Imagine if during 1 month multiple entities tried to purchase .1% of the total Bitcoin supply

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had a strong hand yesterday but you gotta have a strong hand when the Fiat
price goes up just that you gotta have a strong hand with a Fiat price goes down
you can’t let it bug you but there are some things we can learn from what
happened yesterday it was about 24 hours ago at this time that Bitcoin I mean
basically went up $800 $900 $1,000 for all you Fiat freaks out there in a very
short period of time and I made sure to do this show a little bit later than I
did yesterday just in case it’s the same thing happen again
now if the same thing happened again and it did not happen again
it would be a tremendous story obviously it would be the biggest story of the
last two years friendly but that didn’t happen so so but we’ll discuss what
happened yesterday but first of all the great VGA who was on my a show on
a Bitcoin I think last week or the week before in a March seventh tweet he said
something very interesting a lot of people are agonizing about whether the
bear market is about to end or not the signal the bear market has unequivocally
ended is when our prodigal son trav begins tweeting again now some of you
might be familiar with parabolic trab he was a guy when Bitcoin was going up in
terms of fiat he was he was saying bitcoin was good I mean he was making
huge predictions it was his Twitter feed was so popular
everybody was retweeting him I probably even retweeted him I mean I’m a happy
guy but I mean this guy was a bull and a half well when when the going got tough
a parabolic tribe the last time he tweeted was in September until yesterday
he made his comeback yesterday so while the strong hand ER stud you know we’re
around every single solitary day since during on this a Fiat bear market trav
wasn’t that’s his business he did come back yesterday which is hilarious
because well yeah you can see a lot of people were very happy he was so happy
he made his comeback and the great VJ actually predicted it so maybe for all
you Fiat freaks it’s over maybe that’s the sign right there I don’t I don’t
know if it’s over or not it could all go down again but uh I’m not gonna lie it
was a happy day yeah it was a happy day it was you know when you see trav back
you know the pumpers are back in town so I found that like everybody now
someone just sent some bucks in the super Chad let me before I move let’s
see what who this guy said about da crest sent five Canadian dollars thank
you thank you for your service sir you’re a heck a hecka dedicated he said
a different word I’m a Fiat free but will eventually change
hey maybe eight thank you very much to tabble
you might change after you listen to the what the rest of the show but thank you
for the support hey and if you’re here you’re not that much of a Fiat freak you
know that one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and to value your wealth and Bitcoin now
but you like getting your Canadian dollars to I you got to pay the bills I
guess start saving well panda has this and and this is for
you this one’s for you to bail this with the what the whale panda says he says
and this is all about value you’re welcome Bitcoin and there’s a chart
attached to this twit tweet it’s linked to below and by the way trav is linked
to below too if you don’t know who he is Bitcoin the king only thing that really
matters for alts is the Bitcoin price anyone using the US dollar price for
alts is either clueless or desperate to see something positive in there bad
trades very good point that last point yeah there are people that are desperate
to see something positive in their in their bad trades that although look why
uh my Tron went up so much and not in terms of Bitcoin now now after I’m gonna
say this well Panda he posted this quite a few hours ago he’s in Europe so after
he posted this some altcoin when he posted this Bitcoin was beaten
everything but some altcoins did start to gain in terms of a Bitcoin – not
everything went up in terms of fiat yesterday everything did but in terms of
Bitcoin like feet Ripple lost money and lost lost its value now again off point
gamblers some of them had some Bitcoin yesterday clearly and they wanted to
come back to the table after their Bitcoin went back up in value some of
them went back to all coin gambling immediately and use their Bitcoin to buy
some alt coins and thus over time in the last 12 hours 18 hours or so some of the
alt coins starting to do quite well be cash and litecoin in particular started
to gain value in terms of Bitcoin I noticed that
and some others were closed and then some still lost value in terms of
Bitcoin now I don’t know why those specific – why it happened but I mean if
you can interpret it in a very interesting way and this is a longshot
interpretation but who knows both litecoin and B cash are going to have
having’s before Bitcoin does and if they’re going up in value if they’re
going up in value in terms of Bitcoin it’s their business I’d have no problem
with it I think it’s it’s interesting it since they have having’s that they will
wake people up to the fact that bitcoin is having a heavy and maybe some smart
guy out there it’s some smart guy that’s really risky because you shouldn’t be
buying you shouldn’t be buying all coins but you might figure like god these
worms are having having zahl so they’re gonna they’re gonna be worth more in a
few years I’ll gamble on them – I don’t recommend doing that and what I just
said was a very long shot theory but what is fact is that those – do you just
go up a lot and that those two actually will have having’s before Bitcoin does
and could wake a lot of people up to it another very interesting thing is that
