this video is not financial advice so please do your own research and see what you want to invest into today we're looking at trade plays at trade plays calm so what is trade plays it's a very unique I CEO on the blockchain as tournament pvp games that are held off in a tournament style with true environment that breeds competition survival of the fittest the games are conducted and based on real time quotes coupled with blockchain technology the Zed token Z D token is issued by us and is the official currency of trade plays a platform that sources all transactions there are seven types of games a mode for every single style of player from large tournaments of a guaranteed size price font to private and customized wagers between players and users so let's take a look it's player versus player real players in real time with real quotes based on the blockchain technology so that there is always a guarantee of safe fair and honest gameplay between users it's totally legal trade plays is a game of skill and relies solely upon the mentality of financial knowledge of the player there are no shortcuts no tricks no aces up anyone's leave this is what not only makes our platform bear it makes it legal and an amazing opportunity for players of all skill levels and there's the cryptocurrency part of it earn rewards on the crypto market without holding any actual positions analyze the currency rates as they climb and fallen markets explore the most volatile and rapid increasing industry of this century and the more exciting thing is you can see the team here CEO and the corporate business development director connect with them all LinkedIn and if you click this side arrow you can connect with other parts of the team on LinkedIn as well their philosophy is we believe that competition fun excitement of trading can be obtained through honest fair and engaging platform that's why they built trade plays it's based on blockchain to ensure honesty and accuracy real players and real markets we have created the premiere fantasy crypto trading platform in the world our users and players can play the markets with low risk and big win which is very exciting you can also connect with their advisers on LinkedIn it's in the media you can see the CEO interview the CTO interview if you don't you can see different media publications about them and now it's time to play finally we can get what we say we're proud to announce trade plays app is available on the iOS Apple Store link which will show here if you have an iPhone and go to the App Store preview and then go to trade plays here's what it looks like and we can see the description on the Apple Store trade plays is a combination of two industries in one equals parts mobile gaming and mobile trading collectively trade place is a mobile platform for playing fantasy trading with real rewards provided by our Z token we believe that the best elements of gaming excitement and passion of training can be obtained from honest and fair platform as equally thrilling and with these elements decidedly in mind we have coupled them with blockchain technology where all games are held between real people there by players are creating the unique and thrilling personality environment of our product trade places the world's premier platform fantasy training allows you to earn winnings rewards based on real value with your mind from simply playing the game learning the markets teaching yourself through experience and trading actively in this way we actively encourage to help our users to enrich your lives mentally and literally and raise the stakes the games are held through elimination basis and are conductive a basis of real-time quotes within the cryptocurrency markets through the use of blockchain technology the trade plays token released by trade plays organization will be the official game currency that sources the entry fees as well as running rewards it creates a safe environment four players on a global level it's free of many unnecessary regulations and it's an equal game as much as it is an education tool there's three core fundamental principles of acknowledge as players participate in the games provided by the platform with each other they will gain real experience that has been provided to them and many others over hundreds of years there's the reward system some win some lose just like any game the winners will be paid for the efforts and knowledge as the act proclaims to the victor belongs the spoils the losers will gain a minimum risk in a safe environment that will encourage them to get back in the game and play to win and win again and there's the confidence the time the game will no longer be enough for more experienced users as they will desire to apply their knowledge to the real markets and hold other positions with alternative currencies in the real markets that are not games the end goal is to see each player succeed to this end and is not only to walk away a player from Crete plays games but as a winner and established security markets and you can see the ratings and reviews here and the information about the app it's the weird world's premier cryptocurrency toting it so if you want to start learning how to trade if you want to get involved in training at a low risk and start understanding what to do you can get Z and you can see the token sales as the different stages are finished you can get a 20% discount on April in addition you can watch on YouTube the trade play said tokens sale to get more information now let's take a look at the white paper and see how trade plays buying Zed in a few and creating aetherium wallets walkthrough looks like first we want to look like at where do we get started with this you'll need to attach your wallet to a trade plays account and you will need to input your wallets address as you can see here then you'll need to select your preferred currency in the Dropbox and there the desire amount and click the button to continue your transaction finally copy the links and verify your transactions so what are the compatible aetherium wallets you can use in case you prefer to purchase via theorem you have to use the wallet that exports your private key remember do not purchase from exchanges directly we suggest one of the following wallets my ether wallet meta mask parity and aetherium and then you'll have to create an ethereal wallet as shown here shown at my ether to get started and how to unlock your wallet and this also has from meta mask for parity and for ethereal all the different instructions you need to go through so what's the cost of one said the cost varies based on the singles on the stage of the token sale does that price from different periods of time as we can see it's increasing in price until now we'll be 80 cents so when was I received my Zed tokens purchased tokens will be transferred to the wallet address specified by the buyer at any moment after the verification of the purchase but up to 5 working days depending on the load of the etherium blockchain network you won't be able to see them until you do the following and the wall itself find and press the add token button or similar button depending on the wallet this button may vary in wording add the token address the token symbol the token decimals and press done and you can find the exact details at this link so what can you do with the sad token the trade playset token is the core of all transactions made with a trade plays playing platform at no payment can be conducted without this the Zed tokens are issued for international tournament entry fees and external rewards and withdraws payments on the trade plays platform how many tokens can you purchase during the sale you know up to 62 billion are being sold during the token sale it's up to you you know how many tokens you would like to purchase thank you very much for watching trade plays review and get involved start learning how to trade start learning how to do it at an easy and safe way and by this way you'll start to learn how to trade in the simple and safe environment allowing you to eventually start trading with real securities if you need help just go through this walkthrough and learn how to set up your wallet and how to buy said thank you very much for watching the trade please review


  1. Pylon tokens looks very awesome a green energy project already in use in homes and shows a steady growth and doing a lot of live converantions atm for the public in al countries

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