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hi ladies gentlemen welcome to Krypton news and investigative reports I'm glad that you were able to join us today we are Krypton news and investigative reports please follow us on twitter our handle is Rob tick ro b te CH right here Rob tech P please give us a click also on that YouTube and subscribe we want to be a part of the crypto news and investigating reports community also click the bail that bill when you click that bill that bill will give you an alert gotta let you know every time we put up a video we'd like to have you be a part of our crypto news investigative reporting community where we just shared your news nothing but the news all day none but news alright glad that you're able to join us today matter of fact let's get into some news right now first thing I want to talk about today is you take a look at the markets the markets look pretty good bitcoin is still holding me of 50% dominance it's currently above $4,000 that was actually the big news of the week is Bitcoin moved above afford the four thousand dollar mark again for 1331 right now on live coin wallets a theorems at $139.90 XRP is at 31 since then litecoin has actually been getting some pretty good movement it's 59 dollars and 59 sand so we're really getting some real good movement out of bitcoin and litecoin and i think i want to talk to you about why i think i have a an idea why bitcoin is moving pretty well and and so I was like coin but I want to start with what I call a parallel story and I've always said this from the beginning of doing videos is that there is a 20/20 predicted 20/20 financial crisis by its being predicted by some very knowledgeable people Ben Bernanke is one Janet Yellen is another one Jerome Powell is another one Jerome Powell Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen will all fit the Federal Reserve Chairman's at one time currently drone pilots currently federal the chairman of fellow reserved right now I don't know if you're able to caught you able to kiss their interview on 60 minutes the interview on 60 minutes was very interesting they didn't really have any really good thing to say about the economy the debt they were just talking about being cautious and being careful and all signs are showing towards some type of recession some type of crisis and I bring this story out because I want to talk about bitcoin and litecoin but anyway if you want to read this story I'm gonna be tweeting the story a little later on it's going to be on my Twitter feed so you can go and catch it forecasters may be anxious not to be caught out as they were by the 2008 recession nonetheless the signs look ominous so it's free it doesn't have really this is the Guardian very reputable of a new source The Guardian it says there is a tendency for institutions that missed a warning signs before the last financial crisis to overlook their doomsday warning as they considered the potential of another one it says the IMF the International Monetary Fund leads a group of gloomy forecasters that worried about the stability the global economy amid rising debt levels and showing the GDP growth how long they ask can the expansion seem since the last crash goes go on before another recession hits so they are actually talking and predicting like I said about another financial crisis because of the debt of course you're seeing a lot of quantitative quantitative easing that's a lot of the central bank's are selling off so you know it's just a lot it's just a lot of going one right now regarding the United States and the debt situation that the United States is in nevertheless this is an excellent this is an excellent article you might want to go by in our Twitter feed and read it I have the article linked at the bottom I haven't linked on this YouTube video at the end of the video alright also so like I said the reason why I bring this up and this is nothing at first time I mean the day been predicting is for Ben Bernanke wrote an update post in washington washington post's about the same thing not too long ago and i reported on that as well so I'm kind of piggybacking on my last video about Venezuela and in those two parallel stories they coming to the predicted coming for an answer crisis and the cryptocurrency revolution because cryptocurrency came out of the 2008 financial crisis the question to me in my mind is what virtual currency can you use to hedge or be able to use in a financial crisis and I think there's no better place to look at that right now than in Venezuela to me that's a very big story that's not getting a lot of attention because maybe it's because banks or some of the other financial institutions don't want to say or don't want to look directly into that situation and say you know what people can use Bitcoin they they don't have to go to banks right or not use a bank coin quote-unquote but they're actually using Bitcoin and and somebody sent me some information that they're using from litecoin and somebody else sent me some information that said they've used some – – but we know we're getting movement out of bitcoin and litecoin and I think the reason why we're getting movement out of bitcoin and litecoin is B is simply because they are being tested in Venezuela right now has virtual currencies that can be used when the fiat currency is not available and the banks are being shut down here's a headline that says Venezuela Bitcoin to the rescue as us-led Visa MasterCard boycott looms so what's happening here is it looks like the United States are going to put some kind of pressure on Visa and MasterCard not to do business during the political uprising in Venezuela so you have this political problem which I don't want to go into because I don't really care about the political problem I care more about extrapolating the position of the virtual currency and what we can learn from that that situation which what what virtual currency can hold what can what's virtual currency has sustainability in a crisis and honestly this is this is precedent-setting because it's never been proven what's never been shown that a virtual currency can hold sustainability in the middle of a lot in the middle of a financial crisis and what we're looking at right now is we're looking at a virtual currency which is Bitcoin litecoin like I said there's been some – and maybe there might even be some smaller ones that I'm not aware of but I know Bitcoin and I know litecoin are receiving some