well okay we’re gonna get to it in a second but obviously I think by now few
of you know about the title of this that the probably the main reason the Bitcoin
pump was because there were – there was a huge purchase of Bitcoin and on some
reputable exchanges and all those reputable exchanges they also sell
litecoin and be cash and I do wonder I do wonder if the entity that purchased
all that Bitcoin diversify for the sake of diversification and came back and
bought some litecoin and B cash that is also a very long shot theory there any I
don’t care what I mean if I kind of be cash pump is great this guy I mean I
don’t really care that’s not the point is should the point of show is to talk
about why bitcoin pump and I brought them up anyway because they have habits
comment like one and obviously I’m all about the 2020
Bitcoin having if you’ve been watching this show since like 2016 you know that
strong hands – that’s what the shirt says and it is the white version of that
shy usually you see a black colored version of this shirt do you prefer the
black of the white leave a comment below moving on so this is a tweet the name of
this guy his name is 69 Corvette 420 a man who clearly values his wealth in
women cars and drugs and you would I mean this is a real tweet so you you
would his name gives away his thought pattern here he’s clearly an 80
percenter this is what he said one buyer bumped the price of Bitcoin and smaller
Kryptos followed suit most likely due to computer trading this is why I’m not
invested in Kryptos this is why you’re not invested in
Kryptos yeah a very nice excuse dude enjoy your your 420 69 Corvette enjoy
that stuff yet if one person can change the price and then computers computer
trading I don’t want a piece of this I don’t want a piece of this at all I
don’t care about the basics behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrency the store
value I’m confiscate a bowl on sensor ball with one what happened yesterday
that’s why I’m not in cryptos haha I’m so smart I didn’t benefit at all from
yesterday I have no kryptos what what a guy 69 Corvette 420 that is an 8 that is
America baby that is America wait that you’re that’s what you’re taught you get
on drugs buy some cars and try to impress some women who are not gonna be
impressed by that stuff ok or some will but you’ll get ok
I just thought that was the ultimate 80% or tweat on such a day there’s a person
tweets something like that unbelievable unbelievers
all right and n again so how big is the over-the-counter market
how big is the over to over-the-counter market for Bitcoin and what proof is
that it even exists I mean the people that have tried to
talk to me about the over-the-counter Bitcoin market who’ve tried to get say
that they’ve got a lot of Bitcoin to sell or they want to buy a lot of
Bitcoin there was especially dudes that have contacted me and there I’ve never
seen a trade get set up through all these dudes that contact me saying they
want to sell or they want to buy one of those and they’re usually talking like
400 500 Bitcoin I have 300 because I don’t even know okay so what happened
yesterday is that someone some entity out there at the at the night and at the
at nighttime on the East Coast and it wasn’t yet morning in London so it was a
pretty dead time in terms of the english-speaking Bitcoin world which is
dominates the financial side of it I believe now the United States especially
someone tried to at three different exchanges by about 7,000 Bitcoin apiece
so they tried to buy about 21,000 Bitcoin now that when I heard that
number when I heard that number 21,000 and this is a there’s a Reuters story
I’m gonna quote from it in a second they say 20,000 but it probably was 21,000 I
mean that is point 1 percent of all the Bitcoin that will ever be created last
night someone bought that much Bitcoin okay it was coordinated over three
reputable exchanges that are that they’re not part of that 95 percent fake
Volume one either okay so this was very planned and that’s you know close to a
hundred million dollars the person had okay so now many people I root raw
readers cover this story and I guess some people are ignoring this because it
was a mainstream media source and again I’m taking their word for it that they
have proof I mean they went into detail that it was three different exchanges
about some 1,000 Bitcoin apiece alright so uh let’s say this really
happened let’s say this happened now it’s it’s
and obviously the point 1 percent of all Bitcoin is all of a sudden gobbled up
and so this this entity did not feel they could buy this on the
over-the-counter market ok they didn’t feel they did not think that there were
20,000 Bitcoin available on the over-the-counter market or maybe it was
just too big of a pain in the butt to do because there’s so many different people
saying claiming they can sell you Bitcoin over-the-counter ok so this
person just figured I’m done with this I am doing it through reputable exchanges
I am willing to pump the price up to five thousand dollars okay I’m willing
to go whatever it takes because I won a corner point one percent of all the
Bitcoin ever created now who the heck has that much money anyway who has a
hundred million dollars you’ve got to wonder that too I mean I’m saying entity
how about if it’s a state entity I don’t know
I don’t exactly know what the heck was behind all this but you can see everyone
always says well somebody wanted that much they with you over the counter well
that didn’t happen that did not happen hang I gotta I gotta do here okay so I
mean that this is and some people said well it was April Fool’s joke that
triggered the market no it was not an April Fool’s joke that triggered a
market it was it was this big huge purchase so I’m gonna read you a quote
