weight. You can buy this dining board by Amazon and Flipkart link given in my description box. and if you are also an entrepreneur and has your own business and would like to feature on this show then you can email me at this email ID I hope friends you will like this video and if you want to support my work then you click here to do so. at so that I can keep making more such videos. I accept that it took long for the 10th episode, there was a gap between 9th and 10th episode. You can write in the comment and tell me how do find Dhruv Rathee shows episodes and should I make such videos in future or not. Let’s meet in the next video Friends, Thank you.

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