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all right ladies gentlemen welcome to crypto news and investigative reports I'm glad that you're joining to me today see NIR and thank you coming to you from the Silicon Valley California it's kind of rainy out here but we got a nice breeze and palm trees so it's actually actually going to today's a beautiful day out of the day in the Silicon Valley California San Jose Oakland San Francisco good to be good to be with you today probably got some pretty good news we got some news on stellar we got some news on central banks we got some news on the IMF it's been a it's been a lot of news over the since I've made my last video but we're going to try to get into some of the things that we but usually tweet it but please follow us please follow us crypto news and investigative reports our handles a handle is Rob tech our OB Tec HP Rob tech peace crypto news and investigative reports at Roth tech P hopefully you and us that you'll join us in please tell your friends tell your family I am NOT a financial adviser get that straight off the top I'm not a financial adviser you can use these as educational educational purposes or for entertainment purposes or just something to share with your friends your family please join me though is sharing they'll get the word out crypto news and investigative reports glad that you're here today let's get into some news all right here we go um the first thing is a joke first thing here is the joke Craig Wright doubles down on his claim that he is guess ooh Craig Wright says that he is Satoshi Nakamoto he's claiming the title Australian program and talented cryptographer Craig Wright has been hope he's been trying to convince everybody that he is Satoshi Nakamoto you might want to go to our Twitter page and read the article but here's the document here is a document right here that's being floated around Craig Wright filed a comment in the CFTC proceedings on etherium comment for orders and other announcements 83 fr6 4 5 6 3 Craig right this is the response to a generalized format to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission request to for input on crypto assets mechanisms and markets my name is dr. Craig Wright and under the city and a pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto I completed a project that I started in 1997 that was filed with the Australian government in part under and ozzie industry project registered with the Department of innovation and black net I don't want to go any further guys if you're interested in this go ahead read the document but the big news on this is that Craig Wright doubles down on his claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto but what I don't understand about it guys is that why would anybody who is Satoshi Nakamoto why would you want to go out and tell anybody that you're Satoshi Nakamoto that's the whole thing about Satoshi Nakamoto is that he doesn't want anybody to know who he is right and so I don't know if you're interested in a story that that's kind of a crazy story the next thing here is of course JP Morgan and a Bank of America this is some more of the fallout that JP Morgan has announced that they have their own coin what kind of effect is that having on their partners on their banks on their friends you know JP Morgan has been around since America has been a country basically since banks started they have twenty five trillion dollars I mean they of assets they're they're you know they are mega big whether anybody like it or not JP Morgan is the mega bank okay they have mega money all right but they are working with Bank of America and this says this time it here's the here's what the the title is it's not a prediction JP Morgan and Bank of America this time the comment is tucked into the bank's 301 page annual regulatory filing and this is the just of it it is saying crypto currencies are among innovations that could someday disrupt of the financial system so you want to go tweet on that read that and kind of see where more of the fallout because I know a lot of the people that are Bitcoin people that follow me the etherium people that are following this community and the xrp people that are following this community you might want to go back and really see kind of what effect that the JPMorgan announcement that was made earlier last week will kind of fall out that's having on their connections because JPMorgan is connected Bank of America they're connected with Wells I mean you know all of these guys are connected right in fact I think I read that JPMorgan back in the day went before electricity their family was one of the first families to ever have electricity in their home and that's how long that the JP Morgan's has been around the Morgan's and the Rothschilds and the you know all of the other rich families the aristocratic rich families they've been around a long time so anyway they were there talking to some of the Bank of America people and they're trying to decide the Bank of America is trying to decide whether they want to have their own virtual currency depending on whether the JP Morgan virtual currency worth Wells Fargo I'm hearing in the wind that will Spargo is actually thinking about coming up with their own virtual currency so you know it you know it remains to be seen what happens I know a lot of people saying they're not gonna make it but maybe so maybe not this is one of those things in this instance that time will tell if you follow crypto news and investigative reports one of the things we do tweet out a lot is central bank information about central bank central bank articles because I my personal opinion is that everything is resting on whether central banks are going to what they're going to do and at this point no central banks are using any virtual currencies no central banks are using virtual currencies if you follow any of the crypto news and investigative reports community you'll find out that I have said over and over again on probably every one of my videos until the International Monetary Fund World Bank central banks get together and get on the same page they will not adopt one single virtual currency and