but but but before I read you the quote um there are there are wealthy entities
on this planet all sorts of wealthy entities corporations countries and then
they’re individuals that can spend a hundred million dollars what we probably
saw yesterday was what happens when one one of those entities tries this okay
their time it does not go ot see what is going to happen one day and it is going
to happen one day when multiple parties in the period of about a month or a week
or two months you pick your time period when multiple parties try to do
something similar try to get point one percent of all the Bitcoin ever created
happen of ten entities try it in a two month period or in a month period
that’s 1% of all the Bitcoin but all that will ever be created fault in a
one-month period what will happen to the price of Bitcoin when that happens what
happened to the price of Bitcoin yesterday when it was just point one
percent well it was just one entity trying to do that okay I’m I don’t know
when this is going to happen I didn’t know when that was going to happen I
knew one day some somebody on an exchange would they be tired of OTC and
would try to do this or maybe it would be Donald OTC I don’t know I I knew
there we bit shoes purchases one day I know one day countries are gonna try to
do it I thought they would try to do it slowly
what’s gonna happen when what happened yesterday happens ten times in a month I
mean you you you make your own conclusion and you tell me if you should
be holding Fiat or should be holding Bitcoin because you don’t know when
that’s going to happen no chart told you that somebody
somewhere was gonna try to buy 0.1 percent of all Bitcoin on April Fool’s
night okay no no chart not even the magical bot of doom and it can predict
that right all right guys speaking of April Fool’s stuff all right so let me
let me read you this today’s game was promises from the Reuters article
today’s game was probably triggered by an order worth about a hundred million
dollars spread across us spread across US based exchanges coinbase and Kraken
and Luxembourg’s bitstamp and by the way during the pump during
the buying bitstamp and BitFenix the prices were almost the same okay
that that was very interesting also that the buying was so intentional tents on
bitstamp that had pumped up the price to BitFenix level said Oliver van Lance ok
whoever the guy’s is chief executive of the cryptocurrency firms VCB group there
has been there has been a single order that has been algorithmically managed
across these three venues of around 20,000 Bitcoin he said if you look at
the volumes on each of those three exchanges they were in concert
synchronized units of volumes around 7,000 Bitcoin in an
hour okay so again guys there are going to be
days where it pumps like $700 become yesterday was one of those days become
it there is a there’s a backstory to it though that because of a what we found
out through this Reuters thing and it’s a learning experience it’s something
that should strengthen your hands because perhaps in the future this is
going to happen it’s going to 10x what just happened it’s going to 10x happen
and you know in terms of people trying to get that much Bitcoin in a very small
time period a relatively small time period a month is relatively small when
we’re talking about four year having periods okay whether it be two months
three months that people that this is repeated in 10 times who knows okay so
you know chart i/o and again this is something I I wrote to someone I’m just
gonna read you what a reaction that I sent this yesterday is 20,000 Bitcoin
purchase that spike the market made me think about the over-the-counter market
is the Bitcoin over-the-counter market as robust as some make it out to be I
have seen little proof that it even exists and then we see what happened
yesterday if there really is this legendary Bitcoin over-the-counter
market then why did this entity choose to go the exchange route is this is it
now difficult to purchase 20,000 Bitcoin via OTC and I would say yes it must be
it must be very it must be difficult or a complete pain to do 20,000 to buy
20,000 Bitcoin on this legendary over-the-counter market that people talk
so much about just like people used to talk some much about how all those Asian
exchanges has such a high volume and then it was proven to be false and I
hope to do too investigated the 95% fake volume on exchanges get to the bottom of
what’s going on over on the over-the-counter market because it would
be very interesting to hear that perhaps this over-the-counter market isn’t what
it’s cracked up to be and that if people really want
I have to do it only exchange is for all of us to see so that the well it’ll pump
it will get a better feel of how much Bitcoin is really circulating out there
which is good for the price discovery all right so yeah I talked about that
Hey and yeah the charts the charts can’t predict when someone you know just snaps
ins like I got to get in the Bitcoin now I got to get in the big boy now now no
it is possible hey but for all you chart addicts out
there it is possible that this entity saw the charts converging and because
some people have drawn a picture of the charts in it it looks like the two lines
were coming together and maybe this was the time that Bitcoin was about to go up
in price so this person freaked out and said I better get my 20,000 Bitcoin
21,000 Bitcoin problem before the before the market booms or something that’s a
possibility that is a possibility but it’s not like the charts predicted it
might be an influence of a fluent someone if some was that much of a chart
addict they said for I believe the chart so much I gotta buy right now so that’s
their personal business okay moving on yeah so I mentioned that there was a
