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hi I'm amber marsala with SCN corporate connect we're here today in San Francisco at the world crypto economic forum I'm here now with Brian King from ICO ratings Brian tell us a little bit about your company ICO rating has been around in the space it's been in the space for two years pretty much in the IC o—- space since its inception we have 50 analysts in investment banking analyst stationed in various financial centers throughout the world we have offices in st. Petersburg Russia Amsterdam Amsterdam Holland San Fran a small office and we're opening a large office in New York City we're gonna concentrate our operation from New York City okay great so how did you become involved in this space I've been with IC o—- ready now for about three and a half four months okay prior to that I was in sort of I was the head of investment relations for the Amazon of Russia and we were preparing for an IPO for the past three years but as economic things happened in Russia with the ruble and the evaluation we put them on hold we are also members of the World Economic Forum and I started getting interested in the blockchain in a project I was working on with Klaus Schwab the founder of the forum a project is still in a sense being worked on can we create a ubi a universal basic income using the blockchain and I fell in love with the potential of the blockchain for transforming society and I realized that many of these amazing ideas are not being financed because the ICO space has been as we all know dog the dog by scams and you know Bloomberg seemed to see others many others say it's up to 70 80 % so I was thinking how how is it possible what can we do to get rid of that bad reputation and creating strong reputation how can we support the good ideas and at that time I met some guy who opened up this agency a serial entrepreneur himself and he just said look this is the way that we can build out this technology by getting the good ideas financed and so I joined the team that sounds great yeah so I know you touched on this before but can you go into a little more detail on how you're utilizing the blockchain technology well actually we don't really use the blockchain and as I mentioned we want to ensure that this short term period this is irrational exuberance and I'm gonna say the word which I don't want I try not to use the Bitcoin because so much attention is focused on that wonderful coin that we want to sort of draw attention away from that get it back into the altcoins and like I said earlier yet the good ideas the amazing ideas the ones that I've heard this yesterday in the pitches here at the conference get these guys these teams properly financed yeah and get them get their project they're their products onto the market and let's transform society so as I said we're not using the blockchain per se but we are going to do everything we can to make sure the blockchain is going to be used properly a lot of sense so how is this conference been for you overall this has been great again yesterday I was very motivated by hearing some of the ideas because starting off the year 2018 there was 17 was a crazy year very emotional emotional roller coaster a lot of crazy ideas a lot of scams a lot of you know utility tokens being put out but forth that really when you ask the question this is a question we asked when we're reading how is this token going to change society how is this token is this going to be a platform idea okay or is this going to be simply a if I travel to Las Vegas will I get a free pillow or something for the night those aren't the ones that are going to transform society and those are the ones that are going to be in our Iping in a short term they're not going to carry the blockchain technology through – it's what it can possibly do for society so a lot of the ideas yesterday we're amazing the big ones like working with healthcare or you know storing data and bringing back giving all of us are individual I'll be back giving us our identification back because all of our data is being used by the clothes Internet Facebook's and the Google and everybody else so let's open it back up you know internet from 1995 Internet when I was first conceived was a open technology open protocol yeah it was closed by these massive corporations who were tiny the time Facebook and Google right now these massive info corporations have closed it to us so can the blockchain and can these ideas yesterday if properly financed reopen it to all of us so that we we once again have control decentralized control of this whole thing Wow sounds great well let's dive left to you Brian and thank you so much for talking with us thank you very much amber I'm amber marsala and you're watching as San corporate connects

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