sustainability and helping people survive in the middle of a financial crisis with banks being threatened being shut down and even pressure being put on Visa and MasterCard to boycott Venezuela and that's what this article is talking about it do you know no more visa and mastercard payments for Venezuela so it's pressure the US government official officials say Trump administration concerning further economic sanctions against President Maduro led regime in Venezuela this time the US will be prohibiting payments firms prohibiting payment firms like Visa and MasterCard from providing service in their country look at that guy's that is a big bold move by the United States just think what kind of problems that's going to cause when you when you make those type of you know the consequences are going to be you know they're gonna be really really tough the consequences so especially for the the Venezuelan people who use Visa MasterCard now they're not gonna be able to use that but Bitcoin to the rescue is what this article says Bitcoin to the rescue as the us-led Visa MasterCard boycott nomes I think here's another article saying the same thing visa and both of these articles came out a couple of minutes ago about 10 o'clock Visa and MasterCard may stop operating in Venezuela which is the big news so you just you know there's a lot of pressure being put on these two cards and as a matter of fact cards are considered virtual currencies too by the way because we're only talking about numbers bidding but anyway you can see you you can you can tell from these two headlines that there is pressure being put on the Maduro government the pressure financial pressure being put on these companies these payment providers not to do business in Venezuela there were consequences to them not doing business in Venezuela is that Bitcoin has to come to the people's rescue now the reason why I say that is because in the middle of a financial crisis you can already know you what we're learning here to me and it's my opinion what we're learning here is that in the middle of this financial crisis you can use Bitcoin and you can use litecoin to get out of the trouble Wow that right there says a lot that they are actually using these two virtual currencies instead of using fiat currencies to survive and I think that's that's the big story right there let's take a look at is market watch and I'm black market watch as Kryptos now so you can go to market watch is freed you can click on crypto and as you click on crypto currency you can take a look at the charts and so what I clicked on is I clicked on the five-day charts and you know it shows the magdi shows everything and so here here it is right here in the last five days we saw a sprout up man on the 16th a Bitcoin shot up to four four thousand seventy two dollars and 80 cents right there and you can see the blue line is the USD and it's shot up to four thousand seventy two dollars and 86 cents and right now and it's holding pretty steady around the four thousand dollar mark three ninety nine three nine nine six point nine eight so it's actually holding really strong right around that four thousand dollar mark so that that that's pretty that's pretty good for pickling everybody's trying to write bitcoins obituary and try to write Bitcoin off because it you know is it's not scalable and it takes up so much electricity and you know when you start talking those kind of things to me you can't put a cap on technology if it came out this and bitcoin is only ten years old 19 20 19 maybe hurt its young 11 years old somebody won't argue that point but you can't put a cap on technology so you actually don't know what's gonna be the technological future for this particular crypto currency but anyway some was still hovering around foot so you see all of the movement and and and I think the movement on on on Bitcoin is because that is being tested in Venezuela right now the Venezuela market is is what's actually pumping I my last video I showed you a pump sixty million dollars in two weeks so that's a lot of money so that's real real use case stuff it's actually real really being used so instead around the four thousand mark and I'm pretty sure as long as that did as it's a continues in Venezuela you're going to get a lot of activity out of Bitcoin because of the Venezuela crisis also let's take a look at a light point because this been moving pretty good too well let's go crypto again you just click crypto here's litecoin you click litecoin and here it is when so it's a light coins at fifty eight dollars and eighty cents let's see if we can get and let's get a 5-day market this is one day sorry about that anyway it's a fifty eight dollars and eighty cents or so I want to look at the charts right when I get to charge her on her lap so I'm lost guys sorry about that anyway so now we're able to see what here here's the here's the chart here's a small chart for a light claim overview anyway so so here we have it you know you you're getting movement out of litecoin like corn is moving pretty good five-day performance you see ready for five days there is up point at 8.40 one percent it's being able to be sustained your sustainable and that's really the big thing that's really the big point I want to make maybe this is what I was looking for advanced charting it's moving really slow I'm sorry guys this it's not coming up here too good here it is Wow let's go to five-day chart well I was moving kind of slow sorry about that okay good here we go we got a five-day chart wow that took a long time to load I thought I was lost alright so over the last five days you was sick they went up to sixty dollars and seventeen cents what I say is that running has now it's 58 dollars and 80 cents within the last five days this was on the 6-3 16 it was at sixty dollars and seventeen cents so it's actually moving and it's now it's down 58 dollars in 84 cents 50 dollars and 80 cents so and what my point is my point is during this financial crisis right now in Venezuela you got a lot of good movement between two virtual currencies and I think with virtual currencies moving any virtual currency is moving good then I think it's good for all virtual currency that's my opinion and now you're watching in the middle of the financial crisis litecoin and bitcoin is moving because those virtual currencies are being used in the middle of the financial crisis in Venezuela and I think that that has a lot to do with both of these virtual