night time a pump there was not a nighttime pump not a nighttime pump
tonight it looks like which is this again if the same thing happened again
tonight I mean that that would be absolutely amazing I don’t think the per
is the person out there or the entity out there wants to buy more it would not
be in their best interest to do with two nights in a row that they should
definitely wait I would think anyway misma so I was contacted well
first of all pound that like button again I was contacted by a person who
was in motion obviously that I met at an event a while back actually and he’s got
a a poll out there about a full disclosure of speakers and and people in
the space so that you know people get a better understanding of the biases of
some people you know so sometimes you’ll go to
you’ll go to an event and you’ll hear that a person is uh you see he’s part of
a college or university and in fact he’s being paid by an altcoin or something so
in certain fields there is disclosure at events people list all the companies
they work for what they’re invested in and I am NOT suggesting that every
conference do this I think it would be interesting if if there was a conference
late you’d call this out the full disclosure conference and said everyone
here is gonna list you know everything they’re involved in and you can come to
our conference you know if the crypto industry the Bitcoin industry wants to
adopt this as best practice as a best practice that’s great
I think it should be voluntary I mean you can’t force this on anyone but
here’s what that the poll says and you can participate it in it should block
stream researchers lead bit coin and crypto to make more transparent public
discourse by providing conflict of interest disclosures in their
presentations all right so that with a lead by example they he this guy thinks
block stream is very important so they should they should be the first to do
this in their presentations list all their conflicts of interest who they’re
associated with and then many others will follow we shall see again when you
go when you go to these events I mean there are people that are just straight
up you know I co pump or is it they’re not they’re not even hiding their bias
sees again but some people are fooled by it again and some people I think some
people doing with their dreams to be shattered they don’t want to hear that
the person that’s promising them the next Bitcoin and who says they’ve gotten
so rich because they know so much about crypto isn’t what they say they are and
he’s just employed by some ICO or some wealth coin some people don’t want to
give up some people are such 80 percenters they want the what the bit
connect dream to be true I’ll leave it at that okay the beyond are finally
Quinn desk article they say 255 mm coin base confirms extent of crypto
insurance coverage and study yeah they have 255 million dollars worth of
insurance I think from Lloyd’s of London on their holdings at coin base and that
they announced it and they announced the number and again this is not to say that
you should keep your coins at a third party but that they did this it does set
a good there are traditional investors that like to hear this type of thing
traditional investors that are never going to control their own private key
and they gain respect for the industry when they hear a player like coin base
is very well insured by a respectable insurer so I mean we cans are going to
do what we can SAR going to do and they’re gonna they’re gonna they’re
gonna let a third party be their Bitcoin Bank they’re not gonna learn how to
connect let’s put it on their treasure like we all do but they’re there more of
them than us they’re more traditional type of investors than the people who
actually want to be their own bank so I consider it a positive that coin base
has made this announcement and it will make some traditional people much more
comfortable and will expand the expand the ecosystem and here we go five
dollars from the legendary sirens sirens ‘no please do vote in the disclosure
poll and retweet so your followers can to Adam the show rocks well thank you
that but obviously that is the dude who made the poll guys so the poll is linked
to below do retweet it he this guy is is very much into this disclosure thing and
I mean he’s right there’s a lot of shadiness out there there is a lot of
shave eNOS and he’s being proactive about the space I mean if you’re
proactive enough you can influence everyone to go in one direction or a
large group of people to go in direction and make a difference in the space and
yeah if ever if if people follow disclosures like the health court care
industry if it would be it would gain some more
respect from traditional investors I’ll tell you that and it would make events
and the online presentations and various personalities a lot less shady all right
all right bring things into the big leagues a bit because sometimes it can
kind of be bush-league around here but I mean it’s we’re so early on we’re so
early on here so thank you very much for the support thank you for that super
chat and thanks for being proactive about your poll and everything I like
polls I got to do some moral on tech vault-tec HP alt and all of you can see
that I retweeted him found that like button found that bang that Bell button
check out all the links below i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister i’ll say hi to everyone in the chat bye-bye

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  2. Interesting info re one ‘entity’ buying 21,000 Bitcoin. Was not aware. Still, I expect your correct and that this will happen at an exponential rate in future years as even some governments buy in..

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