ICO’s Initial Coin Offerings How To Make Money!

hi guys it’s Cameron here from crypto
chem I’d like to talk it today specifically about I SEOs initial
calling offerings and basically how to invest in how to make money now this is
not advice is just basically everything I do like I train on my own so I’m
offering any investment advice or anything like that but you know I just
wanted to share my personal thoughts and experiences trading the markets over 20
years now one thing I can say about the initial coin offerings and how they
differ from IPOs initial public offerings and public markets is the IPOs
are unregulated they’re just unregulated markets they’re just there’s no
regulation it’s pretty much the wild wild west of investing whereas IPOs you
know they have to go through many many channels basically you know they have
definitely regulated IDs DC and even so they can be risky investments too but
usually a lot more venture capital money involved in that backed up by you know a
lot of wealthy and normal investors that have the opportunity to actually get in
you know the very early stages and profit on the IPO now that’s kind of
what is happening with the icos except the only big difference is the average
investor can actually invest in bi CEO at the very beginning to profit from
them but what a lot of people are not realizing is that when they’re investing
in these IPOs they’re pretty much investing something that is not
regulated there’s no proof that there will ever be a market or they’ll ever
make a profit and I’m basically just handing that handing your money over to
group the people the company in the hopes that something might happen and
you might make money I mean these things could just shut down like a cause down
and say hey you know it didn’t work out well thanks for the money and the tokens
could go to zero but I think from seeing what’s happened in the ICL market it’s
just become a feeding frenzy and people are just trying to get in on the coin
offerings and there’s been bottlenecks and things like that happening and I
think the best way the approach is is just to take the wait-and-see attitude
now a prime example of that is bank or bank whole raised a hundred and fifty
plus million dollars in there I feel it’s been the biggest most profitable
ico so far I think no no money has been raised as fast as as they as Banco did
and and of course in that large amount of money – it was just astronomical in
the time and how much money they raised and you know I was trying to get in on
it and it didn’t work out so I actually did buy it after the IPO came out so as
you can see Bank or trading it about 347 right now
now if you’ve gotten on the initial IC o—-
I believe it’s training it about Costa $4 but now as you can see it’s dropped
so this is where it basically becomes very tricky it’s
it’s a question of do I just doing the feeding friendly and get in there or
scientists where you can see what happens well I can clearly see you know
it’s always best just to wait and see what happens because now you can pick up
the bank or tokens and lot cheaper than you could in the IC on so as far as my
investing philosophy is er as an Isaac and I SEOs goal I would definitely wait
and see how they perform once they cut start trading on the exchanges so this
one’s currently is tick trading on bit Rick’s 3000 48 cents so
is that good time to buy even now it’s down a bit maybe you can always wait and
see how it pans out in the next few days and buy into it then but the point is
when these ideas come out don’t join the feeding frenzy wait tell actually start
trading on the exchanges and just see how it performs you can see that the 24
hour law 314 so as you can see in this case it would have been good to wait now
there’s a lot of ideas coming up one of the top ones trey songz coming up soon
and that one looks like it’s going to be a pretty big one but I would just wait
and see what happens don’t join the friendly don’t get overexcited and put
your money into something where you could potentially lose it and also
another important thing is always do your due diligence always research each
company out thoroughly look at their team look and see like if they have any
body and as far as endorsing them you know somebody well-known maybe Microsoft
or somebody from Silicon Valley that’s well-known
venture capitalist forms like anything and just kind of see what they’re doing
them if it’s going to be something viable like I said a lot of this these
IPOs may never make a profit so it’s just like being back in the late 90s on
the Internet boom so just be careful just pick your tokens wisely and
carefully and and just do a lot due diligence before you buy into them and
once again you never put more money in it as you can afford to lose because
there’s always a potential that you could lose everything so you know don’t
bet the farm basically and but as you can see an Bank was trading at LC 351
almost 352 now so you know let’s see how it goes it could go up it could go down
but all these IPOs here all very volatile huge pipe price swings so
before you buy any of them just do your due diligence look into one is one and
make sure you do invest wisely there’s a lot of interesting ones and there’s a
lot of on the I will call dogs and and then just just make a decision from from
there on and and then you know your trader
trade it could be another trader you know find something in invest for the
long term I’m trying to just do things for the long term but anyway I
appreciate everybody that watches my new channel I’m pretty new to this and you
know please subscribe to my channel or three more videos out
we want to talk about a lot of other things as well including it connect and
what I feel about that I’ve actually joined the connect so there is a link
below you can join so with my referral code it seems to be paying a good
percentage every day and compounding daily is the waiting make money I’m just
going to look into eternal but you know and then put a video out in the view of
it but you know like I said never invest more money then you can afford to save
news always keep in mind you know you could lose everything but appreciate
that subscribe below and thank you very much for watching this this video again
I appreciate it by the net

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  1. You have good point. I'm new to this. I got into Tezos two days ago with 1 bitcoin. I'll leave it there and see what happens

    TODAY'S START !!!!!!!!!

  3. I made the speed 1,25 and still talking like my granddad who is dead. Thanks for the info by the way. I will listen again when I wake up.

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