what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from tech cash house as always I hope that all of you are having an awesome one now in today's video I want to bring all of you another really good really good Van kvass opinion and honestly guys this opinion really comes right out there and lays it all on the table there's no guesswork there's nothing really to look at and go huh I don't get it you know the van kvass twins here aren't pulling any punches and honestly I really respect that so with that being said guys I will be bringing to all of you in today's video of the avantco bosses newest opinion on Bitcoin and why waiting on the sidelines of Bitcoin and not investing is much crazier than investing in Bitcoin directly a lot of people look at Bitcoin and they say that's nuts I would never invest in that because it's too volatile it's too crazy it's too different well the Winklevoss twins here are saying that really what's crazy is not investing what's crazy is watching Bitcoin grow and blossom without being involved so anyway guys that's what I'm gonna go ahead and cover in this video as always folks if you like it go ahead drop it like and do subscribe and do share for more let's see if we get 100 likes for each of ink allows twin so 200 likes in total and let's go ahead and discuss this I'm gonna start out with my opinion and then transition into the opinion of the velocity wins directly and of the opinion of the pros and there's actually a bit of infighting here between these millionaires and billionaires you know basically kevin O'Leary I think his name is from Shark Tank also comments on this opinion so really interesting stuff a very jam-packed sort of feature here so anyway guys let's go ahead and talk about this and yeah let's get into it so first things first guys we all know that the vinca vast winds are very bullish on Bitcoin they bought some 200,000 Bitcoin at $7 per coin which is absolutely absurd if you look at that and you think about how high the price has risen and they're still holding you know they aren't selling off they didn't sell off a 20 grand or anything because they are dedicated okay and if you bought in at $7 what's the point of selling off you know you you have it's for so cheap you're really better off holding on for the long term they absolutely own a ton of Bitcoin okay so if you think about it their investment has risen dramatically okay they have made millions and millions of dollars on that investment it's honestly really impressive and the foresight that they displayed when buying Bitcoin for $7 per unit was really pretty impressive okay they are obviously industry leaders they're very involved with the cryptocurrency space and I got a lot of respect for these guys okay I think that gem and I as a company is a good company it's been ranked pretty highly as a great place to work they pay their employees pretty well and pretty respectively so honestly in terms of the Winklevoss twins I really don't have anything to say that that's bad about them I'm pretty much a big supporter of theirs and I like what they bring to the table now with that being said every Bitcoin expert that exists in the field you know has their own opinion and the vinca wast Twins have been especially bullish as of late when it comes to their Bitcoin publicity now generally speaking the vinca vast wins kind of have on-and-off cycles in terms of their publicity and in terms of really making public comments and right now because the price is rising and doing pretty well it appears as though they're on a bit of an and in on cycle so to speak the vehicle boss twins right now are active they're putting out a lot of good PR and I like to see that okay so anyway guys with that being said the van Gogh west winds are really hitting the ground running they're putting a lot of good news out there and the news I want to relate to all of you now is really no different okay basically what the Winklevoss twins are saying now is that buying into Bitcoin is the least crazy thing you can do sitting and waiting on the sidelines and watching Bitcoin grow and develop you know and missing out on that opportunity is absolutely crazy okay you should get in you should not delay and you should buy in as much as you can to a reasonable extent is basically what they are saying so a big bullish opinion here I like what the twins are saying let's go ahead and see what exactly they're saying directly get some quotes and get some more info let's go ahead and look a bit further in so prominent Bitcoin investor and Gemini exchange co-founder Cameron Winklevoss says that the future of money is currently being built with Bitcoin and crypto and that it's crazy to be sitting on these sidelines yes that's right the future of money is currently literally being built popular cryptocurrency commenter and a prominent vic one investor Cameron Winklevoss has argued that the craziness of investing in the crypto space really doesn't exist at all and he said and I quote some people think it's crazy to invest in crypto maybe but definitely not as crazy as sitting on these sidelines when the future of money is literally being built before your eyes and like I said before what he's essentially saying here is that money right now is evolving it's evolving in a huge way and we are all part of that evolution we