ICON ICX – Too Big to Fail? – Top 10 Reasons to Invest in 2019 – Ultimate Review

ICON has spent 2018 laying the
foundation for its protocol and forging relationships that will hyper connect
the world. From universities, city governments, insurance agencies and many
more. We’re going to find out exactly how ICON is paving the way for a real life
blockchain adoption in 2019 as well as how its multiple partnerships with major
corporations such as Samsung will work in connecting the entire world. Coming
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you don’t miss anything! It’s pretty clearly, ICON currently dominates major
industries in South Korea with no real competition it has partnerships with two
of the largest banks in Korea, in healthcare it is partnered with the
largest healthcare blockchain consortium as well as the insurance consortium
backed by the government’s Ministry of Science, and finally Chain ID which is
powered by a loopchain, used by the Capital Markets consortium consisting of
27 security firms as well as Samsung Electronics which have pledged to
incorporate Chain ID technology to Samsung Pass, but more on that a little
bit later! Building a blockchain can be as easy as copying and pasting code the
true challenge is building a network. this year ICON is one of the only
platforms that have already secured and built networks in the necessary
industries. Over 100 businesses have partnered with ICON. For 2019 ICON will
focus on governance through staking rewards. This means users will soon be
able to stake their ICX to earn rewards. ICON currently has more than a hundred
full-time employees working on the project this makes them the largest
blockchain developer base in Korea. ICON’s enterprise blockchain implementation
loopchain is one of the oldest and largest operating blockchain networks in
the world. It has been used for over two years by some of the largest and most
reputable companies of major industries in Korea
including “Samsung Securities”. With a lot of crypto projects on the edge of
bankruptcy due to the bear market ICON’s financials remain healthy. They even
managed to expand to a much larger and better office space capable of
supporting up to 470 people. At the time of their ICO ICON’s ICX token sale
raised close to 75,000 Ethereum after the post ethereum crash adjustments, the
team still holds around five million dollars worth in ethereum reserves. In
addition being part of daily financial the largest fin tech company in Korea
and ICONLOOP being a for-profit business since 2016 means that ICON has
had an income stream well before all the ICO madness. ICON’s goals to connect South
Korea and its blockchain powered ecosystem are gaining momentum. Recently
at the blockchain international festival ICON demonstrated the three main
components of its blockchain ecosystem. since South Korea aims to be cashless in
the next several years they need a system to ID people rather than carrying
ID cards like we do. The blockchain ID is an easy way for users to fill out their
details and transfer the ICON ID card to their mobile phone. Blockchain Vote is a
voting system created as a part of icon loops collaboration with the Korean
government to build the next generation election system. Finally, ICON blockchain
S-Coin payments will enable users to transact cash free and quickly. The users
will be required to scan a QR code on the product which will transfer all the
details of the product onto the app. If 2017 and early 2018 were seen as the
years of the ICO then 2019 could very well
be the year for the STO. Security token offerings could be especially big for
the Korean crypto industry and as the biggest blockchain platform in Korea
ICON will be leading the way. ICON will provide a platform for security token
offerings, users will be able to launch security tokens utilizing ICONest 2.0
equipped with a graphical user interface and legal guidance. It looks like
ICON is ready to take on industry heavyweights like by Binance with their
own exchange. ICON already has a working wallet called ICONex, on top of this they
have also released the ICON Tracker which performs the functions of a block
explorer for ICON’s native token ICX. The new decentralized exchange will allow
customers to exchange ICX and IRC2 tokens on a completely peer-to-peer
basis. All operations on the centralized exchange will be performed using smart
contracts. The new decentralized identification service system will work
directly on ICON’s mobile dapp, this will allow users to store and use their
personal data without the interference of any centralized systems. It will also
look to protect user data from threats like falsification, and duplication. ICON
is looking to start new partnerships with companies to create dapps for its
public blockchain ecosystem. It is specifically looking for companies who
operate in the business to consumer and business to business markets.
Partnerships will be governed through the newly established loopchain
alliance program aka ICON LAP100 which aims to jointly develop enterprise
blockchain solutions with 100 companies and startups in the fields such as
biometric identification, certification issuance, and payments. Decentralization
is one of the core principles of ICON’s governance. ICONSENSUS is a journey
toward mass adoption of blockchain consisting of four key items. The
election of P-Reps to decentralize the network. The election of C-Reps to
support interchain communication. Ongoing dapp booster programs
to fund and promote quality decentralized applications and finally
ecosystem expansion projects to incentivize activities that grow the
entire ICON ecosystem. ICON will have its community elect 22 P-Reps. Nodes which
will take on the distributed responsibility of preserving the ICON
network producing and verifying blocks, validating transactions, as well as
proposing and voting on network policy changes. Essentially they will be driving
the growth of the ICON ecosystem. The P-Rep pre-registration has officially
started. During September 2019 ICON will see worthy P-Reps registered on the
blockchain. Finally, quarter four of 2019 is seen as the timeline when the ICON
network will be handed over to P-Reps signalling the genesis moment of the
decentralized ICON blockchain. Since the P-Rep election is run by the
community and for the community the overall process is powered by icon.community ICONist’s can register as a candidate, browse the candidate list by
region, and follow the latest news, so make sure you check out the icon.community website. LINE is an Asian internet giant with over 200 million
active users and the most popular internet messenger social networking
application in Japan. LINE and ICON announced the joint venture called
Unchain which aims to deploy various decentralized applications on its
blockchain mainnet on the ICON blockchain protocol. The ICON team has
stated that this could lead to hundreds of millions of users of LINE potentially
utilizing the ICON blockchain on a daily basis, to access dapps. The fact that LINE
is owned by Naver an Internet giant which is essentially the Google of South
Korea cannot be ignored. Naver handles 74.7% of all
web searches in South Korea and has 42 million enrolled
users worldwide. So we talked about how ICON has established itself as the
number one blockchain protocol in South Korea, now let’s talk about another South
Korean tech giant called Samsung and how both of these powerhouses are working
together. The Samsung Galaxy S10 early phone leaks have shocked the crypto
world when it was revealed that the brand new flagship smartphone will feature an
inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are among the
most popular in the world with Samsung integrating cryptocurrency to the Galaxy
S10 it may have an even bigger impact than the ETF and Bakkt combined. Mostly
because no one really knows what kind of exposure and ETF will bring to the
crypto world, meanwhile hundreds of millions of people use Samsung phones
daily. In order to understand the ICON and Galaxy S10 connection we first need
to break down the partnership between ICON and Samsung. In 2018 an MOU was
signed between ICONLOOP and Samsung Electronics in which Samsung pledged to
use Chain ID for Samsung Pass. Samsung Pass is the default biometric
identification system found on every Samsung phone. It is used by Samsung
phone users several times a day for online payments, logins, signatures and
even phone unlocks. This would mean that in the future Chain ID and ICONLOOP’s
ID service would serve every Samsung Galaxy Phone. Coincidence? When Chain ID
connects to the public ICON network through the use of ICX tokens and
interoperability is enabled Chain ID immediately expands its use case to
almost every imaginable interaction. Our personal identity is at the core of
every interaction we make, whether we’re visiting a hospital, making an insurance
claim, checking in to work or shopping online. If we connect the dots, we can
assume ICONLOOP’s Chain ID will see real world consumer
use as a result of Samsung Pass integration very soon. By securing a
partnership with the giant like Samsung ICON have positioned themselves as the
premier enterprise blockchain in Korea this is the birth of ICON’s Network
effect – the true value of a blockchain. Make sure your subscribe and like this
video! Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you guys later.

