IMP : Crypto News ll Bakkt Delayed ? Crypto Hacked ll TRX & NPXS Airdrop Update

hi have a seat hi guys welcome back to crypto NH allen instant updates to video Capelli like do coop sorry updates milne KO jo important updates be a sub super Liam Baskin with AmeriCorps tech mahindra camper notice jalaluhu chopper Ebola arrived get kooky up cryptocurrencies kiss our bill care to top put a bank account a up to close karna padega a branch mass actors Coburn the car was active Agra pian eager to to 30 day Skinner humko could Co close kenapa take up in a bank account the upper coffee loop confusion can there be a Kia couch illegal hey as a coach a there's a coach beanie a bunch of banks a was simply a plaque on Korean cooking up an RBI on in Kabul awake occur to me till curtain to account Coburn Caro – yeah / be quoted mean datura aggressively is cookin nikolushka 9qp I guess re be a beans a report money academia Cody Crockett any accounts from the bund cricket took in the New Deal Kurtz yeah get up push the cow Guinea so arabiya who's a tempo Pollack waveform them at look good to me Kundalini can tell her to marry man can the risotto hooni septa to Isla miracle see a circular historic Anacostia Perea or is my tension Kenickie botany Oh get up compound here or a price at which notice our top is account to close co-receptor denial kisi Bank Assad account open car was to both sorry banks in or 30 days can offer up to time be there a top offer up no money transfer ratio be a vector assay and manage cuts up to the Torah Zabur up trade continue agar transaction car to transaction my remarks Delta the whopper taught us I be careful capture terms whopper use cutting to go boys are the banking system Jammu pickup coil attack two-year core tech Peter up say update again next embarking upon the xqr Funi ex-cop Acquia do come any video may covered Kiyosaki up na SEO plan Knievel it alien robot terribly wrong shall again no can you both negative feedback mail out finally in cocoa cancel turn upon Hakeem I soon occurring it or in noon airplane karate Joe pun DX over 1 DX name Kajol does your own Cobian as a token Nakata function X joint key actual blockchain upon DX key will be a drop carrying a + agar in Co I co can nominate the private investors a peso as out hang it to in kapoor ashima token matrix the one in a bowler campo change can upon a course key Behrman on a third of January groundsmen Kurata kid 19th of July in Veliko that come decide continue decide Kenickie bottom 99 be required ei message encourage a hopper up who further details thinking who Yaga vintage Oh may I get a chrome camper ki information but nothing I've got joandkaa airdrop have snapshot forget about it further detail a pure booth make his month Kentucky oka yeah February key starting me to date a good clothes okay the thrown up on the X key price can the jump the hectic Amell said that although I got Putin exk apprise taking it to Tanaka was significant yeah / jump knee edge up say no knee a function X wala bhutta trauma chiesa just had a 14 Satoshi that poon DX K price gates use K other bar a Satoshi per year but let's see if I went can the upper am a KinderCare announcement kerchief Eric birthday kini joejoebee information I give me up cop did attract more telegram pager and Carlos car link description men took une partie volume information that WA the next update can reduce numbers getting it back he just cut the time save eight or I or a BTech Ayanna you though sub sapele maps a news covered credit only back knee recently around 182 million dollars with the same band cancer internet bara partners or investors if funding Moutai T which is a really big amount or you buddy buddy partners or investment firms and Jessica Boston Consulting proposed except a CMT digital Eagle 7 Galaxy digital you Mike Novick rats could this coke coffee percentage own cut there for a Bucky be the accept a intercontinental exchange the cut Koga ice Microsoft ventures capital arm Pentair a capital P sub but everybody look him forms in Georgia known a back to can their investment Cara karna bitch I you keep acting but a cryptocurrency can their institutional platform once at their or back knee recently those the upper ache or community future firm Co acquire Cara Rosenthal Collins group are CG or ei independent future Commission merchant head Joe MATLAB sauce all say my experience a coffee client some K so it could be in a Newark worker at the overall coffee locust confusion or take it back on a wallaby a kidney a novelette top Cody approaches the kisses subsidies eyes New York Stock Exchange Joe is back to colicky are a much logically Loffler Joe back key see you and Bo i sceeto owner I will give I fell voice current-carrying upper o plus never hit anybody buddy names is your only up 182 million dollars the upper invest cutting back candor or back knee upper acquired be correct or yeah / firms cook or possibly shaggy bickering it to you actively work career bus yeah it is a matter of when cup yep Joe Baghdad would launch over or were launched basically delayed or a quickie CFTC cash approval for beatin a male or born animal nigga reason get us can the abhi currently government GOP shut down shall be shut down but La Push come on the Quebec government burned a kooky who's come in recently a key the 6eb country can their expenditures bellman thank you buy a packet husband karaage military make Italy Giga or muncipality McChrystal a Giga development Kendrick Talladega a secret K inside she's looking there a collects a bill burn that just money allotted over like a look please Oh Kenda invest technically the way put your mark a us K president at Donald Trump in kibbutz Prince a dream here or in election key time PBUH is pitch Kerry Tiki Mexico or us directly told you Padre was share good things you say India Pakistan India Bangladesh India China of money you receive about the shaker Tosca but once a dreamer Donald Trump became a hepatic vol banana choco or were pura area Joseph cover Kentucky Mexico P loop illegally cupcake at that case a and their us skin the goose Kenya the war Scott dreamin token as a third is clear six billion dollars manga rake is built in the extract Godot Miraval Kelly just keep Karen Republicans or Democrats or get between fight Sharia or Republicans or Democrats don't look at them is a congress of BGP okay Betsy Markey parties they're so easy current route government three be bodies in whopper oh sorry sorry mclubbe pot comes tough Cassatt come curry hard cheese my time legrest stuff come over though definitely a cheese or CFTC be you see me attacking government body or CFD seek approval anime Isley deliora backcomb in Loretto is kickin back cabeza launch a both or a delayed a so sooner or later back I gotta see a cop the key shut down automata you know drama chatter I us kinnda or job approval miljacka the definitely upper in Kenai did announce okie Murcia new nebula is I get 24 January tequila can I be us shut down boutique adjuster cheese children let me rocket winter for general it's a camper backed Agra most probably due to the bang it or let Sophie's LD say us Colonel shut down a year katha Mucha sake tell the approval minute the next update can