ICO Review: Ubcoin – Cryptocurrency Reimagined – UBC Token on Sale Now

ICO Review: Ubcoin – Cryptocurrency Reimagined – UBC Token on Sale Now welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell I have an IC o—- review for you today it is you be coy you be
coin cryptocurrency reimagined the easiest way to become a crypto investor
or to spend crypto coins and that’s you be coin and the token is called the UBC
token the UBC token sale is happening right now you can get involved and there
are discounts available UB coin so how do you get involved well you want to
visit the UB coin website that’s ub coin UBC oin dot io how do you get there you
can click on the link in the description below this video or you can just type it
into your browser UB coin dot io so what is ub coin
well ub coin is a marketplace where anyone can safely and instantly sell or
buy real goods in exchange for cryptocurrency ub coin is a
first-of-its-kind crypto goods person-to-person exchange that is using
a marketplace platform so that anyone can safely and instantly sell any goods
and become a cryptocurrency holder or buy any goods without having to get fiat
money first the ub coin marketplace is the next leap forward for you bank the
leading mobile payments app in eastern europe this is huge now with the e
theory and blockchain exchange traded UBC cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer
smart contracts for buying goods for cryptocurrency the UB coin market is the
new feature of the UB coin app and the app is right on your phone there have
already been 16 plus million you bank app downloads on Android and iOS that’s
a lot with 2.5 plus million monthly active users it’s a huge community of
users and the UBC token is on sale right now bonuses are available for early
investors so to get started visit the UB coin website UB coin
I’ll click on the link in the description below this video hey let’s
take a look at the website I like this website it’s easy to find everything you
need you can learn all about the UB coin market the team and advisors there’s a
road map frequently asked questions referral bonus white paper we’re gonna
look at that you just click on white paper and get tokens there’s a button
right there to get you started and also right here
look at that it says right there 13 percent discount I like that that’s a
big discount you be coin mark it the easiest way to become a crypto investor
or to spend crypto coins a marketplace where anyone can safely an instantly
sell or buy real goods in exchange for crypto currency so what is UB coin it’s
a first-of-its-kind crypto gerd crypto goods person-to-person exchange that is
using the marketplace platform so anyone can safely and instantly sell any goods
and become a crypto currency holder you don’t have to use fiat money you can
just use cryptocurrency or buy any goods and you don’t have to worry about having
to deal with fiat currency how does it work well what you want to do is you can
visit this YouTube video right here you can watch the video what is their goal
to help solve a global problem of buying and selling cryptocurrency by removing
that interlayer of fiat money controlled by regulators and replacing it with
physical goods all right two reasons to invest well the app is already developed
that’s a good thing and exclusively pre-installed on all Samsung and fly
smartphones including Galaxy S 9 official contract sign they are a mature
company with the leading banking platform which is called the Eubank
mobile app already has over 16 million installations worldwide check out their
Google Play and Appstore get yourself that app they have investors they’re
partnering and trusted by all these organizations the product the UB coin
marketplace the next step forward next leap forward for you Bank the leading
mobile payments app in Eastern Europe that’s what it could look like on your
mobile phone if you download the app if it’s on the etherion blockchain
exchange-traded ubc cryptocurrency peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying
goods or cryptocurrency you be coin market will become part of the you Bank
app as the new feature and you could download it on the App Store Google Play
right there on the website mass adoption they’re promoting mass adoption of
digital assets that are both a means of settlement and investment vehicle
peer-to-peer interaction and the legal marketplace and the partnering with
Samsung Hawaii and all these other organizations you be coined today the
market is a new feature of the EWB coin app all these users 16 plus million
users active users 2.5 million plus 20 plus million transactions processed by
you bank system every year since 2013 they’re a mature company they’ve been
around for a long time trust them they have already launched three successful
business projects already I think this is going to be a successful one as well
you can meet the team behind you be quite alright
currently numbers 50-plus developers and top management and advisor Talent
there’s the team the CEO the founder of you became the ICO held status started
on April 2nd going until July 14 it’s going on right now you can still get
your discounts bonuses for early investors ubc token is native to
peer-to-peer marketplace ecosystem smart contracts will not accept other
cryptocurrency be aware of that and there’s the price 13 percent discount
going on right now as I make this video now live and there on the media so
you’re ready to contribute you click that button right there on the website
and you should visit the official telegram Channel hello @ub coin dot IO
if you want to contact them by email so all their social media Facebook Twitter
telegram all that YouTube and so on so you want to read that and you also want
to read the white paper how do you get to the white paper right at the top
click on white paper on the button here’s the white paper it’s a big one
54 pages we’re not going to read every page but we’re going to go over some of
the highlights all right for example the executive summary says
the ubii coin marketplace is a gold is a global mobile marketplace for
buying and selling real world goods for cryptocurrency
