because what's going on Jamie here wanted to do a another video here guys to give you some rapid-fire quick updates on a couple of other platforms that I'm in it's the end of the week I like to do these end of the week updates as we move into the weekend and before I do so guys doing a remind you guys that it's passive income platform cannot no matter how good they look they all carry risk so you have to do your own research have to do your own due diligence and once you formulate your own opinion and you you know should you decide to get in I'm only put in what you can afford to lose a kay risk capital it's just a smart thing to diversify spread your risk and then withdraw your initial deposit as soon as you can if you haven't joined my team Telegram go ahead and do that I will leave a link underneath this video and if you haven't subscribed yet to my channel hit that subscribe button hit the post notifications that little bell icon that way I can keep you informed whenever I put up a new video you'll get notified and I can keep you in the loop with what's going on on my end so a couple of quick updates here some important updates let me give you a heads up first of all e.x.p.s sent that you guys know they've been in my portfolio now for eight months give or take and they've never missed the payout never missed it withdraws matter of fact that just got mine the last withdraw I just made it withdrawal of almost 1800 USD hit my wallet that you can see here I was drawing I'm closing in on 60 K and yeah this this platform just seems to move from strength to strength they do have their matrix Pro that they're going to be launching I did a video of that the other day check that out it in my channel and um yeah this is um this is going really really well as you can see my my different wallets here now here's what I wanted to talk a little bit about if you follow them on Facebook which I encourage you to do so if you are obviously in the platform that's where you're going to get most of your updates real time if you're doing something due diligence and researching them and maybe thinking about getting in also it wouldn't be a bad idea their Facebook page also you know add and follow Patrick propensity he's on Facebook as well it is what they posted this they posted this some this morning says here dear ladies and gentlemen dear partners recently some of our partners have been sharing information about the company that are far from the truth among other things they say that the company is going down in three months we would like to inform everyone that we do not tolerate this kind of behavior by anyone this is why today we share with you the information on finishing cooperation with these people in other words if you don't know what he's talking about or what they're saying is the people that have been spreading this FUD this non truths as they say they are going to be terminating their accounts that's what they mean by finishing cooperation they have been gaining financial benefits from the company while complaining so we we have we helped to set them free we want to set them free company is in very good condition and the legal audit that was executed it recently proves it we will publish it very soon and in the meantime here is the view of it so they just did a brand new legal audit as you can see here People's Republic of China illegal audit for exp asset they were they are going to be posting that in the back office for you to review if you want to review the original one which they did a legal audit when they first launched that you can actually download right in their back office and um you know it's like think it's like 57 pages let me see I mean let me see how many pages it is if you go to marketing this marketing tab right here um you see if they still have I'm not even sure it might be I'm updated so they might have taken it out yeah it looks like they've taken it out they used to have it here and you can actually download it I think I have a file of it I'll probably I'll post it in the telegram group if anything if anybody wants to see it but they used to have it here I just think took it out because they're going to be putting a new one but essentially what they're saying guys is people that are spreading FUD and unnecessary lies about them they are going to be terminating their accounts so you just be aware of that you know in my experience in this space I've been around in network marketing for twenty years I've been in sales for a long time I've been in online marketing and affiliate marketing for ten years and I've been in crypto coming on three years and everything that I've seen whenever people are posting FUD okay not you know not all the time but 99% of the time when people are out there on YouTube posting FUD and talking about a platform and they're this they say it's gonna go down this and that a lot of times is because they want a back end people or redirect the attention to another platform that they're in or that they're gonna be launching you know that you're using fear-mongering to get people to not want to take a look at one platform so that they can send them over to another platform again not all the time but 99% of the time that's how it works so you know brand new people that are new you know they fall for it you know over and over and over again so again just be aware and I'm not saying that this is a risk-free platform I just finished telling you in the beginning of this video that all platforms carry risk right so just be careful who you're listening to you know people that are spreading foot again just know that everyone has their own agenda and there's a reason why they're doing what they're doing um yeah I just you know just be smart about things so anyway I just want to give you that quick update and let you know that they are gonna be terminating people who are doing this you know how long these guys are gonna be around I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon they do have they just mentioned that they're launching a new product right matrix Pro and they have other products that they're gonna be launching down the road such as ATMs exp branded ATMs they are also talking about their own exchange and their own coin and they're very transparent guys they're very very transparent petrichor Penske is very visible on Facebook he does lives he's is a huge digital footprint he's had his Facebook account long before the XPS