are all watching this unfold and honestly guys we have an opportunity here to really be involved in something that will change the future of finance you know what Cameron here is saying is that money is fundamentally changing on a you know really basic level money is starting to shift we are no longer transacting as much in cash we are no longer using fiat currencies as much we are focusing on digital money we are focusing on digital transactions and you know it's honestly changing extremely rapidly money has changed more in the past five years than it ever has in the past and that is not a joke that is not that is not an overstatement that is completely the truth okay money right now is changing extremely rapidly okay so Cameron here is saying it's crazy to not buy Bitcoin it's crazy to not be involved and to not have some sort of hand in this evolutionary process okay and I think the same thing all right this is a big fundamental shift this is our chance to have a say in the world's economy and its really the people's movement so of course the vinca Voss twins in general have been more than well known in the space and the cryptocurrency space earlier in January they sent the Bitcoin will pass the seven trillion dollar gold market camp which is something that could very well still happen so kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank it does disagree with this though let's look at what exactly he has to say in response to this uh you know speculation from the event kvass twins so one of those who seem to believe that investing in Bitcoin is more crazy is popular TV personality and millionaire entrepreneur Kevin mr. wonderful O'Leary and I don't really love that name but anyway those of you who have watched the popular entrepreneurs show a Shark Tank surely know him just yesterday and a rather heated debate with Anthony pomp pomp Leone oh you know the good old pomp there of Morgan Creek capital on CNBC's Squawk Box O'Leary argued that there's no value in owning Bitcoin as an asset class and on this he said where is the value in owning Bitcoin as an asset class tell me why this which is basically a digital game has any intrinsic value and where is the long-term value just this idea that they're going to cut the number of units in half is just a scam that's just total BS and a pomp Leon Oh actually did quite a good job of trying to sway him to convince him that bitcoin is not a scam and that it you know it has a lot of good aspects and a lot of usability but really you know mr. wonderful here just wasn't hearing it he didn't want to really admit that bitcoin is any good at all and done that's not uncommon okay when you think about a guy like kevin O'Leary he's on Shark Tank he is a pretty prominent investor and he doesn't want to be seen in a bad light a lot of big investors right now are scared to actually come out and support Bitcoin so I'm really not all that surprised by this it is kind of sad to see but you know what guys maybe Kevin O'Leary will come around eventually so despite Papa Liana's arguments the investor couldn't seem to wrap his mind around the idea and denied all merits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well once again sad but you know maybe he'll change his mind so alternatively Tom Lee is still as bullish as ever and says that the current Bitcoin bull run has real legs to move into the future so speaking on CNBC's markets now funds track Global Advisors head analyst Tom Lee discuss the current case for Bitcoin he outlined that the top ten days in any year account for all the gains for crypto and Lee said that there's plenty of reasons to be optimistic he reiterated on the narrative that Bitcoin has proven to be digital gold something also expressed by the avantco lost twins themselves Lee also mentioned the upcoming Bitcoin having which is estimated to take place in less than a year from now as Bitcoin is reported the other day the overwhelming majority of people are bullish in regard to the effect that the having will have on bitcoins price and I absolutely agree with that I think the having will be pretty significant and it will make a significant impact of course you know mr. wonderful kevin O'Leary doesn't seem to understand that but he doesn't really need to okay he's a more traditional investor he's not that interested and you know it probably won't be for a little while until Bitcoin starts to gain major traction I once again so anyway guys these are the opinions of several experts we've got the pink Abbas twins here with their very bullish statement that really the future of money is happening right now we have Kevin O'Leary mr. wonderful saying that he doesn't really get Bitcoin and you know maybe he will eventually and we have Pompey ah no force trying to sway him it's way his opinion on successfully because of course O'Leary just want to listen and we have Tom leave I'm also fighting back with another bullish stance so anyway guys lots of diverse opinions here let me know who you think is right in the comment section below because as always I want to get all of your opinions and I will see all of you in the next video once again Bengal wasp win so you're really pulling through with a very bullish outlook I really like to see this and anyway folks have a good one from keeper right here at the tech hash house and adios