the number of cryptocurrency holders is projected to increase nearly tenfold
it’s going to be huge from the current 22 million to 200 million worldwide by
2020 so what’s the simplest way to become an owner of cryptocurrency
selling goods for crypto this approach will drive mass adoption in the coming
years and you be queen is taking advantage of this massive growth yeah
there’s a problem problem statement tens of millions of people legitimately own
cryptocurrencies hundreds of millions around the world are aware of
cryptocurrencies and would like to obtain them many view
crypto is a means of investment with amazing returns and others seek benefits
of seamless digital transactions and new business opportunities afforded by
blockchain technology so what is the company doing you be coin it wants to
empower customers consumers around the world to participate in crypto and enjoy
the purchasing power of their crypto investments by creating a you be coin
digital marketplace where they can freely and securely because it’s
blockchain buy and sell goods for cryptocurrency it’s huge the potential
for crypto to goods mobile marketplace you can see how big it is people more
and more people are using crypto currencies maybe they don’t know how you
beat coin makes it simple they have the app that make it easy for you you’ve got
an analysis of the market look how much it’s going to grow all the way through
2021 digital buyers and billions it’s going to be massive this is how you can
take advantage of an e-commerce share of total global retail sales going into
2021 again projected growth is massive the time to get in is now and not wait
until it’s already up there alright so you want to read this white paper look
at all it look at all the research they did it’s huge ok the background and team
we did we did check out their background and their team on the website they have
an amazing team of developers there’s the founder and CEO you can meet the
whole team right there right on the white paper they have a number of
strategic partners and investors including Samsung and fly and others
those are big investors the product value foundation the product
is founded on the cornerstones you can read about that crypto cryptocurrency
mass adoption which I know is I feel it’s going to happen peer-to-peer
interactions the legal marketplace decentralization of transactions and
settlements and so on they have a description of the product and the
features we talked about how many millions of people have already
downloaded that Eubank app how many millions of active users there are every
month every day and how many transactions 20-plus million
transactions processed by you bank every year since 2013 it’s just getting bigger
and bigger they have the use cases you can read all about that the marketing
strategy the projections huge numbers going through 2022 it’s going to grow
global market share by smartphone users there we go cryptocurrency user share by
region this is a detailed heavily researched white paper and the business
model that’s super important all right projected you be coin growth you want to
be part of this why not the number of apps installed the annual
revenue merchandise revenue it’s going to go up and up and up through 2022
that’s what they project alright and the financial projections are all right
there you can learn about the technology behind it the platform the etherium
block chain network it’s a big ecosystem it’s a robust app robust platform and
you can read all about that right there on the white paper all right token
details you be see that’s the abbreviation token name you be see coin
the role the token utility token for settlement of smart contracts and fees
on the you be coin marketplace maximum supplier hard cap 650 million UBC I like
it when they have a hard cap I like to know how many coins how many tokens
they’re going to print the token network aetherium ERC 20 extended safe secure
robust network right there alright so and it ends
the token sale began on April 2nd ends July 14th so if you’re gonna get in this
is a great time to do it all right and again there is a discount going on right
now on the website it said 13% that’s a pretty pretty good bonus right there all
right why contribute to you be quiet cuts
through the hype with a sound application utilizing new revolutionary
technology to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world contributors
are not betting on an unknown invention or just some idea the value stems from
an experienced team and a transparent business model solving a real problem in
capturing a tangible opportunity that no one knows better than the crypto
contributors the you be coin marketplace seizes opportunities like how to use
digital tokens for real-world purchases how to obtain digital tokens for a
newbie mass consumer it’s a big marketplace and right now get that bonus
13% stage 4 it’s a great long-term investment you can trade it you can own
it hold it as value and the roadmap I like it when they have a roadmap spelled
out you can see the vision and the future of the company through 2022 right
there and a great team of advisers you can meet them right on the white paper
and of course read that legal disclaimer always you want to know what you’re
getting involved with you want to read the whole white paper you want to read
the whole website learn about you be coy learn about the app the marketplace and
how you can get involved it’s easy go to UB can dot IO link is in the description
below this video you can click on get tokens if you want to get started you
can read the white paper it’s right there you can join their telegram you
can join their Twitter their Facebook many ways to get involved with you
became so I believe in this I think it’s got massive potential this is David
Modell looking at the markets I’m going to keep bringing you these great amazing
ICO opportunities so you can get involved you can read all about it
and there’s so many opportunities out there like you be coy alright this is
David Modell thank you so much for watching and listening and I’ll talk to
you again soon

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