what's up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today and the tank cash shells on this fine fine day hope all of your having a good one in today's video I need to discuss why if we see six thousand dollars soon okay fifty thousand dollars is almost guaranteed on the horizon I want to talk about that break it down give all of you my opinion and discuss this so anyway guys if you like the video you know to do drop the video like do subscribe and share with your buddies for more those things help the channel out each time and they're greatly greatly appreciated now with all of that out of the way let's go ahead and talk about this okay why exactly does bitcoins price actually hinge on six grand to break the fifty thousand dollar price point in the near future well here's the thing okay here is the very important thing to realize Bitcoin trades a lot on momentum and sentiment it is basically dependent on key resistance and support levels and essentially when we break a significant resistance line say for example at this point six thousand dollars it tends to grow at a very very rapid pace in other words once we see a certain resistance line broken we can expect to see some really nice prices in the future now of course 50 grand is much higher than $6,000 so you might be saying Mike why exactly does 50 grand hinge on six grand that doesn't seem to make sense and I want to give all of you some info give all of you these skinny on this information to kind of give all of you a nice background okay so why exactly can 50,000 dollars be expected pretty soon well let's go ahead and read some information provided by a garel in tears oh of CCN check out this article if you're interested but I will be referencing it and then giving my opinion interspersed throughout as I do you know to basically give all V the best information that I can so anyway guys let's get some info so the current crypto rally has lots more runway ahead even if the Bitcoin price appears to be stuck okay and so many people have worried in the past I just want to say as an aside that bitcoins prices are stuck or going to stagnate forever let me tell you right now they do not okay so let's get that out of the way first and foremost so trader and classical Chartist Peter Brant revealed his bullish prediction of 50 grand for the Bitcoin price so what exactly is he sang well investors must exhibit some patience however as it won't happen overnight and that is basically what I just said in the start of this video you know we need to see key resistance lines broken before we break out into these really astronomical prices and that simply makes sense okay we aren't just going to see 50 grand by tomorrow or by next week it's something that's going to be a bit more gradual yes it could happen rapidly but it's not something that's going to happen overnight okay so Brant expects that it will achieve this level of 50 grand over the next two to three years and I think it could be sooner honestly based on historical patterns that are resurfacing like a reflection in a mirror so there are countless Bitcoin predictions out there so what makes his so special unlike much of the other analysis branch presently called bitcoins 2018 destiny in which the aletan cryptocurrency shed more than 80 percent of its value in other words he correctly predicted the Bitcoin winter that we experienced throughout 2018 he identified a similar pattern in the charts in 2018 and 2019 that replicate the price movements from the 2013 to 2015 bear market period after which time the bull market arrived that's something that I have referenced in the past ok the 2013 to 2015 bear market was a pretty long period but after that point of course we saw some really good prices actually appear the bear market did not last forever big surprise there right so technically speaking that's where the Bitcoin price is trading today and he told Yahoo Finance and I quote is a good quote here also ok so pay attention we saw sequential 10 up and down moves in the bear market and we've almost identically formed that same sort of pattern after the 2015 low in Bitcoin we saw the market then developed into a parabolic advanced said Brandt adding based on those analog studies I think crypto now will go back into a parabolic bull market in other words what he's saying is we see that classic pattern okay of extreme bear markets followed by periods of recessed you know periods of bearishness and then we see extreme bull markets once again okay so we go from bull to slight bear to bull to slight bear and that repeats it repeats parabolically okay so here's something else that we really need to talk about will the Bitcoin price retest its 2018 lows that's something that we've got to cover so while Brandt's outlook is music to the ears of Bitcoin investors of course his crystal ball isn't free of interference Brandt has questions to chief among them which based on the analog year comparison is whether the 10 a rally will lead to 10 B retest similar to 2013 to 2015 in other words guys will we see a similar rally play out that we saw at the end of 2015 in other words will the Bitcoin price rally for a while before retesting late 2018 lows which of course were really pretty disappointing and on this he said there is a chance that it does and a chance that it doesn't which is pretty nebulous you know that's not really a clear-cut answer but of course that's the answer that we're going to get because honestly guys there is always a chance that Bitcoin will drop to a slightly lower price but does that spell the end for Bitcoin and no of course it doesn't okay we know that lows do not mean that the end is here we all know that it doesn't spell the death or doom of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and running counter to that we also know that crypto bull runs don't wait for anybody okay so in other words it doesn't matter what all of us want because eventually the price is going to rise so whether that parabolic move has begun or a Bitcoin takes a break in the coming months one thing is clear the Bitcoin price is headed for 50 grand time between now and 2020 – and okay Peter brandt said and I quote when Bitcoin starts moving it moves it doesn't hold up for everybody to catch a stagecoach okay it just takes off so Brant who has been trading for more than four decades isn't concerned with what's driving the rally just the basic underlying demand for the coins themselves this is easier said than done and considering the unique nature of the cryptocurrency market whose only basis for comparison is about a decade it's not that old okay this differs from fundamental analysis like that of fun strats Tom Lee which will illuminate the catalyst behind the price moves Lee is a course similarly bullish and did of course tell CNBC fairly recently that bitcoins fair value is $14,000 Brandt meanwhile chalks up this week's 20 percent rally to good old more buyers than sellers but also more urgency among buyers people are starting to realize that if they you know don't get involved soon and if they lag too much they will be left behind so anyway guys I'm gonna go ahead and wrap up this video on that note I do of course want all of your comments below so drop them in the comment section you know drop this video like if you didn't like it subscribe and share for more those things help the channel out a ton of course they're greatly greatly appreciated anyway guys I'll see you all of you in the next one keep right here the tech hash shells have a good one folks and audios


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