as what's going on Jamie here wanted to do a quick update video for you guys some rapid-fire updates or news going on with some of the different platforms that I'm in before I do that guys do want to remind you that these platforms any kind of passive income platform you'll find online especially for revolves around crypto there is gonna be risk involved with it so if you're not ok with risk and you're not okay with you know putting your funds at risk then these platforms may not be suited for you so again do your own research do your own due diligence collect as much data as you can and then basically figure out and decide if this is something you might want to get into should you decide to do so only put in funds you can afford to lose aka risk capital I try to diversify it spread your risk so you don't have all your eggs in one basket and then it'll just be a smart thing to do to withdraw your initial deposit at some point that way you're simply just playing with house money right so if you haven't joined my team telegram group go ahead and do so I will leave the link underneath this video and if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet hit that subscribe button also hit the bell notification that post notification icon that way whenever I post up a new video you'll get notified and I can keep you in the loop with what's going on on my end platforms that are working for me what I'm doing to stack crypto as I get ready for the next bull run which I believe is coming soon so that being said let's just run through these iOS T ROI as you can see here the contract is still kind of hovering around that 9.8 million mark so it really hasn't made too much movement it's it you know it went up a little bit yesterday that he came back down and it went up then he came back down so it's kind of sticking around this uh 9.8 million iOS T mark just a lot of iOS T we'll see what happens here um again you do decide to get involved with this adapt number one it is an ROI dev so again only put in what you can afford to also you do need to have an eye wallet set up which is the wallet to hold your iOS C which essentially is just like meta mask or Tron link you're gonna want to download it it's an extension on your Chrome browser and then you're gonna want to put iOS T in it so I will leave a link underneath this video to finance that's the exchange that I use you can head on over there use your BTC get on the exchange get your hands on some iOS T and then send it over to your I wallet and much like other adapts as long as you have your wallet open and you're logged in excuse me you'll be able to um you know interact with adapt freely you'll be able to deposit withdraw etc etc and it's pretty simple so yeah this one here is still rockin and rollin let's look at shrine crush they have updated their UI so it doesn't have that brownish color anymore now it has this purplish color right and maybe they're trying to look like Tron X or something like that but this is the new the new the new look of the dashboard here so yeah the dividends let's look at a dividend pool real quick they wouldn't pull right now is that 360 mm keep in mind that they they don't pay out daily dividends anymore they pay out every three days so I'm if you want to mind this core nice you can and again just remember to freeze your coins because you don't get dividends on coins unless you freeze them so yeah I just want to give you a sneak peek into the new look for Tron crush now Tron next has an interesting update real quick it looks like they have strategically formed a partnership with Jack X which is another Trond app which previous to today I wasn't really jumping into but obviously the fact that they have created a partnership with them whereas the website here I mean we're fresh because they have created a partnership with them I decided to go ahead and create an account so I will leave a link for gak X but as you can see here one of the updates here is they have this thing scrolling it really fast but let me see if I can bring it back come on guys just says gak X close this the world's first decentralized binary options tap this is what it looks like and if you want to check out gak X I will leave a link underneath this video I'll probably do a standalone video on KX how to use it but essentially when you're doing is you're just um you're gambling okay pretty much like other of these gaming daps it is a Trond app so you need to have a trauma link wallet and essentially what you're doing is you're just betting on the price of Bitcoin so if this thing ever looks up I'll show you what it looks like but again I'll do a standalone video later today so again all you're doing is you're basically betting on the price of Bitcoin and as you bet you're gonna win you're gonna lose and you're basically betting if the price is gonna be up or if it's gonna be down there's gonna be a yellow line here which the site's not loading it this happens every now and then cuz I have been looking at gak X for a while now I just haven't really pulled the trigger but essentially what it is is there's gonna be a yellow line right down the middle here and then there's a red dot that goes up and down like this and you're basically betting on whether it's gonna be the prices the price is gonna be or the red dot is gonna be above the yellow line or below the yellow line and if it's up and you put it up then you win if it's down then you bet down you win obviously you can lose also and essentially as you're betting you're mining these tactics tokens and um you know you'll be able to get paid dividends so again I'll do a no I'll do a standalone video near but just wanted to share this bit of information with you because I've never seen that before where an existing