I lose some vodka engage windows torrent malware a Java float around correct or got a pirate be a kissy be online torrent websites a movie xia songs download cutter to just be careful of kanji files download kuru cutie coffee 35 se article upload orange wake they say I got up crypto currency gainer trade Kathy exchanges P log entertain funds transfer cat named to hopper hacker up defied out do you have per week movie do some medical care Joker Fiza the effectivity was can answer the girl in the spider's web or and remove ETA agar user download cut theatres file can the unique malware a casa por la la water drag the residue be user I got up new movie download crap mean they cut up a computer me install Lucas kebab Jack exchanges Cooper transfer corrupt me BTC violence every trick spray transfer Kuryakin your transfer career so ok I'll take a jab be up at this paste car to copy paste car to do you automatically Jamel we're a up cut you address our change eager they go up jump is no valuables could change because he hacker coddled egg ax – just be careful agar upcoming be transfer get them to at time 0 ty key hum double-check naked angel the body more miss cuts at them to Colossus Co attention picker not plus I got torrents a download car to to toda be careful up caches download curio or go say Akina dogie a important update T to make up the shaken to stupid next joke body breaking news a whoa hey crypto key exchange key and crypto key exchange knee opera be Archie announcement karate aikido exchange a Oaxaca could security breach where or a be technical patent in Yucatan – story um btc-e te th or Bakke Juba crypto amount wise lakenya bday cry hey a be known a.j exchange Jo Scott Tolleson own a bunch Carrick I technically katana funstro DUI casa bleach walk his maturity okay find out Carnegie coach Kevin or in opera noona he be mentioned cut a cake in New Zealand place or high-tech crime unit Joe New Zealand my boy in ke saath kaam current crypto via be new zealand-based exchange to–yeah find out Karenia possess a legato bitanga or upper cuff yogibo drink crypto P I played both a chore piranha exchanger looking for a good time look one car gain neighbor exchanged a guess here is no volume Ronnie to host a shy the same affected okay she happened to Ricky or security beach kuraki exchanges key responsibilities OTT up no security system Jake them top not your kuma club coach caliber hoon amici or caliber WT job to exchanges with them okay Leslie eternity honey obtain the affair was a painterly could malaria to see duper look what sorry fingers point connect trip to be a leaky starting see look puffy complain catechist he funds that came because he give ticket resolved in him a time lager to both logo Cove se problems the whole subtype maybe share the exit scam can Nikki because she's Caro you have for same effect so do be information fo Ageha political ke you can hear exchange wise up Oh Misha careful on achieve especially our quest X Veronica Rosa the complaints out to market Maccabi be technical milky take first indication who take you up could roll up never and school like a careful watch is just a map quick example it no equal exchanges you Mirko what skirmish Sakura select away hit BTC hit booty co-op careful Reina kukuczka be of Misha they could be to look how much about unsatisfied repair what confusion where atoms exchange colicky those cubby you never know to just be careful up a not a exchanger whose Cobras whose summit k2 screen or hamesha market MIDI Kiki look who's COO exchange quality keep it nice lob to satisfied or get me a silhouette exchanger satisfied need to save me a cutoff idea manager that kissy exchange cowbell feedback you Barbara though whose make a BB funds the rockness evening out that the next update can I lose some but can get drawn catch of BitTorrent token Cola ki sio a drop snapshot here sorry cheesy violence is gone off in 17th and 18th of January ko Nitron submit my a or argue but angry he cup haha Jessica ring me though you happened my neck which articles but I thought or you see article me many issues notice courage is Sigma purified a the Palmer key most probably up a bit torn cos snapshot or a drop Cabos act i superpose at their to me up Co baton over so uh played recently article per die you betcha / BitTorrent kxu employed on a up you skyrocket Ron key to block chain awake the recipe torrent key Joe uses it could just take a fast speed worker hae jitna umka uses you have supporting busca support Nagar paga to voice you in car tickle tau square climbing up a distance in a credit Cooper plop pose that are happening on my opening explanation yeah pertain equally scary MST detail methanol Java money to key oppose me for do stealthy rate the uppers because you bath Carteret a lick and you important information micro ampere dick near short-term profit Kelly key Brittany token car airdrop snapshot kavaja so a great idea mill just a coin can therein technically three Harper in a cheese coffee important mention create a map to show coming up with the concept or edit your Peru my distance and my upper exempt la upper announcement dollar or a get up you up and each orbit and only up and it cover as we move toward a spring launch of BitTorrent token to possibly in only upper a cheese Kiki BitTorrent token touch a launch hooga hooga spring candor or springtime again up they forget the both I have 21st March silicate 21st June up to probably in only up early fakie BitTorrent token can launch over to a posh I the exchanges were crippled list carvaka launch card in your IC o—- parameter miracles are probably eat my neck applies even a gia Gothika – child fabric and their pooch announcement carding or hosted a scary may further de 200 fabric you like in your night on submit can detach a lega th is many notice Kelly geomap go rough idea de nada but observing me exactly I say old high up or coach Bo septa plan change a spring launch new throw not believe giant belly oj licking me clogged up semi-sheer Karuma definitely agree a pre-announcement car think he returned to enjoy oscar i co a top snapshot program every to make and Evelyn to be Joey up or tronky token key value of or Giada but saggy or rice cartilage up the hood date pass many at least a short-term profit kill him at love it will be a good opportunity Joe me definitely metal dick thornburgh clothes washer Cunha or up to be updated curcuma muskie bury me up me put telegram page on conditions can link description meta mapper may update to my in sub cheese okay barium Bucky up kazoo staying up to give you points icky Coptic launches at a Ibaka Joby news many apps a share Kerry who's given me a bodega – Ashley disturb a Sydney I got up to video each level questionnaire sickening cumulative video collegues record eating up by egg like merrily betcha motivation utter they can select a key outputs ma with you at shall again so or motivate get our videos banana clear Bucky agar apni channel please subscribe nigra to subscribe be college agar notification key bellows comida bodies yoga or telegram will be joining concepting further updates new signal sorry – zucchini tobaccy a little the all videos the camera the click good bye and take care

