6 thoughts on “If I Were to Trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies…”

  1. Good common sense advice. I use Cryptowatch for its myriad of technical analysis tools and trade on GDAX with my Coinbase account. There are plenty of other exchanges out there, which have access to altcoins. Good luck!

  2. I really liked this Video and to be honest. I'm not sure you can't make just as much Day Trading Stocks. But Buy and Hold. That's a whole different story. Bitcoin might be the choice. Thanks for the Video. 🙂

  3. ok, a few things. I TRADE on Poloniex. Extremely low trade fees. However there are occasional DDS attacks that lag the system and will not allow you to exit a trade! Never, ever trade a new coin when it comes out. ZCASH is a great example of why not. 5200 bucks now at 238. But yes, you can make 5-8% in just a few minutes. Always have to watch out for those big sell blocks that come in. However you can easily trade between the big buy blocks and big sell blocks for 2-3% profit in seconds.

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