If you own 10 Bitcoin then you are part of the Bitcoin elite

hi everyone this is Adam Meister the Bitcoin Meister and today I want to talk about the American coin thats phone by
individuals some people say oh well there’s the X amount of big going out
there and so much of it is already bought up in already the rich people the
world huge amounts of its who you know if I
don’t end Bigpoint wards with 10 big coin was 21 and make a difference even
if it goes up by a lot of money how much can really go up when so many people so
so much I mean I’m too late to the party too late to the party well there’s a site I i discovered I’m
gonna link to it at the bottom but i wanna read some statistics off the site
right now of the addresses this doesn’t mean
individuals what are the big screen addresses that hold more than one on
earth there are only it only makes up seven percent of all the addresses show
there are only 33330 4906 that have more than one big quite alright to one hand
in more than ten big coin their only $126,000 again addresses do you mean people were
talking like you’re probably owe me and this is a conservative they’re they’re
probably only like two hundred thousand people on earth own more than 10 because there really be
300,000 that no more than one show you’re not very late to the party at all
their seven billion people on Earth in the United States of America there’s 300
million people so 300,000 point one percent there and I do my math right
hopefully but went 1 percent of the you s population the equivalent of that more than one big
and trust me it’s a lot less than that in United States so my entire point of
seeing this is $5,000 right now is worth $450,000 spend on what would you have to
lose that means you are becoming one of the biggest holders and Bitcoin on the
planet there’s only if you only about three
percent of the people on more than you and that’s conservative you can buy into this you can become a
huge holder of becoming relatively just regular world the top 3% of the
population they’re pretty well people at least 33 percent you’re doing pretty
well yourself in the top 3% at least one percent of big boulders and get yourself
you’re good I mean and see what happens he you if you look at these things might
be worth $40,000 alright I will talk BitcoinMeister

38 thoughts on “If you own 10 Bitcoin then you are part of the Bitcoin elite”

  1. Thats not right – every service or holder of a larger bitcoin sums using addresses created deterministically based on seeds (BIP32 wallets). So for every receiving transaction a new address is generated based on the seed.

  2. This is a really great point. The whole thing is that the supply of bitcoin is limited, so what matters is not what dollar amount of bitcoin you own at any given time but what fraction of the 21 million bitcoin that ever will be created you own. That means that for every satoshi you buy, you get a larger fraction of the total 21 million, and hence you are already advancing in relative wealth.

  3. I don't want to burst your theory, but I own roughly 45BTC. Some is in Circle, some in Coinbase, and some in wallets I fully control. I have 6 wallets so as to split up risk. I am sure I am not alone. So I think your estimates are probably a bit off. Cheers tho brother. Keep up the good fight.

  4. There are also a lot of lost bitcoins. No way to know how many, but lost bitcoins are never coming back. I agree, that owning 10 plus bitcoins puts me in a minority of bitcoin savers.

    I believe in Clif High's predictions on bitcoin. He predicted that BTC would go to $650 back in December '15. It crossed that point and retreated recently. I believe it will cross $650.00 again next month and shoot up the remainder of the year after the BTC halving on July 10, 2016.

    Stocks are trading at high valuations relative to fundamentals. Bonds are yielding 1.6% in the US and yield negative interest in Japan and Europe. The dollar is trending down, and gold and silver are trading sideways (for the moment). Savers are getting killed by low interest rates and a falling dollar.

    What is moving the stock market is HFT on the dollar yen pair, and the Fed's jawboning about whether or not they are going to raise interest rates. The BREXIT has been capturing traders minds lately also.

    So, in my mind, bitcoin is the real deal. The way to save for the future. It has risks to be sure. But no risk, no reward. Holding dollars has more risk than most people understand. Inflation will hurt the dollar's value. Since BTC cannot be abused by printing more of them all the time, it will maintain its value better than the dollar. The dollar is in trouble, and if you don't see it, it is only because you are not paying close attention, or because you don't know how to evaluate it.

  5. Im 14 and Im obsessed with BTC I think this is the currency of the future Please help me get as much as possible before the halving. any little donation even 1 bit(100 sat) is greatly appreciated. thank you. 35V6eVuK4SG9WG5cQzMdeNMUwB6duvUszM

  6. its inaccurate to call onerself elite as the term elite is used for the fiatcurrency powermongers (bankers) which is completely different to the bitcoin system…bitcoin holders cannot create bitcoin as do the creators of regular fiat ponzi currencies.

  7. just opened a BTC account at coinBase just started with £100 .so early days gotta wait a week to add more due to a set weekly limit (pain) ..so any donations welcomed so anybody out there wanna hook a brother up it would be much appreciated address info 1BdCsCzQhi1yAABpEAmcN5G4p6YNGh6Ahy

    peace meister✌

  8. You made good points here with some decent basic stats to back it up. It makes sense to me. I like how you speak to your disciples in plain language man. I say again. LOL

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  10. Wow. Just about 2 years ago you said BTC might be worth 20k one day, and you were spot on. Any predictions for 2 years from now?

  11. If you get in the 21 million club, and hodle it, you’ll be a part of less than 500,000 people will own one Bitcoin. That’s right One Bitcoin.

  12. 10 bitcoin today is 80.000 dollars. give it some moths and it will be in the hundreds of thousands

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