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  2. friends me kisi ko nirash nahee kar raha par mere experience par bta raha hoon blockchain ka use matlab technologies ka use karna chahtee hai govt, par ise currency nahee maantee is liye koee investment na karo

  3. Bhai ek request h aapse
    Trx se exit kiya tha mne kya again enter krna chaiye aur krna chaiye toh kb at what price pls reply krna

  4. Sir im masood zargar sir onecoin ki bari m ak banayi vo secam coin thi buhat sari is coin m update galat dayti h y achi coin h

  5. My case is interesting.. m having kotak account and dear with Zebpay in past but m having personal loan so I love if they close my account ?.. but I didn’t get any letter

  6. bittrex b scam h..bhai mera account hack hogya tha..thodi c b help nhi ki unhone..maine sv detail di ip address etc sb kuch…but they disable my account

  7. 07:30 ye kaand to mere saath 2017 mein hua tha mera 0.4500000 bitcoin kisi aur ke wallet mein chala gaya tha jiski keemat dec-2017 mein 8775 $ thi, yani 6 lakh rupay ka thappad laga tha mujhe. mujhse galti ye hogayi thi ki maine cyber cafe se transaction kar di thi aur apni e-mail mein bhi transaction ko verify karte samay maine btc address ko dhyan se nahi check kiya tha sirf starting ke do teen words dekhe jo bilkul mere address ke jaise they aur transaction confirm kar di thi. aur 12 din baad mujhe pata chala tha ke mere bitcoin kisi aur ke wallet mein chale gaye hain. aur kamaal ki baat yeh hai ki wo paisa maine karz leke invest kiya tha (isey kehte hain khade lund pe laat lagna)

  8. Bro binance is good for fund or trade?? And one question how to send eos from binance to simpleos wallet I try but not going ??
    Please solve my problem I hope you can

  9. दोस्त ये भी शेयर मार्किट है, अफ्वाओ का मार्किट। यहा वही जीता जो मजबूत दिल और दिमाग रखता। मैं बहर हो गया क्योकि tech ज्यादा नही आती। जब तक आई zebpay बन्द हो चुका था। फिर भी अच्छा रहा। अभी रेट डाउन जाएगा।

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