21 thoughts on “"If You're NOT BUYING BITCOIN NOW You're INSANE!" Winklevoss Says ALARMING GAINS OVER $100K! His TIP”

  1. When people say “Bitcoin means nothing, because it has no value etc” right away tells me they have no idea what they’re talking about. That goes for Donald Trump.

    Fist is worse. Fiat can be printed when ever, for a very low price. Printing a $100 bill cost less than what the bills value is. That is problematic and causes inflation, which has happened many times in many countries.

    Bitcoin – and mined Crypto’s in general: BTC, LTC, ETH etc… Can not be printed or made unless they are mined. And once mining becomes basically impossible, these coins prices will rocket and not come down, due to their very limited supply. It’s already happening with Bitcoin.

    Fiat has always been terrible and probably the most volatile asset on Earth.

    Don’t even get me started on gold and silver. There is not enough gold or silver in the world to pay out all investors, if they all decided to want physical gold and silver at the same time. It’s literally worse than Crypto’s.

  2. I don’t think you have to directly invest in bitcoin, for all those worrying. The market is highly tied, and it’ll become more tied the more the market matures, especially with the top 10 crypto: Eth, LTC, TRX, ADA etc….
    If bitcoin were to hit 100k, these coins will also end up being ridiculously expensive. Just invest in the market in general.

    A great example would be Chainlink. Went from around 0.50c to $4+ in a matter of weeks, only a few months ago. If you spent $1000 on LINK, when it was 0.50c you would have made a 9k profit.

    And that’s low level. If you have some disposable income. Buy crypto! But do your research. Don’t let this train leave you!

  3. People stop listening to this dummy. I know by clicking on this I'm helping this clown, but have some self respect for yourselves. If we can weed out morons like this, the environment for Bitcoin will be a lot healthier. There really is zero intelligence coming from this guy.Just listen to what he says. He has sub-par intelligence at best. There are smart people in this ecosystem. Let's weed out the dummies together, shall we.

  4. Wow yeah man thanks bro from the City of yesterday's gold Johannesburg, South Africa to the city of today's gold Bitcoin

  5. You are one of the best . Your videos and TA , all nicely done , with no extra BS , honest , short and informative. This is how is done ? .Not a lot of crypto channel do that !
    You saving people from getting rekt and teaching them how and when is right time to invest . This is very important.well done ? john McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 1million USD before 2030. I don’t know who cares to hear this, But Bitcoin price will run up more, and the Bull run just started this is just the beginning i am recovering my losses very fast Thanks to Jason Mason Formular for Trading, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your little coin left ‘portfolio’ Reach him out through His *Whatsapp/ +144 7482 862366, telegrams @jason24trade and Mail [email protected] I went from having 3btc to 11.5btc in just 3weeks

  6. I’m not convinced putting billionaires comments on your show helps matters overall. No doubt, these schmuck twins were VERY lucky by having the foresight to invest when BTC was chump change, but that ship HAS SAILED! We may very well see a $25K BTC, I truly believe that! But to think you’re going to make your hundreds of millions like the schmuck twins…well then you’re being a fool! Even if I managed to get a hold of 3 or 4 BTC, it would have to rise to multiple millions of $$ per BTC in order for the common man to become rich. So, sure, invest in a partial BTC & maybe you’ll see a good ROI, but you will NOT get rich on BTC coming in at $10K per BTC!! It WON’T HAPPEN ?? I’m so not amused anymore by the “get rich” rhetoric that is being hyped in everyone’s shows….zzzzzzz

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