16 thoughts on “I'm Back! Time For A Crypto Correction? Cryptopia Shuts Down, Amazon Looks Into Bitcoin”

  1. I think that we might reach max 8850 ( Bitfinex) than either retrace 50/61% or even going to 1200…I mention 1200 because we are stopping little shi at the 61% retracement from the X wave at 11700 to the 3200 bottom, which imply that is a main algo pointing to 1200

  2. So happy to see the start of these “bucket-shop,” casino-style, bot-littered, shitcoin-scam exchanges bite the dust. Long live the original white paper, proof-of-work, genuine Nakamoto consensus, and the REAL BITCOIN PROTOCOL. Not gonna shill, but if you all do your research, you’ll figure it out.

  3. Nice calls, woke up today and saw that it had dipped below 6.4k during a fast and short period.

    Good to see you back Danny!

  4. Yay! You're back 🙂 Always loved your video updates, and was waiting for you to comment on this rally. Good to have you back 🙂

  5. Hey Danny im not an expert in Crypto and im also a member in your facebook group Crypto 99 (but havent been that active in Crypto for a while, just been hodling) but why do we need a pullback if more and more money keeps entering crypto ?

    Why cant it say, go on a bullrun for a few years even if the money kept pooring into crypto (like trillions of dollars) why cant the price just keep going higher if the market caps keeps growing ?

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