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Cryptocurrency is growing and growing fast. The tech is young, innovative and robust. With over 180 exchanges that have much to offer but are these platforms addressing the needs of a fast growing user base? Give me something to hedge my portfolio with crypto indices, futures, options – anything! I really don’t know where to start I’m new to this whole cryptocurrency business. Is there any transparent way to invest and can we invest small to start?? High latency, low availability such as slow death for high frequency traders. Such an average trading platform, keeps hanging during high volatility. Ease of access Multiple trading products A full featured customer centric platform is required for cryptocurrency to go mainstream A streamlined solution that offers all of this and more. is the solution An exchange committed to bridging the gap between traders and platforms through improved transparency trader friendly interface and diversified trading and investment instruments. where you can hedge and speculate through futures and options. Along with that, we also offer Keeping retail investors in mind, we have a tokenized ICO investment fund where you can invest as low as 500 dollars. For improved user experience in real time, we have an enterprise level exchange and server infrastructure with single click ladder trading and industry standard fix API engine. Through this optimized platform, our diversified offerings and ongoing innovation we bring the complete trading experience to the growing crypto user base, i.e. you. is your international digital asset platform which both unifies and simplifies all things crypto. For more information, visit

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  3. Will it be possible to trade these future contracts with leverage? Because that's what I would be really interested in!

  4. Why do you think the derivatives crypto exchange is going to perform well despite of so many exchanges already available in the market…? Thank you for the answer..

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