and even came about and you can actually research him on Google so been around the 4x space for a very long time been interviewed on in many publications over in Europe and yeah I'm pretty confident with them so again if you want to check these guys out I will leave a link underneath this video you can deposit Bitcoin and or and/or litecoin and it's very easy to use again they have a very very responsive support team if you need help you can reach them on Facebook you can also send the support ticket or you can email them directly at support at exp asset calm and they will get back to you assuming it's during office hours ok um so yeah pretty excited about this let's talk about ethics training again not really not much to really update on FX trading it's doing what it's doing is you can see here I'm a little bit over 11,000 in profit and they do have their one year anniversary event in Dubai I think it's in August August or September I think it's August and if you want to go in attend you can you can purchase tickets right in your back office and uh you know attend that if you like so again these guys are doing some big things not really much to update I actually like when there's not much to update that means it's doing what it's supposed to be doing and I don't really gotta talk too much about it but again FX trading only deposit what you can afford to lose and um yeah like I'm liking it so far withdrawals are super quick I just got my last withdrawal you shouldn't here let me see here you go to this CAPTCHA yeah so this withdrawal here of 1146 I it hid my wallet two days ago or a day and a half ago you can actually follow the hash transaction so these are other withdrawals that I've made and they come probably around two days or three days give or take when you make the request keep in mind you can only withdraw during the week you cannot withdraw during the weekend and if you would draw more than once in a one week time frame they will hit you with an additional 5% withdrawal fee the standard withdraw fee is 5% if you would draw more than once in a week time frame they they you know there's a 10 you know it's 10% withdrawal fee so what I don't really do is I would draw once a week if you want to withdraw more than once a week if you want to eat up that extra 5% fee you're more than welcome to do so but other than that it is paying it is withdrawals are working and uh yeah we'll see how far we can get with this one let's talk about coin ethos as you can see here this is a this one here is more of the riskier side of things I wanna be very clear about that obviously if you're going to get five point five percent per day logic should tell you that is high risk okay now that five point five percent is not pure profit you're getting a little bit of your seat capital back you know if you choose the five five point five percent per day plan if you choose the other one then you don't get your you know you're not getting a little bit of your seat capital back daily you're just gonna get your principal back at the end of the two weeks term along with your profits so so far I have invested thirteen eighteen I have 559 in my available balance I'm going to draw that and I've already was drawn over to K now here's my deposits just a quick look my five point five percent daily I've received half already you see here I've you see you point zero six percent BTC and my other one which is this is a two week one which is one hundred twenty one percent after two weeks I believe today is my either today or tomorrow I don't know exactly how they schedule it but I'm gonna get my principal back of six hundred dollars either later on today or tomorrow so I will be doing an update video let you know when they send me my principal and I shouldn't be receiving a hundred and twenty one percent of my $600 posit so I put that in on May 10th 14 days later which is two weeks is May 24th which is today but again there aren't they're in a different time zone so it might be either later on tonight or tomorrow's when I'm gonna get my principal back so pretty confident that I'll get it back but in any case I will keep you updated and I'll do another video showing that um last but not least in this update video I'll talk about Magnus Capital Center this is the most recent addition to my portfolio um they trade in forex and what they do here is they pay their passive profits out weekly instead of daily so instead of getting like for example and don't hold me to these numbers that I'm just giving an example so getting 1% per day per trading day Monday through Friday which is 5% they actually just give you 5% of whatever your license is the license value they give you that on Saturdays now it's not a fixed 5% sometimes it's four and a half percent sometimes it's you know a little bit less than four and a half percent but it's you know it's up to 5% that you're gonna get and they in their presentations they marketed as getting up to 20% per month passively okay but you'll earn on your license and you can tell you it four times the value there is a very lucrative affiliate complan attached to this where you can earn you know direct commissions also team building affiliate commissions you know like there's also lifestyle rewards and incentives all of these platforms by the way you know you can participate passively or you can be an active affiliate refer people etc etc and you know earn even more so just want to let you know that these platforms are working they're paying Charles are working did I keep you you know I wanted to keep you posted on some of the news and what's going on with them so that being said guys if like I said before if you haven't drawn my team telegram go ahead and do so and it's you are haven't subscribed yet hit that subscribe button hit the little bell icon and I will keep you informed on what's happening on my end so yeah that's pretty much about it i'll catch you on the next update video guys have a great day you


  1. law firm audit does not make any sense . only means company is legal business. we need company fully disclosure financial staetment and how members fund allocated.

  2. .. since January iam in EXP in Binary Plan and it works very good.. and i will Keep going on there.. since that time most of the other plattforms are gone and people lost their Money….. thanks for your great Video… are you still in AD BLAST?.

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