75 thoughts on “ICON ICX – Too Big to Fail? – Top 10 Reasons to Invest in 2019 – Ultimate Review”

  1. Deff highest quality crypto vids. I love icon… the only negative thing i heard about them was from shill nye whwn he was in s korea. And he made it sound like the s koreans werent interested.. idk

  2. How does ICON deal with the issue of privacy on the blockchain? Surely, if the Korean government was to use ICON blockchain, all the sensitive government data will be on the blockchain for everyone to see and for bad actors to steal.

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  5. This thing tanked right through Earth's core. Rip all ICX hodlers, I had high hopes of this project, instead we're #50 on cmc and price keeps tanking. This project feels like a one hit wonder. Staking will be available in Sept 2019 the earliest….. What the hell, these guys seem to be moving like a snail.

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  7. You made a high quality video and to a certain extent I will continue watching Icon develop from the sidelines.

    Having lived in Korea though, I imagine that Icon will start too see some huge regulation problems from the government if they see mainstream adoption. The process of doing banking in Korea is extremely archaic because the government is increasingly trying to combat fraudulent activity.

    From an overall perspective I also fail to see how in the short term it would be beneficial to invest in Icon other than speculation unless you actually live in Korea since it is unlikely to have major adoption and usability outside of Korea.

    I am a skeptic but will happily Buy some $Icx if and when they deliver on their promises.

  8. This is incredible. ICON has been building partnerships during the entire bear market. Everyone got upset because the price was dropping, but the infrastructure was being built and now they're doing deals with the Korean government to issue new employee certificates on the ICON block chain. Like Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said – 2019 may be the beginning of seeing real use-cases in crypto ledger technology. Super excited.

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