so because they all work together and number one there number two virtual currency really is not really a threat right now it's it's an investment opportunity I would agree with everybody saying it's a great investment opportunity but calling it a threat right now to central banks it's just not it's not it's not a threat to central banks central bank's get to drag their feet right now because virtual currency is only in its infancy it's in its infantile stage right now and nobody actually has to really the central banks don't have to panic about it all right in a recent survey conducted by the Nigerian based Bitcoin startup luneau has shown that quite a number of its citizen citizens are taking an interest in cryptocurrencies despite the Central Bank of Nigeria's warning against investing in crypto so the Central Bank of Nigeria saying do not invest in crypto and see here you go with more of that dollar if we do Dawg if we don't what we're going to do we don't know we still continue to get that kind of type of information coming from the central bank so here we get the same kind of central the Central Bank of Nigeria is saying the same thing here we go here's another central bank news the bank of Lithuania is changing the term from virtual currency which was used to date in this position to virtual assets mmm we'll see what kind of difference that made going from currency to ask that as into currency I don't think that there's that much difference and in this latest statement the bank did not defines when how virtual currencies can be used so you know you hear cryptocurrency you hear virtual currencies your digital assets and the Bank of Lithuania and which is IRA tweeted out of all 12 countries they're all tweeted out twelve different countries and these twelve different countries have different ways of defining what I call virtual virtual currency and so but then again we'll see what happens in Lithuania they're just trying to do some clarification they're trying to decide how they're going to proceed when they're going to proceed with virtual currencies virtual assets now and I think they're leaning towards Bitcoin this is another great article Mexican government betting one FinTech de l'Ordre mentions cost big Spanx such as and the article call a Western Union money grammars banks Western Union and MoneyGram are not banks and I think that when articles are printed up like this this confuses everybody because people get started thinking Western Union money Graham American Express they are banks they are not banks their payment providers okay but anyway this might be a great article for some of you that are looking at the broader perspective and virtual currencies you know they you know virtual currencies actually like like the digital asset XRP is primarily being used in remittance payments that type of thing so as you continue to go around the globe though when you look at virtual currencies and what they do around the globe what they don't define very well is they don't define how they're going to work with inflation cuz money fiat money works with inflation fiat money works with credit fiat money works with unemployment fiat money works with medical care and it met the medical industry so you know the the you can see how virtual currencies are in their infancy stage when you go around the world and you have a broader understanding of what's needed around the world in terms of our money but here we go Mexican government betting on fintechs to law remittance cost big space such as Western you know money Graham will eventually be forced to cut their remittance costs and that's actually a good thing for virtual currencies you know because that that's what they're going to do is cut that cost you know and but the problem before virtual currencies can cut the cost guess what guys the MasterCard and Visa are gonna try to increase their fees so when the cost get cut is just gonna go back to down to where it actually was alright let me move a little further Ripple you be RI partners with IIT Bombay and other universities to solve world remittance problems and this is another great things brought this is good news for the over XRP community is a good thing because that's what the digital asset xrp supposed to be doing that's what X current ex rapid ex via their software software as a service is supposed to be doing is supposed to be that virtual currency that links between these banks and these payment providers to help lower cost and that's the great thing about Ripple is that what it says that it's going to do is lower cost but the problem is does anybody believe the banks and I mean let me go to some of the things and I'll come back to this increasing of their fees I just talked about that but let's go to and I'll come back to that something that I tweeted out oh my god yeah did anybody see the NBA all-star game right here this is Steph Curry passing to the Greek freak and he sticks it sticks that dunk that was the best play the NBA all-star okay all right shout out to Nathan that was that's a sweet pose right there right anyway anyway let's get back to Spain Central Bank considers Bitcoin to be inefficient so they're you know they don't want to use there's some more central bank news about Spain here's central bank news on Chile cryptocurrency is not likely to replace a traditional money there is another central bank issue you know I keep talking about it guys central banks are not interested right now they don't even care all right here we go I just mentioned previously that does anybody believe banks does anybody believe Bank we're doing the documentary that's why we're here in the Bay Area now we're gonna be doing this documentary on that we're working on it but it's I tweeted this out it says Bank lawyers don't care about trust they care more about monopolizing on profits again they will not lose control of the world monetary system because of blockchain technology they will not be forced to do anything banks will cooperate when it is in their best interest to do so and I think that's a fair statement I don't think that I know anybody that would disagree with that statement because banks don't want to do