Tron debt or two existing transacts kind of merged together form a partnership and are not working to get so we'll see what happens I don't necessarily know what that actually means for Tronics organics other than like like a like it said there's a some sort of some type of strategic partnership not between the two so the dividend pool for seanix let me see what the dividend pool looks like I think there's over 5 million Tron in it now yeah a little bit a little bit under five point five million Tron so yeah if you want to mind these tokens just remember to freeze your tokens because you do not get dividends on tokens that you do not freeze and you'll see your dividends I think it's every hour you'll see your dividends here that you can withdraw out so yeah so far so good with Tronics let's look at FX trading moving away from the daps real quick FX training is still crushing it doing really really well made it withdrawal requests the other day hit my wallet probably within 24 hours and again if you want to check this one out make sure you only put in what you can afford to lose after doing some research but essentially what you're doing is purchasing a bot or a plan and based on that plan you'll receive an average of about 1.5 percent per day okay so yeah pretty simple here I'm about a little bit under 500 bucks that I'm gonna withdraw out but essentially all you're doing here is you're purchasing one of these plans okay and you can start for as little as $100 and based on the plan that you have you're gonna get paid it fluctuates it's not a fixed 1.5% per day but sometimes it'll be less sometimes it'll be more but on average you'll get about 1.5 so yesterday was actually 1.5 2% sometimes it goes down to like 1% I've seen it go up to one point nine nine percent but you could hit 2.5 percent because the presentation does say you can hit up to 2.5 percent so you know expect a good estimate would be around 1.5 daily so yeah I will leave a link for this one underneath this video I do think this will be here for quite a while but again that's just my opinion based on speculation do your own research do your own due diligence to the meeting just a couple of quick things with Dunamis they are accepting orders already and we do have people getting emails back from corporate giving them at different options of different lease plans at different machines and a different payment options so yeah they were backed up based on the last corporate update obviously when that company is going through a pre-launch phase which it still isn't pre-launch they are gonna be backed up a little bit they're getting inundated with orders which is a good problem to have but yeah the the update I wanted to give you guys was if you do know they made they made an announcement and again I don't know how long this will be I don't know if it's temporary or permanent but as of right now even if you don't have a leasing plan or you don't have a machine if you refer someone to the platform and they purchase a leasing plan they will not hold your commissioners they'll actually pay you your full Commission which is 15% a 15% direct bonus so it's pretty aggressive so they're not gonna be holding any Commission's for anyone regardless if you have a machine or a leasing plan however you're only gonna get bigger at the red bonus okay and don't get me wrong fifty percent is a lot but if you want to participate in the actual team building structure of the binary and get paid binary commissions you do need to have a leasing class you don't have to have a machine yet so they made it very clear you can if you want to participate in the binary Commission's you can purchase a leasing plan purchase a machine later after you've made some money maybe or you can just go ahead and purchase a machine in a leasing plan together obviously you'll start receiving your passive profits the two machines right now that they have available is the obelisk machine which is the one that we've always talked about it mines see a coin and I believe sometime in the future may – it may start mining Raven coin or that actually that that's probably gonna be with the machine that I'm gonna mention next right now the Oblast machine is mining see a coin the FPGA the new machine I believe is Mining etherium and perhaps Raven coin down the road and they talked about it mining 32 different coins and because it runs on AI it'll actually toggle from coin to coin on any given day based on whichever one is the most profitable on that given day so that machine is available also now keep in mind because it produces a lot more and it can do more it's gonna be it's gonna cost more than the base model obelisk machine so you know if you have any questions about that hit me up on telegram but yeah these are going smoothly right now with Dunamis again we are getting inundated with orders so if you are waiting for a reply you know give it a little time you know after about 72 hours and you haven't gotten a reply you know that you might want to you know either hit me up or should have another message over but I would give it about three or four days for them to reply they're just getting inundated with orders and there's so much going on so that's exciting news okay Dunamis is just crank it right now east winds I will be doing a video soon I am one of the beta testers further poker and they have given me access already so I'll be doing a beta test video on the online poker so stay tuned for that other than that everything is going great with ace wins my passive trades everything is cranking right now we're getting a lot of people to join and yeah it's kicking out that 1% per day so this is another another platform which you can either have running in the background or you can maybe make it