currencies moving bitcoin and litecoin and like I said somebody sent me some information on – but I never research – I haven't researched any of that at all so anyway so you're able to look at both of those and now here's the problem and here's the last point I want to bring out about that it says Bitcoin volumes in Venezuela plummeted during nationwide blackout now that's the argument that a lot of people are making that about the electrical how much energy how much electricity it takes to mind Bitcoin and how much energy it takes you know in a sucking of all the energy and everybody talking about China has these mining these big huge mining facilities and they're 90 90 something percent of the mining is in China but you know what let me say this again this is technology and what's what's out today is probably antiquated already because of what they already know that they're going to be using tomorrow and so Bitcoin the headline says Bitcoin volumes in Venezuela plumbing and doing nationwide blackout so the people knew that if they can black out if they can shut down the election electrical then they can keep people from using bitcoin and litecoin in other virtual currencies because you need a lecture city you need connections to be able to do that so what I want to bring it to the picture right now my what what you know the next movement of not having blackout or that can't be that can't stop the the process of having energy is moving to solar energy it says solar energy reduces mining costs by seventy five seventy five percent say a Bitcoin miner and so a lot of these places where there's a lot of Sun like in the Mojave Desert there so you know I've recently read about the Mojave Desert where there's a big Bitcoin mining a group of people out there because this is they're using solar to mine Bitcoin and so you won't run into this situation like you did right here that de plummeted during a nationwide blackout you won't have that problem because now you're using solar energy which is the Sun to hit these solar panels and therefore you're saving and and you're not running into the same problem that you're having with with plug-in electricity and that kind of thing now you got solar power which is nobody can stop solar power you know unless they're gonna go unless they don't go up into space and block the Sun or something alright so that that's another that's what I'm saying building on technology and then not to mention only not not to mention these solar mining groups that are popping up all over the world now you also have a Kia creates a block chain solar-powered miniature village prototype and so you might want to go by and read this because they're talking actually about building solar-powered villages to mine virtual currencies so that that's where I want to stop right there because you get the picture what I'm saying because they drop it still dropped the pot you know they were using Bitcoin but it dropped when they went to the blackout you know that's what made it drop down from it's four thousand seventy dollars you know right in the middle of the week when they hit the blackout then it dropped down Bitcoin dropped down alright but anyway let me recap once again a Bitcoin is still holding a 50% dominance actually that number is down to because that number was at fifth last week I think it was 51 52 percent if I'm wrong and they were the the market cat was about 4 141 or something like that but bitcoin is still holding a 51% dominance in the market and the market before light pointed Bitcoin is moving pretty well like I said there is still they're still talking about a 2020 financial crisis guys they're still talking about it and I think that might be the catalyst to move people from fiat currencies to virtual currencies just like that's the real world real time real thing happening right now in Venezuela is what would be happening if this finite 2020 financial crisis prevails and then I told you about Venezuela Bitcoin to the rescue as a us-led Visa MasterCard boycott looms and it was a couple of articles there's even more articles out now I looked at my news aggregate and there's there's more coming out now all right so and then I kind of went through the charts and kind of gave us some numbers I think really guys all the all the news is in the charts by the way the news of four virtual currencies are in the charts especially like Bitcoin because you got ten years of charts on Bitcoin so that makes it a much easier maybe not easier it's not the word but you can really research it better because you got more history behind it as opposed to some of these other virtual currencies that are new net or not you can't you don't know if they can work out or not you know they're all testing and you hope they do but actually bitcoin is actually being used right now in a financial crisis and litecoin and then i told you how they try to shut it down they try to do it nationwide blackout to shut down the mining and the power and then i told you they're gonna be moving to solar power to handle it alright once again follow us on twitter we're Krypton news and investigative reports at rob tech are OB te CH Rob tech P alright thank you for joining us today we'll talk to you soon oh wait one more thing is within a couple of weeks we're going to be releasing some more information that we got coming we got some great things coming that we're working on so please stay tuned for that and and pay attention because we got for the crypto news and investigative reports community we got a big announce but that's gonna be coupling coming in a couple of weeks all right okay thank you for joining us

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  1. A matching (to the crash) portion of stable coins and bitcoin will get a (huge) proportional bounce as a consequence of the crash. They're not backed by currency though they can be. That's what sustains their measure of stability and stabling value-for-value price point. This idea is what IT IS ALL ABOUT. That said, many (up to near half, of) crypto's will surge. A surge of volume coming in for protecting assets that in their current currency backed assets would otherwise deplete, of course (in the crash), and digital assets don't bat an eye for the crash they're not backed by currency.

  2. The United States already put sanctions on the Russian bank that was processing the btc and ltc remittance payment program in Venesuela.

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