nothing that they don't have to do and they only make moves when they're forced to do it and and they and here's the other part about it is that when you banks are only forced to make moves when there's regulatory policy on a bank to do so in fact banks wouldn't let us know how much money they have or anything like that that's why they're having problems with open Ledger's and showing what's on their books because banks don't want to show what's on the books banks are like cartels man they're like you know they're they're the original cartels okay and that's how banks operate so they don't want they only want to monopolize on profits and they they're not gonna lose control like I said JP Morgan has been around as long as America has almost been a country and so that's an over-exaggeration I know but they don't want to let people know what they're doing so they're not going to do anything that they don't have to do and then with the this might I tweeted this out too and I what I had in mind was the stable coin JP Morgan's staple called the stable coin the IMF World Bank of central banks are in favor of stable coins and I call anything stable coin my definition is that because it's a new modern vernacular for the 21st century 2019 a stable coins this is new terminology so to me anything that's connected with fiat is a stable coin because it is stabilized supposedly by the currency that's banking it the IMF said government should consider central bank digital currency CBD seized to prevent fraud and improve financial services and both developed and developing countries and you guys know that if you've been following if you're part of the crypto news an investigative reports community that I have been talking about that know your customer and any month an time under money-laundering situation you know and so when that that's the big thing with the IMF regarding virtual currencies if you if your virtual currency can't address those policies the monetary policy in a digital age this is IMF here this is IMF article on that if your if your virtual currency doesn't address those issues then the world will not be able to use your virtual currency if it doesn't you know just come out and identify how they're going to prevent any money anti money money laundering and and you know your customer and these kind of laws and regulations and stuff it won't be able to be used and so that's kind of what I tweeted out right there alright let's move on a little bit let's go back up there's a couple other things that I want to share with you before we get out of here is right here oh yeah let's stop by here and February 14th one of the things that I want to talk to you about real quick here is that the virtual currency XL Liam this coin was launched in 2014 and it's like Ripple it is a global payment and currency exchange platform designed to make it easier to send payments and remittances across the planet so it is kind of doing kind of the same thing that the digital asset the company ripple is doing and the digital asset XRP so stellar is kind of doing that and the reason why I bring this up is because they're working with the Federal Reserve so any Jed McCaleb it's interesting that on February 14th out here in San Francisco they were at the Moscone Center downtown San Francisco and they had a big meeting down there they had a lot of people from the day are talking about the move of stellar and my piece in might now and I know a lot of people that own XRP keep an eye on stellar I know that because they're pretty close because Jed McCaleb used to work for Ripple but they're working with the Federal Reserve and so if that's big news any time the Federal Reserve is working with your virtual currency there's a possibility that they could be used in a Federal Reserve situation circumstances the Federal Reserve is meeting with with xlm for a reason okay and so you might want to keep an eye doing that little brother you know the big brother is XRP and the little brother is excelling I think people that are following this I'm not trying to offend the xlm people that are following me I'm just saying and that Excel M is also working with the fellow Reserve that's big news and that you know and that came out February 14 so that was that was big news February 14th anyway let's see what we got before we get out of here so we won't go too much longer MasterCard teams up with stellar and starts building on the blockchain that's see there it is there's some more stellar news MasterCard teams up with stellar and starts building on the blockchain so you might want to start paying attention to stellar especially if the Federal Reserve is using it MasterCard is teaming up with it man that there has been some great stellar you know stellar news all right so let me move on we already saw Steph Curry's pass we talked about them talked about that now we talked about central bank digital currencies we talked about the IMF already and we talked about JP JP Morgan alright actually guys we have gone through it all please continue to follow us at crypto news and investigative reports where we try to give you nothing but the news nothing but the news again once again please follow us on Twitter we're crypto news and investigative reports our handle is Rob tech Robt e CH Rob tech P alright wherever you are have a good day and if it's night time wherever you are have a good night and thank you for joining us

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  1. no use in holding xlm when some xrp can be converted to xlm if xlm ever catches xrp's price. i'd rather put my $$$ on a global all star team working for profit led by chris larsen, a business man with a proven track record of successful leadership versus putting my $$$ on a non-profit organisation led by a technology genius with a less than stellar business record, there are reasons why jeb called chris (and david schwartz too) about joining him at ripple. nothing against jeb, he is the primary reason there is such a thing as xrp, i just don't see the value in xlm today when xrp is so cheap and can be converted to xlm if it starts to skyrocket

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