your main deal but it is it's proving itself every single day that it is you know could it be here for a while last but not least guys expert asset um again just crushing it in it withdraw the other day just hit my wallet as you can see so the 2400 I requested just hit my wallet so almost 45 K that I have withdrawn out of this platform and every week you know I get anywhere from 2,500 to 3,500 in my wallet so this one has been a rock in my portfolio and you know if you're looking for a good solid potentially long-term and what I believe to be a sustainable platform then expert asset is definitely one you want to consider again I will leave a link underneath this video so they're just trucking along doing their thing yeah that's all I wanted to say with with a expert asset all the other thing too was there is a statement from Patrick or Penske they posted it on the Facebook page and also it's here in your back office and they are basically saying that you know if you are going to join and publicly promote companies that are in direct competition with expert asset that's not going to be a good look and it might affect their account negatively so they named with two different companies they're not saying that you can't join I want to clarify this because people have been asking me I don't think they're saying visits how I take it and I get I'll get more clarification also but I'm not I don't think they're saying that you can't join other crypto platforms because a lot of their leaders are in several different platforms but they are naming two specifically that they believe to be in direct competition with them one is Omega the other one is coincidentally happens to be vex a global which I took my video down yesterday that I mentioned them because you know I want to stay compliant expertise but as expert acid is a solid company that I definitely want to keep in my portfolio so I want to stay compliant so I took down that video and I'm not gonna be promoting them on my channel but the reason he named those two companies I believe is the either the ownership of those two companies or the top leadership were people that came from expert asset and I believe he thinks there's some type of cross recruiting going on or I didn't even know the whole story to be honest with you but that's basically what he said I'm gonna stay compliant obviously expert asset is my deal when I move forward with them I believe they're gonna do some big big things this year so I'm gonna keep rolling with the rock solid platform that I've had in my portfolio for 6 and 1/2 months so that being said just wanted to make that aware again he's not saying that you cannot join other platforms he's just singling out the two that he mentions in his statement which you can actually read word for word I'm not gonna go through it he goes through he goes in detail and then names of the two those two different companies because again there is or was a relationship between either the owners are the top people and they came from expert asset so again there's something there's probably something going on there who knows as for me I'm gonna be sticking with the platform chime in I'm gonna keep rocking with them that are paying they're all withdrawing everything's working great and it's gonna keep stacking my crypto getting ready for this next bull run because it's look at the end of the day we don't know how long we have this window of opportunity maybe a year maybe two years maybe three years at some point crypto is gonna get adopted on a massive scale and when that happens there's gonna be regulation right and whenever regulation happens it's a good thing for the industry as a whole but once things get regulated I mean think about it do you think we're gonna have platforms like this that pay us 5% per day right or you know platforms that even pay us 1.5% a day platforms that pay us 2% a day 1% a day even you know more conservative platforms like diversity fun club that only pays point 8 percent per day I don't think those platforms are gonna I'm not saying they're not gonna be around but it's definitely the is the ROI is definitely gets scaled back significantly what's regulation happens so while we have this one year two year three year window of time where we are getting these returns I'm gonna take full advantage of it because you know when that crypto bull run goes hyperbolic and Bitcoin hits fifty thousand or a hundred thousand I mean I don't know if that's gonna happen or not but you know that's what people say right I want to have as much crypto I want to have as much Bitcoin as I possibly can so I'm taking advantage of this time right now hopefully you are too if not no big deal you can watch what I'm doing subscribe to my channel he posted up the cases don't forget to join my team telegram group and yeah I will catch you on the next video guys have a great day


  1. Question on Dunamis. I couldn't comment on your telegram channel as it was muted and seemed to be focused just on Dunamis. How do these guys make their money? If you purchase a machine and they run and maintain it, do you pay for the lease space or how does this work? I'm interested in this machine, as per your comment below: How do I purchase this machine or is it available yet? If not, any idea of an ETA for this?

    "new upgraded FPGA mining machine that spits out around $1700 per month."

    Keep up the good work, enjoying your channel. 🙂

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  3. The other video got pulled so I'll ask again:
    Is it possible to make decent money with these programs without recruiting? Just the investing part.
    Seems all these programs rely more on recruitment to make money. Thanks

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